Minute with a Muslim #176 – When It Comes To Muslims and Politics

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When it comes to Muslims engagement in politics in places like Western countries in the US, Muslims have to be smart, and they have to be careful. We can't necessarily, you know, Allah said in the Koran that we have to stand up for justice, okay. And Allah also said in the Quran sorts of matter that we can't let being wronged by somebody, we can't take it too far to the point where we're then wronging them even if they've wronged us. So that means we have to be extremely judicious. We can't just sign ourselves up for a whole platform. This is the weakness of party politics. And there's other weaknesses to party politics are very problematic for Muslims, because you have a whole

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platform, right? And there are certain things that we agree with as Muslims and certain things that we do not agree with. There are certain things that contradict our faith. at the fundamental level, there's some things that maybe they are a gray area where you can have multiple interpretations. And when you're signing yourself up to, you know, support a particular party or a particular, you know, political ideology, you're basically being asked to accept the entire platform, right? So by definition, you're going to be bearing witness to both truth and falsehood at the same time. I think we have to be smarter than that. I think that we need to treat things on a case by case basis and

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know what our issues are and rally around and agitate for our issues, however, that looks and not fall into the party based oppositional politics because really, honestly, I don't see any sort of winning when it comes to that.