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In Al Hamdulillah Muhammad who want to start you know who want to start fiddle, when I will do bIllahi min Cerulean fusina woman say RTR Marlena, Maya de la who Fela Malala when a young little fella her the ALLAH, why should you Allah ilaha illa Allahu Allahu la sharika Why should you know more Hamadan? Abdu hora? Sudo Yeah, you're Latina. I'm an otaku. Allahu Akbar to hottie while at mo tuna Illa one two Muslim goon. Yeah you Alladhina amanu top Allah, well Tumblr enough some part definitely heard what top Allah in Allah forbid on Bhima Tamela. All praise is due to Allah alone the exalted, we praise Him, we seek His help, his guidance and his forgiveness. We seek refuge in

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Allah from the evils within ourselves and the evils of our sins, whomsoever Allah guides because they are sincere, non can misguide. And whomever he rightfully causes to be led astray because they are not sincere, none can guide and I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except the law alone. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam peace be upon him is His servant and final messenger.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us for our own benefit in the Noble Quran what is translated as all believers are you who believe, be conscious of Allah as he deserves, as is his right upon you, and do not die except in the state of submission in a state of worship? May Allah subhana wa Tada keep us consistently living upon taqwa, God consciousness and worship, and allow us to die upon it as well. Aloha Mermin.

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I want to begin and end the hotbar today with a question for you to reflect on a very obvious question with a very obvious answer. If someone were to offer you $1 Today, or a second option, a trillion dollars tomorrow, which would you take? Now, no doubt, I don't think any of us or anyone we know would take the dollar today, compared to the trillion tomorrow. And on this note, I want us to reflect on a story that was shared by a brother actually in this community. He mentioned that there was a brother in the US in his 40s, he was going through the most difficult time in his life for several years. He was extremely depressed, far away from Allah subhanaw taala. He was struggling

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financially, in so many ways, struggling in his health, he was almost evicted. And he did not know what was next. He did not know what his future held. And so this contributed even more to his sadness to his depression. And he said he, at this time of his life, it was three to four years, he made the wrong choices. He made the wrong choices with regards to Allah subhanaw taala. He made the wrong choices in terms of how to respond, how to react, how to stay strong, and so on and so forth. He said, I made the wrong choices. And I know it and I regret it.

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One day, almost abruptly. And long story short, he inherited almost $7 million from a relative who had passed away, and all of the next of kin had also passed away. And he did not have a strong connection with this relative But long story short, he inherited $7 million.

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And he was extremely elated and happy and he began to cry and he was grateful to Allah subhanaw taala. And then he began to cry with regret with remorse. He said, If someone had told me during these years, these very difficult years of my life when I made these wrong choices, if someone told me that $7 million was around the corner, I would have been happy the entire time. I would have stayed strong when things got difficult remembering what there's going to be $7 million tomorrow. I'll be fine tomorrow. I just got to get through this constant planning because it matters to us because there's a value on it. Allah subhanaw taala says what jazz? Uh huh. BMO Sabelt one gentleman

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who are how do you draw their reward the people of Jana as he describes them subhanaw taala their reward for their patience because of their southern because of their perseverance because of your strength because of your willpower. Your reward will be Jana gardens in paradise. We're How do you garments of silk things that for men in this world are prohibited and also things of expense things that are considered valuable. Allah subhanaw taala describes in this very short verse, one of the main keys of really succeeding and this is the true criteria of success to have soldered in the right way and to apply your solder your perseverance towards Allah subhana wa Tada when we read the

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Quran from begin

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into and every time you recite Quran or you listen to a re citation or you're praying and you reflect or you come across an idea that mentioned somewhere whether she saw it in give glad tidings to those who are patient, those who persevere in Aloha Siberian Wallah who your head was sobbing, Allah is with those who are patient. Allah loves those who persevere. When we read these verses, we should reflect beyond just the citation. Whilst mid one sobre la villa in New Jersey Tamayo Moby Masada Rue Anna hula is soon I have rewarded them on this day, because of their patients, they are truly the winners. Allah subhanaw taala did not reveal these verses, so we can simply recite, but

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rather to act upon to be changed internally. These verses specifically about hardship, were given to us with the test that comes with hardship of a dunya so that we are prepared so that we are able to overcome our own difficulties are our own struggles, so that we're ready for any situation, whether it's a global pandemic, or a local problem or a war, may Allah protect us all, and relieve our brothers and sisters around the world. We have the psychological tools to overcome anything in a dunya. But do we take advantage of that? Are we closely connected to that? Be patient for a little longer, and you'll have a eternal relaxation. In other words, hold on a little longer, it will be

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worth it. Not for $7 million, not for a trillion dollars tomorrow. For eternity. There is no price tag on that. And Allah subhanaw taala then describes the rewards for the people agenda in details in Surah twill in sun, Allah subhanaw taala says we're taking in a fee, or law your own fee Hashem so

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hurry you all they will be reclining back on their thrones, their couches, their sofas in Jannah. And the only similarity between the word or the Janas couch or mansion or Palace, whatever it may be, you hear about gender, the only similarity between that couch or that throne. And what you have here in this world is simply the word meaning the quality and the description is beyond our imagination. The people of general will be relaxing. And this is the first description after what what Jessa Hornby Masamoto their reward for their patients, they will be relaxing, how long? Will they be relaxing forever? They will be relaxing forever? Is it not worth it to work hard in this

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world? To push yourself? Is it not worth it to restrain and refrain from doing the wrong thing from falling into sin from falling into temptation from following any random ideology or doubt? Is it not worth it that you will have the pleasure of Allah eternally speaking, may Allah subhanaw taala grant us that and then Allah subhanaw taala describes more of the rewards of Jannah the shades of Jana the perfect temperature of paradise, the fruits of Jannah that are very close to them. Why? Because they were very close in this world to the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to His pleasure, and then Allah subhanaw taala later on says we're either or a to thumb at eight and our email Oh mohlakeng

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Kirby Shaw, Allah subhanaw taala says if you were to look around, if the people of general basically are looking around what do they see? They see bounties they see happiness, they see rewards, what more you can Kabira a mighty kingdom, a vast kingdom, the kingdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he's prepared specifically for those who follow his commands. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us consistent and may Allah subhanaw taala make us from amongst those who enjoy that kingdom that is lasting, rather than focusing on what the drop of a dunya the crumb of this world that penny that you have in front of you, is it going to blind you from seeing something that is priceless,

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something that is lasting forever, and what Allah has prepared for you is specific for you beyond the general descriptions of the rewards of Jannah so the descriptions we hear about throughout the Quran, beyond the general descriptions of the rewards of Jannah we find specific mentions and specific references in IR to a hadith that Allah subhanaw taala has prepared something for you that you cannot even conceive of you cannot even think about and we recite every Juma and we should recite the Sunnah is to recite during the fajr prayer the morning prayer on Friday Surah to surge that in the first Rakhine Surah to insert in the second raka This is the Sunnah of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Surah two Sajida Fela talamona Allah Who knew karate I don't

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know soul knows what has been prepared for them for you. Meaning the thing that will make you happy eternally, Allah has prepared for you something you cannot even imagine. As a reward for what you used to do. It's not a reward for what used to claim it's a reward for what used to do because your actions will be judged. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us consistent and righteous Aloma Amin in Surah to an intern when Allah subhanaw taala reminds us about the small this kingdom that you're working for. It's a raven

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Under for us, because often times when we're distracted with local desires, local temptations, local livelihood, your job, your family relationships, food, sleep, whatever it may be leisure, entertainment, video games, sports, whatever you are distracted by. Remember, this is like that penny that you're staring at, like that drop of water, and beyond it something much greater. Is it reasonable? Or is it foolish to be distracted by this penny and ignore the trillions of dollars. And of course, you cannot really put a number on it. We know that it's foolish to be distracted. And yet, we are in need of these reminders because we are human beings, because these things surround

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us. And we are tested with these things around us as a way to reflect our faith to see how determined we are. When you find yourself distracted. Remember, the rewards of Jannah and the kingdom of Jannah is nothing compared to what you have right now. In fact, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, A dunya seasonal movement agenda tool catheter This world is a prison for the believer. This hadith is so misunderstood by so many Muslims. It doesn't mean it's a prison. You're supposed to be gloomy and sad and walk around. I'm in a prison. No. It's a prison for the believers because what Allah has prepared for you in Jannah is so great and beyond your

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imagination, that no matter how much you have right now, in a dunya, it's nothing compared to Jana. No matter how rich you are, how comfortable you are, how many desires you can fulfill whatever ALLAH blessed you with in this world, it's nothing compared to what Allah has prepared in Jannah for the righteous servants. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for our shortcomings and make us from amongst those who are constantly working towards his pleasure in this surah and the solar before, it's also clear that Allah subhanaw taala describes the people who are chasing the here and now colourable to hit buena Lagina. Ne indeed, the disbelievers you love that which is here. And now

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that which is immediate. What's the rule after you forget the next life, you abandon it, you throw it behind you. And this is a very important reminder, why because we all are experiencing especially in the 21st century, especially for all of us in the United States of America, we are experiencing different types of blessings and rewards that many previous generations did not have in terms of instant gratification. Allah subhanaw taala is referring to the people who are chasing the desire that's right in front of them. That snack that they want that thing that they desire, right now, they chase it right away. They can't wait. They can't hold themselves back. There's no strength

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mentally or emotionally or psychologically, to wait a little longer for something much better. And we know that this applies not just to our faith and to Jana and to the afterlife. This applies to success in general in this world, that people who generally restrain themselves, they hold back their desire from instant gratification, they are much more likely to be successful. Why? Because it applies to everything in life, when you hold on. Now, when you study for that exam consistently, you're much more likely to succeed when you work hard every single day working out your body eating what's healthy, you might be making initially, what seems to be the difficult choice in terms of the

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effort. But long term, what do you have something that pays off long term, you're happier and healthier. This is one example. When we think of instant gratification, we are living in the 21st century in which for many people, but not all, instant gratification is always accessible, instant gratification, meaning instant desires, the fulfillment of what you desire, right now, companies that are offering all of us what same day deliveries, you're no longer waiting a few days, companies online as well, with the with the advent of technology and the fast internet speeds that we have and data and so on and so forth. Whatever you want to stream, you can stream at any moment. And when

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you're streaming, you're binge watching countless things back to back. These are tests for us, these are not just things you have access to. They are a trial for many people, what happens to the person who is so used to getting whatever they want instantly, when things are not given to them immediately, when they have to work hard enough or something when you have to work out every day, when you have to memorize a little Quran every day, when you have to read a juice every day. What happens long term, if you're so used to getting whatever you want with very little work and effort, our ability to be patient disappears, our ability to hold on erodes. And we see examples like this

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all the time. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us. And for those who are still not relating to this, this is like the person who's trying to eat healthy, and they're looking at that, let's say high calorie dessert. And they can't they cannot restrain themselves. So they give in to their knifes to their desires. And then of course, they regret it. And the next day they say I'll try again, they should try again. But try again and remember why you're doing what you're doing. Try again and remember that the pleasure that you think you're going to get is nothing compared to the long term pleasure that you will have. And this could apply to your studies your job that you're not

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socializing instead of, for example, studying or doing your project or working on an essay or taking care of your family and spending quality time and so on and so forth. This can this can apply to anyone who's waking up

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They're exhausted. And they're choosing between the desire of staying in bed versus what getting up praying budget, finding comfort of the heart, finding relief in one's affairs, finding reward with a law of finding the path of success. And so we have many examples we can all relate to for morning tonight, in terms of the choices that we make. And all of us all of us know that our lives essentially are a story of choices, decisions. And ultimately, the next life is all about compensation and reward and punishment based on the choices that we make here. And now, there's the famous marshmallow experiment, and it has many critiques, no doubt. But the young children who

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basically were told to wait a little longer and have twice the amount of desserts, some of them waited, and they were more successful later on in their lives in high school and college and later on in their professional careers and their relationships. They tended to be happier, mentally speaking, they tended to be more successful in terms of achieving specific goals that they wanted. And this is not surprising to anyone who just observes and reflects for a moment on what it means for you to say to yourself, no, I don't do that. No, I can hold on. No, I have patience. No, I have willpower. I'm stronger than that. I'm not going to be enslaved to my desires right now and regret

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this habit long term. May Allah subhanaw taala. Grant us resilience. Some studies found that generally speaking, as people experience different things in life, and as they grow older, they tend to sometimes be more aware of the importance of delayed gratification, whereas sometimes young people based on number one their parents, based on their families, and how they were raised, if they were raised with no delayed gratification, they were much more likely to be impulsive, to give into their desires to chase whatever they wanted. And if their parents raised them, teaching them in advance, teaching them about patience and self discipline and willpower, and why it's so important,

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and how it builds real strength and discipline and long term success. Those youngsters tended as they became youth and adults later on, they tended to be much more successful, they tended to also report much higher levels of happiness mentally speaking, as well we look at the example of or the factor of imagination, your perspective on your future. For example, when you think to yourself the pleasure of staying in bed, rather than praying to 100 or feathered on time, when you think of that pleasure of sleeping in and skipping your obligation with Allah subhanaw taala. You should be imagining to overcome this as you repent. And as you try time and again, and you don't give up, you

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should be thinking about the vision that you have for yourself, that if you were to perfect this habit, if you were to delay your desires, you were to delay your gratification, that you will find a greater gratification, a greater desire, but it may it may take time for you to develop that. So if you are not envisioning that future where you are healthier, where you are more successful, where you're reading more Quran, where you're taking care of your family, whatever goal you have, if you are not thinking of it, often you are likely to forget about it and then not be motivated. So many studies found that when people wrote down their goals, when you write down your goals, and you

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envision where you want to end up and you make dua for it, and as you're making dua for it, you're thinking about it, the more you are, the more you do that, and you plan and you organize, the more likely you are to succeed. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us success. And of course, we find that when it comes to delayed gratification, having willpower and submit this is one type of subject to restrain yourself from the wrong things from the wrong choices, requires first and foremost sincerely to Allah. It requires first and foremost real floss that you are being sincere to Allah. You don't know when you're going to leave this world. And the only thing you'll take to your grave

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are your sincere needs. We had just less than two weeks ago, less than two weeks. So in fact, it was just a few days ago in Dearborn, Michigan, a young man 18 years old who was speeding and then he ended up dying. And some of the youth in the community were moved by the some of his friends were shocked by this. He was just with us. He was at a wedding he was this and that, and now he's gone. The only thing you'll take to your grave are your sincere deeds, nothing else. Are we being sincere in private? Are we being consistent? are we holding back? Are we restraining our desires? Are we being patient in times of hardship? May Allah subhanaw taala keep us committed to Him and committed

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to our class Aloma Amin. When you commit to a process and you commit to Allah subhanaw taala. Think ahead, plan ahead your future self will you regret this decision this habit? Will you appreciate it? Will you celebrate it? This is why in the Quran, Allah describes the future to us in so much detail, in fact, in more detail than than any of the previous nations or previous messengers were given, as far as we know, the details we have about the day of judgment and the celebrations and the regrets that some people will have. So the believers will receive their books and they'll go around celebrating. Come read my book. Come look at what I did. I passed my test. I'm entering Jana, when

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they enter Jenna, the celebrations the reunions the conversations are detailed for us in the Quran, why? So we can plan ahead, envision yourself in that situation. Keep your eyes on what really matters. Don't be distracted by your disease.

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Don't be distracted by what you have in front of you. Do what you need to do to move forward to take care of your affairs. But plan ahead May Allah subhanaw taala protect us, as well. A de emphasis on that pleasure that you have. If you think to yourself, if you think to yourself, you're going to fall short towards a desire and you can't hold yourself back. Change your perspective, reframe that thing that you're about to do. That lack of restraint, that laziness or whatever it may be the lack of strength, reframe it as something negative, not something positive, reframe it as something you don't want to do. And in fact, although it may seem like it's going to lead you to a pleasure to

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sleep a little longer, or skip fidget or miss your assignment or miss your job, deadline, whatever it may be, think for a moment about the harm of the action, and the opposite of it. What would be better than this, what would be better is for me to actually push myself the body says one thing and my soul wants something else. The body is saying sleep, be lazy, fall into temptation, and your soul and your heart are thinking about Jana, you're thinking about Allah subhana wa Tada and out of love for Allah you choose to do the right thing. So stop yourself become more aware become more conscious as you are doing different things throughout the day or night and reframe your thoughts in private

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and in public may Allah subhanaw taala keep us consistent along that I mean, now later on in the Surah. Allah subhanaw taala continues, after describing this model, this kingdom that's waiting for the believers. Allah subhanaw taala says was a call him Rob Boone. Allah subhana will give them short Orban to hold a drink that is pure. Some scholars say based on opinions from the Sahaba that this is a drink they will have when they first enter Jannah that will purify them completely of anything negative and allow them to experience gender with no pain, no tribulations, no trials, no negativity, no bad thoughts, no envy, no jealousy, no exhaustion, no stress, no anxiety, we ask

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Allah subhanaw taala to grant us that eternally notice was a call home of a boom Shalabh and for hoorah elsewhere in the surah Allah describes the drinks that will be passed around in this ayah let's not drinks that we will be passed around with a cell phone camera boom their Lord will give them in other words, Allah Subhana Allah is preparing this reward for the believers. And then finally the crux of what we are getting at ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, In the Quran, Allah Quran Jazza what can you come Mascoutah all of this the rewards of Jannah and more the things we don't know about all of this is a reward for what used to do, and your efforts, your sorry, your efforts

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in this world, all your actions, they are appreciated by Allah, Allah subhanaw taala gives us the reward and then on top of that, appreciates. Now the word much cooler sugar, for us to appreciate and express gratitude, as servants of God is for us to to thank Allah subhanaw taala for the blessings that He gave us, and then to live by that gratitude. So use every blessing that you have your skills, your mind, your heart, your time, your family, your wealth, your job, whatever it may be, use it for the sake of Allah, that's real gratitude.

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But when Allah subhanaw taala we talk about Schuco in terms of Allah subhanho wa Taala we're talking about his appreciation of the servants efforts and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make us from amongst those who earn that reward Allahumma Amin Allah subhanaw taala says international asila alagille Quran it and Zillah we have brought down to you all Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the Quran, in stages in parts meaning over 23 years, so that this will be gradual, this will establish and make firm the Quran in his heart and the hearts of the believers this will be easier to apply and so on and so forth. But immediately after this Fosbury the hook Mirotic be patient. Be patient and wait

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for the Command of your Lord be patient with the decree of Allah. For Smith on the hook me robic wallet Oklahoman home Earthman Oka for the greatest way for you to gain suburb, the same suburb we are talking about to enter Jannah is through the Quran. Stay connected to the speech of Allah. How many times have we seen people passing away listening to the Quran and they died in a good state. And we may do that for them. And we said, That's so amazing. I hope we can do that. And then somebody says I don't listen to the Quran at all or I'm listening to music all the time. Or I'm not to reciting except in Ramadan, or until basically there's a wake up call until somebody dies in the

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community or family that this person is not even connecting to the speech of Allah. Do you know what you're missing? Do you know what you're chasing and what you're losing out on? You're losing something that is priceless, something that will heal you protect you preserve you, bless you and grant you the pathway to Jannah to this kingdom that we're talking about. And you're chasing what instant, you're chasing pennies. You're chasing desires. You're chasing the worldly shackles, you're chasing peer pressure and societal pressure for what? When you die all of that will stay here all of that will end and the only thing that you'll take are your sincere deeds. May Allah subhanaw taala

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keep us sincere, inconsistent Allama Amin. When we think about subid here we're talking about all types of sudden when people oppress you when Muslims are oppressed when you're going through calamity when you go

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When through hardship when you're dealing with illness when you're dealing with the pandemic when you're dealing with financial loss, may Allah preserve us and allow us to overcome our hardships and grant us in addition to that, the slobber that will lead to the maximum reward of the next life. If you want to hold on to your faith, start with the Quran. And this is why some of the previous scholars used to say, read the Quran in proportion to how much happiness you desire. Read the Quran in proportion to how much how much happiness you truly desire. And if you want to know where you are with Allah, look at where you are with his speech. And in addition to the Quran, what does Allah

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say, with charisma Rob Baker booklet and we'll see that remember the Name of your Lord glorify Him morning and evening. And then in addition to morning and evening, Wamena lady festered the who was a bit who Leyland will pray to Allah during the night and glorify Him subhanaw taala This includes prayer, and this includes general Vic, the one who is constantly remembering God, remembering the afterlife, remembering the blessings that you have thinking about your palace and Jenna thinking about what Allah has prepared, the one who is thinking ahead and waiting for long term pleasure and working hard right now will not have regrets. And the one who focuses on their desires right now old

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or young, regardless of where they come from. If they're chasing every desire as it comes about as their thoughts basically emerge, if they chase every desire, they are likely to be regretful in this life, and in the next life. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and grant us strength and vision and wisdom. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for all of our sins and make us for amongst those who benefit from what we hear, seek forgiveness from Allah He is the oft forgiving the Ever Merciful accordion folder that was stuck to the Lord, you want to confess that through in the hood of a folder?

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was so happy woman why Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us the pathway and the consistency to earning the highest levels of Jannah We ask Allah to detach our hearts from this world and all the distractions of this world. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make our greatest concern. The athletes our greatest concern the highest levels of Jannah Allama Amin, what can we say in addition to all of this, take advantage of the Cleon prayer take advantage before Ramadan comes around. If you're not praying Cleon, at least two records before you sleep at least two records before you sleep, if you're not taking advantage

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of pm start now. Because to rock is that you pray sincerely, and you pray regularly and consistently can be the Toorak hours that determine where you end up in this life and the next, these two records can change your life that can make all the difference between happiness and sadness. These two rock stars as you pray them and you take your time and you ask Allah and sujood for whatever you want and for guidance and forgiveness and blessings, and so on and so forth. Ask Allah subhanaw taala knowing that he will accept knowing that this is a blessed time, knowing that you're not praying for any you know anyone in this world you're praying sincerely between you and Allah subhana wa Tada to rakaats

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can absolutely change your life. In terms of our pursuit for Jana, with the severity patients mentioned in the Surah. We say number one, as a gentle reminder, push yourself harder towards gender, you can do more, we can all do more. And we know that push yourself harder towards gender and planning for Jana. If something matters to you, you plan for it. When something really matters to you, you plan and you prepare for it. So for example, when someone really cares about their very first job interview, they plan for it, they prepare for it, what do I need to learn when they're applying to colleges? What do I need to do when they're taking exams? What do I need to what do I

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need to succeed? When something matters to you, you value it and therefore you prepare for it. You plan for it? If gender matters to you than planned for it, prepare for it. This requires daily reflection. Where am I today? And what do I need to change for tomorrow? What am I doing in my job in my home, in terms of leisure and entertainment for the sake of Allah that it can also intend? For his sake, can I increase my vicar and dua can I increase my review of the Quran as I'm working as I'm walking as I'm driving, and so on and so forth, push yourself harder. Number two, be patient have some in times of hardship, and especially when it comes to connecting to the Quran, connect to

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regulate to the speech of Allah and you will find yourself having the subsidy that you need through these reminders through that envisioning of the future through the rewards of the author that it will be worth it Will Smith was will be patient for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala in Allah ma sobbing. And finally, number three, the next time you're inclined to tempted to give in to some kind of desire or temptation or bad habit. Stop yourself in that moment and acknowledge what you're doing and reflect. Is this something that's really long term pleasure? Is this something that I'll appreciate later? And how much longer can I keep doing the same thing before I change? Is it not

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time to change? Is it not time to take action? May Allah subhana wa Tada keep us consistent. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for all of our sins and may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to continue to work to Jannah through our difficult

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times and the times of ease May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to hold on to the Quran and dhikr and DUA and prayer during the night and fasting during the day. And may Allah subhanaw taala utilize all of us to benefit other people around the world along with Amin Allama fitted in what meaning I wouldn't want me not wanting Muslim you know when Muslim and even when when and what Allah friendly Why did he know what he wanted? He wanted Dena Allahumma Yamaha level peruviana saw a bit Kuru banana Denecke Allah Medina What have you been our Jana sub eliminator Allahu Akbar Al Huda what to call well alpha for one Alina Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad and Phil Awadhi

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in Reno Athena mela in honor you know your Medina Allah has been sorted Islam or isn't Muslim in Allah has been solely Muslim in and mustafina if he couldn't Lima can frequently makan equally makan yeah they'll generally when a Quran Allah Martha Anna Bella Alibaba Mirotic or hamara Amin along what is open Arsenal hajima wa John Hydra Yamuna Yeoman al parque Allahumma XOpen Alfredo Sal Allah the lady haisa bureaucratically, hammerlock Amin Robina attina for dunya, hustler waffle Filati Johanna walking out of and now welcome Islam