Ayah Series #28 – Surah Al-Qadr

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One of the things that Allah mentions and sorrows of color is the angels, right? He talks about Laila to the Father right? This night of power, the Night of Decree whatever we want to translate it as how it's better you know, it's it's the best night of the year, so many rewards all these things that everybody knows that we talk about every Ramadan. But one of the things that is interesting about sorts of colors that Allah azza wa jal mentions the angels, and that the angels are the ones that carry out Allah's Will when it comes to many sorts of things. And there's an important theological point here is that this doesn't mean that the angels first of all have any independent

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authority, right? So that, that doesn't mean that the angels are eligible for us to call to or pray to, or do anything, because they don't have any will have their own way if I don't have that metal, right. And then they do what they're told to do. They don't have the ability to disobey. And so this is an important point with Tao hate, because just because Allah subhanaw taala accomplishes some things in the creation through the angels. First of all, it doesn't imply a need or a necessity from Allah subhanaw taala. If Allah subhanaw taala wanted to he didn't have to make it happen with angels, but whatever, for whatever reason, out of his wisdom, he wanted some things to be done

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through or by the angels, right? Just like when Allah azza wa jal revealed the Quran to the Prophet Allah He set out to sit down most of the time was done through the angel Jibreel but sometimes it was done in a different way especially when it comes to you know, for example, you know, the the night journey and the ascension you know, through the seven heavens and Allah azza wa jal speaking directly to the Prophet Muhammad Ali. So that's right, if you wanted to, if Allah wanted to, he could have given the Koran just like that to the prophet of a so that's but through his wisdom, for whatever reason, he chose to go through angels so the first thing is that just because Allah Spano

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Tata uses angels or commands angels to carry out certain tasks, it doesn't imply that Allah azza wa jal can't do it by himself. Right? And the second thing that an employee it doesn't imply it doesn't imply that these angels have any sort of power or authority such that we would call upon them or ask them to do or pray to them or that they have any sort of share in His divinity. All the Divinity belongs to Allah Spano Tata, and the angels are just creations just like us.