Hadith Series – #02 – The Most LYING Type of Speech

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The speaker discusses the importance of covering one's actions in a way that is authentic to oneself and not distracted by others. They suggest that people should focus on their actions and not try to cover themselves in a way that is off limits. The speaker also emphasizes the need to stop excuses and focus on one's actions in a way that is authentic to oneself.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and this is hadith of Abu Hurayrah, as in Sahih, Muslim men cetera Allah, Muslim and cetera who Allah who feed dunya will after whoever conceals the faults or covers literally whoever covers another believer, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah will cover him in the dunya and in the afterlife. And that shows us something that is a quality that Allah has, which I loves, for people of faith is to cover the faults of our believers. It's an indication of a diseased heart when you're trying to fault find when you're looking at other people, and you're trying to cherry pick or you're trying to form a narrative or you're trying to look at them and see well, they said

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that and that can be interpreted in this way. And they you know, they're doing this and they're talking with this people and they're right, this sort of thing. This comes under the category of lawn, this is conjecture. This is suspicion, right? Allah says, Yeah, Yoda Lena ammonoids tenable. cathedra men have been in the Battle Bunny ism. Well, let me just assume well, I'll talk about the combat bar, right? Allah azza wa jal, he says, old people believe stay away, it's tiny will stay away from much conjecture, for certainly some conjecture is sin. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that than that this sort of this blameworthy type of conjecture is the most lying

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type of speech or the most dishonest type of speech, right. And there's a fundamental sort of spiritual disease that's going on here. And that is being distracted with the faults of other people being distracted with the faults of other people to the expense of your own faults. It's very easy. And it's a big distraction that the shaytaan loves to get us busy with when we look at other people and say, You know what, this person is falling short in this way and this way, and this way, and this person was falling short and, and a lot of us are slick with it. A lot of us are slick with it, because we find ways to kind of couch what we're saying or what we're doing in quasi religious

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terms. It's like he has many good qualities, but he does this and this and this. And we act like we're, you know, scholars of Hadith reporting on like Rachel and Maria, and this is not what we're doing. We're actually backbiting people, Hey, we're actually backbiting people, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam instructed us and allies, which told us that when it came to comes the other believers, the prophesy centum said, that all of a believer is haram for another believer, right? And most of them either call it Muslim Haram is that that is a sacred is inviolable. Right. And he gave examples, what were they? Or what are some examples of that? his wealth, his blood

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loyalty, and his reputation, the reputation of your brother is off limits, it's off limits. And there was a story in a Sierra, where Abu Bakar and another companion, I believe, is Armand, but I'm not I can't quite recall at this moment, they were out and they woke up to prefetcher. And somebody else that was with them, one of the other companions, he was still sleeping, and they made a comment about them about how basically indicating that they were lazy. And then they came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and obviously a lot as well give revelation to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informing him of what they said. And he said, I see the flesh of your brother in between your

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teeth. Allah gives that example in the Quran and the same ayah that we mentioned, when he says, basically, would you like to eat the flesh of your dead brother, and when you're talking about somebody else, you're bringing up their, their, their faults, you're bringing up their flaws, you're tarnishing the reputation, even if you give all the quasi religious reasons why you're doing it, this is what you're doing. This is what you're doing. So we need to stop making excuses for ourselves and stop kind of couching it in quasi religious language or covering ourselves covering for ourselves in quasi religious language. And we need to focus on our own faults, right? You can't

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change other people. You just can't right. But the one person that you can change is yourself. And so instead of getting distracted with what other people were doing wrong, what's going on in the outside, you need to focus on the inside, what can I do? What can I change and have a reckoning with the last final data