99 Names of Allah #98 Al-Jameel

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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is Al Jamil Allah Isaiah with the eyes of a gel is Elijah me and Allah is beautiful. He's the most beautiful. And the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he told us that Allah is not only beautiful, but that he loves beauty. And if we go outside and we take one look around, we know that this is true. Look at the flowers, look at the grass, look at the animals. Everything is it's nice to look at. It's beautiful. We look at the clouds floating by the sky, we look at the beautiful blueness of the sky.

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How everything kind of awakens morning and then kind of goes to sleep at night.

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Our entire world our entire entire creation is beautiful.

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You know, we can kind of compare it to things that people invent. And we can see the difference. Like let's think about a car

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or a printer. Maybe you have a printer in your home or a printer at school or something like this. Would we ever say that? Wow, that printer is beautiful.

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Or that car is just amazingly beautiful. Maybe some people would think that about cars but vacuum cleaners. Would anybody say that vacuum cleaner is the most beautiful thing I've seen today. Nobody would ever say that. Why? Because when people create things when people make things, we make them to do a job.

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We make them to serve a purpose. And no matter how hard we try, we can't make it both have a purpose and be useful and also amazingly beautiful. Whereas ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada everything he creates not only doesn't have a purpose but it's gorgeous. is the most beautiful thing to look at. You look at it and you feel calm. You feel peaceful.

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That's because a lot is added Jimmy. He is the most beautiful and he loves beauty. And that's all for tonight. I said on why eco Moroccans Allah