Tom Facchine – Hadith Series – #68 – There are six rights towards a fellow Muslim – 6-6

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of showing up at funeral events in which a deceased person is showing up and showing up in community. They stress that this is a rite of every Muslim community, and that it makes it easier for families to show up when it is difficult to do so.
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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that one of the things a Muslim is entitled to from another Muslim is that when a Muslim dies, the other Muslims follow his funeral or attend his funeral. This is very similar to some of the other rights that Muslims have upon one another. It has to do with showing up, showing up in those big life moments. If you reduce everything down to, you know, three, four major events in life, you're going to have one of them's going to be a death, one of them's going to be a birth, and other one's probably going to be a marriage. So in Assam, we have to show up for each other in these moments and not just your friends. This is one problem about what

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what we do today, usually, usually we just show up to the people who we know. But especially when it comes to a funeral. You should be showing up to people that you know and people that you don't know, anybody in the community that passes away. Everybody has lost somebody, you know what it's like, you know that it's hard. And

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having a bunch of people attend the funeral show up, pay their respects, that's something that in that really, really difficult time makes the family that's going through it just a little bit better. It makes them realize that people cared about the deceased, and that people care about them.

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So this is something that is a rite of every one of us, upon the others.

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