Reflections from my hospital bed – Hadith 2 of the greatest blessings – Abdur Raheem McCarthy

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The speaker discusses the importance of health and free time in preparing for the future. They emphasize the need to take advantage of blessings like health and free time to better oneself and prepare for the future. The speaker emphasizes the importance of thinking about these positive experiences to improve one's health and free time.

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Salam Alaikum Actonel. As I'm laying here, my hospital bed, I was reflecting on this amazing Hadith. And this hadith teaches us that sometimes the greatest blessings that we have there right in front of us, but we don't realize them, we don't realize how great of a blessing they are until they're gone. And as in the Hadith that was narrated in Sahadi, that our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, net montagny mobile nofima Cathedral minuteness that there's two nightmares, two blessings that many people incur loss, their loss when it comes to these blessings they they lose out on them. What are they essential to what ferok Good health and free time? And why are these two

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so important? And why are these such great blessings, because with our good health, and with our free time, we're able to accomplish so much in bettering ourselves in this life, and also in preparing ourselves for the hereafter. Therefore, if you have good health, and you have free time, take advantage of them now before they're gone, and prepare your answer now, your answer to what you're going to say to a lawyer won't gamma on what you did with the good health and the free time that he gave you because law is going to ask us about those things. What did you do with the health you healthy? Hamdulillah? What did you do with it? You had a lot of free time, what did you do? Were

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you bettering yourself becoming better, to better yourself to better this home and this life. Were you taking the time to worship me and to be thankful and to prepare yourself for the hereafter, or you will for no sitting around wasting your time and one of the main objectives of this hadith is for us to sit there and to think that Subhanallah these are two of the greatest blessings as the promises that I was mentioning, and I have them so what am I going to do with them and how can I take advantage of them to better myself?