Tom Facchine – Hadith Series – #10 – Haste Is From The Devil

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of taking time and effort when working with the devil, as it can lead to waste and failure. They also mention the need for caution when working with the devil, as they are more likely to cause mistakes than admit to them. The speaker uses a previous hadith from Hadith of S parahidipping, which suggests that the Prophet alayhi is not just responsible for everything, but also for his actions.
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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Elijah Lemina shaytaan, this hadith and Sunnah and ceremony. And he said, It's Hassan. And that means that haste is from the devil. And what this means is that when we do things in haste, when we don't take our time with things, we are more likely to be following the devil than we are to be in compliance with what Allah subhanaw taala wants. So what results from haste, we have this wonderful saying in English Haste makes waste, right, you tried to rush something before, you know without taking your time without giving it its due attention and the attention to detail that it requires, and it ends up not being good, it's almost as if it would have

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been better if you had not done it at all than to have done it hastily and done it poorly. And this can be for anything this can be for cooking a meal, alright. Or it could be you know, you might end up burning the food or something else, you have to throw it out. Or it could be for preparing a lesson or a football or it could be for trying to rush when it comes to correcting your brother or your sister in faith, maybe you see something and maybe you sally forth and you rush to correct them, when in reality, you should have taken a little bit more time and observed. And you would have had maybe at least a better strategy to approach them, if not have, you know, gotten some more

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information that maybe would have changed your perspective on things. And this is something that in the modern age of technology, we need to be very careful, because we're very susceptible to our attention spans have become much shorter, we're much more entitled to give our opinion about this and that. And the third, every little thing that comes along, we see somebody who puts in a lot of time and effort and is generally qualified, maybe they put they make some mistakes, or maybe they they slip up and we rush to condemn them. They're this they're that they're this they're that this is a bit premature and a bit hasty. And I used to laugh This isn't something that's particular to

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Muslims, I used to laugh when I was doing my undergrad, you know, we were always encouraged to critique, critique, critique, critique, before you read Marx, you critique Marx, and before you read Freud, you critique Freud, and kind of that was the the environment of higher education that in the places that that I was studying. And it was hasty. And so it was poorly done. You have somebody who hasn't read and hasn't put in the time, it hasn't mastered these sorts of things. They're 22 years old, they go on they party on the weekends, and then they come to class during the week. And they're, you know, writing about how oh, these major thinkers who spent their whole lives thinking

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about these certain things. Well, they got it all wrong here and here and here. That's not to say that, you know, there isn't a place for criticism. And that's not to say that some of those criticisms aren't even correct and valid, but it's the the character of everything, everything should be, it should have more time taken to it, it's more likely to be accurate, it's more likely to be done with a sense, it's more likely to be in line with what Allah subhanaw taala wants, if it is done with the requisite amount of time that it's supposed to take, and this is affirmed by another Hadith, the hadith of Szeged Abdullah case where the Prophet alayhi salatu salam praises him

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for having two qualities and those two qualities were at him Well, Anna, right and a has to do with taking your time and not rushing things. So that's kind of the opposite of this hadith that haste is from the devil.

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