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Miss Smith, you

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said I wanted more from Florida to smilla 100 level salatu salam ala rasulillah early, he also be a woman while you're at home, the lack of galantamine Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah my last pantalla keep everyone safe. My last pantalla as I every Tuesday for the last four weeks I've been asking a loss pantalone we all have to do that as a loss pantalla to lift this test from us May Allah pantalla save everyone May Allah subhanaw taala give health to everyone there must pantalla cure everyone who is sick, may Allah subhanho wa Taala

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give the status of martyr to those who passed away the Muslims one may Allah Subhana Allah have his mercy on everyone who passed away your ob amin it's actually the fourth week and Allah knows how long this will take. It's more and more becoming reality that we are going to get to Ramadan and we are in the social distance, error. And

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a lot of us

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used to before this all changes we used to say I don't have time I barely can do what I need to do the list is too long. It's a very common thing we used to say I wish I had another 24 hours and I will do what I want to do and Subhan Allah suddenly Allah subhanho wa Taala decided for wisdom he has that he is going to give all of us way more time than we all had before everyone I mean even if we are all working full time still the time we used to

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spend getting ready to go to work driving some people drive an hour some people 30 minutes all this is gone now it's time to work now for those people who are working from home is basically you just go to your probably office or whatever you work from so all this is an extra time that we used to you use it we had to use it for getting to work now Allah gave a lot of people are cutting

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their hours or less some people are actually completely home not working and some people are even working full time wherever they are except very few people May Allah give them all strength and patient and May Allah reward them abundantly those who are on the front line but most myself included our hours is the same but our load is less we find ourselves we have not only more time but we are somehow less stressed out about how much time left how much I have even when you speak to the students the youth they even those who are still having classes online they still feel there is more time number one I have to say now I'm saying this to myself before any everyone Alhamdulillah here

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umbrella me one of the main complaints we used to complain about Allah said okay, I am going to remove it and I'm going to give you more time. I am going to give you more time and more relaxed and then let's see what we're gonna do with this time.

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And why do we have to worry about time is even time something that is an Islamic concept. Having time is time something Allah Subhana Allah mentioned it in the Quran and of course the answer is yes and Allah subhanho wa Taala actually,

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man mentioned the time in many ways, in many forms, meaning what is time for us time is Day is a time minute is a time, hour is a time Day is a time night is a time and Allah subhanaw taala used most of these the one I just mentioned in verses in the Quran and he actually even

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made an oath with one of them is the title of this class which is by the time let's let's look at the last pantalla use the word our in the Quran and the answer is yes. And our last pantalla said this in Surah to Rome, the Roman at the end of the Roman and he said the criminals the meaning of it is the criminals when the Day of Judgment is gonna come we all met the homeless. When the hour is gonna be come the criminals will swear that they did not live on this earth button our

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button our all this life

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button hour. And then those who have knowledge, they will respond, they have knowledge and faith will respond, Nay, you stayed in this life till the Day of Judgment. So, Allah mentioned the word our days that he used the word days, yes, he used it specifically related to us these days in one he spoke about our mobile, a young man my dad when he spoke about fasting, a young man appointed time appointed days, days that are counted, calculated a Yama do that. So and also when he spoke about hedge or Hito he spoke about two months and hedge assure maloom at hedge is appointed months. So the concept of time is absolutely there in the details like days like months and

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years also is mentioned. Then the general meaning of time is actually mentioned also in the Quran. And this is also a truly jati when Allah subhanho wa Taala the disbelievers will will will say well all Maha tuna dunya they say we only going to live in this life, no more to want to hear that we are going to die and we can live in it or Maja lacuna in the dark.

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And we are not going to be perished. But But when the time is done,

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the how long the time will perish.

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And then Allah pantalla mentioned time as the day and the night one late he made an oath to buy it. And he made an oath by a federal the morning, the morning hours, early morning hours, but the main time that Allah spawn tada not only made an oath, and when Allah subhanaw taala makes an oath. And as Allah is Exalted, but when we in our life when we make an oath, in our day, we normally usually wants to stress on an important issue. Something I want to make my point I want to stress on it, so I use an oath. And Allah subhanho wa Taala once he said one laughs by the time

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by the time time, and there is a lot of commentary about what is this time some said is the night some says is the day scholars and some scholar says it's the last hours of the day. Some says it's actually the afternoon Salah, the point is Allah made an oath by the time and then look at the next one in the surah, which most of the people are familiar with one last inmail in Santa Luffy hospital, by the time human being is a loser. human being is a loser, except, and I'll come to this later on. So the concept of time is absolutely mentioned, valued in Islam. It has a value. That's the first concept I want us all to think of. And number two, when we are born in this life, when

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Allah Subhana Allah brought us in this dunya in reality, he actually or we are in a state of a trade with our last panel hautala he put us in this life, as we are merchant. We are in the state of a trade. And what do we have? What's the merchandise we have? That Allah subhanaw taala will trade with us? Or he gonna ask us about it? And it's actually time. It's time and Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, Yeah, you hola Dena, amanu adieu. kumada t Jara. Do I owe who attained faith? Can I guide you to a trade to a trade or a deal with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we are in a state, we had a trade, I am going to be in front of a law. And one of the main things he's going to ask me about is

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the time is the time. So time is number one we need to look at. And as I said, Allah subhanho wa Taala made an oath. By the time he made an oath by the day he made an oath by the night, he made an oath by the hour, he made an meaning out of the day, which is the morning and then he made an oath, by the whole, the whole, the whole the whole life. Now the question always comes to us

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when Allah gave me the time, what does he want from me?

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is a law does Allah subhanho wa Taala want from me only to worship Him in the external, or the common meaning of worship? Meaning, my life should be only? Only? I am going to be praying, fasting, remembering Allah subhanaw taala. And I'm not going to do anything else.

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Is that what he taught me? And that's why he gave me the time. Or is it the other way around? Because somebody will say, if that's what he wanted from me, then why did he order HDMI from Xu Freeman? akebia. When Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran, right? He made this earth for us. And he facilitated and made it easy, and walk on it, walk on it, at what we tell him in public, you walk and you live, and you work and enjoy what he gave you. What the sustenance he gave us or his blessings. That means I have to work. So if does he want me only to work? Does he want me only to worship Him? What does he want from me in the time I have. And this why I chose this topic specially

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before Ramadan, because this now, for some reason, Allah subhanho wa Taala made us have time to look at this issue, or this topic. We have more time we're freer in general freer, the usual daily

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course that we used to do, and the usual high quality rat race, we are running from one place to the other. And we have to do this and have to do that. And we can we don't have time, we're always running and by the end of the day, we just want to sit and take a breath. So what does he want from us? And I've lost part of what Allah said that in solitude. Insha, Allah said the Torah, Swati salatu salam, and what did he said to him? And he said, Thank you, for all the fun sub. What you are a bigger follow up.

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Let's look at this. When you finished, when you finish your duties, this is Torah soiree saltos surah. So sortal inshallah, the expansion at the end of the horror and the 30th part, thank you that for all the fun sub

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one, you are free, free from your duty for verb and follow up is what I'm sorry, for aka fun sub. When you are free from your duties fansub stand up. whaler stand up for what next is what a lot of bicker for verb. Stand up and turn to your Lord. Direct you're feeling and longing for a verb and longing to your Lord. When you are free. When you are free from your duties, turn to your Lord the way they are because follow up longing with longing with love with focus. What does that teaches me and you?

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That means when a Lockwood this principle, to Rasul Allah is Salatu was Salam. When he said thank you for all the time when you are free, that mean he was busy before that. He was busy, because you don't say I am when you are free. When you say when you are free, that means you were busy, or you have things to do. And then when you have when you become free from that fun, substandard up, what you don't bicker for Rob, meaning when I have a free time,

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when I am taking care of my dunya my world affairs, I have to work to take care of my need to serve to take care of the children, the family to breathe, to serve humanity to bring goodness to this life.

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That's what Allah wants from me, but but we're not doing it 24 seven, we cannot human being. So when I finish of this,

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what should we do? And this is one of the things we have to look at. What do we do when we finish our

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worldly affairs?

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Do we return immediately to Allah subhanho wa Taala cancelled but why did our obika frog

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stand up to your Lord and turn your your longing and feelings to our last panel with Donna and I'm talking about when we get home and we finished the work at home

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Most of the people, you know what they will you hear it all the time, you know, it's like, I'm just going to take time and I'm just going to wind down. So I'm going to be sitting on the couch doing this doing that. And this is, this is not how wrong this is not forbidden. But this is not what Allah subhanho wa Taala want from me, and I'll come later to a point that will make me think about my time,

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you know, don't be cafaro hub and Swati salatu salam used to say it's beautiful. And actually, Satan, Abdullah Abdullah Abbas, before I say this, he passed by,

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to people, rustling rustling, and he looked at them, and he said, we were not ordered to do this, when we have free time.

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We were not ordered to do this, when we have free time. Meaning the free time we have, and again, I'm not talking about all of it, all of it, it's actually the Muslim should divide his day into four portions, they say. And one portion is for his livelihood. And one portion is for his family. And one portion is for our last panel Watada and one portion is for himself or herself. So there have to be has to be and these portions is not

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3/3 and then when I have time and I am tired, and barely I can do my solder, this needs to be divided. And then my work has to be inside it for Allah, taking care of my children and my family and my

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extended family is in it is also for Allah. So these all time to be acts of worship, and the time free for myself to exactly relax to energize myself. This also has to be not necessarily only in a act of worship, but for sure should not be an act of haraam. This obedience to Allah. So when he looked at these two people, this is Satan our beloved now bus and when he saw them, rustling, he said we were not ordered, when we are have a free time to do this fade out for all with the fansub If you have time, stand up for Allah, give him give him or let's give him from us all from us from our time to him only, not because we need him. But because of him. Who is he Subhan Allah Subhana

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under Swanee Salatu was sinner used to see this beautiful Hadith when he comes back from expedition going out to fight for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's a job and what a job. And that's a struggle. And that's a jihad, when he used to come back from that he used to say this, this hurry. We came back from the minor Jihad from the minor struggle to the bigger struggle. The bigger struggle is the struggle in life. struggle in life when I am not working the extra time I have that time why it is much bigger struggle than this struggle fighting for Allah. Because fighting for Allah is obvious for Allah. When Allah Swati salatu salam going is for Allah is when I come back,

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and my neffs my desires and their shavon and everything will work against me working for a law and focusing on loss pantalla that's why this becomes harder because I have to struggle more to figure it out for auto fansub when you have time when you're free. After you have done all this when you're free, stand up for a loss pantalla and this is one of the reasons why almost all the Muslims

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are and you see it everywhere missing. They will be missing in this coming Ramadan May Allah give us life to live is the concept of tarawih

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the salata tarawih the congregation or congregational Salah in the night in Milan, because that's by itself helps everyone to stand up for a law when they just finished all their work. It's the fact of the congregation the fact it's the masjid, the fact it's Ramadan. It is it becomes easier for people and that's why there's a lot of worries. How will I do taraweeh alone in the house

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But I have to remember this and this is one of the reasons I chose this topic today and we're going to go more in detail about Ramadan inshallah this coming Sunday where we have our yearly seminar about Ramadan so inshallah we will have it the Sunday from two to four St Louis time central time. So when I'm missing this is one of the things like I can't imagine Ramadan without a Masjid without my community because everything when I go to the masjid when I see my friends when I am doing if bar together all these are in the essence of it is actually acts of worship. So now I am worried that when these are removed, now will I be able to do it alone? Only me, just me and my family. What will

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make me remember this fader ferrata fansub keep reminding yourself that when you finish you ate your F bar you did your mountain you did your Asia fun sub stand up for a law don't let any other thing distract you.

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And time and time so valuable but unfortunately most of us don't know the real value of it except after death and our last panel we're gonna put this concept in the Quran and he put it in so often when you're going in the hypocrite now what is at the end of the chapter the hypocrite is reminding us that take advantage of what you have now the time because once we die this time is gone. This time is gone it's not gonna come back. And he says while I'm filming Mirza owner can spend from what we have given you will probably at a header Kumamoto fire hole before the moment of death will come to that person. And he or she will say, or biloela hartney Oh my lord, can you delay my death?

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Illa Julian corrib just a little bit, give me a little bit more time for Assad. I'll spend I'll be I will be from those who will be generous. What are communists Allah here and I'm going to be of those writers. And Allah said, When are you here Allahu. Allah will not delay will not delay, the time the moment of death. When it comes to that soul.

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Allah will not delay that moment of death. When it comes to that soul. I have time hamdulillah I have free time. I have plenty of time. As long as I am alive. When I die, then there is no more and

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Hassan and bustle he has a very famous

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statement he says, son of Adam, you are but account today's appointed days you have now added in amount into Iam and madruga. You are basically counted days. Every day. That's his saying still every day that goes

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the live gets shorter.

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yonkos it will be less I undo and everybody is accounted days. 2030 turn left or 50 left Allah knows. Allah knows no one, no one disagree. No one will argue Muslim, non Muslim believer, non believer, young or old man or a woman, no one will argue about this fact. And this certain fact that death will come. All of us know that it's coming. The only thing we don't know about is the time when it's going to come. So as long as I am alive. I still have time, free time and are Swati salatu salam said, and I'm going to share a couple of hadiths with you about time itself. And the one I'm going to share right now is about free time. And he said near mutton mo nanny FEMA, new item.

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Asahi two, one for all and this is an Imam Al Bukhari, he said, two blessings, to blessings. The son of Adam, she or he

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Mother wounaan they don't give it do right. They wasted

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there is many way of translate masamune they don't give a justice.

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They don't give it do right. They don't give it justice. They have wasting it. Two things are so how to improve our health and free time. And he didn't say time. He didn't say a walk. He said so far all free time,

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health and free time. And why is that? Your Rasul Allah Why? And and this will take me to the other Hadith, why these two? And he specifically said we don't give it its justice, we actually do injustice to health and to time, free time, free time, waste, waste and we say this a lot of the time, like, what did you do? Honestly, I just wasted the time, I wasted my time, or when we go to do with something and then you come back and you say, it didn't work that it was a waste of time. Meaning I didn't get any benefit out of what I did, or I listened or I arrived or I spend. So two blessings, number one that we need to learn, and I'll take it with me in the basket, I call it the

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basket that I will take it with me to Ramadan.

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As Ramadan is coming, when I will open the door next Friday, Allah knows, in 10 days, when I'll open the door in my house forum upon the guests, the awaited guests to come, I'm carrying a basket ready for myself. And one of them is will be my time. And specifically the free time. And I'm I'm stressing on the free time because one little Milan comes in live continue. The mother is still a mother, the daughter, still a daughter, the person who works through work. So I'm talking about the free time. So two blessings. Number one in that basket, I am going to look at time as a blessing, not a complain. It's a NEMA. It's a blessing. I'm not going to look at the free time. I'm not going

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to work today what I'm gonna do. I've never done this before. I don't know what people do when they are sitting home. And I'm not looking at as a blessing. free time. free time.

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Free Time and health. Again,

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welcome Ramadan with the blessing of health because you can fast and you can stand up in the night with all these long days and short night. So two blessings, that son of Adam, she or he does not give it do write more than they do injustice to it. So that's number one. Then number two, another Hadith. And this one is well how can a lot of Swati salatu salam said

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take advantage of five before five. And I remember when I used to live overseas in gender in Ramadan specifically, they used to put it on the Billboard on the streets. When you go to the masjid or were coming back from work they put this big on the Billboard this Hadeeth Subhan Allah because this Hadees the saying of Allah Swati Salatu was sent out you can all apply it in specifically in Ramadan. And I will say even more specifically in this test and trial and change that Allah suddenly gave it to us. And he said take advantage of five before five,

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five before five. Number one he said and he said it in this sequence. Number one, he said Shabaab aka Abrahamic, your state of youth before he gets old, and he is not used being on 10 and 15 or 20 or 30. Shabak, meaning you still have the energy and you still have state of mind cobla harmonic before he gets too old, frail, demented, take advantage of it, and I'll come to it a little bit in a second. shabaka cobla holonic your state your youth time, your youth time before you get old, you still can read the Koran you still can understand you cannot you still can say Allahu Akbar, you still can say Subhana Allah, you still can stand up in salah and you know what are you saying?

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Take advantage of this one shabaka Abrahamic to Sahaja cobbler socomec your health before you get sick, your health before you get sick, if any time we are now valuing the blessing of health is now as we are seeing people around us

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suddenly getting sick, some of them are getting very sick and some of them are actually losing their life or fighting for their lives in the ICU is under the ventilators take advantage of your health before you get sick. What it's also how to get up left ceramic working out of left for colic and the state of, or the wealth you have before you become poor

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vinaka the money the wealth you have before you get poor, and also applies to us. Some of us, a lot of people 16 point 6 million people lost their job in two weeks.

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They had money, they had things in their bank, they were able to pay their bills now it's gone. And for

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what for all publish all IQ. That's the topic while for all lucker publish all your free time. Before he get busy.

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free time before you get busy. And the fifth hyah Tucker, problem optic, and your life

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before you die.

00:31:18--> 00:31:28

So five things he led us on our tour, Sarah advised me and you take advantage of it. So when we say

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the simple these days for us in St. Louis who say the weather is very good, it's sunny, take advantage of it. Let's go out for a walk. What does that mean? That's not the usual is going to go away it's going to get even very hot, or maybe it will get very cold or it's going to be raining. Take advantage. Meaning this something that I want to take advantage of it has a lot of goodness in it. So five things he said take advantage of it. Youth

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health, wealth,

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free time and life. We all have it. We all have it. Anyone who is listening to me right now have these five,

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have these five, if you understand what I am saying you have it, even if that person is on a wheelchair, even if that person has this and that and that disease still. You You have it

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take advantage of your youth. You have the energy, you have the resolve, you can do you can stand up in the night for two or three hours. You can work you can go out and help. You can volunteer you have it you you once we get older we start to worry about what is going to happen to me I may get sick this may happen. I have more responsibility, youth volunteer do good job, help people anything you have Allah gave you as a special gift. Use it, use it, Shabaab aka cobla harmik read more Quran before you I lose my mind and I don't know what I am reading

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Shabaab aka of Lucha Romek to Sahar took my health, my health, I can fast Alhamdulillah I can stand up, I don't get tired, I don't have my knees hurting me. Or I cannot move healthy, healthy use it for a loss Panama Tana, this is what he's saying. He didn't say so Panama. He didn't say use it only for the external act of worship. He said take advantage of it. So if I am healthy, I can go out if I am young, especially these these days, the young people are more protect, I mean, less risky than the older people then you can go out and do things maybe the older cannot, I can go out to the supermarket, buy some grocery and give it to an older people or cook and give it to the older

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people. So how to kill us. Don't waste it. That's what it is. Don't waste it. Use it. Use it for goodness for good deeds and arena aka arena is your wealth, your wealth, wealth is money, monat monetary or anything else that you have, other people don't have that you can give.

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And the free time. free time. free time I can learn. I can teach. I can memorize. I can help. These are all things pleasing to Allah. That's the free time because if I don't take advantage of it, usually negative will and there's a saying I think it is. I'm not sure if it is at all Hassan was really what he said. If you are

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Not gonna fill your time with good, it will be filled with bottle with evil

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time we need to fill it. We don't sit do nothing. This is not a human being nature. Either I am using it for good and good here it's a general word would mean I am doing something pleasing to Allah in general in general

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or I'm doing something not or I'm seeing something watching something reading something saying something that is for sure not displeasing to Allah and I am not wasting my time.

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Good use it for good afternoon take the advantage like sale we say rush sale before its ends and then higher ticket problematic. Higher Touka problematic your life before we die and we are seeing it around us Subhan Allah and this hadith if you write it down and you look it is like as if we are seeing it suddenly. And Allah is reminding us of this see how this person a week ago was absolutely fine. A week ago was fine. Then he got sick. Now he cannot do what he could do a week ago this person was working and was everything is fine. He had his own business or her she had her own business was absolutely fine. Within a week gone.

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time is the one that now we have it even more before and of course for those people who passed away and we see this all wrong. This is written in hums cobbler hums

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now if I take this Hadith, seriously, I apply it and especially in Ramadan, I'll say remind myself before I remind anyone else in Ramadan I need to remind myself daily in my family and the people around me of this fire and I need to put a plan how I'm going to use these five on daily basis. It's a blessing month. I'm going to get even more and there are Swati Salatu was Salam another Hadith he said latter Zulu Ottoman laka Zulu Adama Abdi yo milk myopia Marty had to use and only FEMA have now what an enemy FEMA for olofi one Maliki FEMA Dr. Saba what FEMA and for what he just me, he FEMA, Abdullah, he said the human, the son of Adam, or the human being

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a servant of Allah

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will not slip, slip on the Day of Judgment. Remember, we all going to be passing on a settled, thin line bridge that we all going to be passing.

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And he said that the servant of Allah will not slip.

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Until he is asked about four things. So remember the five, he he said, when you are alive? Take advantage of these five. Let's see one more time. Youth, health, wealth, free time and life before old age, sickness, poverty, getting busy and death. So now I did not or I took advantage of it in life. Now what happens on the Day of Judgment, my other life.

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This as any app, any servant of Allah passing through the Surat, he or she will not slip before they are asked about four things. And what are these four things? It's very much related.

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Almost he almost he almost or female, if not his life, his life and here main meaning is his time. Shima If not, what did he do with it? What did he do with it? The time Allah gave the money Allah gave the health Allah gave all this his life. What did he do with a tremor of Now why did he use it for to have fun only to travel only to have more wealth and more bank accounts only to spend the delay or the Billa in disobedience of a law only female of now we will be asked handle all the life and here's specifically time What did you do with it? wasted on board

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

looking at one Netflix after the other this show after that show, on the internet on WhatsApp, texting and all this for no value for no benefit coming out of it.

00:40:00--> 00:40:55

I'm going to be asked, and almost he FEMA afnor wahana, Amy E, FEMA follow up, and the knowledge that Allah gave him or her? What did they do with it? And his knowledge, knowledge of off religion and knowledge? What did we do with it? The normies that Allah gave us? What did we do? It became more arrogant, collected more money, getting looking to get more and more, or we use it to please our last pantalla teach people, the more I learned, the more humble I am. And more the knowledge three, the wealth he or she has, where did it come from? Working on money, he mean enough to Saba his money, where did he collected from? Where did he get it from halaal earning. It's extremely

00:40:55--> 00:41:45

important these days that we do our best. We do our best that we all make sure what we are putting in our mouth, feeding our children, not only food, but where are we living, where it's coming from? From Hello, and number four, and just me he FEMA oblah and his body, his body, his body, meaning health and strength. FEMA oblah? Where did he abuse it for? What did he use it and abuse it for? His body? His body so emergen You and me? May Allah protect us all on that thin slit up that bridge that is thinner than the here

00:41:47--> 00:41:59

and it is sharper, sharper than the sword? And the human being is walking on it and under is the Hellfire May Allah protect us all. And I am being asked

00:42:01--> 00:42:49

what did you do with the body I gave you? What did you do with the time I gave you? What did you do with the knowledge I gave you? And what did you do with the wealth? Where did you get it from? And where did you spend it? Of course Allah knows. But so I will have no excuse the Calla qunar Allahu Allah naseeha. So there is no excuse. We cannot say Allah I didn't know free time, free time, we will be asked about it. And there is a beautiful verse in Surah Al Baqarah. And this will because now the question so what do we do? What do we do? And the answer is Paula everything is in the Quran. And Allah subhanho wa Taala said in Surah Al Baqarah, it's the chapter two and the ayah is

00:42:49--> 00:43:07

148 and the law said an order order first of all hierarchy, race, in good deed, good deeds or race in good deeds or Ice Festival hierarchy era Warhammer Jochem Jamia you all will return to US law,

00:43:08--> 00:44:13

statistical hierarchy in the time I have, let me use it, let me use this extra free time I have to please Allah and do a good deed. So anything I am doing now, in this extra time I have first question I and you and everybody has to ask themselves to question is it pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala what I am doing and again, these is not only Salah, praying and fasting and giving charity, that's not all good deeds, whether I sell it, whether I do it. And in fact, it might have been to me or he defined act of worship in a very nice definition. It is encompass everything. He said, The act of worship la bad act of worship is basically everything. A lot of love, and is pleased wind from

00:44:13--> 00:44:18

sayings and doings external and internal

00:44:19--> 00:44:59

everything a lot love and is pleased when external and internal saying and doing that's all a bad that's all acts of worship festival. All hierarchies compete. We all compete with dunya pride they have this I have to have more they do this I have to do more. They they exercise for our I'm going to do to their four children. I'm going to have five all these competition. Allah says his step faster vehicle hierarchy, compete in good deeds. Let's have a schedule in this free time every day. In the good deeds. I am

00:45:00--> 00:45:00

I'm going to be

00:45:02--> 00:45:48

competing with others while I am home I cannot do a lot outside. True. True, but I can do a lot inside maybe this is the time Allah gave me for myself that we all use to complain. I don't even have time for myself. By the time I finish everything, come back from work and do everything for the family. I don't have a breath left in me. Unless pantalla said okay, here you go. Faster vehicle hire out things that you always dreamed of doing. Understanding the Quran learning how to read it, learning the words of Allah learning one or two javita bhatura Swati Sato Sara gets in touch with the people you have not talked to. in in in years. A good project you had all A long time ago and

00:45:48--> 00:45:56

you wanted to do pleasing to Allah and Allah loves it. Use it. Use this time for a festival called Herat.

00:45:58--> 00:46:02

emammal hustle and bustle we also said the beautiful thing

00:46:03--> 00:46:58

he said this life and it has mostly is a follower is a Tabby. When he speaks Allah Allah subhanaw taala opened their hearts because they were conducted with Allah opened their hearts to say things spell Allah when we read it and say we through just don't think about it this way. And he said, A dunya falada to em. He said life all life all this world. Dunya is three days. This is how he is looking at whole world is it three days? and Muslims *a dabang Murphy yesterday went with everything it has, with everything it has. Whatever I did, whatever I said whatever obedience I did, whatever disobedience I did, it went well I'm ah then. But I look a lot to do recall.

00:47:00--> 00:47:02

As for tomorrow, you may not reach it.

00:47:03--> 00:47:07

I may be dead. I don't know if I'm tomorrow I'm living

00:47:08--> 00:48:04

a mullet as of tomorrow, you may not get it. Emilio as of today, this moment, it's yours. You own it. fireman fi work and it work in it. World. This life is a three days Look how he looked at it. Three days, yesterday went and took with it everything that happened tomorrow. You don't know if you're gonna live to see it. Focus on today. Focus on today and work in what you have right now. When he says family, family, meaning good deeds, that pleases Allah that He loves it, whether it's saying whether it's action, whether it's actions, whether it's internal, whether it is external.

00:48:06--> 00:48:16

And so life is a three days and I loved this, this this thing, and I'll just give you an example of a good deed, of course.

00:48:17--> 00:48:35

But it's always good to look at these things and say you're a lot you gave Satan Abubakar, I am not saying that. Maybe I can do what a lot of Swati saw to a sinner. In the Hadith narrated by Satan, Abu hurayrah. He said in the morning he was with his companions. And he said who's fasting this morning?

00:48:36--> 00:48:38

And Abubakar said, I am

00:48:39--> 00:48:41

and he said, who followed

00:48:43--> 00:48:45

janaza who followed the

00:48:46--> 00:49:26

other agenda as that person to follow them to the graveyard, Satan, Abu Bakar I he said I did. He said ma ma ma Myskina Who among you fed a poor person today? Say No, Becker said I did. And he said Pomona had them in cuyama Marine law who visited a sick person today. So in Abu Bakar said, I said I did another Swati Salatu was Salam said much demand for membrane Illa halogen. He said no one person does this for in one day. But he will enter Jannah Ramadan is coming.

00:49:27--> 00:49:59

Or Melbourne is coming us Bahasa human who is fasting today hamdulillah you're on brand and even those who cannot fast for a reason. Allah Subhana Allah knows. So this is coming. We can do this follow agenda maybe we cannot do it every day although we are Subhanallah seeing this and especially these days, we cannot but at least we can pray for dead people. We can make dua for them. And if we can go and visit the grave these days is limited. If we can we can Allah knows but

00:50:00--> 00:50:51

The point is, is we make it as part of the free time I have, I need to look and see which of these I can do mancozeb de cada muskie, we all can do that. give charity, all of us can do this online Alhamdulillah or even handler out the masajid these days, including us Islamic Foundation, they all are asking online, because we cannot go anymore, we can do that. And then he says, who has visited a sick person. Now, maybe these days I can physically visit visit, but I can pick up the phone, I can ask with a text message. The point is I need with this free time I have a look at it. If I want to summarize what I shared with you. Look at it the following. Number one, this free time is a blessing

00:50:51--> 00:51:40

from Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you are an me going to start looking at all the blessings that is hidden in this calamity. The hidden blessings in this calamity as scholars used to say every metre fee, I mean how every calamity a gift comes with it. It's the same words in Arabic, but just changing the letters. Every test and calamity brings with it a gift. So number one, I look at free time that I have now as a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala don't look what will happen tomorrow. I may I lost my job. I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Remember the saying of Al Hassan Bostwick tomorrow, I may not live, don't worry about yesterday, if I did that, or the it's gone.

00:51:40--> 00:52:34

Focus on today. Today, number one, free time is a blessing. Number two, a lot of opportunity of doing a good deed easy, and one of the ones and I'm going to cover it quickly, is remembering a loss pantalla let's keep our tongue moist with the remembrance of a loss pantile we all can say a stock film law and how much we need a stock federal law these days how much we need to ask Allah for forgiveness. So Allah will lift to this test from us. Simple Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah All Praise to Allah, glorify Allah, all these good deeds. So look at it as a blessing. Good deeds, faster vehicle hierarchies, compete with each other. Don't settle for the minimum. I don't know next month,

00:52:34--> 00:52:57

if I will have this free time again, I don't know a normal one. And we'll have I will have this free time. I know now I have it. Let's take advantage of it before it goes at a loss. pantalla said it's in Saudi Arabia, Iran and he said and he said it in salted Hadid, basically Saudi wasabia rush and run and compete Iran ofuro to earn

00:52:58--> 00:53:47

forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And remember one thing and I will end up here, the difficulty, that the struggle we feel, and we see and we encounter when we are obeying a last panel what Allah will it is everlasting. It will stay with us. When I pass that bridge, this is going to come to me. obedience to Allah is not easy. It has a lot of struggles. I struggle against me before anything else that struggle, the rewards of it, stay long, versus the joy of the disobedience is very short. And it's gonna go away with the day but the result of it will stay with me.

00:53:48--> 00:54:43

So when I go to Allah, I'm gonna take them both. I'm gonna take the result of my good deeds, and May Allah would give us all the result of our bad deeds. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those five that will will take advantage of the blessings that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us May Allah make us of those who will last when he made the oath by the time and he excluded inla levina amanu while hamilo saly hottie will also will help pick what tawassul was sober he he made an oath by the time and he said all the believers were lost I'm sorry in Santa Luffy hostel all human beings in San human being is a loser. Except for May Allah make us of these four illa larina Armin believe amilo

00:54:43--> 00:54:59

sorry hat do and does good deeds, what our soul will help they helped each other to do good deeds the truth in some scholars cells you will help here is the Kitab Allah is Al Quran held home

00:55:00--> 00:55:50

To it specially Ramadan is come What was all the somber held? To Be patient? obedience to Allah is not easy. This will be nice to Allah is very easy. I have Jeanette paradise surrounded by everything we don't like and jahannam Hellfire May Allah protect us all surrounded by everything we like. I asked her last pantalla to accept from all of us I asked Allah subhanaw taala to keep us all healthy and safe I asked Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us all. I asked Allah pantalla by any good deed that any one of us have done your law by that good deed by the righteous person among us your law lifted this test sooner or later your luck your everyone who's sick, you're allowed give mercy to everybody

00:55:50--> 00:56:17

who passed away your law here Allahu Allah, that's us. Leave this test. safe, healthy, but much more important, much better, much closer to you than before we enter Zackham Allahu Allah Subhana Colombo, the handing assured won't allow you to stop Furukawa tabouli sobre la la la si Nam Hama while the early he was happy to Sleeman kathira salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.