The Qur’an was sent as a guide to mankind

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It is crucial in every Muslim’s life to attain guidance by following the instructions in the Qur’an . We can derive full benefit of the guidance that the Qur’an offers through Tafsir by valid Islamic Scholarship and by learning to understand the Qur’an.


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The speaker discusses the importance of learning to understand the Quran and its guidance, as it is the ultimate source of guidance for one's life. They stress the need to not reduce the Quran to only recitation and to increase it to more than that. The speaker also mentions the potential for a relationship with the holy grail and the importance of not limiting recitation to visitation.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Oh praise and thanks to Allah choices peace blessings and salutations upon our Master and exemplar, Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Imagine you saw someone reading a book every day of their lives, you pass them by they really into this book, and they are reading it out loud. You ask them what the book is about? And they tell you well, I have no idea. So why are you reading the book? So Well, it makes me feel good. I like the way it sounds. And, you know, I believe that this book is really going to protect me from certain things, you think that this person is crazy. Now, while the Quran is certainly not any old book, it is the word in speech of Allah Subhana

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Allah, and reciting it is most certainly divine blessing. Unfortunately, we reduce the Quran to only that, and nothing more. For most of us. We don't consider that the Quran is the speech of God, that it's God who created the universe and everything that exists created you and I was actually speaking to us and has a message for us that is relevant for our day and age for me for my life for life. Now that we hear this message, we recite this message, like a book of magic spells, but not seeking to benefit from not seeking to actually find out what is it that God wants from me today, what message is the that God is going to tell me about that's going to be relevant for my life right now. So

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behind the law, one of the greatest place things that I've ever received was to study the Arabic language, and to study the Quran for the ability to read and understand simultaneously, or to listen and understand simultaneously. And I can vouch for the fact that there were occasions in my life where I was getting through so much difficulty or turmoil, or other occasions where I was going through so much great, you know, events that were currently taking place, and somehow the other that day, here, a portion of the Quran being recited, and it's like Allah, Dan is speaking to you right there and then telling you something that you should know right there. And then, and this, there are

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countless examples. However, the message today is simply this. Do not reduce the Quran, to a book that we love, respect, and have, you know, complete all four, and we keep it in the top shelf. And we recite it for its magical abilities and for its Baraka and for its sound, but we never reach out to the most important element. And that is its instructions and its guidance, for it is primarily a book of guidance. How can we derive guidance from the Quran? Well, at a very superficial level, we can read the translation, but often translations do not allow us to gain from the nuances of meaning contained in the Quran, say it would be much better and much more appealing to any person to access

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the Quran through valid Islamic scholarship filter seed filter factored into the book of the Quran, with teachers who can actually give us access to that. And of course, the ultimate objective would be to learn to understand the Quran ourselves, even if we were perhaps deprived of that opportunity before. Don't allow our children and our next generation to also be deprived of that. This knowledge is freely available all over today and so accessible at hamdulillah. Some Allah grant us a relationship with the Quran that extends far beyond only recitation. While we love and revere recitation, we don't want to limit it to only visitation, but to increase it to much more than that

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and to receive the instructions and messages from the divine. Allah Subhana Allah wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen