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Mufti Menk
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My brothers and sisters, it's important for us to be conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We claim to be Muslims but many of us are not submitted unto Allah. We claim to be people who love Allah, but we don't understand the creation that the same Allah has made. And this is why the gift of peace and stability is by far one of the biggest gifts that you and I could have no nation can ever succeed. If there is no peace and stability so it is your duty and mine to ensure that we leave no stone unturned to making sure that there is peace and stability. May Allah help us to reach out to those who hate us. May Allah help us to reach out to those who disagree with us in a positive way such

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that we can resolve matters rather than creating bigger matters.

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Today I've been asked to speak about surah the surah number 49. In the Quran, named after the chambers in it, there is lot of etiquette and manners. The reason is my brothers and sisters Allah created you and I,

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but you are not the only person in existence. No am I? Many times people fail because they think they are the only ones. They think they are God's gift to mankind yet they are not so Panama. Remember, don't develop an attitude. Don't think you're a big deal. You're just a mere creature of Allah just like everyone else, you were also a stray and Allah guided you. Perhaps you may not yet be guided, who knows May Allah guide us home. So my brothers and sisters you are judged by Allah based on how you treat the rest of the creatures that the same Allah as me.

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If you look at the man next to you look at the person who needs you dislikes you didn't the same Allah make him or her who made you. So what makes you such a big deal? Why don't you treat them good with goodness fairly? Why don't you reach out to them to resolve the matter they are your brothers and sisters and guess what the rest of the creation was made by the same Allah. If you believe in the status of Allah as a creator, how can you damage or harm another whom Allah has created as well? If you hurt someone, it means you don't believe in Allah. The reason is that sin Allah made them as he made you. So who gives you the authority to think you are allowed to hurt another creature of

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Allah. So super 200 is not only addressing your relationship with Allah, but moreso your relationship with the creatures of Allah, those you agree with those you love, as well as those you disliked and detest and perhaps hate, how to treat them a lot of extension on it. We start off the beginning of the surah where Allah makes mention of himself and the messenger peace be upon him and the relationship we're supposed to be having with them as muslimeen as believers, we believe that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the best of creation, the most noble of all prophets of Allah, nobody who says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah hates the Prophet nobody. Those who

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claim that someone who says that Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam hates the Prophet, they themselves are wrong, because nobody can believe this is the Messenger of Allah, the best of creation, the most noble about prophets, and then they don't like him. That's absurd. It is foolish. Perhaps if they don't do things the way you think they should be doing when you think that they don't like him, but they may be loving him more than you think you do. May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide our minds and souls. May Allah guide our hearts and grant agenda to fill those. This notion that you're supposed to be hating people comes from the devil. Remember that? If someone wants to

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instill in your heart that you have to hate others, it comes from the devil directly. The shapen wants you to fight with each other where do we get that from the same Surah Surah.

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So my beloved brothers and sisters, Allah tells you how He is the Creator. And immediately after that he tells you how important Muhammad peace be upon him is for those who believe May Allah grant us the ability to follow the footsteps of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Immediately after that Allah tells you what your man is what your etiquettes Don't raise your voice in front of the messengers of Allah and he will send them watch how you speak to the messenger peace be upon him. Watch how you call him. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness and understanding.

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Remember my brothers and sisters, still we may have differences of opinion amongst us. We may have differences of opinion amongst us. This verse is literally speaking about yelling and screaming in the presence of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam or raising your voice in his presence. Yes, indeed. Yeah, you

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Maybe one

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of you who don't raise your voices above the voice of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and don't address him in a way that you would be addressing one another, lest your deeds be wasted. And you don't even realize as much as we've understood the literal meaning we need to know it goes beyond that. It goes deeper than that. And it is a great lesson for us.

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It is a lesson for us for the Nabhi of Allah, we need to understand his system, his style, his speech, his ways, his teachings for us, our prime, if he has taught something and you are teaching something else, what do you think your relationship with him is? By Allah Subhana Allah to Allah soften our hearts to the truth. May Allah subhanahu wa taala, soften our hearts to love one another, to be able to understand that with our differences, we will continue to love one another. And this is a challenge. This is a challenge that I have made for myself and I asked every one of us to make as Muslims, the challenge is, will you love each other? Will you love those who say the Shahada?

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Will you love those who say, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Mohammed, Abu rasuluh,

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even if you differ with them in some detail, when you love those who don't say the Shahada with the intention of wanting for them to see the goodness, because they were created by that Allah who made me in the same way he made me he made them, look at those around you who are not Muslim. Do you care for them? If you don't, you haven't understood Allah, because Allah made them they are equally important in the eyes of Allah, if he did not want, he would not have made them. So if you're a believer in Allah, you will learn to look at those who are not Muslim, those who don't like you, and you will learn to nod your head and cinnabar Allah is your law who made me made you You are my

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brother in humanity, to say the least. And when it comes to the rest, rest of the creation, including animals and so on, we are actually created by the same maker hence, we're not allowed to harm even the animals.

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So we need to correct our heart and I'm telling you this passionately today on the globe, we are witnessing, fighting, killing people destroying imagine, Allah is the most merciful, don't you agree? We say Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem so many times that the non Muslims know that sentence, In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. In the name of the owner of mercy we are being merciless, how, in the name of the owner of mercy, we are being merciless. Using his name, we claim that we should have hurt, hate and spread corruption and chaos on earth in the name of who in the name of the most just in the name of the Most Merciful, the most forgiving in the name of the

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one who is the most magnificent, the one who is the most forgiving and kind etc etc. We use his name and we hurt people we hurt others how can that make us good Muslims? Let me give you another example. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam has been described as a mercy to mankind listen to what Allah says.

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me, I have not sent you for any other reason or I have not sent you except as a mercy to Allah Allah mean an anime meaning the world to all love. He was sent as a what? He was sent as a what? Tell yourself and ask yourself he was sent as a what? As a mercy. And with his name. We are merciless, with his name we hurt with his name we hate with his name, we spread hate to it. How can we be true followers of the one cent as a mercy when someone urinated in the masjid he treated that person with the utmost respect to correct them because he knew if I can reach out to someone who has urinated in the house of Allah in a way that he is guided then it is the best possible thing. And it's the best

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example to be followed with us. There are people who read five Salah in the masjid just like us, but because they don't do what we do exactly the same way we believe that you should we spread hate, we want to hurt we want to kill, we want to damage we want to destroy in the name of the Most Merciful who is Allah and the one who was sent as mercy who is the messenger? How Surely it's time to change that. Surely it's time we spoke about it openly. You speak about someone speak good about them. If they have made a mistake, go and correct

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But don't spread hate because you will cause killing you will cause harm you will cause destruction don't no matter who they are people of other faiths if they don't like you prove them wrong. Why do you prove them right?

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People don't like you, they spread hate about you, someone sways you one way then you sway them back 10 times they've been vindicated.

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You just prove them correct. But if they swear you one time go back to the messenger peace be upon him. He says a movement, a belief his tongue is to your to a swear word. So you look you smile, and you prove them wrong, they will come a time when they will have to nod their heads and they will say these people are really amazing people. That's what happened with the messengers of Allah Salah. So so that the controller tells you all of this, and it also tells you watch out for fake news. You know, what's fake news, you hear about someone and you believe what you heard. Without verifying without asking without seeing firsthand, you can see firsthand you don't need to see second hand.

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Sometimes we don't even trust our own intellect. So we don't want to hear it firsthand. People tell you this man is very bad. Don't even go don't even listen. So we don't go we don't listen. Why because our intellect is so weak that we are doubting ourselves. If you know your product is powerful, why are you worried about the other products on the market? I give you an example. If you have 20 different types of brands of tissue

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20 different brands have tissue paper,

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all for the same price. And in the center, there is one known as clinics, Which one will you pick? If they were all the same price, you will leave all those brands and you will probably go for the clinics. Why? Because it is a brand that is proven it knows this meaning it does what it is supposed to it is actually well priced, for example, or if it is the same price, why do I need to go for something else? Did clinics ever talk about the other brands when they were marketing? Did they ever market in a way that they told you don't buy the others? The others are bad they don't do this. They did not say one word. They only made sure their brand was a good brand. We have Islam which is way

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beyond that example. It speaks for itself. You don't need to harm you don't need to hurt you don't need to kill. You don't need to actually talk about the others and how bad they are. speak about how good you are what do you have that you think people would want? What is your product, speak about your product speak about the goodness you have. You don't need to speak about the evil of this and that etc, etc. by mentioning names and creating hatred. Yes, we will make clear what we believe is wrong when it is glaring us all when we have to but in a respectful way. If I see a person drinking alcohol or committing adultery, getting hooked on to *, I may respectfully respectfully

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let them know that this is bad. This is dangerous and explain why but in a respectful manner, not in order to hate when a person Your son is hooked onto adultery for example or * would you hate them to the degree that you test them you kick them you throw them out? You do this you Oh would you love to see that they could the habit and come back to you and say my dad, you've actually taught me a good lesson. I have no longer as I used to be What would you like? You would like the latter not the former. The same applies. We're all brothers and sisters, we are all part of one family. Why do you like it for your son and you don't like it for the sons of others? Why do you

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want your son to get help and the others to disgrace them? This is what tells us in

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uniform. Indeed, all believers are brothers. all believers are brothers. So one hand Allah is showing you in your relationship with Allah with the messenger, then with the believers then with the disbelievers. So all of this is disgusting, the same surah Allah says to us, and I was mentioning this a little bit earlier, watch out for fake news.

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When someone comes to you with information verified, make sure that you look into it very deeply. If it is concerning you, yes, you may want to verify before you believe it because it's very easy to control the minds of the people who don't have a sound understanding of what to do and what not to do when they hear the piece of information. taking us today people talk about fake news fake news because they are worried the Koran spoke about it 1400 and something of yours back

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to Cebu calm.

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me, make sure that you authenticate the news thoroughly because you might say something wrong about others and you will regret it at some stage. May Allah subhana wa Taala help us How many times do we think someone is evil

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A good person and how many times we think someone is good yet they are not good for us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding. So this beautiful Sorcerer to Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us the etiquette of listening to information and processing it before allowing it to seep through into your system. May Allah grant us goodness, how great is the Dean of Islam.

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Unfortunately, today, wars have erupted based on fake news. People are divorced based on the fake rumors. So Kerala, people have destroyed relationships based on something false. We're not prepared to build we're prepared to destroy yet your duty and your test on earth is how much you're going to build, never how much you're going to destroy. Did Allah send you and I and humankind down to earth in order to destroy?

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Not at all Allah sent us to build and law centers to build to guide to reach out to but sadly we don't reach out we are quick to do exactly the opposite. Today my brothers and sisters, you see if you look at these verses of the Quran, Allah tells you when two brothers are fighting make sure you try to make peace between them.

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if at any minimum meaning

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with two brothers from the belief is a quarrel in fighting, make peace between them? And if you're already going to get involved thereafter, make sure you have found out who was right and who was wrong. Usually we have a bad habit of going to the better of the two and telling them forgive Don't worry, it's okay. How long am I going to keep forgiving for so the good people need to suffer and the bad people we just need to keep raising them and raising them and raising them. So Allah says if they don't want to make the peace then you make sure that you side with the one who is correct. you side with the one who is right. You side with the one who is upright. May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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help us and guide us. Now we have a major disaster. What is it?

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People start fighting with one another because they take people out of the fold of a man in Islam and say this man is not a movement. So when you see the meaning of brothers, they say but they're not movement. So one of shamans plans is after you see Nabina Muhammad Rasulullah shavon will come to you and make you think that it's only your kenema that is valid, the rest of them are not that is a trap of shape on Watch out and be careful because Allah says What do you mean? Oh, not

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too bad.

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Meaning the belief is they protect one another they stand up for one another. And if they don't you know what will happen? They will be tempted all over trampled over. So Allah says the believers they have qualities for one another shaper noseless. So shaytan comes to you and makes you think but he's not a believer. So then it's okay. How dare you think that way? You understand? So you take people out of the fold of Islam yet, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to ask the people used to say the Shahada, and that was it. At that stage, it stopped there. I'm not saying do not discuss your differences. I am not saying do not educate one another regarding what is going on No,

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do it respectfully without hurt or hate, remember that do it respectfully without her to hate, because we need to be concerned not only about our generations that are to come, and how they treat each other the differences our children will have the same differences that we have had with society and community if we have not taught them how to deal with differences in lighting we will find the same fighting and killing in our own children. This is why we are saying don't think you're a big muscle man. When you start attacking people you're not you're actually so weak and so May Allah subhanahu wa tada forgive us for Bella grant us goodness and guidance. When a person begins to

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attack others they are so so much lacking of their self confidence. They are doubting their own product. So in order to promote their product they need to attack other products for what why when you're confident you only speak about the good and if you want to tackle that which is bad you do it in a way that your children will learn how to differ in opinion with others.

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This is addressed in to watch out Be careful we are brothers and milonakis for the believers of brothers and guess what even those who don't believe they are brothers have a different level brothers in humanity, sisters in humanity, how many of us have family members who are not Muslim? What are we taught about them? We

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taught Lavanya dmrb curriculum

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now that they are not yet Muslim, if Allah were to use you to guide even a single person towards the goodness, it is better for you than the material items that this world has my brothers and sisters, what valuable lessons we have, what valuable lessons we have that surah continues, that surah continues, and I want every one of us to go back home and to pick up surah number 49 of the poem and read its meaning it will change your life if you want to put it into practice. When I said at the beginning, we say we are Muslim, but we have not yet submitted Do you know the meaning of Islam is peace. And it also means to submit.

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So if you were to translate I am a Muslim into English it would mean I'm a submitter Are you really a submitter?

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Are you really a submitter? Subhana Allah? Are you really the kind good person who allows a last message and the messages message to take precedence over what's in your brain and mind when he overtakes you. When disaster overtakes you, when jealousy overtakes you, envy overtakes you or do you say no, forget about all of that at the moment I need to survive.

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You see, that is why Allah says look, not only should you not fighting kill, but anything that leads to that stop it. Allah says, Don't scoff at each other.

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Or believers are you who believe

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Don't mock at each other. Don't Why? Because it's going to lead to something else. Oh, women don't mock each other. That's what the Quran says. Oh, men don't mock each other. Don't make a joke about each other. Don't let each other don't backbite about one another. Don't spy on one another. The same verses are sort of the one I just said so watch out, don't spy on each other, don't eavesdrop on each other. Don't call each other bad names a dog and a pig and a cow and a monkey and a donkey etc. We call people bad names. And we think we are submitters How did you submit the Quran is telling you not to do it and you're doing it and you still have the audacity to say, I submit. You

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submitted with water?

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How did you submit it? When you're calling people bad names? The Quran says while I attend.

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Don't call each other with bad names. Yes, if there is a nickname that someone likes, it's okay. But if you call someone even with a nickname that they don't like, you're not a true submitter, you have gone against the command of Allah. Why is this so important? Because Allah is telling you, you call each other bad names you backbite backbiting means to say something behind the back of a person that if the person were to hear it, they would not like it, they would feel hurt, they would feel bad, you do not scoff at each other, you do not market each other, etc, etc. Because if you do any of these things, it's going to result in the splitting of the societies and the communities and the

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hatred of the people on earth which will then result in fighting which will then result in killing and you have destroyed the whole purpose of existence on Earth.

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You see how Allah addresses it? And oh, after that, Allah tells us and I've not gone through every single verse, obviously, our time is always limited. But a lot tells us that after, after he spoke about his relationship or hours with his and ours with the message of peace be upon him, and I was with the rest of the believers. Then he says, Oh people, even those who don't believe I want you to know something about them.

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Even the disbelievers those who might not like you, those who might like to those who don't agree with you, those who want to fight you, all of them, we want to tell you something about them. Allah says

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yeah, I knew.

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People. Remember we have created

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male and female. Remember, we have created you from a single male and female, one male and female

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From those two, we have made you

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into different people and tribes in order that you recognize one another. Not in the order that you discriminate, not in order that you hate, not in order that you become a racist, not in order that you become an impetus not in order that you become someone who dislikes those who are from a certain nationality or a certain race, or a certain part of the world or a certain skin color or a certain complexion. So Allah tells you, be careful and be mindful of the fact that your father is one man

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Your mother is one woman, watch out. Be careful, love. If you truly believe that there will be no room for hatred in our hearts for people rather for the deeds they do sometimes, or whatever mistakes they are making. When you see a man with a bottle of alcohol, drinking and really causing trouble because he's intoxicated. What would you do? If you're a true believer, rather than they can hate him? You would hate the habits. And you would pray to Allah, Allah help him to eradicate the habit guided him towards goodness today, what do we do you see a man or a woman doing something wrong? The first thing we want to do is, be it show the picture of it, show the video of it on

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Instagram On Facebook through the whole world. Look what I saw this man. Is that a submitter? Is that a believer to disgrace someone?

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tells you not to disgrace people, and here we are disgracing others. Even if it was disgracing with a nickname, what about disgracing them by exposing a sin that was between them and Allah? If you were to believe that you feel in your heart, Oh Allah, Oh Allah, just like you've guided me keep on guiding me. Don't let me go astray. The weaknesses. I have helped me through them. You've covered a lot of my sins. Yeah, like cover them, Grant me goodness, the ability to leave them and this man to Allah help him in the same way and in an even bigger way.

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Now you're a true believer. Now you understand? If a bot tells you not to harm animals, what do you think about harming human beings? So

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I want to end up with an example of a prophet peace be upon him

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who had bad intentions. He was an enemy of Islam. He didn't like the Muslims. He wanted to hurt the Prophet peace be upon him. The Prophet peace be upon him made him to ask for him to be guided to Islam. Allah soften this man's heart, bring him towards the deen, you know what happened? That was answered how many of us are ready to follow that example of the most loving the most kind of all humankind, the one who was sent as a mercy not just to mankind, but to entire creation, the one who was sent to a mercy to all Are you ready to follow his example? If the answer is yes, pray for those who hate you who dislike you. Pray for them and have hope that Allah will bring them Allah will

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soften their hearts when they see you would you actually smile and acknowledge them as your brother and sister in humanity from the same mother and father that Allah has spoken about?

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And Allah says, In

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Indeed, the most honorable form amongst you in the eyes of Allah is the one whose relationship with Allah is the most powerful

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Subhana Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every one of us.

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In what we've heard in blessings barakallahu li walakum wa assume that

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in my opinion, it would hit my APU Tony ha, that was

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Jumuah Lectrute, Kolpetty Masjid, Columbo, Sri Lanka – 14-12-2018

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