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Continuing in our journey of looking at sources that specifically are named after certain prophets that are mentioned inside the Quran

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that we mentioned certain teachings of these prophets that many of us are familiar with these teachings. We have knowledge about the teachings or knowledge about the belief. But a key thing that we're trying to focus upon is that which we could be possibly negligent about now in our lives in the application, these teachings

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are defined the concept of sober and then giving Dawa and the challenges that they face it faced as Allah mentioned, was we're gonna Sabra asmita Russell, be patient like those individuals, or will ask me Mina Russell, those strong resolute individuals amongst the messengers, who remain patient. And you mentioned the ocular Azmi five individuals of five prophets that we find, beginning with new Halley's salaam, and then Musa and Abraham and then our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu selama known as Ahlul asmita Rasul, the five strong resolute committed prophets. And he mentioned that many of us are familiar with these stories, but the sub the element of patience inside our lives, the element

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of forbearance, overlooking pardoning and likewise in today's Surah, the main theme is wisdom. Many of us we have mass amount of knowledge, but we don't have its application. Because many of us we live in a in a book world of things that we read and we try to just black and white in as you mentioned, abrupt manner. Try to enforce people try to teach people and we lacked the key element message of the messengers, even specifically the Prophet and some of you if you read about those ideas inside the Quran, which give him these urbosa of these four traits or characteristics are given to him when you are live will Kitab I will hikma he teaches them the Book and wisdom loosely

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many early much translate heck my hair as Imam Shafi mentioned his sunnah, and that's what song was we just literally just take that, but there's a deeper meaning of what your ultimate will. Kitab I will hikma the deeper meaning of wisdom is that when some early man said that I'd hate my hula Amel. The real meaning of Hickman is action is that which you learn of the sooner that you learn about believe you, you apply that inside your life and you have a deep profound understanding. And hikma what O'Shea Finmeccanica, he, wisdom is interpreted is placing every single thing in its right place. Meaning you know when to speak, when not to speak when when to say something, when to do

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something that's what wisdom is. That's why a bull who will access by all means the opposite element describe a will what to say if you hate him attorney he or press you to play something in its incorrect place. That's why when you're supposed to be worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. And you don't worship Allah you are taking a bad away from it belongs to Allah to other than Allah. That's the inside is sort of mentioned in the Shipka the full moon Azim that indeed the greatest oppression that a person does, is to commit shoot with Allah Subhana Allah is the greatest sin, the total, absolute sin. That's what boom is that you're taking away a bird that belongs and Ibadah delay

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subhanaw taala you don't give it to Allah's Prophet, you begin to give it to whatever it may be statues, idols, whatever it may be, that people worship, besides Allah subhanaw taala and as we find this concept of wisdom, understanding of what Islam is, and how to apply that, in the living world that we live in, we're living in the 21st century in this environment.

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And we still try to enforce certain things that we don't understand, we feel this is the right way to force things. As you mentioned, this a lack of fit 15 Because fick 15 is the ultimate science of knowledge. Even our best was given to German and Quran that the title of being told your manual Quran, Allah Martha killfeed 15 Why limit we'll give him fick 15 understanding of the into meaning to apply that's what 50 is when you study or pseudo fake and fake what is it? It's the application of Islam, how to apply Islam, how to teach people Islam and Allah's how the mentioned util Hekmati, Manisha minute till Hickmott advocate oto Hieron que sera stranger is the at the end of sutra

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Baqarah 286 Yet, Medina and Surah primarily speaking about rules and regulations coming to the end of the surah. Allah mentions this Subhan Allah Allah will make that Hickmott advocate oto Hieron cathedra whoever is given wisdom as we give him much goodness, where are you at the Kuru Illa Allah Al Al Bab and the only people paying heed to remember this are all Al Bab men of intellect rational understanding application. So over the whole Surah 280 Odd I have gone by is all cam. Then Allah mentioned the crux of the issue is that these laws and regulations, how do you apply them?

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How do you develop means that society is not as just some of us we just see that just as we meant

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Just to say this is how it should be. That's a no everyone is placed in a position to be accorded to be a judge or to judge amongst people or to be an imam or to be a leader. Not to undermine anybody's aspiration that they have. But that's what sometimes we just jump to that goal.

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Half Baked individuals have jumped to the final goal and then we think we have the right to endorse

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and it's a lack of reading and understanding. You know, we champion around certain causes and certain individual read about shakes up your Tamia. Rama Talalay really, really ruffled Milan and I met it Adam read his works about removing the blame from the noble scholars. And remember, there's going to be elements that sometimes you may not see certain things eye to eye with other individuals. That's what the Sharia is, there's certain things they are tolerant towards, you have to accept them. Because we just been taught with one methodology one way one concept, we were so full of ourselves that I must be right. And he sort of speaks about arrogance, the application

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knowledge, it doesn't lead to arrogance, it leads to humbling oneself, read shallowly, Olivella, his book and Insaaf vs. Babel, the law of justice and understanding enough to exist inside our society, how we should understand certain things that will live inside the environment that we live in. And as we find that Allah's character gives his hikma, his wisdom, not just to the prophets,

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He gives it to other individuals is granted wisdom is granted as a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that he granted to look man who has been given his title, Look, man, and Hakeem, Look, man, the wise individual, and the majority are limited proceed. And that's simply because he mentioned that he wasn't a prophet McCann and a billion. He wasn't a prophet, but he was a wise individual.

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Because of his application, and even his application, by the way, because he mentioned can accordion Fiza many dealt with and it's um, he was a judge. So it wasn't just any individual. He was a judge at the time of dogwood Elisa, somebody collected all of these narrations of wisdom that he narrated, narrated to the people. It because he also mentioned that can have a shaman or us well done, that he was a black individual 10 of consideran. And the reason why somebody remember they mentioned is to highlight that knowledge isn't codified with certain people, or certain colors or certain places or certain countries that we try to codify it. Knowledge is vast. It's vast that we try to code I said,

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only certain people can understand Islam.

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Even no disrespect to the Arab world. Look how many Roma great Redeemer they existed who are non Arabs, they were non Arabs, they existed there because the deen isn't based upon certain cliche of people and types of people. The deen is fast, faster than further than that than we could ever comprehend. And so Allah can grant wisdom to whomever he wants to any place, any location, wherever he wants. You can't choose and select that wisdom should lie here or lie there. Whoever is sincere towards Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will grant them the wisdom, that's a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala a blessing understanding source and as you want to end primarily inside the surah the whole

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theme is revolving around wisdom, primarily about belief Tawheed in Allah subhanaw taala and the application of that Tawheed inside our lives, that's what he saw, right is revolving around. That's why when Allah begins this sort of speaking about the sort of that we find, we find for inferences inside this sort of speaking about wisdom that's rarely mastered. The Holy Spirit is just wisdom, wherever the title is sought out, because I had no other Name except for Surah Luqman, the 31st Chapter of Quran Merkin Surah, 34, verses the Holy Spirit's name. That's the beginning of look, man. And Hakeem, that's the first reference to wisdom that hey Allah mention that this is the Wise Book.

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So this is the second content of wisdom that Allah mentioned. Again, what will as evil Hakeem there is will the Mighty, the own wise in the law, as even Hakeem later on in Saudi Surah So for reference to the concept of wisdom, and we should ponder and reflect upon this, because many of us we just have a tertiary reading of the Quran, we can't see the inner dynamics of the Quran. That's what really map of the phocoena mansion and the Buddha to surah the beginning sort of points out to what the rest of the suitor will discuss. That's a general rule of the Quran, the beginning sort out the beginning first is to is giving you an introduction to what the rest of the theme or the main theme

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the suit is going to be. So hey, Allah mentioned earlier to Kitab al Hakim, sort of this book is wise and the the, the the theme of this show is going to be wisdom. How to develop wisdom inside your life. And Allah is not only in fourth place or wherever he speaks about the Quran has specifically mentioned about this book is a wise book, that is wisdom inside this book, the book of the speech of Allah subhanaw taala. And we find that the beginning of the surah is very similar to sort of Bukhara by Allah mentioned, this is who done Ramadan live Masini but this time Allah mentioned this, this book is guidance

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at the mercy for the most in in the doers of good when the beginning mentioned this is guidance for ultimate pain. So Allah has increased who done Rama? It is guidance and mercy. The inside is teaching this akhdam rules and regulations Allah has mercy for the believing individuals. As we mentioned, we can't plug every single eye and speak about it in the time span that we have by looking at certain key ideas inside the surah Allah begins by speaking what made a nasty man yesterday Allah will Hadith Helio Delia and Sabine Allah. There's some people who speak purchase vulgar speech in Greek speech, Leo builder and Sabine Allah to take people away from the path of

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loss craft and behavior element. Well, you're lucky the hula hula aka Loma addabbo, when and you take this this statement is as play and just them and just wasting time.

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Now had one core element of diversity that earlier mentioned that the core element Muhammad Hadith in the lateral hadith is far more growth a far more greater meaning. But one of the core meanings of lateral hadith is rarely described is lack of the Hadith as going back to Abdullah bin Massoud Is it three times Wallahi. Who Allah Hina that it is singing and what is related to singing, as I said his musical instruments is should be laced Subhana to Allah. That's what lateral hadith is. So one common interpretations I've worked with the Proceed when people ask this question where in the Quran didn't say that music is haram?

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That people asked his question, Where does it say because many of us don't know the language of the Quran.

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We want to learn key words that exists in our society. The Quran has a deep language Wamena Nursey made yesterday la will Hadith yesterday normally said the Quran Allah says Muhammad Yunus is always blaming them. That's a common theme inside the Quran. Then when it's when Allah says yesterday, no means praising people inside the Quran. That's the dynamics of the Quran. But this occasion yesterday, Allah is not praising these people. Allah is defaming these people and yesterday in an easy simple what is buying and selling? So you can judge the scenario in your own mind while being a nursing major study law? Well, Hadith they buy and they purchase for speech. So we take the literal

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meaning. What do people do with music? All these music platforms that we find that people register with the list of music, you know, just recently, they say that 21 and a half hours in a week is what an average person spends listening to music 21.5 hours they spend listening to music, while being a nurse he made yesterday law Well, Hadith. And Abdullah mustard mentioned that a only sprouts hypocrisy. You can't have two things inside the heart and the mind of a believer. You can't have Kalam Allah, you can't have the speech of Allah and the speech or shape on one will, young liberal answer one will overcome the other eventually, and especially to the music around so you find let's

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not hide away when people say when certain forms of music, they give you peace, tranquility, rest, and whatever it may be most of the music nominee is filled.

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You know in a in a snippet of research we have to do as Imams, you just don't know that if this is what people are watching and listening to. That's why we're in a bad state.

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That's why we're in a really bad state that these videos are these wordings that was going around it. And it's got nothing to do with whether a person is a good person or bad person. It's common practice

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is common practice that people are engaged inside and it corrupts the heart and the mind. The wording the speech, law will Hadith vulgar speech, corrupt speech, evil speech. So all these this drill music, gangsta rap, whatever it may be rap, hip hop, whatever you want to call it, what is the speech? What are they saying? What are they praising? What are they glorifying? What are they doing? And then we say why the youth in this state because if you listen to a day in and day out, it drills into your mind drills into your blood, your soul everything becomes part of your life.

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And that's what Allah Spanner says certain key words inside the Quran, we have understand that understand the person understand will never understand them will always make excuses. There's so many that remastered these I'll speak about another rebel Harris. This individually heard revelation and people coming to the Prophet Isaac just like in today's world.

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He said, You know, we don't want people to listen to this Quran

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for Jabil Mohan yet he came with dancing girls

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came with double K with musical instruments and wine.

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Look at that scenario and see the world around us today. Let the girls dance. Let them pour the wine. Let them drink. Let the music play Leo Dylan, NASA and Sybilla to take people away from the path of Allah to derail people, they spend money. It's an industry they spend money to do it. And Allah mentions that so to know in Alladhina you have Bula Anta she and he

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To fill Adina Manu Nomada Elliman dunya will ask you also to note is that in a surah of of beauty

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of goodness of purity you know Allah places is inside the Quran for a reason many of us don't understand it places that sort know so to know the sort of newer of life the 24th chapter the Quran in Alladhina you have Munna and tissue and fascia, those who love to spread vise, love to spread vise. And you can think in your own mind, the voice has been spread inside our society, they love it, they fluent about it, they boast about it. And if someone says something, well this person might be like this, this person like that, this the reality

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there is intentionally spread vise inside society. They want people to do these things. They want people to come towards these things. When I speak about a person has their own weakness, whatever that weakness may be, possibly even listen to music, take drugs, drink alcohol yesterday commit adultery, commit fornication, had a Shatner, who does his personal affair. May Allah rectify all of our faith we are all pairs to sin the only Allah knows and Allah conceals them. My head the Quran says in the medina you have Buddha and the sheep and fascia. Those who love to spread vise who want to bring it out in society want to encourage this inside society. No mother, Boone Elliman fit dunya

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will ask Sarah for them will be a severe punishment inside this world and inside an Astra for them. If we look at some of these non Muslims look at the way they die, read about their lives. Short dead, drunk, intoxicated, taken drugs, whatever it may be, that's how many of them they died. So not Allah that's the Sunnah of Allah upon this earth. That the way that you live is the way that you're ultimately gonna be taken by Allah Subhan just like the opposite inside it sort of speaks about what mattered enough Suma that xe bukata or method Venus will be a winter mood that no soul knows which land is going to die in is the end of the surah that I mentioned. Also Allah Subhana Allah mentioned

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after then speaking about that we had to play tuna what lamb was stuck barren. Tell them Yes, Mara can Nephi work raw. When the iron recited to these individuals, as if they never heard these ayat,

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just walk away and as it is molten lead, Brass has been placed inside the eighth, they just abruptly turn away. They don't want to listen to the Quran.

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People some people don't want to listen to the Quran.

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Humans Muslim, they don't want to listen to the Quran. Or they say, Oh, don't pay the Quran. Or don't listen to the Quran or listen to a reminder, it's just too heavy is too is too difficult. It makes me want to do action. That's the whole intent of the Quran.

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That's the whole intent of the reminder is to awaken you. That's what some people try to avoid. That's what that's why you find one the biggest problem that you mentioned inside of society is that we don't speak the language of the people. It's just a formality. 1000s will flock to Joomla every single Joomla walk in walk out not to sound rude but just cheap in our in our Clopton Yes, brother, our Joomla does it what what did you learn? What do you benefit? What's the change? The prime goal of the Quran is a book of spirituality. It's a book of change. The Friday sermon is a reminder for all of us, to help us to make that change, encourage that change, to give up these vices and the

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sins that's what we find that some people it moves to try to justify music, you know, Muslim boy bands, whatever it may be.

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How's that important inside our lives? Are it's a substitute. It's a it's a bad deal. It's there is no substitute to the speech of Allah. There is no substitute. Look at the Quran, Chu, who had the most advanced poetry inside their life. They had all this environment all this that we see in the world was there at that time. What drove them? What drove them to Islam was the Quran. Why Innaloo Halawa Quran at its sweetness, it moves people.

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So even if all of us we sin, just listen to listen to the Quran. Ponder over the Quran. Because one day will break the shackles. It will break the soul it will break the mind and make the soul bow down. When your soul inside your body bows down to Allah, the rest of your body will bow down.

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It's the soul that we need to break within ourselves. The only thing that will break that so just thought we need food and drink inside of us. It's the Quran the words of Allah, it creates the inside the soul of every single human being every single body. Look how many even non Muslims just had the recited the Quran, it makes them weep.

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You notice us millions of us if somebody is listening to the Quran and weeping, why they don't even understand the language. They don't understand what it is because that's the impact of the Quran. And we have the Quran daily in front of us and we don't ponder and if I'm certainly mentioned that is a far deeper meaning. I'm in a nursing major study left with

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It goes into deeper meaning what is that? What are these Volga veins speech backbiting, gossiping, slandering, speaking about one another. That's also now with a hadith which is common amongst us so called practicing Muslims. Now there's no harm in speak saying this about the individual. It's not really backbiting it's not saying anything that's the other side of this Muslim Ummah. We the lesson is for all of us. Whether we claim to be learned individuals or practicing individuals or normal individuals, Quran is unique. It's for everyone. It's a reminder for all of us whether care find the kratom Mini is not for an elite class only people is for all of us that we read the Quran and we

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ponder and reflect. And we think, short circuited over here inside Shatta Wale do liquidly humanity lumada woe to those individuals who back by who slander who spread rumors

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because as we mentioned time and time again we don't understand the language so we drift away we don't see what Allah is telling us inside the Quran. And then Allah is kind of begins to speak about the most important lesson inside the surah. About Lokmanya Raisa Mala could attain a look man hikma and escuela oh my gosh could have a nama you're screwing up see? What are called artania lukeman Indeed we gave to look man Allah mentioned many times at the Quran we gave to Musa gave to Harun gave to silly man gave to Abraham, the heavy gave to look man. Well I gotta attain a look man and Hickmott we gave him wisdom, comprehension, the ability to implement the knowledge that we're going

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to see in the story of speaking to his son how he advises him.

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And surely, the first commandment here that you're going to run a momentous approximate 10 commandments inside the Surah or inside this was Sajjad is we'll see of look man this advice of look man is a salaam some 10 commandments and three prohibitions. First is an escuela to give thanks to last print that isn't relevant mentioned that the level of knowledge the repeat element is Hashmatullah

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just underneath that on the brink of that is what it Shuker Linda.

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That's what that's what that's what worship of Allah is. Panda is that's what really is.

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Coloma z two elements to Geralyn everytime increasing my knowledge, the increased amount of ignorance, how ignorant I am towards Allah subhanaw taala in my behavior in my conduct, am I bad towards Allah or that's what is sugar leads to towards to humility to humbleness is mentioned inside the Surah omenka forever in Allah, Acharya Yun Hamid whoever you need disbelieves will become ungrateful for in Allah, Allah nee Yun Hamid. Allah is the old rich, the old praised one is Allah Subhana Allah there was some arena of extracted that if if you want alakina If you want richness, even riches of this world or the deep meaning of rich men have a enrichment of contentment inside

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your heart. They extract from this verse For in the lasagna, Yun Hamid is to have excessive hunger or sugar every day subhanaw taala he will enrich this of this world. Then praise Allah Subhana Allah, thank Allah Subhan Allah Allah, keep your tongue moist.

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Earth wouldn't be the gorilla keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala and as we find it because he lists various statements of wisdom that'd be attributed to look man and Islam. And then Allah Himself kind of mentioned said verse number 20 was Brother Ali Khamenei. We're here at an Abba pinata. And then Allah has bestowed so many blessings upon you, whether it be a parent or they be hidden. And Allah mentioned later inside the surah Manaphy, that kalimat Allah the words of ALLAH is trying to don't come to an end.

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The whole context of this is the if, if, if all the trees on the face of this earth

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were to be UCLA or to be to be pens, and the ocean was to be an ink and then we bring forth seven more oceans Manaphy that Kennametal law, the words of Allah will not come to an end.

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They will not come to an end all the trees in the face of this earth became writing utensils became pencils became pens, and only ocean fibers or oceans. On this planet. They became the ink and Allah bought for seven more oceans Manaphy that Karima Tala the words of Allah will never come to an end.

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That is Allah subhanaw taala as you mentioned, the Holy Spirit the main theme is when reminding us about their heat towards Allah subhanaw taala that's why looked around and says what with God Look man who loved me, well who are your angel? Yeah, buena yella to Sheikh Billa in the shaker the full moon Alvine first advice he gives to his son Yeah. Pune. Yeah.

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He says to his alma beloved son,

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led to shriek builder

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never commit ship with Allah subhanaw taala in a shaker, the full moon of the moon, and its ship is the most ultimate abominable sin that a person could do inside their life. In other places are the Quran.

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Allah mentioned Alladhina amanu while ameobi So Eman on with

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those who believe and they don't taint the Eman with volume. The Companions took the meaning of boldness just genuine sins are precious anytime you sin A taint affects your Eman so they say that none of us is really got really Iman Ya Rasulullah Salah some we got not we don't really have that Eman. He said they say that they said that it's not that

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the meaning of hair that you find Alladhina amanu wala male BCE man and we will meet is the cold Amata smart collar look man at a salon

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in a shaker no fullmoon oven.

00:25:33--> 00:25:38

That the volume here Allah is mainly about those who believe and don't take the Eman with any element of shift.

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does a person need to purify themselves? that's right for you. We may speak about so many and well shift the existence out of society. But as other elements shift that sometimes we fail to understand. The ego, the enough the personality, the individual and myself. That's also shipped below Subhana Allah that someone's failed to understand, because Allah mentioned Sudoku, I have not seen the one who takes their own ego, their desires as the healer, as a deity. That's a problem inside our society. Yes, we have one half of the world that commits the pure ultimate ship that we find that may bow down to individuals or statues or shrines or graves or wood relics, whatever it

00:26:19--> 00:26:48

may be, while the other side we have the opposite ship that people don't want to speak about. That's also rampant. That's Fasty traversing in our land and people fail to understand that people they try to play God on this earth. They think that they're Gods on this earth they think because they're they have money, power, whatever it may be. So we play good. That's what many people they think. And even some of us that if some position is given to us, we think that we we are Gods in our own right, using the word linguistically.

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This will add advices about keyboard arrogance, that the warning that look man then gives to his son. So at first it was gives you some le Yagoona there are two shipbuilder never, ever come and shake with Allah is cramped on the inner Shipka that will move them they will commit ship, it will be the most oppressive sin. We will say that in Santa bhiwadi. They have Mala to only one and Allah one officer who are men our main and historically when he was at daycare, in El Mercier. Then the second advice, or Allah mentioned that what was seen in Santa bhiwadi They we gave advice to the human being to be good to their parents. You can't be a companion of belief of Tawheed and you're

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rude to your parents. You don't have respect towards your parents. You don't have to speak to your parents. You don't have to address your parents everywhere in South Dakota and when it speaks about Tawheed What is it mentioned straight after would it be the beginning suited Bacara that was given to Bani Israel. Allah mentioned to them clearly highlighted to them. What Bill Whaley they need a Santa Be good to your parents. We come to SUTA Nisa why Buddha Allah wa ala to Sheikh will be che what will validate me a Santa worship only Allah subhanaw taala associate no partners will be good to your parents, you come to Surah Al Israa waka Dora Buka Allah taboo in LA iya who will be widely

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Dany SN che on IG

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right marcoola How can we prove the person who who nourishes Islam is rude to the parents.

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Even here it clearly explicitly states that even if they tell you they are telling you to do something, what Sahiba whom if it dunya ma rufa Be good to your parents throughout their life. The only time you disobey them if they tell you to commit should quit Allah subhanaw taala if they tell you to cook to clean to paint to do this to that this western society that's what it teaches us this free loss mentality or do whatever I want to do in my life. The core elements that we have been good to your parents

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that some people did not big worshipers that we may see but as people who spent five years 10 years 15 years looking after their parents, no one knows who they are.

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Certain place if I'm an FX took place, one individual carried his mother on his back for three days.

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He got a medically treated, put her back on he is back and woke another three days to go home. This is like a movie for many of us. This is common practice in the Muslim world.

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Quran says one at the Columbia often will attend her humor don't even say off to your parents Kenema to surgeon

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don't tut don't make sounds isn't even saying Say something said don't even make a sound to your parents.

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Say hey Allah is saying he said look man to be good to your parents. The only time you disobey your parents when Jaha Dhaka and to Sri kabhi Jaha Dakka Bhima Ana de striving total absolute focus on harming you to keep you away from Allah subhanaw taala not just a little common here or there, that you walk away from your parents

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common things is our society or my parents or culture, they're like this. They're like that I just live my own life.

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i The disbelievers

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Hey, Allah say the evil the disbeliever you obey them, you obey them also a Hebrew mafia dunya ma rufa you be good to them. That's why somebody mentioned it's perfect to study with Malik, if not mistaken. It has some elements that is uncovered that when his mother said to him, because he loved his mother immensely, showed him abandoned his faith, abandoned and he said, Oh, my mother, I'll do anything for you. But I won't abandon his faith you have 100 lives of more lives than that. You take each one of them one by one. I'm not going to give up this deal. Anything else you told me to do? I will carry it out. Then look man, I'm advising his son Yagoona inner intercom miss call the habit in

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huddle him for the comfy Socratic office somewhere to fill out be yet to be Allah and Allah Luppi from Kabir, this what will do he this.

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This will reveal to Hades that many of us we find inside our lives. This the inner meaning of Tawheed an atom's mustard seed grain of any action that you do, what do you stuff it under a rock, you hide it in the ocean, conceal it wherever it may be, yet TB Allah, Allah will bring it out. In the La La P from habia. Allah is the most Sutton the most aware, that's what the Hadees that's what Iman is.

00:31:28--> 00:31:47

That in the depths of bits being all on your own, you override your soul. And you visualize the at that moment that Allah Subhana Allah knows what you have to overcome that he is watching me. That's what belief is. That's what Islam is trying to instill. That's what the prophet Elijah, he instilled amongst his companion, just a few people

00:31:48--> 00:31:52

conquered the world. We are billion in number, we can't conquer one small area at the moment.

00:31:54--> 00:32:05

So that's something food for thought for many of us. We're a billion in number today. What is our role? What's our impact? But as he prophesied, we're just going to be like the froth the scum of the ocean.

00:32:07--> 00:32:19

That you find that all the enemies will come around cluster run, and then eat just like the people that eat from the from the plate from the pallet, they eat together, that's how the enemies will come upon you. And then he prophesies he mentioned that what will affect us is that one

00:32:20--> 00:33:04

this disease this cancer, either woman one year, rasool Allah, what is this? What happened was this disease we're gonna be suffering from ANA Hopwood. Dunya Walkera here to note Oh Kurata note is a new Muslims. He's not speak about non Muslims and you Muslims. That disease that's going to go through your body is hopeful dunya walk around here to promote love of this world and hatred for death is the disease that we're suffering from as Muslims today. Yeah, Buddha yaki salah. The next was my advice he gives to his is his son is Oh, my son established the prayer. So straight off the belief in Allah Subhana Allah is a comma to Salah is establishing the prayer shows your Shakur delay

00:33:04--> 00:33:16

Subhana Allah shows your obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah wa more build my roofie one handed monka then the next stage or do the good and forbid the evil because some many of us we don't want to do that.

00:33:18--> 00:33:57

Nobody wants to come out and audit the good and forbid the evil. Who really wants to do that in all honesty, but because these are commandments injunctions inside the Quran, whether it be quantum Hydra or Merton rigidness that mooloolah Bill Maher roofie what and how long could you the best people ever raised up? That's what we can't pick and choose our Islam. Yo Yo Latina Amano on Hulu facil me care fatten while at the TV Roku toward a shape on, try your best to enter into Islam. Don't pick and choose. That's what it's Muslim world is full of at the moment is picking and choosing those things that are easy for me to do a maintenance said that this this garb that we were

00:33:57--> 00:34:39

not to sound derogatory, and whatever it may be, it's important, but that's all that we focus upon. That's what we focus inside our lives. That's it. The person looks like this. He dresses like this. Where is the deeper inner wisdom of these teachings that should be inside their lives? An order in a good and forbidding evil was bid anima asada and to be patient. Many of us are reckless. Well, I told this person I told him to do that. They didn't listen it they don't listen. Well. Why should I be bothered? They may have got burning head go to hell. Is that what the managing Ambia is? is a methodology the prophets busy sending people to the hellfire. Is that what it's all about? The

00:34:39--> 00:34:42

default position of the messenger is to rescue people.

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

All the way to the last second is always rescuing people. Not to clamp down on people. You know Islamic police to walk around to clamp up on people inside society. You have to just carry on advising people. What's the Rama asada?

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

People say certain things in a Dalek I mean as Bill or more that's from the strong resolution or the way of the prophets and then the strange thing is there's some of us who think that we know what belief is that we treat people how we want it we treat people like slaves

00:35:15--> 00:35:18

look man says he said one or two colonists

00:35:20--> 00:35:22

don't look down upon people

00:35:24--> 00:35:38

well, not to say that it'd be minor or Limbaugh said of laga Sarah is were murdered Fiona can even sad is a disease that strikes at the throat the neck of a camel, so the camel finds it hard to turn its neck

00:35:39--> 00:35:41

it's a Kenya of pride

00:35:43--> 00:36:00

that don't turn away from people. Don't be arrogant Don't be proud. If you found Islam you found the true Islam or whatever it may be or you find it your your good Muslim, one or two sir a harder calendar cleaners don't turn away from people in a state of arrogance and pride.

00:36:01--> 00:36:31

What a time shift will are the Mara, don't walk on the earth in a state of arrogance. Walk in a state of humility. There's only certain moments that Islam does when you in Jihad you show your strip when you're getting around the car that you make the first three you swiftly show your shoulders is so not to this day that you show your shoulders because they want to show the courage that we're not weak men were powerful individuals to certain moments you show your strength. But other than that, what Adam Schiff in America don't walk around in a boastful manner.

00:36:32--> 00:36:36

And other places in the Quran, you're not going to be able to reach the height of the mountains.

00:36:37--> 00:36:39

And then another advice

00:36:40--> 00:36:50

walk dude been assaulted. Lower your voice the only reason why you mentioned Yeoman Juma and an admonition because a professor raised his voice as an adult, raise your voice.

00:36:51--> 00:37:03

Don't have a go at people don't show up people. In the anchor sweaty the soul to Hamid the most evil of voices of sounds. Look at a description of the Quran is the brain of a donkey,

00:37:04--> 00:37:06

the echoing of a donkey,

00:37:07--> 00:37:15

that just because you raised your wife, it doesn't mean that you have an understanding of anything. Or you're trying to prove your point. That's not what it is. That's what knowledge is.

00:37:16--> 00:37:52

So these traits, these characteristics we need to develop them inside our life. That we know what belief is we know what Islam is, Are we fulfilling the rest of his traits, the rest of his characteristics that Allah is telling us to do? And then toggle so I speak about the magnificence of Allah. Thoreau. And I'm Tara Don't you see the heavens the earth etc all the 12 iron speak about the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala and then the end of the show that completes will speak about yeah your nurse it Dakota boom, walk through Yeoman. Oh mankind, fear that they you come in front of Allah, Allah Allah, Allah yet see, well, he didn't unwell at the wall mo lagoon, who adjusted Anwar

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Liddy che.

00:37:53--> 00:38:02

When a father cannot avail his son, and his son cannot avail his father. So the whole context, look, man speaking to his son, look at the surah ends,

00:38:03--> 00:38:21

that you can only advise. There may be moments in our lives that loved ones, don't listen, don't obey Allah subhanaw taala. Or we may think that maybe the day judgment, my mother or my father or somebody can intercede for me. Yes, intercession does exist. The problem is that we're so over reliant.

00:38:22--> 00:38:29

We so overnight that we've been yester profit unless somebody will come and intercede for me, we're not negating intercession of the Prophet, who will be given Shiva,

00:38:30--> 00:38:45

or Cobra will be given to him. We don't deny that. That's not the argument here. The argument is that you do whatever you want to do. And you realize that when I come on that day, he will just intercede with me, you know, I don't want to sound crude and harsh. This is a Christian belief.

00:38:46--> 00:39:26

That's a Christian belief, because Christians believe that Jesus died for the sins of mankind. And he will intercede for mankind today judgment. That's what this leads to. I'm not saying these Muslims, that they're non Muslim, whatever it may be. That's not my intent here. He said how to how we become so over reliant on this factor is the old old belief inside Allah that I do whatever I want to do, but at least I have that affiliation to the prophet Elijah, some that he will come and he just intercede for me. That may happen for some people are actually a few people. But that's not going to be the masses who think that he will just come and openly just intercede for person who

00:39:26--> 00:39:32

doesn't do anything in his obedience, firstly, to Allah's contract, then towards the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, further

00:39:33--> 00:39:34

to dunya while you

00:39:35--> 00:40:00

don't let this world deceive you and achieve deceiver being shaytaan deceive you away from Allah Subhana Allah and then Allah concludes in Allah endo and Musa with Allah Subhana Allah belongs and knowledge of the Hour. Allah is trying to Allah will unit zero look if he knows the exact point of sending of the rain and amount of the rain. Wire Allah mirfield or ham he knows what exists in the womb of the mother when

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

There's going to live, when is it gonna die happy, sad, wretched, rich, poor, etc it's all there only known by Allah and Allah then Allah mentioned limited enough so that taxi boo Kedah know so knows tomorrow when Murdock Cebu knifes will be a part of the Talmud, and also knows which land it will die in. As Allah mentioned, another piece of Quran or endo mufaddal la EB la, la manga Illa, who the keys of the unseen lie only with Allah subhanaw taala. The messengers have already been given certain elements of the unseen, the pure creative and a suitable Gemma that none of the prophets know when the last hour is none of the prophets. They've only been given a shot to

00:40:44--> 00:41:23

Saturday, given signs of the last day, they will give prophecy the last day, no one knows when the last is going to be. So when people say that the even the prophet has, um, he knows, but he never, he never disclosed it to people. That's a wrong belief. Unfortunately, no one knows when the last day will be established. And likewise, when a hadith he mentioned, so there are five things no, nobody knows them, except for Allah Subhana Allah. And in the ending We find here that no soul knows where it will die, that you find in certain Hadith we mentioned either the low carb, a cup, the cup Abdon be Arden, you had either had an outcome called Elijah Salam. If Allah wants to take a certain

00:41:23--> 00:42:00

soul, at a certain place at a certain location, he makes a need or requirement for that person to travel there, to go there. And at that moment in time where that person may be, that's the location to be taken by the angels of Allah Subhana Allah or monitoring of somebody, or intermode May Allah Allah grant us all the Tofik and ability, the wisdom to understand the speech of Allah Subhana Allah to implement that into the best ability inside our lives to teach people around us with good hikma, good wisdom, fair preaching, admonition, and love and forbearance and tolerance toward our society and of many things that we see around us as taking place to be tolerant towards us, especially

00:42:00--> 00:42:32

amongst our youth that we find somebody just comes in the machine and it may not be dressed appropriately or looking appropriately or speaking property, just turn a blind eye to that. turn a blind eye that in comparison was really taking place out there that you want these individuals, take them, derail them, take them further, further away from the profit loss and just be totally let them come in. And then you sit there because no one would be wretched who comes in the house of Allah subhanaw taala as sinful basically we come in saying we're all sinful individuals. As you mentioned, it's just the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, there may be some element of goodness that we all do

00:42:32--> 00:43:12

inside our lives, that Allah sees that and grants us the ability that's what we should thank Allah subhanaw taala throughout our lives, at every moment, and we thank Allah for for being able to be able to even breathe some animals say and look at those below us. Those who are suffering in the world, those with disabilities and hardships and problems, poverty is far rising inside the society difficulties. Just look down and reflect that, you know, I'm in a good state and Hamdulillah I live a good life. You know, with all the problems that we have is nothing compared to the problems out there in the world. And that's what sugar lay. subhanaw taala is May Allah make us amongst those

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