Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #092 – Andrew Tate Tweets Haram

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of Disney's Disney movie, including a tweet about a certain news headline. They also talk about the traditional Muslim community's desire for 30% representation for all characters, and how Disney has been forcing this on their platform. They also discuss the importance of acknowledging the truth and not just accept it.
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Going back to the Andrew Tate tweet about the Disney movie. Yeah, you missed it. You weren't here. And here. We mentioned it. So Andrew Tate tweeted with the lines haram about a certain news headline that Disney's first movie with gay lead character bombs at the box office. So that's a Newsline that if people saw it a lot of traditional Muslims, if they saw it, they will be happy at that news headline, right? Good. Because Disney has been forcing this stuff down our throat for too long. Okay, that's ridiculous. Like they're going for, you know, 30% representation, I think is what GLAAD is going after by 2030. Even though people who commit this sort of act, they they're, they're a

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very, very insignificant minority of people in the United States and throughout the world, and yet, they're looking for 30% media representation for all characters. And so we've been, we've been dealing with this kind of heavy handed indoctrination from Disney for quite a while. So somebody points it out. And the traditional Muslim they think, Oh, good. Then they see who said it. I said, Oh, Andrew Tate said it. I don't know if I want to retweet it. How is the sort of maybe the feminists that follow me you're going to react or this or how are these people going to react? Okay, we have to avoid partisanship and sectarianism. When we deal with contemporary issues. Muslims are

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people who accept the truth no matter who says it, as Malcolm X said, and no group has a monopoly on the truth. No group has a monopoly on the truth. Sheikh Abdullah and PT used to point this out in Surah, Saba, right? Allah subhanaw taala tells the story, you know, the Queen of Sheba and stuff like that she worshiped the sun. She was a sun worshiper, okay? There was a whole situation between her and so they man, so that man sends a letter, I'd be like, I don't want your gift. And yo, I'm ready to throw down. If you want to go that way. Like basically, it's like, you know, it's like, come to the true religion. But you know, if you want to fight, we can fight. And so Saba asks her

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advisors, she said, Well, what do you think we should do? And that was very smart of her. She's not just some sort of dictator and her advisers tell her like, listen, well, we're ready to do whatever you want to do. And so she comments and she says back well, if two people go to war, then the best of those people like the talented people are wasted, right? Basically, it hurts both sides. Right? And Allah subhanaw taala comments on it by saying, what could allocate your final, right a lot didn't say Shut up you son worship or you don't know what you're talking about, right? Or didn't say that? Well, we're not going to listen to this person. Because of you know, yeah, she's Malika. He

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affirms the thing that she said that was true, despite all of her problems. Okay. That is maturity, right? We accept the true things that other we have to be honest and consistent. We take the true thing no matter who says it, even if you don't like the person that is being just Okay, so even if entertain even if you hate the guy's guts, even if you think he's maybe you think he came into a some fake and he's trying to play the Muslims or whatever, if he says something that's true, you have to acknowledge it. Yes, it's true. What he said, Okay, you don't play these sorts of points. That is a slippery slope to becoming biased and partisan and sectarianism. No group has a monopoly

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on the truth. There are some people that, you know,

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they're very prejudiced against selfies, or what they consider what hobbies there's other people that are very prejudiced against Sufis. They say goofy Sufis, right. We got one side quantum goofy Sufis, and the other side called the other knuckleheads from knuckle, which means like, you know, to transmit the text. Where are we getting with this? This is partisanship and sectarianism. All right, and it's, it's, it's, you know, this isn't sports teams, right? It's not the World Cup. You know, we're not rooting for Argentina versus France or whatever. Okay, this is the truth. So we need to be prepared to accept the truth no matter who says it, no matter where it comes from. If you're a

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Salafi, Wahhabi, whatever, and a Sufi Sheikh says something right about source and Fatiha. You have to acknowledge it. Have the humility to acknowledge that it's right. Right. Maybe he recited the Quran better than you. Maybe he's a half of maybe he makes him every six days. Okay, if he's better than you in that, give him as his Hawk, give him his right. You don't throw out everything just because he's part of this group that you are he has things that you disagree with or you think he's wrong and XY and Z be mature enough to recognize the true wherever it comes from and the same as on the other foot. Okay, the same goes the opposite direction.

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