Ammar Alshukry – 9 Effect of Sins

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative effects of sin on individuals and the importance of protecting one's inner light and avoiding risk. They also touch on the negative effects of sin on people, including losing everything, achieving dreams, and causing conflict between followers. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding close contact with the virus and the need for people to be careful. They also discuss the benefits of vermin and its potential for reducing the effects of sins, as well as the "bringing forth" of one's life, which is not impossible. They conclude by reminding individuals to be afraid of their actions and to not let their risk make them feel distant.
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of the effects of sin and the evils of sin. The first that he mentioned, he says is hormonal in is that a person be prevented from knowledge that a person be prevented from knowledge? Because he says knowledge is a light that Allah has the gem casts into a person's heart. Many times we think knowledge is just memorizing a lot. If I read a lot of books and I memorize a lot of information, then that's what knowledge is. But knowledge is really a light that Allah has again asons of the heart of his believing slaves, that illuminates for them that which confuses other people. It is something that gives them insight at a time when people have no sight. Imam Malik to this effect.

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When Imam Shafi came and approached the American Imam Shafi was much younger than Imam Malik Malik passed away in 179. And Mama should have passed away in 204. But nonetheless, Imam Imam Malik notices the uncanny intelligence and the brilliance of this young man. And so he says to him, in Allah, Allah Allah only because Quran he says, I see that Allah azza wa jal has cast in your heart a light, so do not dark in that light belittlement in Marcia do not darken it with the darkness of sin. And so protecting the light that we have that insight that inner light that illuminates us, we have to guard our sins, we have to guard our sins and hence also Imam Shafi codified and famous

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poetry. Imam Shafi was known as being someone who had photographic memory and he would memorize pages even as he would look at them. And so the story goes that he had been walking in the street and he happened to see a woman's ankle uncovered by the wind just happened to see and glance at an ankle.

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And then he noticed that his memory had gotten weak.

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So now you understand why we can't memorize anything. We go outside and we forget to use the Quran as soon as we step outside your mama shelter he sees an ankle and he has his but also it shows you the sensitivity of the Imam that he recognizes just the slightest difference in his capacity. And so your mama shall have any complaints to his teacher wiki and he says he codified this in verse he says shall go to Isla Okay, so hopefully if I shed any light sarcoma honestly, he said, I complained to a kid about how bad my memory was, and he guided me to the leaving of sins. And he told me that this is more on oral law he laid out earlier honestly and the light of Allah azza wa jal has not

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given to a sinner. And so the first effect of sin is the loss of knowledge. That's number one. Number two, he says an of it is that a person miss out on the risk, miss out of their provision.

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There's a beautiful Hadith in which the prophets of Allah Allah has sent them he says in the law, * kudos. Nephi Roy, the Prophet sallallaahu Selim says that the Holy Spirit cast into my essence, that no soul shall pass until it has completed its risk, and it's urgent. Not none of us will check out of this earth until we've completed two things we've gotten all of the rest of that to do to us at risk is a more expansive term than simply money. It's not just how much money you're going to make. It's everything that Allah azza wa jal will provide you and your edge and your lifespan. You are going to get what was written for you, you're not going to miss out on any of it. So then what

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are you required to do what is the Prophetic instruction, the prophets of Allah Allah has sent him says for Tapachula, YG middle fifth bollock? He says then have Taqwa of Allah and seek all of that out beautifully. And do not let the delay of your risk make you seek it out and what Allah azza wa jal has prohibited for about in the Allahu Allah United because what is with Allah azza wa jal cannot be acquired except through his obedience. And so the second effect of sin is that a person be prevented from the risk. The third is, a person has a distance that they then feel a strangeness that they feel with Allah azza wa jal, they no longer are comforted by being in the presence of

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Allah azza wa jal, they don't feel that sweetness in their prayer anymore. They're committing sins, and every time they commit sins, they feel more distant, they feel that they are uncomfortable, they're listening to the Quran, and they can listen to music for hours and hours and hours on end and it is pleasure after pleasure. And then you turn on the Quran in the car and they're like, can we just talk for a second?

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We just have a conversation. They can't find the ability it's like, it's like when a person is dragging their nails on a chalkboard. Some people cannot listen to the Quran well what has distanced you, from Allah as though just so much there's a beautiful question, that if you ever find yourself distance from Allah, then ask yourself the question Which one have you moved? Because we only go distance from Allah if you take a step towards Allah, He takes multiple towards you if you hasten to Allah Allah races towards you. And so, a person of the effects of sin is that a person feels distanced from Allah azza wa jal and the fourth is that a person feels distance not from Allah Azza

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If only but from the righteous. Sometimes I feel like the righteous are too righteous for my heart. So I avoid them like I avoid the devils in the dark. But those that sit all day without even a spark of luck or equally painful to an aching heart so who can I be friend in the end? It's a lonely paradox. At times it's better to be alone hearing the ticking of the clock but the sheet that travels alone is in danger of the fox. So we pray for safe passage knowing of the danger in which you walk that a person feels distant from the people and also that they noticed that the people are distant from them, of delighting him as he says Ella antenna Anika global minima International.

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Beware that the hearts of the believers curse you hate you while you are unaware that people said well how could that be? He said the whole movie mahadi Me Love for you. Allahu Bucha meaning he says you commit that which Allah azza wa jal has prohibited in seclusion. And so Allah azza wa jal casts aversion towards you in the hearts of the believers, there are some people that you meet, and everybody just loves them. You just love that person, you have no idea, right? Allah has just written this baboon for that person in your heart.

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And that inshallah is an indication of that person's being loved by Allah azza wa jal and and loved by God and and loved by the angels. And there are some people who just you just don't like them.

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And even though they talk beautifully, and even though they they do all of these things, all of those checkmarks are there, you find that the people just aren't responding to you, then one of the things not necessarily the case, but one of the things that a person has to do is make sure that their relationship with Allah as diligent is strong, that your number one audience is always Allah, your number one, the one who you make sure that you are always pleasing as Allah xuejun and also of the effects of sins and this is number five is that things become difficult for you. Because Allah azza wa jal says that whoever fears him, I love him and I'm gonna use Allah that Allah azza wa jal

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will make their affairs easy. And so if a person

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does not fear Allah azza wa jal, what is understood is that that person will not have their affairs facilitated, that that person will not have everything made easy for them. And so of the effects of sin is that you find doors closed, where they should have been opened, or you would have hoped that they'd be opened. You know, the province of Elijah send them tells us the story of the man in the hadith of Orion or the province of Almighty send them tells us of a man who had been traveling

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and he was Ash has everybody and we'll do your day. He had a summer y'all up y'all up. This man was dusty and disheveled and broken. And he was extending his hands towards the sky and he was saying y'all love y'all. Now this is a person who's died should have been accepted. They are a traveler, and their their heart is broken. They are completely connected to Allah. They have no hope in anything else. In that moment. They are dusty and they're disheveled and they're calling upon Allah by His attributes of being the facilitator and the maintainer and the Lord. But the prophets of Allah Allah says,

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food was haram. His drink was haram. His clothes were held up, nourished by how nice the job allah how can this person's not be accepted?

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Isn't that all of the effects of sins? And so

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of the effects of sins is that affairs become difficult for you also, number six, is that an Massey 200 Calvin pattern that Massey sins weaken a person's ability their hearts and their bodies their physical bodies, you know a beautiful story is I live in Avatar April the Allah on who with faulty model the Allah on hmm. And I get all the ALLAH and he was telling Fatima that you know, they were both faulting and had been grinding barley until her her hands had become calloused. And I didn't know we thought it had been carrying water until his his back hurt him. And so he told them they're having a conversation amongst themselves and it it'll be Allah and who says to fall to me says the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had been given some servants to go and ask the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for a servant and we all know who fought the model the Allah Anna is total Zulu Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is Allah, she's daddy's little girl. And he goes to she goes to the province of Elijah syndrome and the Prophet sallallaahu Salam would sit stand up and he would sit her where he was seated some Elijah and send them and yet Fatima is asking the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam for a servant and he says to her, No, I'm not going to give you a servant that leave I know so far. That's not going to happen. I'm not going to give you a resource even though you are my

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daughter that I cannot provide to every citizen of the Muslim state. And she goes back home. And I little the Allah Allah who continues and he says that the they came, the province of Allah is sending them and treated entrance, sought permission. And he stood in between them as they were laying down and he felt the coldness of his feet. And then he said to them, Shall I not tell you what is better for you than a servant that every night before you go to sleep that you say subhanallah 33 times that Hamdulillah 33 times Allah but 34 times that is better for you than a servant. Well, what's the relationship between this and that their requests?

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And the province cellulitis Adam's prescription there and the extent they extract it from that, that the liquor of Allah azza wa jal strengthens the body. Then the Dhikr of Allah actually strengthens the body and we have a brother in in New York this brothers called giants and he for started a group called the bartenders, bartenders pull up bars, not the bars. But if you look them up on YouTube, you'll find that these guys mashallah are monsters, they do things that I thought I was the only one who could do Subhanallah but this brother is literally a giant Mashallah. And, you know, he's an older brother, but he's just he looks like he was carved out of a mountain mashallah robotic Allah,

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and he was to be took him out to the playground, and he was showing all of the kids in the masjid all of these different pull ups that he does. And he said to them, young brothers,

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you know, how I can do all of these things. And they're all amazed at what he can do. He said, Every time I go up, I say, Allahu Akbar, I say, SubhanAllah. I said, Hamdulillah. That's how I'm able to do all of these things. The remembrance of Allah strengthens the body, sins, weaken the body. And so the ignorant am comments. And he says, you know, when the Muslim woman expanded all of this expansion that they did, why did they expand like that? When you look at what they were able to do to Persia and Rome, it was because not because of the strength of their ability or their resources, it was the strength of their hearts, they had heart and their hearts were not weakened by their

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sins. And there's so much to be said about that. I'm gonna even Cataldo the lion who wrote letters to his generals, and he said, that you are given support by Allah azza wa jal, because of the fact that you don't sin, and you're the army that you are opposing since if you become equal in your sins, then whoever has the better material is going to win.

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And so sins stop a person's strength, and they weaken the person's body and the weakened the person's heart.

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Also of the harm of sense is that of the weaknesses of sins is that it shortens a person's lifespan. It shortens the person's lifespan, well, how does it shorten a person's lifespan? Even though you mentioned a number of different ways, he said, some of the scholars they said that assurance a person's lifespan, meaning that it extracts the blessing from a person's life. And so you find that a person lives 70 or 80 years and they haven't accomplished anything. They haven't done anything, nothing that they does has anything, any Baraka that will make it extend or grow beyond it. None of their projects grow into fruition nothing that they do outlast them, and you look at someone like

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him and Noah Imola, who lived decades shorter than many people, he died in his late 30s, or maybe early 40s. Nonetheless, this man was able in that short time to fill the world with knowledge. And noccalula was written for his work that and by the way, I'll give you a secret of Imam unknowing something that I noticed. I don't know if it's public knowledge or anything, but I'll share with you something that I noticed about him in no way because we're talking about sins, you'll find that at the end of all of his books, the last chapter and the last Hadith will always be about his default. Just beautiful. The last Hadith in the 40 hadith is the hadith of owners of nomadic. Yeah, by the

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way, he says, Yeah, even Adam in the karma that I will tell you what to do to refer to Allah, Allah Makana, Minko. With everybody. You'll find that the last chapter in Riyadh the Saudi Arabian Is this the father, you'll find that in his book, I love God and the last chapter is it is to fall as if he is offering what he is offering to Allah azza wa jal, and he is seeking Allah's forgiveness for whatever shortcomings are going to be in this effort that he provides. And so seeking forgiveness and removing the ill effects of sins that takes the blood, the botica out of a person's life.

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But also it could actually shorten a person's life

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from the extent or to the extent that a person is considered to be alive in their moments with Allah azza wa jal.

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That is the moment where you are a life and your moments of heedlessness are not truly life. You are not really living and so the more a person is, he lists the shorter that person's life is and the more they are remembering Allah azza wa jal, that is what is true life. Also, of the effects of sins is that sins lead to one another. Sins lead to one another, as the noble Ha ha, they say that sins have sisters. Okay, that doesn't work since follow one another. So since half sisters and you'll find that one of the sins that is most commonly paired with every other sin, with every other sin is the sin of what lying, lying Why is lying the sin that comes with everything because it's the cloak

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of every other sin? And so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he wants to rectify a person, he says to them, he says, What Yeah, can will Kevin, be aware of lying, because lying leads to voodoo and for God leads to the hellfire. So if you want to correct anybody's actions, then tell them to follow truthfulness and truthfulness will lead to righteousness and righteousness will leads to Paradise, and tell them to avoid lying and lying leads to transgression and transgression leads to all evil, and it leads to the hellfire. And so God within the miracle of Allah on him, when he committed one sin, which is he stayed away from the campaign of taboo, that's a sin. He stayed away from it. God

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made me mad because of the pressure that came with that sin entertained

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Another sin that I do not believe he ever entertained in his entire life. Not only did he never entertain that sin, you and I would have never entertained that sin. We do not imagine that any one of us if we were practicing Muslims, we lived our entire lives loving Rasulullah sallallahu. They said, No, you cannot imagine yourself ever entertaining the notion of walking up to the Prophet cellulitis syndrome and lying to his face. But God Almighty began to entertain that idea. When did he begin to entertain the idea when he realized that he had missed the entire campaign, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam was now turning back returning to Medina and he was going to have to stand

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in front of him and answer to why he did not go out. And he said, I began to think about what I was going to say. And I was thinking about what excuse I could propose to the province of Allah de Sena. And right before the province of Allah sent him arrived, all of those ideas vanished from my mind because Allah azza wa jal gave him to the bath because Allah azza wa jal recognized or knew his truthfulness from before he was not one of them were not filthy and he was someone who is sincere. And so Allah azza wa jal gave him steadfastness in his moments of self doubt, or in his moments of crisis. But the point here is that sins lead to one another do never, never think that you will just

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commit one sin and you will be okay after that. It doesn't work like that. And I guess I'll conclude and Charlotte to add, and I'll conclude with the last one, and that is that since are a source of insignificance in the sight of Allah azza wa jal,

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I would bet that when the Muslims conquered Cyprus, and it was a day of great victory.

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The Muslims saw with that, that crying, and so they asked them, they said, Why are you crying on a day, when Allah azza wa jal has given victory to the Muslims? And I would doubt it that said, how insignificant is the creation in the sight of Allah, if they disobey his command. He's looking at this community, this country, this land, this these people, how powerful they were. And he did here they were being conquered by the Muslims, because of their disobedience to Allah azza wa jal has an imbecile he would weep and weep and weep and they would ask him and they would say, why are you weeping? And he would say, I am weeping because I fear that Allah azza wa jal will cast me into the

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hellfire and he will not mind

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a person who commit sins when you commit sins, being fearful that these sins may lead you to be someone who Allah azza wa jal cast into the hellfire and you do not mind or that Allah azza wa jal will not mind and of the most beautiful things and I promise I close with this that I have heard with regards to getting over and, and stopping since. And I'm just going to give you one takeaway.

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Because one of the mean unreal problems that we have is we just love this in when you're talking to a kid in high school and you're telling them to stop dating girls or you're telling a girl to stop dating boys and they just love it. That's the problem. You love going out to party or a person loves the lifestyle that they live or. And so even though they may repent from other things, they won't repent from that particular sin because they love it. And one of my teachers he said that once he was going to Hajj and one of the people in his masala he said to him, chef make dua for me that Allah azza wa jal rectifies all my sins and says that inshallah and then as he was leaving he said

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she had except for one. And he said, The chef said he was joking, but I felt that he was serious. And he said, he was commenting to me about this, he said, Do you know something that you should say, if you feel that you have a sin that you love, say Allah whom had been Elaine and Iman, was a unit of Jacobina or carry Elaine and Khufu our ser make that your daily devotional that you say all of the time. Oh, Allah make Eman Beloved to us, and beautify in our hearts and make hated for me. Goof disbelief and forsook transgression and disobedience

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