99 Names of Allah #69 Al-Afuw

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes Allah's type of forgiveness, which is when one takes action for something they did wrong, and it is a difficult type of forgiveness that requires attention and forgiveness. The type of forgiveness that overlooks actions is a difficult one to forget, and it is a difficult type of forgiveness that does not lead to embarrassment. Allah's actions are not just a mistake, but a type of forgiveness that requires effort and effortless focus.
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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is Allahu Allah subhanho wa Taala is an awful, awful is a type of forgiveness that Allah has for the people who believe. And this is a really amazing level of forgiveness. It's because normal forgiveness is when let's say, you do something wrong, and then the person knows and notices that you do something wrong. And then you kind of have to say that you're sorry. Right? That is a little bit embarrassing, it's a little bit hard, because you have to admit that you were wrong. It has to draw attention to the bad thing that you did. And the bad thing that you did is probably a little bit embarrassing.

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And I fu is a special type of forgiveness that's different. It's a type of forgiveness that overlooks the thing that you did wrong. It's the type of forgiveness that doesn't bring it up, that doesn't even make you aware that they know what you did.

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Can you imagine this in our lives with our families? Can you imagine for example, if your brother or your sister took your favorite toy, and destroyed it, they broke it. They weren't supposed to play with it at all in the first place. They grabbed it, they took it someplace, they threw it out the window from the second story, and it's now destroyed, you can't use it anymore.

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You would be very upset.

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And it would be so hard to forgive your brother or your sister for doing that. You might want to hold a grudge, you might want to be angry at them. You might want to take their favorite toy and do the same thing to them.

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You certainly don't want to accept their forgiveness if they say that they were sorry. And they feel bad and they wish they hadn't done it.

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Now imagine that you're not just even being asked to forgive but imagine overlooking that in the first place.

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Imagine pretending,

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pretending that they never took your toy that they never broke your toy. Just going on like normal.

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That's extremely hard to do. Very few people can do that sort of thing. But for Allah, he's an awful. He does it all the time for us, if we believe if we try. There are so many mistakes that we do every day. And Allah is awful. Some of them are a great number of them. Allah is not even going to draw our attention to it. He's going to overlook it and pretend like it didn't even happen.

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That makes a lot a lot awful. And that's all for tonight. So now my econ Rafaela