Don’t Hold Grudges, Seek Forgiveness and Make Amends

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Friday Khutbah

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In Alhamdulillah

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Nakamoto, who want to serene who want to stop federal, whenever we let him in Shruti and fusina woman's a year Dr. Molina Maria de la Hofer la movie Lella when we will do it who fell in her DLL? Why should you Allah Ilaha illa Allah was she I don't know Mohammed Abdullah he was really who am I bad for all SQL more a year Joby taco Allah here Zoa jelly, for in the Hosea Adolphe dunya and okra.

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Our Praises do to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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I praise him, I thank him. And I seek refuge in Allah who will visit he will JLL from the evils of myself

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and ourselves.

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There are two different types of relationships that Allah accepts of you expects of you.

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There are relationships that Allah has placed upon us to uphold between ourselves and everybody around us, the human beings, the people in the world, the animals, every aspect of the creation of Allah azza wa jal, Allah wants us to be people who are able to relate to his creation in different ways, our brothers or sisters or parents, our children, every one of us has various relationships that we juggle all the time. And Allah wants you to upkeep all of these relationships. So that's one aspect of your relationships. And then there are relationships that you have. And then there's one relationship that you have that's what the divine that's what Allah who is a theologian

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and that relationship that you have with Allah. Allah has made that a lot easier than your relationships with the people. How so? Because Allah is the ever forgiving Allah is the most kind and that's why they say that the heck of Allah the cupola, Medina tuna, halal Musa Maha all of the rights of Allah azza wa jal when it comes to your obedience of him, are based upon His forgiveness of you. So when you go wrong when it comes to Allah azza wa jal, Allah will be ever forgiving. Yes, Allah subhanaw taala may hold you to account as well. If he sees that you're not regretful of what you've done, but if you're regretful and you're remorseful and you felt bad and guilty inside, Allah

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is the ever forgiving and he will forgive and those things can be forgiven and let go. Especially when you see pardon. Allah forgives.

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We're in need of a thorough lemon tab. I am ever forgiving for those people who end up making delta. So when people make dua to Allah, they repent to Allah, they returned back to Allah, Allah accepts that repentance. So that's your relationship with Allah. But when it comes to your relationships with the creation of Allah, then these are different relationships. They haven't been created on forgiveness. They haven't been founded on forgiveness. They haven't been based on forgiveness. Well, who Oh, could be bad Magne yet on hallelujah ha. As for the rights of the creation of Allah, they've been created upon every single person seeking that right? Every person has, every individual has the

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right to be able to seek out it right, his rights whenever he's violated. And that's why Allah says in the Quran, whoever seeks retribution, that they'll will meet him after he has been oppressed.

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Those people that would have a gamma Allah human service, there are people that you can't go and tell them that what are you doing? Why are you seeking out your rights they've been oppressed. The oppressor is the one that you need to be speaking to the oppressor is the one that needs to be addressed that next time, you have to be a better person and a better version of yourself and not oppress and violate people. But you don't go to the person who's seeking out his rights and tell him why are you seeking out your rights? Let it go? Let it be forgiven, forget, no, he has the right.

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If he's a better manual forgive, but is he violating? Is he wrongdoing? Is he doing something wrong by seeking out his rights? No. And that's why Allah's Prophet told us in a hadith that led to additional trouble, all of you will have to give up you the rights that you have violated on the Day of Judgment. without exceptions, people when they violate the rights of other people, they're going to have to, they're going to have to pay for those rights on the day of judgment if they haven't already sought that part and out in this world. So you have two relationships. You have your relationships with the people, and then you have your relationship with Allah azza wa jal. I'm not

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telling you to take your relationship with Allah lightly. That's not what I'm asking of you. You have to maintain that relationship and you have to understand that that's the one relationship that will continue and it will lead to your salvation, but there will be hindrances in the form of your violation of other people's rights.

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and other people, the responsibilities that you have towards other people. So look to those, correct those, uphold those but if someone has violated you, then forgive them forgive. You don't have to but forgive that will make you the better person that will make you a recipient of Jannah that will make you the person about which the prophets of Allah who it was said Lim said in a hadith which is authenticated by a number of scholars, a man walked into the gathering, or before he walked in the prophets, I said Lim said yellow Allah or LA como, Erna Raja, mineral Jana, a man will come upon you. And he's going to be from the people of Ghana.

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So people were reading, Who's this man that's going to come into this gathering, and he will be from the people of Ghana. So what man walked in, and everybody realized this is the man from Ghana. This is the man who will be entered into Jana.

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So then, the next day, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said the same thing. He said, now a man will come to you, and he will be from the people of Ghana. And again, they were bewildered, and they thought, Who is this man, who the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is promising jedna to. And the third day, the Prophet said yet again, that now a man from Jana will be coming. And he came all three days, the same man. So they realize the Sahaba that this is, that very man the prophet is referring to, it couldn't have been a mistake. In three days in the row, it's the same person again, and again, they identified clearly that this person will be from the people of Ghana.

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So one of the sahabi, one of the Sahaba, as a hobby by the name of Abdullah, have an admirable house, he got up. After the Prophet SAW, Selim got up. And as the man was also walking home, he walked up to that man, and he said, I got into an argument with my father, and he had actually gotten into an argument with his father. And he said, what I'm looking for is if you can give me some time to sleep with you, in your house, like, stay over for a few days. So he said, Okay,

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no problem, you don't have a place to say you can come over my house is open.

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He didn't know. And that's another beautiful quality like hospitality. Sometimes we're just like, so paranoid about people. We don't want to trust human beings, those who have traveled and lived a nomadic lifestyle, you will begin to realize that most human beings are good people, and you're able to trust them within certain capacity. So they used to trust people in this way in that society because they were a nomadic people, they will be traveling from place to place 10 to 10, TP to TP, that's how they will be doing it. So

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he did it. He went to his house

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and stayed the night. And he observed them the first night. The first night, he noticed there's nothing there. Nothing special about this man. He's not waking up in the night for prayer. He's not doing anything more than everybody else except for one small thing that maybe he doesn't do and other people don't do but this man is doing and that is that every time he wakes up in the middle of the night, he remembers Allah subhanaw taala just a little bit Subhan Allah hamdu lillah Allahu Akbar that's it. Then

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the next night came same thing the man he did nothing you didn't pray. The third night came in by this time, Abdullah said now I began to feel I get began to feel that maybe just maybe I am actually better than this human being. Because he said he's not even praying at night. Remember, I'm alive and I'm gonna ask is that the hobby who wanted to have a prescription from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to read the Quran on a daily basis completely which is possible, but the prophets of salaam told them don't do it in less than three days. So this is a very zealous man. This is a man who used to write down the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam the Sahaba they felt

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like why are you writing down the Hadith The only thing that should be written down is the Quran. So you went to the Prophet he said the Sahaba are telling me the others are Abba don't write down the Hadith the Prophet told them OIC took for a living enough's enough to Muhammad in bat. Woman who if you happen, right for what for the by the person who in whose hands is my soul, nothing comes out of this mouth except for the truth. So this is Abdullah have not been with us. He's a scribe of the washing he's a memorizer of the Quran. He is a he is a person about whom Abu Hurayrah said that there was not a single Sahabi who knew more Hadith than me, except for Abdullah I used to memorize

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used to write.

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So he said,

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This is not as much as I thought. So then he went to the man and he confronted him. He said, You know what, three days in the row, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told them that you will be a man from Jana, and you came to us and we recognize you the first day and the second day and third day. So what's going on what is so special

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So about you that led you to Jana and the Prime Minister Jana and none of us got that same promise.

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So he said Maha Allah Mara, it, it's exactly what you saw. You lived with me for three days. This is exactly what I usually do. It's there's nothing different about what I'm doing in other days while you're not here. And then Abdullah began to walk away. And as he is walking away,

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he said, Come over here, now who are in Mara eight.

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He said, It's exactly as you saw, except for the fact that I leave no ill feelings within my heart for a Muslim.

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I pardon I forget, I do not have jealousy. I don't look down upon people. I don't have disdain for people. I have no ill feelings in my heart for anybody. And that is what led him to gender. So Abdullah said, This is what led you to agenda and this is the one we're not capable of.

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When you forgive people,

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you will be a recipient of Jana let things go. They hurt you. They hurt nobody else. When you hold grudges, you're hurting yourself. You're painting yourself, you're making your own life difficult. what's expected of you is to befriend people, even in the wake of challenges. Learn to become a person who is able to win friends, that's how you're going to change the world.

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And that's why Allah subhanaw taala says infallibility here isn't a savior, that either levy Bay in a cab or Boehner who had gotten a hold on me, that Take That evil auction of theirs and treat it with goodness. And when you do that, you'll become a close friend. This requires a lot of skill that you take a staunch enemy and take them from that station of being a staunch enemy to a very close ally, and a very close friend. This is what the Prophet was capable of. Look at thermometric neutron when he came to the prophets, I said, Let me hated the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. He literally said that by Allah there was not a single face on the face of this earth which was more despicable

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in my eyes than the face of Muhammad and today it has become the most beloved of faces to me.

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This is what the Prophet was capable of. And all that happened was the Prophet SAW. Selim, kept him in the masjid of Muhammad in the back. And he gave him few food for a few days and He treated Him and He imprisoned him in his imprisonment.

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In his in Carson region, He that is the moment where he began to love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Why because the Prophet would come from his own house and bring food which leader in the world does such a thing. He doesn't want to imprison this man. But the person was acting as a spy outside of Medina, the prophet had no choice but he still humanized this human being and treated him well. Three days later, he also accepted Islam and he said, a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah will actually do unethical Rasulullah. Why? Because how the Prophet treated him how the Prophet treated everybody in the masjid, how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam dealt with people, the

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humbleness, the humility that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has, there is so much power and strength and being able to win people over don't make enemies, make allies that will strengthen you that will empower you, and that will give you more as well. And we know in the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, that the Prophet said, that woman, the law would have done better if when Allah is sometimes we're under the notion that if we forgive people, and we forget, we will come out as people who are weaker, and we will appear as the weaker one in the equation. But by forgiving people, you don't ask you don't become weaker, you become stronger. And that's exactly what the

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Prophet said that Allah will never increase a person, by His forgiveness of other people accepted Might and Glory. by forgiving people, you become a better person, a greater person, people begin to recognize you. People know that you're a person that they can rely on that no matter what happens, you will still be there for them. relationships become emboldened and strengthened, because they know that they're not going to be severed at any crossroads. People understand that. People recognize that.

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And my brother, one of the things you need to do, in order for you to strengthen your relationships is to upkeep and uphold those relationships that's actually required of you. Sometimes we have a fallout in a relationship and what happens you don't end up calling the person for many days I don't have to call him and know. The Prophet said for her Euro Huma Alevi Yep, the OB Sarah, the best of the two who got into a fight, or though is the one who starts the salam send the message. You've got text messages, you got into a fight, no problem, okay? It happens. People get into problems social. You know, people happen to have social problems all of us have that if you got into a problem.

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Let someone send us an arm before the three days finished because that's the limit that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had placed notice how the Prophet is, on the one hand, he's saying Zulu Hibben does that happen? Go visit people irregularly, and you will become more beloved to them. And on the other hand, he's saying, don't, don't ever migrate away from your friend, don't ever desert your friend that you get into a problem with your brother over three days. So he's saying that you have to have some degree of balance in your relationships don't go in too strong, but don't pull out too strong as well. When you get into a problem, you're going to have to tell the person I got into

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a problem with you. But we're still friends, we're okay things are fine. But when you're going in as well, don't go in too strong. Give people their space. They need their time, maybe someone that you're consistently, you know, talking to and chatting with or calling or seeing at the masjid. They feel too shy to tell you brother I need some time off. Now. I've got some work to do. I have things in my life. So the prophets I said Lim has this fine balance. I ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to guide us to this prophetic balance, or something Allahu Allah say he the NAM Hamedan. Early, he was so heavy hamdulillah hamdu Lillahi wa,

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or SallAllahu ala Milena via

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one of the ways that you can work towards developing your relationships and maintaining those relationships is that you read the actions of people in a beautiful way. Oftentimes, the greatest problem in relationship is that there is no problem. It's all an imagined problem.

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The greatest problem at times within relationships is that people perceive a problem that doesn't even exist. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said a Yakumo Vaughn for in one equitable Hadith. He said that stay away from having evil thoughts, taking a situation and translating in the worst possible way stay away from that, because you have a situation it can be explained in multiple different ways. Look for the best possibility why go for the worst every single time?

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That shaytaan trying to as Allah literally says that he wants to place a ladder or whatever Baba. He wants to cause the Dawa. He wants to cause the hatred and the animosity between you Allah wants you to become close. Allah wants you to have relationships. Allah wants you to have brotherhood. Allah wants you to be tied. Allah wants you to be there for one another che THON wants to sever all of that. So that shaytaan telling you that oh, hey, he looked at you in this way. Maybe he was just scratching his eyes. Maybe he was looking at someone else. Maybe he was in deep thought. Why are you reading so deep into the actions of people, you don't have to you don't need to you're not allowed

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to the Prophet told you not to he yaku oven stop thinking too deep. You're causing yourself trauma, you're causing yourself problems, you're affecting your own mental health. This is causing no one damage except for yourself and society because your relationships are going to begin to get suffer a lot about. And because when you do that, and literally this is right after in the Hadith of the prophets, I said Lim said don't.

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He said don't have evil thoughts. And then right after that the prophets of salaam said while at the hustle will utter justice.

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And don't go seeking out and checking how people acted and why they did it. Sometimes people look too deep and then they start spying and and confirming and verified. You don't have the task. You have not been tasked by Allah azza wa jal to do this. You don't need to verify if that's what he intended, or she intended, you don't need to confirm if this was the motivation behind the way they looked at you or what they said to you. That's not a responsibility that Allah has given you. In fact, the Prophet said, Why not the hustlers, who, while Arthur justice who don't follow up on such things, they are things that are meager, you're a greater human being if you have great motives

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within life, if you have great goals within life, you're not going to be looking and stopping it, how everybody winked, or how everybody looked. Does shouldn't matter to you. If you have goals in your life, then none of this should matter. And that's why what I want you to do is develop a purpose for yourself in life. The more purposeful your life is, the less you will follow up with these little meager things that don't really cost anything except for the relationships that you have with good people around you. Because shaytaan is trying to consistently sever them. And the Prophet continued, he said what not to have said do a lot about how to don't spew your hatred as

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well. Verbally don't spew that hatred in your actions. Don't act hatefully with people and don't break people's backs and stuff.

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up people in the backs when after double all of these things that are considered vices in modern society, the prophet is speaking of all of them don't stab people in the back. Don't steal hatred, don't act in jealousy don't act envious. These are the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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and what does he want you to do at the end of that the prophets of Allah who it was said let me set what qu a bad Allah He wanna

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become the slaves of Allah. As brothers, Allah has created you as believers as brothers. Allah subhanaw taala he says in the Quran in Malmo, Mina Horton

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in naman, Mina, Aqua believers are blood brothers. Oftentimes when we're talking about the brotherhood between a brother and other we say one but the Allah doesn't say one he says equa because the lexicographers they explain that the difference between a hula and one is ICWA are brothers who are literally blood brothers. So what Allah is trying to say that the tie that you have in faith, it is even stronger, at least as strong as the tie that you have because of your biological relationships. Allah wants you to be related with one another through faith just as strongly as people are related to one another through blood. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us

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the Tofik to understand and grant us brotherhood and grant us the ability to not sever ties and not tailorbear Because the prophets Allah Allahu Allah said let me save lives who will Jana Takata that my brother is This is no joke. When you take a tale and bring it to another person you think it's just words you're saying the Prophet said in an authentic hadith in Behati that the person who's an imam or a cadet a tail beer he will not enter Jannah I ask Allah to grant us Jana Allahu Medina fumine Headache. Allahu Medina Freeman her date. Why Athena female our fate whatever learner fi mentor late while the recliner female bite working hours to defend national Rama Cadet Subhana

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Kotoko the lake in whole area the lumen wallet while resuming her date. Dr. Rob burner. Late furler Cal Hamdulillah COVID Yeah Allah fella can hamdulillah mcedit Robina Tina for dunya hacer una or Phil karate Hasina Latina Agha now what are the hidden agenda Tim? Brown? Yeah, as is we have a follow up in salata. insalata dinner and infectious evil monk girl, whether they could Allahu Akbar Allahu Yeah, no matter scenario