Hadith Series – #43 – Showing Off- – Be Careful – Imam

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The speaker discusses the importance of showing off one's appearance, including showing off as a black man or woman, and the need for people to be aware of their surroundings. They also mention a time in the Muslim world where people wear black clothing and try to act as a black man or woman, but the success of showing off one's appearance is hard to ignore. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to take precautions against showing off their appearance.

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Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said that the thing that he feared the most for he says you, meaning us Muslims, is what he called minor shift. Aria showing off.

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Showing off as many scholars have said, there's an entire books written about this is something that people can do with literally anything. You can show off in anything.

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You can even show off and how humble you think you are. Right humbler than now is a phrase that I've heard and it's true.

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I've met people who they try to you know,

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keep their heads down and use a very soft voice and try to act very meek but then when they're actually tested and touched with something that they care about all of a sudden their personality changes entirely.

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We can show off in anything you're fasting you can show off Oh yeah, yeah my faster yesterday and I'm so hard I'm so hungry and so tired.

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Even how we complain about work, or we complain about school for the students that can be showing off oh my god, I have so many deadlines I have so much work to do. I'm so behind I've it might be how you're really feeling but there can be an element of showing off in that. Masha Allah you're so busy and active mashallah, you have so many responsibilities.

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You can show off with literally anything, literally anything.

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Even with the your poverty, people can show off in their poverty in a different time period. We don't see that a lot now. But there was a time in the Muslim world where to wear raggedy clothes and to be dressed in a certain way. emaciated was like, Oh, this pious St. This person must be a Willie.

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You can show off in that too.

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Right? So that's why and that's why In another Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad slay Saddam compared to showing off to a black ant crawling on a black rock in the middle of a moonless night. Something that's so, so intimately close to us in our intentions. It's sometimes it's hard to even tell. But just being aware of the fact and also successes from a law and so we have to ask a lot to give us success when it comes to fighting this sort of thing of showing off. Being just aware of it should hopefully make us more conscious of it and take precautions against