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The speaker discusses the process of entering a door and being qualified for entering from any door. They also mention a disturbing video about a tent being made out of a pearl and the potential for people to feel it when they see it. The speaker emphasizes the importance of working towards one's desire and working towards one's desire to see something that is impossible.

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has eight gates Subhanallah wide open flung you will enter from the one you deserve to enter from and some people will be qualified to enter from any door they wish. This is why the one who fasts we know the name of the door, what is it? Allah Yun. There are other ones according to one ratio, there is a dog called the sub for those who are bearing Sabbath, those who and there are so many names that are given and some people will be told enter from any one of these eight those you want because you are qualified, you have so many days mashallah that Allah Subhana Allah grant us entreaties to one door, so they will be open, whoever enters it, there is no chance of coming out again after

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that, and they won't think of coming out because in Jannah, as the Quran says

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Shah, oh,

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they will have whatever they want it whatever they want in it. And then Allah says what are they enamelling need and we have something extra for them. We have something more for that we'll get to that inshallah in a few moments, but in another verse, Allah says, fee tester he.

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Even the wording is so unique, so powerful. It is what the souls will desire. What your soul desires imagined, the term body desires is not mentioned. Because someone might say my body's going to be depleted in the earth. The body I have here right now it's going to as Allah says minha Tanaka mafia radio calm, you know we have created you from soil and we will return you in it. We don't want people to argue it must be no statement of argument Allah says unfolds, you will be resurrected also again from there as per the plan of Allah. But exactly the the fine details of what will happen we only have a certain limit of it. We know we are resurrected, we know we will be very tau we know we

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will be brought up to the age of 33 those who have passed away beyond the age of puberty will be brought up to the age of 33. So even if you died at 19 or 70 or 90, you will be brought up to the age of 33 a certain height Sigtuna Iran is translated by some as 18 meters and some as 60 meters whatever it is, it's very big. I was reading the Hadith which speaks of the tent or the Abode that a person may have. Obviously if you wished for it, you will be having it and it will be there for you anyway if you'd like to dwell in it. It is made of a pearl you know when you see a pearl What's the size of a pearl? Can anyone you know show me a size of a pearl roughly anyone see one?

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Yes, there you are someone saying this size, you see the size here. And I perhaps heard of something slightly bigger you know, it can fit in your hand. The Pearl will be 60 meters tall, high going high. Imagine what type of girl that must be Subhanallah and it's a tent that you can go into. So why we say this is described in the Hadith to show you it's beyond your imagination. The Quran says fee ha Malatesta ye Hill unforeseen it is whatever is desired by the souls. what talent do you see la vie? What does it mean?

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Something that's tasty, isn't it?

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Is a description that doesn't have an English to translate it to be honest with you. Because I would say for example, whatever is tasty to your eyes, but the reality is you don't taste with your eyes. Do you taste with your eyes? No we taste with the tongue. But whatever you see you want it you feel like having it it's already there. It's sweet to the eye. It's attractive to you that your engine in this world. What's attractive to your eyes, not yours always.

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See what's attractive to you. Whether it's a vehicle or something that we tend to be decently

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whether it's a vehicle for whatever else it is Subhanallah it's not necessarily yours, it's not yours. And we one of the weaknesses. That show that this world is nothing is that if you have the best of something, within a minute you see something that you might now think is better. Suddenly yours is nothing

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is happening. You have the latest mobile phone it's the best ever mobile phone they can call it an iPhone six, the one that just came out yesterday

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and what happens you will have it and you hold it and you're so excited and the guy next to you has an iPhone seven and you just put yours in your pocket. You're looking at the other end said that cannot happen in paradise no because your own spouse for

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example, will be changing as per the sweetness of your iron, it's liking SubhanAllah. So you want to call it suddenly becomes all short and suddenly goes to Allahu Akbar, you know why

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this color that is like, you know, changing with the afflict not even a flick, sometimes you have these apps that you get on your computers where you want to change something, and you try 10 different, you know, say, for example, I'm just going to throw an example a motor vehicle you want to purchase, and they tell you what color would you like, and they show you 10 Different colors, and you're clicking to see what it looks like, click another color, pick a third color that may happen such that your eye automatically chooses the color of the spouse how it is liking it. And at the same time, as a moment progresses, and I find it sweeter to have a different color, it happens that

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way. And something described that is even better, and more mind boggling to show you that it cannot have crossed your head in the proper sense. All this we are saying, bearing in mind that in reality, what we are going to have is far better than whatever we're describing here. Imagine so what we're saying mashallah, it's something, remember, we've heard of how important it is to work towards this, because what's the point of talking about this, when we are distant from it, you know, One Direction says whoever has drunk the wines of this world, you know, the alcoholic leave home or that you have will not be drinking that in the afterlife, which is prepared.

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So, if you do something yet, you might not have it there. And yet, Allah says, you will have whatever you desire. So some of the OLA have explained very beautifully, that the code of desire of that item is just removed, so you won't desire Subhanallah to see we might have 3 million 4 million desires one chord is removed. You won't feel that I'm not desiring this item, but you won't desire it because that little cord is removed because you did something in the dunya you won't know but others would know what it's like when Allah subhanaw taala causes goodness so