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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a technique used by the Prophet Muhammad sallali alayhi wa waQuad that involves sending out a series of visual hints to people who have experienced a rejection. The act is used to show that people are not just being the one who experienced the rejection, but also that they are also the ones who have experienced the the idea of the rejection. The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing that people are not just being the one who experienced the rejection, but also that they are also the ones who have experienced the idea of the rejection.
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Allah azza wa jal console's the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he is feeling sad when he's feeling down, and this is something Subhanallah that shows the sincerity of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam compared to us. All right? What do we do? Here's, here's, let's have a thought experiment. What do we do if we want to advise somebody? Okay? We think about what we're going to say we may be bringing our proofs are deleted. We go to somebody, we say, hey, you know what, you should be doing this? What if they reject it? If they reject it, we're more likely to blame them, right? usually say, oh, their hearts are sealed.

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Right? Oh, he couldn't hear it from me. He was too proud. It's his culture. We've got lots of different ways to virtue signal to say that basically this person, they were just too stubborn. We were right. And they were too stubborn. That Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam knows that they are lying. And yet he always doubts himself first. He always doubts himself first, to the point where he said last month to Allah said and sort of little calf, the Aloka bathroom knapsack, right. It says, If you're going to die with grief, it says, If you're going to kill yourself with grief, because of how you're reacting to your people's rejection, you know, you're the Prophet, you know

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that you're getting everything from Allah. And you have to know that all of these proofs and miracles, they're, they're custom made. They're not like stock store bra, you can get them from BJs they're like actually specifically for your people, and they're rejecting them. And yet out of his sincerity, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam was blaming himself first. He felt bad himself. He was concerned about them. Sincerity is about wanting guidance for the other person, to the point where you're ready to question yourself first, am I taking the most effective means? Did I say something wrong? Did I approach it in the right way? Was it the proper time and so Allah Spano, Tala

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is in the position to console the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam at various points throughout the Quran. And he often turns to two things or he uses two techniques to console the prophet is a lovely setup. And these are two things that we can use in our lives. If we find people, our spouses, our family members, even our children are going through difficulty they need to be consoled the first thing Allah is bound to Allah says you're not the only one sometimes part of our concern and part of our fear is that this is only happening to us and when we know that it's the same exact thing is happening to other people and has happened to other people somehow that makes it feel a lot better

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you can look to somebody else and say well you know what they got through it so then I'll probably get through it too. So when allies were just says Well, I thought it still Zia Bureau Solomon public, right, he's saying that every other prophet before you was mocked just like this. So he's both at one time it was about to Allah is pointing out to these people that they're not really asking serious questions. They're not ready to believe if they get their request met. No, they're actually mocking. And at the same time you saying that the prophets of Allah, Allah said, I'm like, Look, don't worry, you're not alone. This has happened to you. And it's happened to every single

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other prophet before you the second technique that Allah azza wa jal uses to console the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, as he tells them that listen, they're going to have maybe their moment now but in the end, you're going to win out in the end it's going to collapse upon them for half of the lady in a second woman home and I can overhear Stassi in the end those people who used to mock the Prophets the very thing that they used to mock caught up with them and swallow them just like the people have no right no la Salaam is building the boat the art every day. There's people coming by they're making fun of him. You idiot. What are you doing making this huge boat for what you're

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wasting your time and then the rains start to come and what happens? Rains follow up the people write this thing happened again and again and again. The very very thing that they're mocking ends up being the thing that is the end of them.

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