Tom Facchine – Eid Al-Adha 2021

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © A speaker discusses the importance of trusting oneself and others to achieve success in life. The speaker emphasizes the need to be true to oneself and others to avoid loss of life and achieve success. They also mention the importance of avoiding negative consequences and staying true to oneself and others to avoid loss of life.
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When he brought and I

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stood over his son a knife in the hand and ready to obey the command of the law.

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He stood at the edge of two worlds, one of them are all of the world off the self, the world of the dunya, the world of the next and the other, the world of sacrifice, the world of

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obedience, the world of righteousness for either army,

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gives son or was his entire world, his hopes for a family, his focus or a legacy and a lineage. All of it depended on his son, he could have disobeyed Allah, He could have ignored the dreams or making some excuse and he would have walked home thinking that he had saved his lineage, thinking that he had secured his legacy. But Allah azza wa jal was asking him for trust. Allah was telling Ibrahim if

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you think you can mature after this way, you think many of you hold on to your saw, that you are guaranteed a legacy but nothing can happen without a loss will Allah azza wa jal wants to prove a point? You think if you sacrifice your son, your family is gone and your legacy is gone? And your lineage is gone? But Allah azza wa jal,

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he is able to do whatever he wants. Allah azza wa jal is the one who gets to decide even it seems like it makes no sense. How can someone save their lineage and legacy through sacrificing their son

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With the loss of trying to hold on to it as possible for either our team or they said, that was the only way Hold on second son, and Abraham

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would have been forgotten, sacrifice his son and he will be remembered a loss of trying to look at the size. Just like the father of Busan, he said, The only way for her to say was satisfied was the sentence down the river investigate. If she holds on to her silence, she loses him, he will be killed. If she lets him go, she saves him but also kind of pull us out of the sides. Just like Musa Anakin said that the only way to overthrow been around was to grow up right in his house. If he grows up somewhere else, Federalists oppression continues alive with the other side. Just like he was surprised. It's the only way to achieve the honor that he saw if his dream was to be sold as a

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slave was to go to prison. no president, no slavery, no honor. Allah azza wa jal gets to this aside, allow us to kind of decide what happens no matter how much sense it makes to you and be every single one of us times in our setup. In the Brahim situation, every single year, every single month, every single day, we have to choose, we have to choose whether we obey Allah, Allah, whether we trust him or not. Maybe we have an addiction. Every time we pick up that cigarette, every time you reach for the bottle, you stand on the edge of Two Worlds just like the money

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in your hand, you think you have one that's going to satisfy you. And Allah azza wa jal is telling you that the only way to true satisfaction is to put it down and to give it up. Maybe he had a business and he fell haram. Every time you put in your order from the vendor, you stand on the edge of two worlds, just like Ibrahim alayhi salam used by selling the harm that you are securing your livelihood, that you are getting your money and the loss of a job that's telling you that the only way to truly secure your livelihood in this life is to put it down and give it up and trust along every single one of us find ourselves in Ibrahim's place sooner or later. Every single one of us has

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a hard decision to make, but Allah azza wa jal wants you and I to know that whatever we love, and the only way to get it in my own way also kind of avoids a lot of the thing that we fear. The only way to stay away from it and avoid it is to obey the laws of California. And there is no honor and there is no dignity in disarray and a loss of power.

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Even though he might

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have a safe choice to make and eat shows obedience, because of his choice also

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can eat him for more than he could have ever imagined. Today, we celebrate Ebron means trust, we celebrate a rocky sacrifice in Rocky trial over fear. And so as we prepare ourselves to sacrifice and to celebrate, let's remember that we're not just celebrating that on the calendar, but we're celebrating our trust in along our obedience to Allah and our following in the footsteps of our author Ibrahim

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in our own lives. If you intend to sacrifice today, that remember that the animal you sacrifice has to be three conditions. First, it has to be old enough, a cow must be at least two years old and pagos must be at least one year old machine must be at least six months old. And secondly, the animal has to be healthy and it must not have a lid. It must not be sick. It must not be blind. And it must not be starving or malnourished. Also, it is better that there are no problems with its near its forms or its teeth. Third, it has to be thought during a proper time that time again with the

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eye I didn't talk about

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which is Friday evening. It is better to do it today than later. And it's better to do it three

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that day and it is better to be present that to be absent during the sacrifice. You absolutely must say this before sacrificing the apple and the budget comes for from the amount of holes you ensure that it does not suffer. The best way to ensure that this happens is to cut both veins and the windpipe, Patek esophagus all for the sacrifice should be talked with Congress people go, Well, Marcy well,

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you should sharpen the blade to ensure the animal does not suffer. You should prevent the living animals from seeing the animals and you should make your coffee with strength and speed so that the desk is paperless. 1/3 of the meat should be given to the floor overall, and also should be given away for free

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and the third should be comfortable yourself. The courtroom should not be paid from

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from your own

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