99 Names of Allah #12 Al-Khaaliq

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Tonight marks at eight days until the beginning of Ramadan.

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Tonight's name is alcoholic,

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Allah is alcoholic. He is the Creator.

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A holodeck is one of Allah's most important names. Because it tells us something really important about the world that we live in. And it tells us something really important about us.

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And that is that everything that we see, the world, the Earth, the stars in the sky.

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It's not random.

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It didn't come about, just by chance, or by an accident. Allah created it.

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And Allah as we know, he's the most merciful, and he's the most wise and he's the most loving.

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So if Allah created everything,

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then Allah created it with mercy. And he created it with wisdom.

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When we think about this,

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it makes us realize that even us, the fact that we're here, at all, means that Allah created us. And our lives have a special reason and a special purpose.

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We're not just here by accident. We have a special role to play.

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And if Allah wanted, he could have very easily not created us.

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But he chose to.

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And so what we have to do is figure out what Allah wants from us

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and how to make Allah happy.

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That's part of the meaning behind Allah's Name and Holic.

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That's all for tonight. Salaam Alaikum wa, Rahmatullah.