Tom Facchine – 99 Names of Allah #35 Al-Hafiz

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The transcript describes Al Hatfield as a person who protects everything, including physical and mental health, while keeping people safe. He is at Hatfield because of a lawsuit against protecting people from falling into outer space, and because he keeps people safe. At Hatfield, he is a person who creates gravity to keep people safe and keeps them in their place. He also protects people from feeling upset and is happy to store them up and keep them safe.
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Salam Alaikum tonight's name is Al Hatfield. A last part of the data is Al Hatfield.

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We had a very similar name to this not too long ago. It was at Hatfield.

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Now if anybody remembers, that name had to do with a laws protecting us, and the law keeping us safe.

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And Hatfield means the same thing. Except it's a little bit more intense. It's a little bit more emphatic. All law protects everything. Allah safeguards everything. Whether we're talking about our physical selves, right? When you are playing a game like soccer, or basketball, or you're running and you fall down, you don't shatter into a million pieces. Right.

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This is because the law is at Hatfield. He's protecting you. He's keeping you all together all the time.

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When it comes to the earth, do you know that right now we're sitting here on this earth and it's spinning. And guess what, it's spinning kind of fast. We're not just like spinning very slowly, or we're kind of spinning fast. What's going to stop us from flying off of this earth that we live on, and hurtling into outer space? A lot is that Hatfield, he keeps us here. He created gravity to keep us in our place.

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And so Allah protects us physically like this, but Allah also protects us emotionally. Sometimes he protects us from feeling upset. Maybe someone does something very mean to you. And sometimes you might get upset by it. But other times you find your surprise that yourself because you don't really get that upset.

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A lot is that Hatfield he's protecting you.

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Or sometimes maybe something bad almost happened to you, but just missed you.

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Allah is at Hatfield, he keeps you safe.

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And finally, there's other things that Allah keep safe, that doesn't have to do necessarily with your safety, like, all of your rewards, all of the good deeds that you do.

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And the payment that Allah is going to give to you in the afterlife, once you return to Him.

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Whether people see it or not, whether you get rewarded for it and this life or not. Allah is at Hatfield. Allah sees it. He says, I'll see you.

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And he's happy and he protects it and stores it up and keeps all of that safe, waiting for you for when you return to him.

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That's all for tonight. I said I'm Monica Rahmatullah.

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