99 Names of Allah #99 Ar-Rabb

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AI: Summary © The hosts of a radio show discuss the upcoming countdown for Islam, with the fourth name being " Rob" and the first name " song by Siracuse" being " Garth." They discuss the importance of taking care of oneself and not missing a single thing in life, and how Islam is constantly taking care of oneself. They also mention the importance of not missing anything in life and how Islam is a paradise.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Tonight's name is Rob. Allah azza wa jal is oh Rob, and tonight is our last name, the 99th name in this countdown. Now Allah has more than 99 names. But the ones that we've chosen for this countdown that we've been doing for over three months are specific ones that Allah mentioned are the prophets of Allah who seldom mentioned. And we hope that by going over all of these names that Allah is going to make this a big reward for us when we get to Paradise in sha Allah.

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So this last name that we have so close to Ramadan, just a day or so away, is a rub. Allah azza wa jal is the sustainer.

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The caretaker, what does Rob mean? Rob means that you take care of everything for a person or a thing.

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Think about a baby, right? Can a baby? Would it make sense to tell a baby, okay, go and get your food from the fridge or go to the cupboard cupboard and get yourself a snack? Or go to the bathroom and do your business? None of that would make sense. We can't treat a baby like that because a baby can't do anything for itself.

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So what do we do? We feed the baby we clean the baby we play with a baby we try to put the baby to sleep make it feel comfortable all of these things. Every single second we're thinking what can we do for the baby? How can we make it more comfortable.

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And we do it day in and day out until it gets older and so it can do it for itself. Allah subhana wa Tada does that for us and more and more

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every single moment of your life. We're not like babies, we get older and we still do things but Allah there's never a time when Allah is not taking care of us.

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He's taking care of us from the moment that we're conceived to the moment that we die and when are we are in our graves.

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Taking care of every single thing that we can need, the oxygen that we breathe, the blinking of your eyes that you haven't been noticing until I just mentioned it now. Your cells reproducing your your heart beating the blood, the blood through your body.

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The growth of your hair and all these sorts of things a lot is constantly taking care of everything.

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Your food, your parents, your friends, your clothes.

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Allah is constantly taking care of you every single second of every single day of your life. And we believe that if we believe in Allah, and we try our best that Allah is going to take care of us on the day that were resurrected and returned to him. And we really, really believe that he will put us into His paradise.

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That's all for tonight. I said Armonico