Tom Facchine – I Feel Like Allah Doesn’t Love Me

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the struggles people face with criticizing themselves and losing hope. They also talk about the types of people who need to be shamed and criticized, including those who are self-talked or overly critical. The speaker emphasizes the need for proper diagnosis and treatment methods to avoid these struggles.
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It's no secret that some people struggle with

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criticizing themselves too much to the point where they lose hope and Allah's mercy. And this is something that the devil wants to have happen, right? The shaytaan wants us to lose hope and Allah's mercy and wants us to despair and wants us to give up and wants us to think that we're no good and that it's not even possible to do anything. Actually, someone had reached out to me just the other night

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on the phone and they were saying that they were having a lot of a lot of issues and they've been having issues for a long time. And they

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said that, you know, I just feel like a failure. I'm this many years old and I'm not married. I don't have this I don't have that and listen to all these sorts of things. And then of course, the thing that always comes I feel like a lot doesn't love me. I feel like a lot hates me. Right? Why would you say that? What makes you think that Allah hates you? And then I caught it for her the eye and sorta Zoomer right? where Allah says, Yeah, you buddy Latina so for other unforeseen him that talking to me, Rahmatullah says, Oh, my servants who have wronged themselves or however we want to translate that who have wasted themselves

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never despair of Allah's Mercy never lose hope and Allah's mercy Don't you know that Allah forgives all sins?

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And she, you know, had never this person who contacted me had never heard of this actually, it doesn't really say that does it? Yes, it that. That's actually in the Quran. Yeah, really? He really said that. And then we started talking and you know, I was like, Okay, do you price like, No, I don't pray like, Okay, well, let's start with praying. You know, it's like, you know, pick one. What are you going to do today? You're going to make one prayer. Which one is it going to be like this and then, you know, this person had prayed and yours. And she's like, is a lot going to be okay with me just praying one prayer. I'm like, just start with this one. Don't think too hard about it.

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Because again, she tons trying to get you to lose hope. Satan wants you to stop by thinking how long the road is. So I might as well not even take that first step.

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Whereas Well, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam say, if you take one step towards ALLAH, he takes to towards you. And so, okay, set that barrier nice and low, right? What's that? Just just make one prayer today. She ended up making two. And she messaged me, she's like, I feel so I haven't felt this way in years. Like, this is amazing. It's like, you know, thank you so much. So it's nothing that I did. It's just about the mind games, the mind games, there's two types of people i because this, this sort of thing isn't for everybody. There's a type of person who is so self critical, and so ready to beat themselves up over every single little thing. And this person has gone to an

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extreme and they need to know Allah's mercy. And they need to not be beat up with guilt. And these sorts of they've already got their fair share of guilt and way beyond that. There is another type of person that if you give a hookah about them, and you're actually doing everything to say that it's them, but you're not saying their name, that they're not going to even realize it like they're gonna think that they're good, like, he must be talking about somebody else. That's the type of person that you need to shake awake, you need to give the fiery hook but you need to give you know the guilt and these sorts of things. So you can't, you know, you have to use the appropriate methods for

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the appropriate time and the appropriate place and the appropriate person. And the people who find themselves on the critical end of life or they're caught up in their head they have all these thoughts of despair. They really need to understand that Allah Allah's Mercy is way more vast and way more powerful than then what they imagined.

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