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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of social media on teenagers, stating that they will deteriorate and become a worse person if they don't work. They also mention the importance of investing in sports and property, as well as the potential loss of state for afterlife if they don't work hard.
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One of the main points of solo to teen is that people, it's similar to sort of answer and that people are going to deteriorate, right? It's like an entropic

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model of human behavior or human virtue, except for the people who actually put work in people who put that input energy in who try to be righteous. If you let it go, if you don't do any work, you're not going to stay the same. Because you're not alone. The devil is there too, right? And so you're going to actually descend, you're going to deteriorate, you're going to become a worse person, you're going to be less and less moral over time. So it actually requires activation energy, it requires you to constantly invest, right? It's almost like inflation, with your investments, right? Let's say you have $5,000 in the bank, okay? You don't put anything in, you don't take anything out

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what's going to happen in 20 years, your $5,000 due to inflation is going to be worth a lot less. Right in 1970. You could have bought, like, you know, the best sportscar you know, with $5,000. Now, what can you buy? If that $5,000 You can barely afford rent for a year, right? So that's exactly what we're talking about. You actually have to keep on putting in you have to keep on deposit and you have to keep on working. If you don't, you're gonna lose out, you're going to descend down to be this person who, you know, maybe you have a couple of sorts of things that you're you know, you're on autopilot or you're coasting from your inheritance of morality and virtues and things like that,

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but you're not going to get any better and what sort of state are you going to be in the afterlife if you don't try to be any better?