Tom Facchine – Allah Is Not Fooled By Our Labels

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the need for a new and rewarding way to measure one's success in a group's identity. They argue that this is a new and rewarding way to measure one's success, and that it is a fundamental part of one's identity. The speaker also mentions that while some may not be recognized by their own labels, others are recognized by others.
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One of our machines pointed out that, you know, people will readily admit their ignorance to fit questions if you pose a difficult fit question to to them. And yet at the same time, they think that they know who's an innovator, and who's off the straight path and this sort of thing, right? What's responsible for this sort of phenomenon. And one of those things, in my reflection, when I reflect on it is the sort of impetus or the temptation to make the truth into an identity. And this is something that is one of, if not the cardinal sin of Benny, Australia. And we've talked about it multiple times now, where Benny is straw eel in order to kind of make things easy on themselves,

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they wanted to convert the agreement that they had with Allah, which required constant renewal, right, they wanted to convert that into an identity, they want it to be saved because of who they were, rather than what they did. So this is a paradigm a lost power. Tata introduces it in the Koran and puts it right at the front so that it's a paradigm that we as believers take seriously and watch out for. But this is one of the ways in which we fall into it by turning Whatever the truth is into an identity. While you have to say that you're this, you're part of this group, as if that's going to you know, people ask you, what's your message, right? And sometimes in the comment, like, what,

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what's your min hedge? Why would you ask such a question? I can tell you what you want to hear. And it doesn't have anything maybe to do with the reality, right? Is is the truth in what we call ourselves? Or is the truth in what we do, right? The truth is in what we do, and so we need to, it's so tempting, and it's so slippery to get into the antagonistic identity mentality. Well, this group, we're gonna label it this and this is the right group, right? And every other group has a strike every other group, they're innovators, right? Do you think that the name that you made up or the definition that you came up with is going to be something that's recognized by the last panel

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thought maybe, maybe not, right? You might live your whole life thinking that you're part of the right group, and then you get to the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala tells you actually, you're wrong. Actually, you were part of one of the right groups, it doesn't matter what you said about yourself what you claimed, I can claim anything I can claim my follow the setup, I can claim my follow the sun, I can claim I'm a soldier, man, it doesn't matter. I can claim whatever I want, what's the substance? What's the reality of what I do of what I teach of what I learned, right? Last panel data. He's not fooled by our labels. He's not fooled by our identity politics, right? He knows

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the reality and Muslims would do themselves. Well, they would do themselves a service if we stopped worrying about all the labels and the identity politics within the OMA and we've just focused on developing the substance of our submission, the substance of our obedience and the substance of our relationship with the last topic.

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