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Tom Facchine
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The next person in our series, lessons from the black companions is not actually a companion at all, but part of the very next generation that's having mean. But this individual is so significant of a figure that it would not be right to leave him out. We are talking about our Eid. Even if the Imam, the scholar, the half is a Shaheed

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you will notice that as we move from the generation of the companions to the generation of the Tebbe ain, after them and the generation after them, the number of black Muslims explodes. This is because during the life of the prophet muhammad sallallahu Adi he was sundown, Islam was still mostly confined to the Arabian Peninsula, and whatever African people or African descendants happened to be in Arabia at that time, but after the death of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi, wasallam, and particularly during the leadership of an earth met, Islam and Islam that feel as a spread across northern and eastern Africa like wildfire. The Black Muslims were a mix of early converts to the

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faith, and people who were taken into captivity during warfare, who accepted Islam in their captivity, and were later freed. And it is at this point, that we must talk about the elephant in the room slavery in Islam. How could Islam condone slavery? How can the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam be considered a mercy to the entire creation? Even though he had slaves? So the Lavoie that he was? How can Islam claim to liberate all people, and particularly black people, when it allowed slavery to exist?

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There are two answers to this doubt. The first answer is that slavery was allowed within Islamic law for only one reason. And that is to protect refugees, and to incorporate them into Muslim society. There was no other legitimate way for someone to become a slave. You were not allowed to just go ambush someone on the road or in their home and kidnap them and make them your slave No way. And another thing this type of slavery was not based on race. It was not based on the color of your skin. The Companions who were freed slaves at the time of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were from every nation. And they had every skin tone. So hey, was from Rome, which is today,

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in the area around Italy. And Greece, said, Man, the Pharisee was from Persia. Billa was from Ethiopia. They it wasn't out of

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all of them were slaves.

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Then how did they become slaves? If a battle was fought between two sides, one side wins, and the other side loses? What do you do with the enemy soldiers who were defeated? Do you let them go home so that they can fight you again tomorrow? What do you do with the families and dependents of those enemy soldiers who were killed in battle? Their women, their children, the elderly? Do you leave them alone to fend for themselves? Who will take care of them? Today, we have the United Nations. We have refugee camps. We have resettlement centers. We have one in Utica. These things did not exist 1400 years ago.

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And even if they did,

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the system that we have today is not a perfect system.

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Ask any one of the many people in our community that have spent time in these refugee centers.

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Sometimes they are not safe.

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Sometimes there is no security. Sometimes people get exploited in these refugee camps. Sometimes you spend the best years even decades of your life in these camps.

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1400 years ago, Islamic law had a very practical solution. Bring them back to the Muslim territory.

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place them within homes

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of the Muslims. treat them with dignity. Let them see Islam in practice, and give them a pathway to freedom and an independent life. Once again, remember the Prophet Muhammad Ali he was commanded Muslims to feed their slaves, the same food that they themselves ate, and commanded them to clothe them in the exact same types of clothes that they themselves have wore, and even to share in the labor together. Islam also recommended slaves to be freed as an act of pious worship at every single opportunity. If a Muslim slipped up and broke his fast or broke his pledge, or committed manslaughter or many other offenses in Islamic law, his expiation was the free one of his slaves.

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This is a completely different system, from the system of slavery that existed in North America since the year 1609, where unsuspecting African people were brutally kidnapped from their homes, and packed onto slave ships, in chains, without food, without water, without a place to go to the bathroom in such brutal conditions that countless people died before they even reached North America. And then when they made it to their final destination, the slave master lived in the big house. While his slaves lived in shacks, the slave master or expensive clothes, and the slaves wore rags, the slave master ate the finest foods that could be purchased, and the slaves got crumbs. The

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slave master lived a life of luxury and ease, while the slaves toiled from sunup to sundown. And where Islamic law put a huge emphasis on the freedom of slaves and freeing slaves, North American slavery was designed to keep you and your descendants of slave forever and ever.

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These two systems are so completely different, and so completely opposite, that they shouldn't really even be called on the same thing.

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So this was the first answer to our question, the institution of slavery in Islamic law, if we want to call it that was intended to protect and settle refugees, and it functioned completely opposite to slavery as practiced in North America. The second answer

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to how we can explain the existence of slavery in Islam can be found in an old saying, you will know a tree by its fruit. That means if something is good, it will produce good results. And if something is bad, it will produce bad results. When you get to the second and third generation of Muslims. You will notice that freed slaves or the children of freed slaves made up most of the leaders of Muslim society. both religious and political leaders during his reign are not even a Fatah Radi Allahu Anhu he went on a pilgrimage, either Umrah or Hajj and when he was on the road, he ran into the governor of Mecca. Who did you live in charge? Omar asked if an observer replied the governor. Who's that

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said Omar. Omar had never heard of him before. The reply came he's a freed slave. Upon hearing this Omar said Emma in new Samuel to Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we are told in the law Hey Yellowfang will be had that Dean up while we're here, but I will be here. Funny.

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Didn't I hear your Prophet said surely ALLAH will elevate some nations with this religion.

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And he will bring others down because of it.

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There is also a conversation that took place between the Omega Caylus optometric even Mattawan and the famous scholar Zofran.

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OB the Maillet asked as Sophie, where are you coming from? As Sophie said, I'm coming from Mecca.

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Abdul Malik asked who's in charge of maca right now. As Sophie told him, I thought it would rub off.

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The king of the medic asked him Is

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See an Arab or he is he a freed slave?

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a freed slave says

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How was he the leader of the thematic sense, as though free replies because he knows the most about the deen and he understands it the best? Yes, as it should be of the medic sets, and he knows that this is the right thing to say. But you can tell from the way the conversation is going that he's not entirely happy with a freed slave as the leader of Mecca. So he starts asking about the other regions and the other cities under Muslim control Yemen. Who's in charge there. Oh, whoops. Egypt. Yes, even ABI Habib. What about Shan mcru? What about energy? Zerah Mamoon even Macron What about for Assam and Bihar given Mazagon? What about basura Al Hasan Basri? Every single time automatic is

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asking is this person of Arab or a freed slave and every single time so he says he's a freed slave. Every single one of those previous people.

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Until finally optometric asks about Kufa, who's in charge in Kufa

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and as often he says, It's Ibrahim in a hurry. He's in charge. Is he an Arab? Automatic says yes. As of resets. Finally, automatic must have been thinking. Then he says something that maybe we've heard before in our own times automatic says these freed slaves are taken over.

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Soon they will be giving the football from the top of the member and US Adams will be sitting underneath them. Just listen.

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Listen to Zoe's response. As often he says yeah, I mean, we need in the men who are Emre law, he will Dino

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Manhattan know who said

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woman lawyer who set up

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oh Commander of the Faithful, this is a laws decree. And this is a laws Dean.

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Whoever takes care of it is the leader.

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And whoever loses it or squanders it is going to fall.

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You will know a tree by its fruit.

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If the system of slavery in a snap, or we can say that Islam permitted at the time of our prophets of Allah, Bodhi, he was Saddam and the companions. If it had been oppressive, then this would not have been its results.

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We would not see freed slaves and their children making up the bulk of religious and political leaders of the Ummah, if it were truly oppressive, we would see something like we see in the United States of America, where the descendants of enslaved people are still carrying the weight of intergenerational trauma. So even drew Beck, is proof of this. A black man, a freed slave, and the IMA of the second generation of Muslims, as we will soon see in sha Allah Tala according to the handover stockfeed a lot of what he said he Muslim you know, most of you in

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what's up everyone out selfies that he wants to know I should have been a while back to lash and Taleem and Michelle and Michelle and then the BNF Mohammed Abu Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa that he was having a lot of learning with suddenly notice women can feel

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sorry, there

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was an extremely pious individual, a saint, whose do I was immediately granted by Allah subhanho wa taala.

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He used to have a rooster.

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And that rooster would crow every night to wake salaried up for his night prayers.

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One night, the rooster didn't crow. And Saturday live in Jubeir. He slept all the way to federal prayer.

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And he woke up and he was very upset. He was very, very upset that he had missed his night prayers and he was so upset and he was a little bit young. And you know how we can get a little bit

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hot blooded. When we're younger, he may do against the rooster.

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He said, Allah

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says my hair, cut off your voice.

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And that rooster never crowed again.

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In his life, such that Saturday his mother told him, Look, Listen, son, you should never ever make dua against anything else ever again. Sir eating into bear was known to cry often during his prayers, and was very attentive to the meaning of what he was reciting. One person said that they heard him lead in prayer and repeating the same verse more than 20 times.

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What Tucker young woman told her gentlemen a fee the law

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and fear the day that you will return to Allah

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say I'm gonna get into bed was also one of the most knowledgeable scholars of his generation. He had studied with Abdullah ibn Abbas, with our Isha with Abu Musa Ashari with Ennis, with Abu Huraira with Mo Sereda foolery with Abdullah and the list goes on and on and on.

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At one point, Abdullah ibn on bass himself, one of the most knowledgeable companions of the prophets of Allah while he traveled to Kufa where side image of bear was living. And the people started flocking around him and asking him questions about them about Optiva about this, about that.

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And m&r mass sent to them. Don't you have Sorry?

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Go ask him.

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So I'm gonna give him Jubeir has many famous sayings, about faith about piety, about righteousness, and one of them he said in a hush Yetta and tough Shala hat Tata hula Akashi attack. bein what Bina Masse attack, but till confession, reverence fear is the fear that comes between you and your sins. That is reverence fear.

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What vicar? Otto Thurman, Allah Allah atop DECA who? Well, Madeleine up for Lisa be there. We're in Episode To speak with a level two.

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He said and vicar. Mindfulness of Allah is obeying Allah.

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And who ever for whoever has obeyed Allah has been mindful of Allah and whoever does not obey Allah isn't being mindful of a lot, no matter how many things he says with his mouth. Whether it's text be or whether it's for a

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whatsapp or any image repair is telling us in the same is that you can evaluate the quality of your internal faith by certain external metrics, faith and action go together. They cannot be separated. You can't say I fear Allah. While your life is filled with disobedience. Such a person might believe in Allah in a very basic sense, he might have conviction that Allah is real.

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But the fact that someone consistently disobey is Allah subhanahu wata Otto shows that his faith is weak, that he hasn't registered the enormity of who Allah subhanho wa Taala is how tremendous His power is.

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How severe his punishment is, how sweet his gender is.

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As generations of scholars have said, it's a mistake to think about your sin, in terms of how bad the sin itself is, because there's always someone doing something worse than you.

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The real trick, what really matters, is thinking about the greatness of the one that you're disobeying.

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If you truly realized Allah was greatness, then you would be ashamed to disobey Him.

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At the same time, this quote from Sarah even Jubeir reminds us that the acts of worship are not there just to keep us busy, and take up our time. They are meant to transform us. Liquor is not just a word that we say, or beads that we wear, it's an orientation of the hearts and if our heart is not involved in the words that we say are hollow,

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the salah or the namaz that we pray is not just choreographed motions. Allah subhana wa Tada says in this

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Hola, Tanaka, Ani fascia Eva Mancha.

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surely the Salah stops in decency and evil. Allah promised us something here, but it's only going to work if your heart is in it.

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If you are prayer does not stop you from doing evil. It means that there's something wrong with your prayer. If your prayer is just the mechanical motions, the choreography, this isn't really the salah that Allah was talking about in the area. This is sort of the Salah,

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the image of prayer,

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the outward appearance of prayer, and little else, if our hearts are not in it, it will not transform us. Similarly, the Koran is not just words to be memorized. It is meant to transform us. The companions did not memorize the Qur'an, the way that we do today.

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The Companions would memorize the core n 10 verses at a time.

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And they would not move on until they practiced those 10 verses in their lives.

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They were afraid that on the Day of Judgment, they were going to be asked about something that they'd have recited with their tongues, but they didn't live out in their actions.

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They knew that quality was more important than quantity. And that quality men's being transformed by the poor and savvy them into better it's telling us here, if we are doing these things, but they are not producing the desired results, then our heart isn't really in it and we have some work to do.

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So even Japan, he put this into practice. He was constantly thinking about the law and the afterlife. His companion said that one day they attended a funeral prayer together. And the whole time on the way there while they were there on the way back Saturday, they can do better was talking about the law in the afterlife, not the sports or the whether or not the latest controversy or scandal. He was fixated on what really mattered. So even Jubeir also used to make a certain dua, a certain prayer to Allah He used to say Allahumma in the SLO Sen to Dr. Abdullah Ali was not on big. O Allah, I asked you for true reliance upon you. And good thoughts about you.

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True reliance, and good thoughts about the law. There's a story from when Sarah even Jubeir was a young man, he got stung in the hand by a scorpion.

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His mother was worried sick as you can imagine. And so she made salaried promise to go to someone to get rakia. Someone's who recite the Quran over his hand

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salary when Jubeir he reluctantly agreed. But what he really wanted to do was just try to rely upon Allah.

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According to him, the poison of the Scorpion could only hurt him if Allah will. So sorry, they've been Jubeir he fulfilled his promise he went to the rocky he went to the recycler and he told him what happened because he promised his mother but when it came time to offer the hand, he offered his good hand

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instead of the one that the scorpion had stuck.

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Now this is not medical advice. You are allowed to medicate. But that's how seriously so Ativan Jubeir took his reliance upon a lot. He was following a particular Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who said yes, we do mean on material Jana, Tessa Ramona and Fen be Lady He said, whom Molina Leia, Stockholm.

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What are you to Yocto? Well, I got to play around what other behemoth McAloon 70,000 People from my own luck, will enter paradise without any reckoning that means without any questioning.

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They are those who do not ask for rookie of those who did not use hot irons for healing. This was a practice back in the day.

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And those who don't put stock in omens at the playoff, but rather they rely upon a law their Sustainer salary they've been through better was aiming high.

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He wanted to be one of those 70,000 And to do so you don't ask for rookie even though it's Hello. Even though it works.

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After everything else outside of this the relationship between reliance upon Allah and our actions is found in another Hadith en la quinta De Luca Luna Allah He helped her to a coup de la Rosa taco camera. Yes it was by tend to do females on WhatsApp oh who peed on route 70. If you relied upon Allah Allah says the statement of the prophets Allahu alayhi wa sallam. If you relied upon Allah subhana, who was either properly

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he would provide for you like he provides for the birds, you would leave in the morning hungry, empty, and every evening you would come back full and content. Proper patience, proper reliance upon Allah is taking action in the Hadith symbolized by leaving home in the morning, then you trusted Allah subhanahu wa Tada to deliver the results. But no matter how hard we try, we have to accept that only Allah subhanahu wa taala can deliver the results. So he can do better is prayer is powerful because these two things that he asked for rely upon one another and dependent upon one another. You cannot properly rely upon Allah if you think poorly of Allah.

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If you think that Allah can't help you, for wealth to help you, it is usually because you have underestimated Allah's ability or you have underestimated Allah's care for you, or his love for you, or his goodwill towards you. So even Jubeir understood who Allah was, he had good thoughts about Allah subhanho wa Tada. And so he was able to depend upon Allah subhanaw taala completely, even in the most difficult of circumstances, such as the ones that surrounded his death. So even Jubeir had participated in the revolts of imminent shots against a hijab you can use and the homemade dynasty after the revolts was put down by a head judge, the head judge when tracking down the people who had

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participated in this revolt. So even drew bear had been fleeing judge for some time. And he lived on the outskirts of Mecca.

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At that time, the governor of Mecca was sympathetic to Saudi and the other rebels. And so he kind of looked the other way. But the day came when the governor was changed and replaced with someone who was a staunch supporter of the Omega dynasty. People tried to reach out to say, they tried to warn him. They tried to tell him you got to get out of here. It's too dangerous. But at this point, sorry, it was tired of running away.

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He said, I would be ashamed in front of Allah, to keep running from the creation.

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So he allowed himself to be caught, and he was brought before the tyrants and head judge. So even drew bear was a shining example of bravery, of piety and of trust in Allah until the very end, and right before he was put to death by a high judge, after he prayed his final two Raka and declare the testimony of faith one last time.

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He went against his mom's old advice and he made one final prayer. He said, Oh Allah, don't let him kill anyone else after me.

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And just as before Allah subhanahu Nutana granted it because only about 10 to 14 days went by before other had judge mysteriously died.

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