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AI: Summary © The heart is the heart of the heart and the brain is the heart. The heart is the one who controls the heart and its functions, and the brain is the center of consciousness and conscience. The importance of strong intentions and strong emotions is emphasized, as it is the starting point of any act and is a core aspect of any relationship. The heart is the most powerful body in the human body, producing energy and rhythmic Britain, and the heart is the most dangerous and most vulnerable energy in the human body. The importance of sincerity and laughs in the relationship with Allah subhanaw taala is emphasized, and strong intentions and strong emotions are crucial for achieving happiness and joy in one's life. The importance of strong intentions and strong emotions is emphasized, as it is the starting point of any act and is a core aspect of any relationship.
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We'll get started now inshallah

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I will be learning Mina shaytani rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in Al Hamdulillah Hina meadow Anna starring a horn Estelle fiddle, why not all the bIllahi min jewelry and fusina Huaming say e tr Melina Mejia de la who Fela Mobley Lella or my little fella her the hola eyeshadow Allah La la la hora de or luxury color or shadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah Hora solo and my bad. We're really All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him we seek His help and we seek his forgiveness. We seek refuge with Allah from the evil within ourselves and the evil consequences of our evil actions. Whoever Allah subhanaw taala guides and uncon misguide and whoever is led astray none can guide I bet

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witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah He is alone and has no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his slave and messenger salaam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh to the dear sisters attending this online conference, may Allah subhanaw taala reward the organizers and reward the attendees and reward our beloved honored guest speakers who we have lined up for today on this beautiful topic of the heart. So before we start, I want you to Inshallah, start to settle in with yourself really be connected Inshallah, to the presentations that we have coming up. Those of you who like to take notes, it's always encouraged to take notes

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inshallah to increase the benefit of what inshallah we will cover and that we can all learn from. A quick disclaimer is that I'm here yes as as a guest speaker, but I am in this journey alongside you, my dear sisters in the journey towards purifying our hearts, educating our hearts and inshallah strengthening our hearts for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and ultimately for his pleasure. So please forgive me for any shortcomings on my part. In today's talk, Inshallah, what I will cover is the concept of the heart in Islam, the brain heart connection, the corrupters of the heart, some of the qualities of the heart of the believing Muslim woman, as indicated by the title of my talk the

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heart of the believing woman, as well as looking at the commitment to change, and we'll finish inshallah with some tips on strengthening the heart. I want to apologize in advance for any overlap that might happen with the other speakers. It's a bit hard and vague to know what exactly they might talk about. So, apologies to the esteemed speakers in case I do overlap. But inshallah we know that Allah smart Allah says that reminder indeed benefits the believers. So the more we're reminded, Inshallah, the more we will,

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you know, internalize and benefit from the information that's shared. So I want you to take a deep breath, as I will as well.

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And I want you to reflect on the state of your heart, and we where you're at in life right now.

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Over the years, I've met many, many sisters and young people from various backgrounds, from not just here where I'm from in Australia, but around the world as I've traveled and done speaking in different countries, and, more often than not, the state of the people coming in approaching asking for advice, or coming to a lesson or coming to a talk with tear filled eyes, reaching out for hope, that Allah subhanaw taala would accept them, that they would be a welcomed part of the Muslim community in the Muslim ummah at large. Whether it was a sister who was stained by the sins of her past, whether it was a revert, who felt like she wasn't welcomed into the community or didn't have a

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sense of support, or to a young person who wanted to get closer to Allah subhanaw. Darline wanted to build their Iman and their Islamic identity, yet struggled to do so because of the lack of support or the lack of education. And ultimately, what happens is people feel like they are not good enough for Allah Spano dollars acceptance and forgiveness, not good enough to be a part of the Muslim community or to be identified as a practicing Muslim. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts with whatever state of heart you are in now in attendance, and to insha Allah allow you to experience some sort of transformation, some sort of opening, some sort of new insight and some sort

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Comfort and reassurance that this difficult and challenging journey of life that we are all experiencing, that you aren't alone in, that we will inshallah come out of this stronger than ever alone. I mean,

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so what does Allah subhanaw taala tell us, you know about the heart, obviously, we're going to journey through that. We're going to look at what the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and other scholars have commented about the heart, the heart we know in Arabic as bone, okay, and the Arabic word God takes its name and meaning from referring to something that goes through constant changes, ups and downs variations to call lube, reflecting the innate nature of our hearts always changing up and down, strong faith, weak, faith, hopeful, hopeless, strong and vibrant and motivated, and sometimes dark, weak, and disillusioned. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam

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explains this where he says the heart that God takes its name from constant changes. The likeness of the heart is like a feather at the root of a tree being turned over and over by the wind. Also, he says the likeness of a heart is like that of a feather on an empty plot of land being blown over and over by the wind, our hearts get thrown by the things that we experience in life. This is a guarantee. Our hearts will go through various changes and various hardships and various types of movement due to our life experiences due to our internal work or internal state, may allotments Allah strengthen us. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam also said that the heart of Adam, it changes

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more quickly then a pot or a pan of boiling water. You see the movement in a pot of boiling water that's the heart changes so quickly.

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Allah's masala says in the Quran about the heart. The day when wealth and children will not benefit anyone but only one who comes to Allah with a sound heart, and Paradise will be brought near that day to the righteous. Our goal is to bring our heart in a state of soundness to Allah subhanaw taala. In order to do that, we need to try to experience that soundness in life, that clarity, that strength that groundedness the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah, some said about the heart, truly in the body, there is a morsel of flesh, if it be whole and sound, all the body is whole and sound, and which if it is diseased, then all of it the whole body of it is disease and what is this truly it is

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the heart. Even as by him rocking my whole long he says that the death of the heart, may Allah protect us we never want to have dead hearts, is caused by the lack of reckoning oneself and through following one's desires. Another quote is that the four things are the causes of doom, dry eyes, never weeping a hard heart, hoping for a long life and eagerness for this world.

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We have to be aware that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who turns hearts and controls them as we know, one of the favorite dua of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he would say Yamaka liberal clubs have been called the Isla de Nick, or Turner of the hearts make my heart steadfast in the religion. The Prophet saw a long run and some said about Allah subhanaw taala. Being in control of the heart, he said, the hearts of the children of Adam are between the two fingers of the All Merciful like one heart, and he turns them in whatever way he wills, then he SallAllahu Sallam made the DUA, oh Allah control of the hearts direct our hearts to obey you.

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So we have to understand that Allah subhanaw taala is the ultimate controller of the hearts and he turns it like between two fingers. And whichever way or direction He decrees that he'd be turned is up to him. But we have the responsibility to choose to direct our hearts to Allah subhanaw taala throughout our lives, in every way that we can and through everything that we do, and intend and utter. When we look at the heart, in world culture, Allah wants Allah says that on the day nothing will benefit a human being nothing on the Day of Judgment, neither wealth nor children's and nothing dunya will benefit us except the one who brings to Allah, a sound heart. So what is this sound

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heart? It's one that is free of defects, one that is free of spiritual blemishes. And although this the spiritual heart is centered in the physical heart, the heart being referred to that we're talking about is the spiritual heart obviously not the physical heart. In ancient Chinese medicine, an interesting note the heart

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Elsa is what is known as chin, the colored chin, which is a spirit. And the Chinese character for the heart is thinking, thought, love and virtue, and intending to listen, all contained in the ideogram of the heart. So that's an interesting Eastern fact or concept. So what can take place in the heart thinking, thought, not just the mind, love and virtue.

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So in fact, in every culture of the world, people use metaphors that deal with the heart in English, we call people who are cruel, we say they are hard hearted people. There's also the idea of having a cold heart or a warm heart. People who don't hide their emotions. Well, they say that or they wear their heart on their sleeve. When we're deeply affected by something, we say he affected me in my heart, or in my core. In English, the word core it means innermost. And in Arabic, the equivalent of innermost is the word lobe, which comes from the Latin word meaning heart. So the core of the human being is the heart. When we look at the word courage, it also comes from the same root word as heart

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because courage is centered in the heart. The most ancient indo European word for heart means that which leaps, the heart leaps or beats in the breast of men. And for example, people say, Oh, my heart skipped a beat in reaction to seeing somebody that they really liked. And many metaphors are used for the heart.

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When we look at people in their state of hearts, the ancients were aware of spiritual diseases, and this is certainly the essence within the Islamic teachings. One of the first things that the Quran defines is the three types of people, the more we know on the calf you're on, and the more now if you're born, the movement on the believers, the true believers are those whose hearts are alive. While the calf Iran are people whose hearts are dead, or in a state of rejection of the truth and recognition of Allah subhanaw taala. Then we have the Mona Lisa cone, who are people who have disease and sickness in their hearts, my allotments Allah protects us and we know many generations

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which describe the traits and qualities of them. Whenever you're born and we read it, we should be terrified that we have some of these traits and qualities. Allah wants to Allah says about the heart in their heart is a disease and they were increased in their disease, which is connected to another verse where Allah swans, Allah says when their hearts deviated Allah made them deviate further. So the direction decision making the human being starts in the heart, when Allah swats up when somebody turns away from Allah subhanaw taala. Or last month, Allah causes them to deviate further from him further from the truth. When we look at the connection between the heart and the brain, a lot of

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people are unaware of the science behind the connection between the heart and the brain. And people think, no, you think and you have logic and your intelligence is only in the mind, the physical brain, but the heart has great intelligence Pamela, when we look at the function of the heart, the actual physical heart, it beats in, in our chest about 100,000 times per day, pumping two gallons of blood per minute, 100 gallons per hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year, in our entire lifetime. Subhan Allah and hamdulillah What a miracle and a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. The vascular system that sends this life giving blood throughout our bodies is over 60,000

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miles long, which is two times the circumference of the earth. That's how long the vascular system is in our body. So it's interesting to note that the heart in the formation of the embryo, it starts beating before the brain is formed, the heart begins to beat without any central nervous systems panela the dominant theory was that the central nervous system is what was controlling the entire human being from the brain. Yet we know in fact, the nervous system does not initiate the heartbeat. It is self initiated, heart starts beating on its own. We know obviously it's not on its own, it starts beating through the permission of Allah subhanaw taala in the Command of Allah subhanaw

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taala. When we look at the heart being the center of the human being, as I mentioned earlier, many people think you know the misconception that the brain being the center of consciousness, but Allah wants to Allah says about the heart, referring to understanding coming from the heart, Allah says they have hearts that they are not able to understand with. So according to us, Muslims, the center of human consciousness is the heart and not the brain itself. And only recently, an amazing fact. They've discovered that within the heart, there are over 40,000 New

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neurons. In other words, the cells in the heart are communicating sending messages to your brain. So we have to understand that there is a two way communication between the brain and the heart, the brain sends messages to the heart. But the heart also sends messages to the brain. The brain receives these messages from the heart which reach the amygdala and the thalamus. And the cortex receives input from the amygdala and the thalamus that it processes to produce any emotion. And a new cortex relates to learning and reasoning, these processes, they're all recent discoveries. And although we don't fully understand them, we do know that the heart is an extremely sophisticated

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organ. But Allah subhanaw taala already told us over 1400 years ago, that the understanding comes from the heart. So as Muslims, we need to be very clear that in Islamic thought, the center of consciousness and conscience is actually the heart and not the brain, as western science tells us. There was a study done in the 1970s, where two physiologist discovered that when the brain sent messages to the heart, the heart did not automatically obey the messages. Sometimes the heart spit up, while other times it slowed down, indicating what the heart has its own type of intelligence.

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So it's a very new science, this study of the connection between the heart and the brain. And we know that our knowledge of the heart and the soul will always be limited as a last month, Allah says, And they asked you a Mohammed about the soul. So the law Marley who was selling the soul is the affair of my Lord and mankind have been given of knowledge except a little, you know, we only use 10% of our brains and his sisters. So how can we rely on the brain intelligence we have to operate from the heart which is so expensive.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentions the heart at least 110 times in the Quran.

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So when it's mentioned, the heart is always referred to its thinking power, that the heart being a place of operation and decision making of the human being and intelligence of the human being. Also wants to Allah states who are more evil than those who are reminded of their lords proofs then they disregard them without realizing what they are doing. Cause consequently, Allah says we place shields on their hearts preventing them from understanding it the Quran and deafness in their ears, thus, no matter what you do to guide them, they can never be guided.

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The heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body's organs they can measure they have these

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pole things connected to wires and they can place it around the body they can connect electrodes and they can measure the energy emitted from us as human beings in general we emit energy and we know this you know

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that we are electrical beings as well as physical beings. But the heart is has the highest level of electromagnetic energy Spamalot its electric field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than electric electrical activity generated by the brain 60 times greater the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain and can be detected a number of feet away from the body in all directions.

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So this is what we have to understand we have to realize that our hearts something as simple as an intention and Nia is emitting an electrical energy which can impact those around us because we know others can be impacted by the electromagnetic energy which goes through mobile phones which goes through any electrical device as well as other human beings, that electrical

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electromagnetic signal from another human being. So we have to realize you know when we talk about people have good energy or bad energy, it's a real thing. There is science to back it and you know, we have to understand that even the concept of keeping company with people or the types of friends we have we know the famous Hadith about you know, the perfume salah or the the blacksmith you take their scent, or you get impacted by them you will be affected by the energy that they emit.

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The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam says in a hadith about the heart being a source of knowledge, he said that what is a wrong action a wrong action is something which irritates the heart out. Fitzroy is connected to knowing what is right and wrong simply through a feeling in the heart. So the heart

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surely knows wrong actions innately. And, you know, this is one of the reasons why people can do terrible things. But ultimately they are the ones who are affected negatively. In Crime and Punishment, book written, the Russian author does dusty, Dusty offski He indicates that the crime itself is the perpetrators punishment because human beings have to live with the results of their actions, their souls are affected. So when we do something wrong, when we commit a sin, our hearts are affected by it and it is punishing ourselves. And we know that Allah wants Allah says, you know, whatever wrong you do you do against your own self. Yes, a sin can impact on her another, but

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ultimately a sin, it hurts you. It affects your conscience, it affects your sense of happiness and well being and contentment. May Allah subhanaw taala, forgive us. When people do something against the hearts, they act against their souls, and that actually affects human beings to the degree that they will go into a state of spiritual agitation. And people will use many ways to cover up that spiritual agitation. And that's what the word covered means. Cofer means to cover up. People want to cover up the wrong that they are doing the crimes they're committing. And ultimately, we know the worst crime is to associate partners with Allah subhanaw taala. So what do people do to cover up

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this agitation that they feel they use alcohol, drugs, sexual experimentation, or they go and pursue things to satiate or to give themselves a high or a numbing sense through seeking power through seeking wealth through seeking fame further and further taking themselves into a state of heedlessness submerging themselves into this dunya world, which again, unfortunately, causes them to forget their essential nature and forget their hearts. So people become cut off from their hearts through the wrong that they do.

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What are the corrupters of the hearts we need to be aware of this really important we should have this list you know, written on on our walls to remind us that these are the things that will corrupt my heart, I have to guard myself against them. Number one is excessive socializing, mixing too much, too much friend time or too much hanging out time or too much, even if it's with family too much leisure li socializing. Number two corrupt of the heart is wishful thinking. Number three is attachment to others besides Allah subhanaw taala. Number four is eating ones fill Subhanallah eating until you're full affects your heart. And there's a lot of detail into that I'm not going to

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go into into these corrupters because that's not my topic and shall and maybe one of the other speakers will go in depth. And the fifth one is sleep. sleeping too much affects the heart. A big thing. An important note is to know that it is heedlessness which ultimately sickens the heart. So one of the things about being cut off from the heart is that the more cut off ones heart becomes, from Allah subhanaw taala from the realities of life, the sicker the heart grows. Why? Because the heart needs nourishment. And when we are in a state of heedlessness, it starves the spiritual heart, when we are unaware of Allah subhanaw taala or heedless of all those masala and Clara reality,

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accountability, eternal life to come after this life, we become unaware of the infinite world in relation to this finite world, unaware that we are in this world for a temporary period of time. When we look at the infinite world compared to the finite world,

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suddenly our concerns become

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sorry, Hang on one second, when we

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become unaware of the infinite world in relation to the finite world, unaware that we're in this world for a temporary period, we become heedless of that infinite world. Know, when we are aware of the infinite world to the life of the Ultra, which is everlasting and never ends, then we become focused on that infinite world and not on the finite world. So in other words, when we are completely immersed with this finite world, distracted, absorbed into the dunya, believing that we will be here forever and that this is where we are building a life and believing that we're not going to be accountable for our actions. This in and of itself is what ultimately will lead to the

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spiritual death of our hearts. However, before the heart dies, what happens to it, it becomes putrid and fell and Osho many symptoms and these are the spiritual diseases of the heart, which again is a another topic that is really important for us to learn about that

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You know, the consequences of heedlessness will lead to the spiritual further and further into that falling to the spiritual diseases of the heart and the corruption and the destruction and ultimately the death of the heart meaning the death of the good.

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The goodness of the soul and the awareness of the soul.

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So the sisters what are the qualities of the heart of a believing woman? That insha Allah Tala, we are all aspiring towards aiming towards hoping for there are certain positive attributes and actions of the heart that we have to build and work upon, in order to attain this heart of the believing woman so we can be like the believing women of the past, who were living for nothing but Allah subhanaw taala in servitude to him in servitude to their families and community and to the Ummah, ready to sacrifice their very lives for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And for this religion to be dominant in dominant in the world, not caught up and absorbed, and intoxicated by the life of the

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So when we looked and I mentioned the diseases of the heart,

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we have to know for how we can prevent or potentially cure those diseases. So inshallah these points will help. The first one is sincerity or laughs the believing woman is sincere. This is one of the most important aspects because we learn in Islamic tradition, that it is the starting point of any act, and that's what we will be rewarded, rewarded for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said in a hadith in normal Armelle orbignya What nama liquid limited Eman our actions about by intentions and every person will have what they intend within this life or the next or both, or inshallah predicted but you know from something comfortable. Some say that it loves or purity this cleanness this

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sincerity is to single out Allah subhanaw taala alone, in obedience to Him. It's also been defined as leaving showing off and having pure actions in the presence of others. So for us as sincere worshipers, we should only be concerned in the forefront of our minds is our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala, even if it means losing our status with the people, and this is a very important

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point of indicating your level of class. How much do you care about what the people think and say about you? And how much do you care about what the last ones are Allah, in his opinion or his view of you is pleasure with you. So

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the sincere worship ah, is always concerned with Allah subhanaw taala first and foremost, also, another indicator is that when a person a person hates that anyone would know the good that he or she does. They don't look for any benefits with a financial whether social, whether material to any good that they do, they want nothing from anyone, nothing in return. They do good for Allah subhanaw taala without any expectation may Allah subhanaw taala help us to do that and be that and we know for women, mothers wives, often those closest to you are who you serve the most and sacrifice the most for. And if we fall into our lower selves, we end up expecting back from those individuals or

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at least expecting gratitude that they should be grateful. And of course, a child should be grateful to the parents, spouses should be grateful to one another. But if it's for Allah subhanaw taala it shouldn't matter. If you get anything in return from anyone for the good that you do, Sophia and authority. May Allah be pleased with him, he said, I have not struggled to cure anything more difficult than my intention.

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The intention is step one for the heart

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to try to cure and purify it to make it solely for Allah subhanaw taala and it is a constant battle. Because you could have good intentions right now, do something good and beautiful. And even after you've done it, you decide to for example, you you gift someone something

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or you help someone when they were sick, and you did it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for your love for that person, you know for, for good. It was a pure intention. And then a time goes by, you have a conflict with that person or they wronged you or harm you, and then you decide to attack but I did this for you but I did that for you. And you just lost the reward for that goodness. You corrupted your own intention after a good deed. So this is why we shouldn't make dua when we do good to ask Allah subhanaw taala

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got to accept it even after we've done the good deed to continue to ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept it and we know that the Companions may Allah be pleased with them all. After Ramadan they would for months make dua for Allah subhanaw taala to accept the worship and the effort that they made in Ramadan

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they didn't want to just be known as there were Ramadan Muslims in you know the I intended for a lot they were good then then after Ramadan they like they think or they're deluded, we could be easily deluded to think out the acceptance of our deeds is guaranteed. Another quality of the believing woman is of the heart of the believing woman is within her heart. She carries deep love for Allah subhanaw taala the action of love, you know, they say love is a verb. If you love someone or something, it shows and manifests in your actions. So many people around the world will say, I believe in Allah in my heart, I'm Muslim in my heart, but I didn't practice or I don't do this or I

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don't do that and they think that is sufficient. It's not sufficient. Since sincerity of that love, will cause in the manifestation of action and good deeds in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala this love for Allah smart Allah as we mentioned about the heart being able to emanate amazing electromagnetic fields on Allah they, I would love to see research done with a measure when someone's making dua, the level of energy of the DUA and we know that atmosphere when you are on Hajj or Umrah or in Masjid Al Nabawi there's something in the ES panela the energy in the feeling is it's like it's not in this world. Why? Because of the love emanating from all the worshipers who are

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there, calling on Allah subhanaw taala that direct beautiful connection in Salah and DUA and reciting of Quran that takes place in these blessed places. So the love will ensure that this woman, she remembers her Lord constantly and continuously and she uses every possible means to do optional deeds to please Him. When you love someone you want to please them know when you first fall in love. For example,

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when you're first married, that you know the honeymoon phase, you're making this most scrumptious food that your spouse likes you are dressing in a way and presenting yourself in a way that they like you want to make everything nice because you love them. Right and then obviously, for many it wears off after a while but inshallah we can build ourselves to be consistent. Or if we've stopped some of those acts of love, we bring them back. But in the same way beyond that, if you love Allah subhanaw taala so deeply and so truly, you will do more and more and more to please Him and to express that love to him.

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This love is the base for all of our actions. We don't pray. We don't want to pray because we have to. We don't want to read Quran because we have to when we read if we don't we feel guilty, or we say oh, let's do Solana on time, let's get it out of the way. Like like worship is a nuisance or worship is some kind of burden when someone loves Allah subhanaw taala deeply and truly, it is their driving factor. They do things out of love for Allah subhanaw taala they pray because they love Allah and they want to connect with him. They do good deeds, just for the love of Allah subhanaw taala the person who does things out of love, they will find contentment they will find patience,

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they will find gratitude, through this love for Allah subhanaw taala and they'll find it easy to do obligatory duties and I find it easy to avoid forbidden things. The highest level of love for for Allah will have you performing good deeds only for him in the most beautiful way, rather than just to avoid punishment or get reward. You know, when you I remember when I first came across this concept

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you know, I think it was I can't remember if it was a conversation or a lecture or something that I read. Some people pray because they want to reward or they do good because they want to be rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala I want to reward I want to go to Jannah

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and we think that that is deep faith and that is you know, true devotion and in truth, the state of a true believer, but in reality, when you do something only to please Allah, out of love for him just for hateful love out of love for Him. That is the highest level that we should aim towards. So reward should be a byproduct of the expression of your love to Allah subhanaw taala just like saying to your mother that you love her. You love her because you love her. You don't love her because when you love her, she will make you your favorite food or she will hug you. Right it's just because I love my mother

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And that's it. I don't expect anything in return. Time to this love follows one follow the heart of the bleeding Muslim woman should also love fellow believers, loving others expressing that love and sharing that love.

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The third means is, or the third.

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The third

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trait of the heart of the believing woman is that she is pleased with Allah and in submission to Him. So following on from having this loss and sincerity and intention for Allah, loving Allah, you also this person, the believing woman, she has pleasure in a lot and total submission to Him. She's just so pleased with her Lord, always, never discontent, never angry, frustrated, never resentful. Like Why did Allah make this happen?

00:35:52--> 00:36:07

Or in a state of like, Why do I have to do this? Why do I have to do that in terms of acts of worship? If this is from one of the highest forms of patients, to be pleased with Allah, even if you're in a really bad situation in life that allows one to Allah has decreed.

00:36:09--> 00:36:10

Unlike patients,

00:36:11--> 00:36:16

unlike patients, this total submission is sweet and tranquil.

00:36:17--> 00:36:24

It's sweet, and tranquil. Imagine the hardest test of your life, you know, imagine you lost your whole family

00:36:25--> 00:36:38

in a car crash, and then your house burnt down and then you fell sick and ended up in a wheelchair all in the same few days. But the true believing Muslim woman should still be content Alhamdulillah

00:36:40--> 00:36:42

that's not easy sisters, it is not easy.

00:36:45--> 00:37:01

Also, not the quality of the heart. The blue Muslim woman is fear, health and veneration hatia They have fear and all veneration like a loss once I learn who he is. And this fear causes one to flee from that which is feared.

00:37:02--> 00:37:08

Okay, so when we when someone has fear, they usually are running away from something that they fear.

00:37:09--> 00:37:54

And in life, you know, people are afraid of many things on a loan, or last month I lose at the end of that list. So when someone feels fear, they run away from what they fear. But when someone in Islam the concept of Hashem fear is fear, which makes you come closer to the object of that fear. So whoever fears something, normally they'll run away from it. But whoever has Hoshyar of Allah they run to him. It's fear that makes you turn more towards Allah subhanaw taala. The fifth thing is the heart of the believer muscleman has hope. She has a state of heart which is characterized by a feeling of calmness and joy, whilst waiting for that which is beloved. So only this true hope is

00:37:54--> 00:38:37

only if the slave has exerted his efforts and these efforts are correct. His efforts are what is required, in addition to also relying on the Grace of Allah subhanaw taala. So true hope is always coupled with action. And false hope is coupled with laziness and sins. So some people say Oh, I trust Allah who take care of me and he'll know they have so much hope that they don't even make effort there don't strive for last month Oh, they have so much hope and this is unhealthy level type of hope. True hope is coupled with action, doing striving and just hoping for the acceptance of Allah subhanaw taala. The Muslim woman number six is noble and generous and has good traits and

00:38:37--> 00:39:22

qualities. Allah's wants Allah loves nobility and grace, from his righteous servants towards their fellow man, South a HELOC, our character, our conduct our adab how we deal with others is very important for the heart of the believing woman, and in order for that heart, on that woman to be loved by all last month Allah and accepted by him. So what are some examples of this nobility towards towards others, it's about giving to others, it's about being ready to be self sacrificial for others, overlooking the faults of others, which is very, very hard. Often, we are so quick to look at the faults of others and we don't look at our own faults. No one one just said, you know

00:39:22--> 00:39:59

that when you point at someone else, don't forget that you have, you know, three more fingers pointing back at you. Your concern should be looking you know about looking at and within yourself. Yes, there are things wrong with other people. No doubt, no one's perfect, but we have the responsibility to say to ourselves, what's wrong with me? Where am I going wrong? What am I doing wrong? Muslim woman is kind, she's honest. She's forgiving. She's humble. She's not envious or jealous or competitive in worldly things and affairs. She has a good opinion of others. She's in control of her emotions.

00:40:00--> 00:40:28

All of that not easy and I think you know few of the speakers have some things that they'll be able to talk about which will help you to Inshallah, get more in control of your emotions, and to establish these traits and qualities. The heart of the believing Muslim woman also has reliance and courage. Even Elaine mentioned that reliance is half of the religion and the other half is worship. What is reliance? I rely depend only on Allah subhanaw taala have Tawakkol in him.

00:40:29--> 00:41:08

And we have to know that Tawakkol when you like, Allah will take care of this. You're saying that to yourself, I trust Allah. Allah will sort out my affairs. This is perhaps one of the strongest forms of dua. Yes, we make dua with our tongues, but sometimes the heart isn't present. You know, when we pray, we say stuff a little lost a little loss of Allah. And then we say you know, a llama into Silla. Moringa some we say it repetitively because we're so used to it. But we have to realize that Tawakkol is dua by the heart, especially in a time of need. Some scholars say that Tawakkol is the strongest means to achieve anything. So you have Tawakkol you trust Allah, you accept his God,

00:41:08--> 00:41:50

whatever He decrees for you, you accept it, you pleased with it, you love him the same year in submission to Him. This is all state of the heart. Number eight, the believing Muslim woman she is filled with gratitude. Okay, Allah wants to Allah Spitz people into two types those who are grateful and those who are ungrateful. Because of this gratitude, he favors His righteous slaves with guidance. The righteous likes, who are grateful he gives them guidance and he gives them more of whatever it is, because what Allah says, is letting Shackleton lazy Danna calm. If you're grateful, I will give you more, and integrates those who are ungrateful or last ones, Allah gives them misery.

00:41:50--> 00:42:23

being ungrateful will only make you more miserable, being grateful, and there's science to back it now there's all these movements about gratitude and gratitude journals and all those sorts of things. A state of heart that is, is in a state of gratitude is a happier, more joyful, more contented heart, giving thanks to Allah subhanaw taala being grateful for his blessings for his generosity and recognizing everything in your life, everything that happens to you, as something which is good for you, and saying, Alhamdulillah from the pits of you,

00:42:24--> 00:43:04

surrendering to Allah, good speech and acknowledgement with the tongue. You know, being grateful in the heart, showing that gratitude through actions of the limbs and keeping the limbs busy in serving others mozzarella and not using them for sins. Even looking after your well being my dear sisters being healthy, drinking, eating healthy looking after your physical body. This is a form of gratitude. gret being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for the function of your body, and making sure that your body is operating at optimal levels through whatever your own personal responsibility you can do to ensure that and number nine, a way to ninth way to look after your heart or the heart

00:43:04--> 00:43:09

of the Muslim woman is that she is an acetic or she

00:43:11--> 00:43:13

engages in Zoho, but is the hood.

00:43:14--> 00:43:56

It's to leave that which is non beneficial and preoccupy oneself with that which benefits doesn't just mean giving up worldly things and luxuries and living on a straw mat in a hut and not having material things and dressing in rags. You know it doesn't mean that that is not that is not a display of you being disconnected from the dunya the prophets Allah Allah allah sallallahu alayhi salam said, Allah likes the mark of his favor to be seen on his sermon if he's blessed you with wealth and certain things, enjoy it. It's a blessing from Allah Who Wants You To See you enjoy it and live a righteous life enjoying some of those things of the dunya but it doesn't enter the heart

00:43:56--> 00:43:59

of the person when he has them or she has them

00:44:00--> 00:44:19

whatever you possess a wealth family property or whether it's a lot or a little, it doesn't matter to that person's heart the believing woman's heart she has a lot or a little if she goes through a prosperous times or very restricted times her heart stays the same she's still grateful she's still happy she's still conducting herself in a dignified way.

00:44:21--> 00:45:00

When the heart isn't attached to these worldly things or you know wealth or family property status or those things then it becomes very easy for that person to sacrifice and use these things for a loss masala you can give your wealth for the sake of others with Allah. You can give your family in the service of Allah smart allah and You know, normally Saturdays you have family time and you say no, there's a charity that needs volunteers when as a family you know, I'm gonna send my children and and my spouse to go and serve that charity and sacrifice our family relaxation day or whatever it is. Or your property. You know, you have a home

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

arm, people a family is homeless and you know you have two spare rooms and you say come and stay and use it. I don't mind all you use my whole house as the unsalted dead when the mohajir Ron came to Medina, they gave their homes they gave their wealth they gave even their spouses for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Why because they weren't attached to these dunya things, even dunya people. And this is how families and the early companions sent their spouses and loved ones in the cause of the Dawa out into the world to potentially lose their lives to potentially not see them ever again or for long spans of time. Because they weren't attached to these worldly things and knew that

00:45:41--> 00:45:52

everything that they have, has been blessed by a last one Salah for them to use for his pleasure for his deen and hat, you have to be ready to sacrifice it.

00:45:53--> 00:46:37

So inshallah sisters, those were nine points for the heart of the believing woman. Now we have the responsibility after taking some knowledge, even if you remember just one thing, one thing you will like us panela. That was, that was a really important point that I needed to hear that you commit to change. You commit to correcting yourself and fixing yourself. In in the book purification of the heart by even my lord, it's written that no one fully believes until his desires and his actions are in accordance to what the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam has brought as recorded in a hadith by Imam and now we, and due to this Mahmoud, explain that there is no salvation like the heart salvation,

00:46:37--> 00:47:22

given that all the limbs and organs respond to its desires. If your heart is saved, and you address your heart, the rest of your body will follow suit and will obey and do what your heart wants to do. In order to change you have to be aware of certain things, sisters, number one, you have to be aware of the state of your heart and self. Okay. And that's why we started off with it at the start when you do you to just reflect on the state of your heart. And that is not easy because you have to be so brutally honest with what your condition is, whether good or bad, what what qualities you have very easy for us to know you know, maybe some of our good qualities and say them, admit to them very

00:47:22--> 00:48:07

difficult to acknowledge and admit to ourselves that limb anyone else, our bad qualities, but remember Allah subhanaw taala knows the bad qualities that you carry in your heart that men have perhaps manifest externally. So number one, is if you want to change you have to understand and recognize the state of your heart, the state of yourself. Okay? And number two is, know the right intentions that you need to make moving forward and in changing. And number three, you need to understand the nature of change in the process of change. How do you change a bad habit? In your character or in your lifestyle? How do you change the way that you're speaking though? How do you

00:48:07--> 00:48:34

change the way that you think about things and again remember thinking takes place yes in the brain but also in the heart. I lost my salah says indeed. Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change that which is within themselves. In some of them have obsidian Yes, we know this hadith that we think that okay if I change for the better, if I want the all my community or family to change after start with myself, some scholars tafsir scholars have said that this

00:48:36--> 00:49:25

is actually refers to the negative of Allah only changes the condition of a people for the worse, and only makes that community weaker or that family weaker, or that the global or my weaker are in a worse condition. Because they have changed. For the worse what is within themselves, their hearts deteriorated, their hearts became diseased or poisoned, or they left the true guidance they left the right way. They left and deviated from the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam in the way that they focused and carried themselves in life. So that's an important note I wanted to mention to change for the good or change for the better. Allah's once Allah will not

00:49:25--> 00:49:59

change the condition of a people until they change that which is within themselves. Even apply. Allah says from the Book of Wisdom, actions are lifeless forms, but the presence of the inner reality of sincerity within them is what endow them with LIFE GIVING SPIRIT actions doing good things externally. They're lifeless. They are lifeless. They mean nothing. You praying up down touch the ground back to town as you know, you might say just praying or just reading Quran or doing good things externally. They're lifeless

00:50:00--> 00:50:16

This except with the presence of the inner reality of sincerity a heart that is connected to why you are doing them and doing them consciously for Allah subhanaw taala alone, that is what gives the actions LIFE GIVING SPIRIT and then inshallah

00:50:17--> 00:50:29

acceptance and reward from Allah subhanaw taala. So remember to strengthen your heart to conclude, Strive for peace and strive for sincerity. Strive to do things.

00:50:30--> 00:51:16

It's as if you can see a last one Salah Hassan is described in the famous Hadith in Hadith Jibreel and Talmud Allah How can Nikita Rafa lambda Kunta Rafa in Iraq, it is to worship Allah as if you can see Him, knowing truly he's the one who can see you. You do things as if Allah is right there with you in that moment, which in reality, his knowledge is right there with you. He's the one who sees you. You can't see him, frequently asked for forgiveness, my dear sisters, may Allah Subhana Allah, forgive us all and accept our repentance, and overlook our wrongs and our shortcomings and help us to heal the wounds that we have in our heart that we have allowed corruption to enter through

00:51:17--> 00:51:50

frequently remember death, because certainly we will taste death and that creates the urgency to change sooner and to make the effort and the sacrifices required to change. contemplate how short this life is compared to the hereafter we know the Hadith Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam explained what is the comparison of this life to the ones that come in dipped? He said, How about if you dipped your finger into the ocean? Consider what you bring out? What is that dip that wet pinky finger compared to the vastness of the ocean, that is this life compared to the next

00:51:51--> 00:52:30

maintain a strong relationship with a book of Allah subhanaw taala the key to your guidance is knowing the words of Allah subhanaw taala and what he wants from you, and what this life is about and how to decode it and how to navigate it. It is all contained in the Book of Allah subhanaw taala and it takes effort reading and contemplation. We have to concentrate on our own affairs focus on our own shortcomings and seek to rectify them rather than to be busy thinking that we're better than anyone else. And and oh, look at that person and she has this and she does that and they do this they do the focus on yourself. This is a one way when we talk about it's time to be selfish. Forget

00:52:30--> 00:53:15

self care, self love all those things in pampering. Focus on your own journey to Allah subhanaw taala and your own heart and its needs and it's nourishment and it's purification. Make dua regularly to ask Allah Subhana Allah to purify your heart and keep them pure, lower your gaze, my dear sisters, as we know that the senses are the entry point to the heart. So control your gaze in what you watch in what you listen to and what you influenced by. Regularly reflect on the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala and his infinite wisdom and generosity, that great gratitude that you can have when you reflect on how great Allah's mozzarella is, how wise he is, how generous he is. It'll

00:53:15--> 00:54:01

make you inshallah more grateful and more aware, increasing in obedience in private, we no one knows the good that you're doing. Strive for that sincerity. Avoid the forbidden avoid sins and transgression. May Allah Allah forgive us all. Forgive me if I've gone over time, may Allah subhanaw taala accept from you and I purify our hearts and make them steadfast anything good that I have said is from Allah and is correct. Anything wrong I have said is from myself, my knifes and from the Shetland. So please forgive me May Allah forgive me, does Akela Hi Ron, my dear sisters Subhanak Allahumma will be Hamdi Subhanak Allahumma will be Handicare the shadow Allah Illa Illa and nostoc

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Fear gawa to boy like a Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh