Parables of the Qur’an – Parable #38 – The Backbiter

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Which is mentioned

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the next Surah Surah Thornhill gerat

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number 12 of solar to rot

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Attorney boo Kathy

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in one

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day just Says who?

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bah bah

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bah Boo. Boo

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coolala e Matan to? What telco law in law

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says here in sort of 200

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Oh you who believe.

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Avoid many suspicion

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of one,

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avoid many suspicions.

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For indeed some suspicions are sinful

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and do not spy nor backbite one another. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother,

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you would hate it and fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Accepting of repentance, and he is the merciful.

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This parable and this comparison that Allah gives us is concerning backbiting and the one who back bites his Muslim brothers or sisters.

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And what we see here is how Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed Sula, toolholder rot, to address

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many, many issues related to

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social evils,

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evils and, you know, sins related to

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related to the Muslim community

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and certain adab that we Muslims should have with one another.

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And that was a point of why Allah revealed sort of 200 it was revealed at the very end

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of the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when many, many people had accepted Islam.

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you had so many people coming from so many different backgrounds in so many different places, all of them gathered in Medina.

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So this caused

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many social ills,

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to become prevalent among people,

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social ills, like looking down on one another,

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looking at some people and starting to have evil suspicions about them

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in the heart, that Oh, so and so he did this because of this.

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He did that because of this, you know, having suspicions.

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Evil suspicions about others,

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making fun of one another, as the law says earlier on, liars, heart, calm and calm.

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Let not one group of you to make fun of another. So all of these dimensions here as sort of 1200.

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And then among the things that Olam mentions here

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is do not back by one another. And so backbiting is another social ill a social evil that is prevalent among us human beings

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and allies forbidding us from it.

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And so here a lot compares.

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ripping the honor of your Muslim brother

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ripping the reputation of your Muslim brother or sister Allah compares that

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to ripping apart the flesh of your Muslim brother or sister.

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So this is a comparison being made here. ripping the

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honor and the reputation of your Muslim brother or sister, a lot compares that to ripping apart the actual flesh of your Muslim brother or sister.

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And so the dead

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of the Muslims are to be honored and respected. Just like when they are alive. This is an Islamic mandate.

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It is mandatory for us Muslims, to honor

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the dead body of a Muslim, just like we would honor it, when, when he is alive.

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So imagine now coming to the body of your dead Muslim brother,

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whose soul is absent from their body.

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And you come to their dead body, and you start to cut it up,

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and you start to eat it.

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His soul is not there.

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He is completely incapable of doing anything to defend himself, he's dead.

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He can't defend himself.

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Likewise, the one who back bites his Muslim brother or sister, he does so when, in his absence behind his back, ripping apart his honor his reputation, while he is completely incapable of doing anything, to defend himself,

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and to defend his honor to defend his reputation.

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And so you see the the comparison that one makes here.

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And since the very essence of brotherhood among the believers,

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is to protect one another

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and preserve one another's honor and reputation. This is the very essence of our Muslim Brotherhood.

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And since that is the very essence of our, our bond, the bond of a man,

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the one who therefore now comes and attacks that honor, and that reputation

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is no different to the one who cuts up the flesh of his dead Muslim brother or sister whose body is supposed to be protected and preserved.

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And since the one who back likes, his Muslim brother or sister does so by taking pleasure in it.

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I mean, whoever back bites, when they do that, they don't do it without pleasure. They do it taking pleasure in doing so. When you speak ill about your Muslim brother or sister

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behind their back.

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You take pleasure,

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you take pleasure in doing that.

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enjoying it, loving it.

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And so this is why a lot resembles such a person

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to one who takes pleasure in eating

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the dead the flesh of his dead Muslim brother or sister.

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And that's because eating the flesh is a further step

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from simply cutting it up.

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cutting it up is one thing,

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but then taking it and eating it.

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This is

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completely a different step. There are people murderers, who

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kill people

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and they even cut up their body into pieces.

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But how many times have you heard

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murders in history

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after having cut up those dead bodies,

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having them making a feast out of it and eating it.

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So it's, you know, a step way further than simply cutting it up.

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Just like

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just like the backbiting

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is a step after

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simply tarnishing

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and ripping the honor and reputation of your Muslim brother or sister. And so if you

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if you rip up and tarnish

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the reputation the honor of your Muslim brother or sister

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that's one thing.

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But then

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to go around and back by him or her enjoying that

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then that is another step.

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That's why Allah compares it here to eating the dead flesh of your Muslim brother or sister.

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Also notice how Allah starts off by asking, Are you sure?

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Would any of you love

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after a law says, lay off the bow to convey hava

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Do not let

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Do not let some of you to back by others do not back by one another after a lot forbids us from backbiting and Riba

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right after that, or at the end, a lot ends by saying,

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for Katie to move, you would then hate it, you would dislike it. So just like you would hate this act

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of eating the flesh of your dead Muslim brother.

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How can you love what is similar to

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and so just like you hate that, meaning just like you hate this act of eating

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the dead flesh of your Muslim brother or sister just like you would hate that? You would dislike it, you will detest it.

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Likewise, you should equally hate this act of Allah Riba of backbiting that you actually love, and you take pleasure in.

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And so this is the comparison that Allah gives us here. This is the parable that we have here. Among the lessons that we learned from this from this parable is firstly,

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that Lieber

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backbiting is a major sin in Islam. It's not something like

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it's not a minor sin. It is a major sin. What defines a major sin? The scholars they say, any sin

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that there is a particular specific punishment mentioned regarding it, or that Allah has cursed such people.

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And so,

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Elisa is a major sin because of the punishment related to it.

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This verse is an example of that, and also the many Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about the dangers of backbiting. What is the definition of a leader?

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And this is where many Muslims they get confused.

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And so they fall into backbiting, thinking that it's completely fine. Because they did not understand the definition of backbiting.

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And LIBOR, the scholars they say, Vic cuca, a hawk habima Chakra

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to mention your Muslim brother

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by something that he dislikes,

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to mention your Muslim brother or sister

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by what they dislike being mentioned about them,

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obviously behind their back in their absence,

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that you will never dare say this thing that you are seeing behind their back, you would never dare say in front of them.

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You wouldn't ever dare say it in front of them.

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And so it is something that they dislike. Some people say, okay, there's no problem with me talking about so and so in such a way because it's actually true.

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Even if it was true about that person, even if he was not alive, it is a lever, because it is something that they dislike being said about.

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And so we need to understand what is a lever in Islam in order to stay away from it. Because unfortunately, this is a social issue that is prevalent among Muslims today. And they don't even realize the danger of it. They don't even realize that they're falling into it.

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And they think that you know, they are not falling into the sin. The second lesson that we learned here is

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that ilieva backbiting only happens in the absence of the taqwa of Allah

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and the maraca.

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This sense of Allah watching us in our hearts,

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as well as not contemplating over the punishment for such a sin.

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And that's why

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here in this verse, how does Allah ended off

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right after Allah mentions a prohibition of backbiting and gives us this comparison, right after that Allah says

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What duckula and fear Allah

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in the law had to worry about right?

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As if to say

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a lot as if Allah is saying, Fear Allah, you have definitely fallen into Riba in Nova to webo Rahim but remember, Allah is the one who accepts our repentance, and He is the Most Merciful. So we'll turn to a lot and seek His repentance, seek His forgiveness.

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the reason why we say that backbiting only happens in the absence of taqwa

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is because whoever realizes the hideous repulsive nature

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of backbiting that Allah has presented here, that it is like eating the dead flesh of your Muslim brother.

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If we had this image in our minds,

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that this is what that waiting is equal to, we would never have done it.

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We would never do it. But why do we fall into Riba because

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the taqwa of Allah is absent.

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And remembering this picture

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in the Quran, is absent.

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And so the next time you ever get tempted by shaitan, to,

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you know, back by your Muslim brother or sister,

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bring to your mind this comparison, in Surah Taha gerat

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And remember,

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that if I do this, it is no different

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to eating the dead flesh of my Muslim brother or sister. Finally, among the lessons that we learned here

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is that we have to safeguard our tongue.

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We have to safeguard our tenant we have to preserve and protect our tongue

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and keep it busy with what is beneficial.

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Because this tongue, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us of its danger.

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This tongue is sharper than a sword.

00:17:21--> 00:17:23

When we allow our tongue

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to just say whatever our knifes once

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it hurts, it hurts and it injures people

00:17:35--> 00:17:37

worse than that of a sword.

00:17:39--> 00:17:42

And so on would have been a hubbub. But although

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he says, beware of always remembering people,

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for it is a disease, remembering people in the sense of

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beware of always recalling,

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you know what other people are doing.

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always talking about other people be aware of this, because there are some people, they have this habit, whenever they are in a social gathering, they start mentioning so and so and so and so. And talking about them, obviously talking about them in in a negative way.

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And so I'm going to Barbara de la Han, he says, beware of remembering people for it is a disease.

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But remember a lot for it is a cure.

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And so either you will be busy in your heart with remembering the people and always talking about people or you will busy your heart with remembering a lot. And so one is a disease and the other is a cure. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect us from all kinds of sins, especially this sin of a Lieber and an amoeba and all kinds of sins that are related to the tongue. We ask Allah Subhana who without to forgive us, our shortcomings and our sins. With that we come to the end of this session subhanak Allahu Allah be hemmed. shredwell La Ilaha Illa and esto Furukawa tuberculate was Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh