Mohammed Hijab – Why it’s the Easiest Time to Believe Heaven and Hell

Mohammed Hijab
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take one step back, because I'll be honest, you know, we're dealing with doubts, and we're dealing with atheism. And we're dealing with the skeptic mind, of course, people are gonna say, well, actually, I don't believe in all this stuff sort of say, in fact, some of them they say, I remember walking home from school one time and a person who was supposedly Muslim. Yeah.

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I'm not going to reveal his name. But he came, he said to me, you know, because I used to go to the prayer rooms and these kinds of things he said to me, do you really believe in these things? This

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is and this was, by the way, this was the time when I think new Atheism was at its height, like Richard Dawkins and these guys, he looked at me, and he started laughing. He's like I said, You really believe in these things?

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I said, I was I was surprised that he had that like, mentality. But believe me, this mentality is widespread in the Muslim world, and this is widespread, obviously, in the world itself.

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What are we talking about here? The hype yet? haven't held the angels the wings, it's a 600 grins on their hand wave. Obviously, we're talking about amateur science, I'm into materialism.

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I think it was ironically, Bernard Russell, the atheist famous.

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Who said, and it might not have been him, but yeah, he might have said this might have been him. He said today's technology was is yesterday's magic.

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Let me let's just put something in perspective. First, let me make a claim. And then I want to back up, my claim is as follows.

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My claim is,

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that it's the easiest time in history to believe in the hype yet. That's my claim. And you haven't held the angels, it is the easiest time to believe in it now than any other time in history.

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Why? If I took this phone 1400 years ago, when the process Allah was around, we talked about already, we were outside, we saw the devel. We saw the mountains, we saw all this stuff. Yeah. We saw all of that. And I imagine taking away the buildings and taking away everything and taking away the electronics and the cars and the people you only got 10,000 people.

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And I somehow go into a time machine.

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And I take this phone with me, okay. And I start showing them YouTube videos of Hamza resources and this one and that one, and John Fontaine.

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And this one,

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what do you think that people are gonna think I am?

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No doubt, they'll say this guy's a magician.

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Yanni. Does anyone have a doubt about that? Imagine if I start to show them certain other technological advancements that we have today.

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Like, for example, I showed them the airplane

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I showed them telephone networking and these things.

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This is too much the internet. I'll show them the incident.

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Forget about 1500 years ago. Yeah, nearly 500 years ago, 300 years ago, people would be shocked. In fact, I mean, I'm not sure. Does anyone know how the the aeroplane was invented?

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I mean, they say the Wright brothers. Right. You know, the Wright brothers in 1907. I think it was 19. Apparently shouldn't be 1907. There's two American guys. Yes. Yeah, it's there's this there's different claimants. You see, like, for example, in Brazil, they have this very important figure who has a I would say a stronger claim. I forget his name now to who invented that the airplane. Yeah.

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Anyway, the point is this is that when it first came out, and he was trying to write it in Paris, people were accusing him of all kinds of stuff that was a 1907 or something like that. They were completely they were making a mockery of it. If you look at the newspaper articles they were making a mockery says this guy believes he can fly around the air.

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Oxford will believe it, they will. That's what they were saying.

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Now, you see why this is relevant. There's 100 years ago,

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where the woman didn't even have the vote in the country.

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It didn't until 1914. But they had the Labour Party. They had this they had that they had the conservatives. In America, they had the Democrats and the Republicans, things were in place. They had the Constitution now. And they were they were shocked and bewildered at the fact that there were airplanes. They were making fun of that, in fact,

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why? Because today's technology is yesterday's magic. Everything is incredulous to everybody.

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Until it's seen.

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What is so difficult about believing in a creature with 600 wings

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of honey, nowadays, we live in an age where these guys are showing me the neural link, something you put in someone's head, and then you can get them information from their brain. And you can load your information. They say yeah, you can load it.

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And they say you people

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the metaverse, they put the goggles and they're in some other place. But they're in a mom's backyard but actually no they're in Times Square

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what I'm saying is now with the age of technology, we should be the most capable of believing the hype Viet of any humans in any time in history. Because we've seen it been proven so many times.

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Where's the huddle Allah is where it's the logical contradiction, so long as there's no logical contradiction. There should be no problem. But you know what, even then I would say you'd be very surprised at what people believe scientists materialist atheist. We heard of the double slit experiment. For example, I'm not gonna go into details but let me on the quantum level they say one particle can be in two places at the same time.

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You know, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone when the scope I remember when he ran through the wall, people say this is impossible, but in the quantum world, this is possible. You can run through walls and you can be in two places at the same time. Okay, I'll put it in this way for you. Yeah.

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If I were to take

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a quantum physics textbook, and instead of using the terms the scientific terms I'll use religious terms

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the whole thing becomes what they would call a fairy tale

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but a fairy tale The fact of the white man with a lab coat says

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that's the profit of the day

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no one has seen this particle in two places at the same time.

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And by the way, they can't see it the quantum world is invisible.

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I just Just to let you notice

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oh look you got to believe Richard Dawkins say you believe in Buraq it goes here it goes Do you believe in wings animal donkey this whatever? Say donkey so much easier to believe that a particle one particle be in two places at the same time? Because that's a logical contradiction.

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And if you don't want to believe in those things,

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that is true, isn't it?

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It's true.

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So the hype is the easiest thing to believe in today.

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Jana, Jana MC, I don't believe in these things is my friend. But then when he goes to the scientists, and they tell him

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and evolutionary theory, that basically Yanni I'm being vague here, or I'm being crude,

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that a whale like creature became a Cadillac creature.

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Isn't the same family according to the classifications, a whale became a cow? How did it just jump on the air? No, it had to make so many transformations. Did we see those transformations? No, we didn't. But we believe because the white man was the lab coat. Sorry.

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He's colonized our minds.

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He's told us what fairy tales to believe in. He's given the level of approval. He said this is the one.

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But we don't even know this guy's history. The lab coat guy. We don't even know what he's what he's been doing.

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We don't know what collaboration is part of what pharmaceutical company, all those things that we were doing it to him of the profits. We don't do it to help these guys with what financial incentives you have. You don't think scientists have financial incentives? The pharmaceutical companies and so they are open. We want to maximize our profits.

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Eugenics, they were saying the black man is less than the white man.

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And they were using science.

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Even Charles Charles Darwin, he says that the black man has a fifth.

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He had like a thumb on his foot. He didn't even know these things. He said he's a savage.

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And then this Hitler and those guys are using eugenics programs. What I'm saying to you is this science can be misappropriated can be used can be weaponized.

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So the reason why I pre ambled because a lot of this discussion is about the hype about Allah taking the ProMaster Solem to a certain place to the Latin manga, and this place in that place, and he saw this and that, so I can't believe in any of it. I haven't seen it.

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In that case, let's reject almost all of science.

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Let's see how the materialist in a dinner table feels like when he rejects quantum mechanics

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