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A writing writer discusses his experience teaching Arabic writing in a school in minority schools. He uses material prepared for kingsille University as a study tool and explains how writing and grammar made it easier for students to read and write in Arabic. He also mentions his experience with writing in the American English region and how it helped him teach writing in the European region.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh among the writings that I did, and as I've pointed out on many occasions, that I wrote, because of a need

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not because I am a writer and normally are naturally a writer and such, I wanted to just express myself. So, among the writings was a set of books connected with Arabic, because I was teaching in the minority schools and I utilized material which had been prepared for kingsisle University,

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Dr. machmood Seanie, had

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developed a book

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called The labia a SWOT to her for rufa, which taught reading and writing, utilizing the latest developments in language teaching, etc. It was of course in Arabic, taught and explained everything in Arabic.

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But I began to teach it providing English explanations of the material and I found it was very beneficial and helpful to students, students at Menara, and students outside of minority Riyadh. And when I went to the UAE, I published it there under the heading, Arabic reading and writing made easy in 1995. Of course, during that period, I was also teaching in the American University in Dubai, as a adjunct professor in Islamic Studies, Arabic providing it for non Arabs, etc. So, I also used it teaching there. And of course, for the non Arabs, I was teaching Arabic. So, I also developed another text called Arabic grammar made easy. This is the text, of course, reading or writing texts

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were many. But the approach taken by Dr. Mark Mazzini, was quite different. And

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that's the, the approach that I took, and I taught by and I found it very, very effective rather than the traditional

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way as taught in the ancient texts that are still around from the 13th century. Till today, likewise, the learning of Arabic I took another step

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which was based on research which had been done by Dr. Seanie where he identified words according to the frequency of usage in the language, whether in the Quran, whether in newspapers, whether in speeches, etc, etc. And so, what I did was based on the frequency of usage, I designed the Book Arabic grammar made easy on that foundation, the first lesson is called fee

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and it focuses on this preposition fee which means in

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because this is the most frequently used word in Arabic. So it builds an explanation and sentences and everything, because obviously, you have to go through setting up sentences and and I did work with nominal sentences which had no verbs in them, you know, up to a point then I had to add verbs etc. But it was based on this basic principle of frequency of usage. So even the vocabulary which was added, you know, because vocabulary has to be built, whilst the language structure is taught, I maintained the practice of using vocabulary which was most frequently used in the language, Arabic grammar made easy. It's called Book One, because there was a book to made, but this was developed

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much later.

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On It was developed by 2010. When I taught this first level, second level Arabic course for the International Open University so in the second level, I expanded on this original book Arabic grammar Made Easy called Bhagwan.

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Expanding more on the exercises, etc, that are there and then developed enough of the verbal sentences, you know, to build what became book two. I pray that these books continue to benefit people are purchasing it in different parts of the world and benefiting from it. I pray that it will help bring people closer to the Quran, because that was the intent to be able to read the Quran and understand it. We pray that both texts will be around for some time to come. You continue to benefit people and we hope that they will pray for us. Baraka Luffy comes around they come to LA who about a cat