4 Facets of Ramadan – Generosity

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The speakers discuss the negative impact of fasting on health and wealth, as well as the importance of avoiding loss of wealth and giving back to others. They also touch on the importance of staying true to one's values and the need for fearless behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of giving and not giving, as it is a reflection of one's satisfaction with his life.

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I'm Shannon

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easy to travel, but actually had the habit habit and some of them

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are some of the following

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are called appointments.

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For her

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this one,

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we are focusing on four things that this month of fasting teaches us. Today we love acts of generosity.

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Generosity is a universal virtue.

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Every nation and civilization throughout history has praised generosity and purposes.

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This is because deep down everyone recognizes that even if you work hard, and even if you say and even if you make all the right financial decisions,

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disaster can strike anyone at any time.

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So if you see someone in a difficult situation, most reasonable people

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To recognize that this is not necessarily an indication of the poor choices.

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On the contrary, Allah subhanho wa Taala decreed a certain amount of hardship, like poverty, like natural disasters, in parts to give an opportunity to those who have wealth to give from what they have.

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In this way, both sides are tested.

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Those who are in need are tested in their ability to endure hardship,

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and remain patient and rely on a loss.

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Whereas those who are not seeing hardship are tested by their willingness to give

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us a privatized status in the world of fitness, what was

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your wealth, and your children are only a test.

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But Allah alone has a great reward.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah has only given us wealth and children to see what we will do with it.

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To see how we will respond to that person, will we be grateful?

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Will we rise to the occasion?

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And give from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah bless us with will we use what we've been given for goodness and righteousness, when were called upon

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or not? When we tried to hold on when we become stingy, and afraid that by giving them we will end up in hardship ourselves.

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In other words, will we act like wealth is the reward that we're striving after?

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Or will we act by wealth is only a tool that a large was out getting the most, in order to obtain a better and lasting reward in the afterlife, Allah points out to us here they disperse, that the true reward is what Allah

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gets caught in our wealth. Our wealth merely gives us an opportunity to achieve that through reward in the hereafter. A lot of times, it also addresses the internal struggle each one of us faces when there is a need. And it's time to give he says, for example, one must have the power to wash now worldly will work and people, hierarchy if possible, well, maybe your customer cannot see.

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So be mindful of the law, fear of loss of the best of your ability, and here, you listen and obey and Spanish, in charity that will be best for you.

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And whoever is saved from the selfishness of their own soul,

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it is a more truly successful.

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is what's best for us.

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Because giving results as a law to Allah Himself said from being mindful of Allah

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and submitted to Allah's guidance.

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In the very next verse, Allah addresses one of the delusions that holds us back from giving. And that is imagining that giving is really taking a loss. That just because we see the money, leave our bank accounts, or our wallets, we think it's gone

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for good.

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Now so Allah subhanho wa Taala says, you know, took a bit of a lot of thought on the hassle of RA for yo,

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whoa, whoa.

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If you land to Allah, good Lord, He will multiply it for you and forgive me

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for a law is most appreciated, and Most Forbearing

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whatever we do,

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Is last No, no, no the opposite.

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We're actually storing in a way that tomorrow is an investment that is certain to pay off.

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And we will cash in at the time of our most dire need when we meet our Creator.

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we are purchasing our own forgiveness, and our own spots in paradise.

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The prophets of the

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shrine try to get the sense

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that things are not as they seem, we don't lose money by giving him away the profits, although he was told us many, many levels of self I mean,

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charity does not increase wealth, by all means.

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This is a secret truth

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that only people of faith, greed muscles. And anyone who has ever experimented with this type of kid, have stories to prove. One of our professors in Medina, he shared his experience with us.

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He told us he was aware of one of his neighbors required 10,003 hours in order to not use his home.

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That happens to be just about every penny that our professor had in his bank account at the time until the next month, when his paycheck would come. But he thought himself, and he thought the sturdiness of his own soul. And he tried after that. So he gave that money to his neighbor. He told us as soon as he walked in the door, when he came back to his home, his phone rang. When he picked up his phone. It was someone that he hadn't seen in years, calling him to tell him that he had money to pay him that

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the professor had completely forgotten that he had given out this money.

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How much has the professor left out? 10,003 hours? Exactly.

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He asked the man on the phone, are you sure you don't need it? There's no rush. But the man insisted. And he was coming back what he had given us the same day. It was as if he had never given it away at all. A lot of Takada is just testing us. He's just testing us in this particular spiritual struggle against our selfishness and against our stickiness.

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The stakes are relatively high.

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Allah Allah tells us that those who fail this text, those who fail to spend the dirty deadlines will be wracked with regrets in the hereafter.

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Whatever people may know, some of them may have poverty, hey, got to move my mouse. And they have grown a lot. We know how attorney Lola psaltery as an employee, that Assad

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Saudi, and totally from what We have provided for you before death comes to you and you cry out, my lord. If only you gave me a little more time,

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it only gave me a couple more days, I would have given more in charity. And I would have been one of the righteous people.

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When we spend money on ourselves,

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at the end of the day, those things don't stay with us for very long.

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The food that we eat, is digested.

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Those holes that we wear

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are worn out. The homes that we live in, will either be passed on to our descendants or sold to somebody else.

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Either way, we only enjoy these things were moved moments at a time

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and that it's over. It's over as soon as our souls are taken from us and offered

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even earlier than that,

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on the other hand, what we give,

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what we donate will endure and lasts forever.

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Every time you decide whether to give or not as a reflection of which type of enjoying this you are prioritizing.

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And if we choose too often to not give,

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we are harming ourselves without even realizing that the problems of Allah are leading

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to a angels to send every morning

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one of them says oh Allah give to the one who spends something to replace that which he spent. And the other one says, Oh, give destruction to the one who withholds what they have.

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Allah Allah tells us that consistently withholding one's wealth is a sign of hypocrisy.

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And we'll be more than happy for lot to battle going into yet we're gonna build we're gonna

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we're gonna add a fearful

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nest to walk up that nest to in an epic Lena moment.

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The male and female hypocrites are of the same filter.

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They have enjoined evil, and they forbidden goodness and they withhold their supports.

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They forgot Allah

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and so Allah will forget them

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shorting the hypocrites over governance.

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Here Allah Allah tells us that withholding one's wealth and other types of support is a symptom not only up and controversy,

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but also are forgetting Allah.

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If this type of behavior is consistent, Allah will eventually respond in common and forget them

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when they need Him most on the Day of Judgment.

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In another if Allah gets more specific and more in depth, what will happen to those who fail to stand in the way of Allah? But instead he wrote themselves what are the end soon and

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what am people that have visa vie the membership of

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those who hoard the gold and silver and do not spend it on Las Vegas good tidings of a painful format.

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The only way to

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for took was to have cheaper to have I can assume the unforeseeable

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The day will come when the treasure that they have more than will be decent help them a fire as they arrive and their size and their backs will be branded with it.

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It will be sent to them

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this is the treasure that you are hoarding

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now thanks for support

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we have come off and give us a grateful and generous heart

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that will save us from such a feat

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as I was talking to a lot of people

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those of you who didn't

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Have you

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ever been if you're gonna

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take a walk

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down out even a chapter Why should I say even that won't happen arguable as to what that means as a way some of us are a Florida equals happy what a climbing was something was a secret of yours.

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The month of Ramadan teaches us generosity

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because it shifts our focus away from our needs. Yes, we're hungry.

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Yes, we're thirsty. Yes, we're tired.

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But we know that we have to wait until the end of the day. They are really

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the hope is that by quieting and delay our own needs

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As we become more sensitive, and aware to the needs of others,

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to give to others during our own state of need, clearly demonstrates the strength of your faith

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and will feed the arguments for you on the day of

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Ramadan also undermines one of the main scare tactics used by the devil, to prevent us from being generous in the first place. The devil of the last time was all it's all of us himself, threatens us with poverty.

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He tries to get us to believe that by putting our money in the service of Allah and His Deen that we will end up in the courthouse.

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He tries to make us see its scarcity, where in reality, that our disparity and abundance, Rama ha undermines this tactic by proving that we can get by with less,

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that we're not going to fall apart so easily, that we don't need as much as we think we do.

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This realization frees us up to give and to share. And when we do and when we share, we realize that the Promise of Allah carnivores the opposite is true.

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That giving actually makes our wealth and provision multiply, that it makes every penny that we have every morsel of food the stretch farther than if we had retreated and spent our wealth only on ourselves.

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Brothers and sisters,

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there are individual needs.

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And there are communal needs.

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We need a functioning mesh on tapestry.

00:22:14--> 00:22:18

We need a place of big enough to have just one thing.

00:22:20--> 00:22:26

We need a place for the kitchen. So we can cook food and serve meals to others.

00:22:27--> 00:22:36

We need a place big enough to make our sisters feel honored and welcomed when they come to the message.

00:22:38--> 00:22:43

We have a place where we can have events for our children. And are we

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more than all that we need? Gentlemen.

00:22:52--> 00:22:54

We are in the last phase of construction.

00:22:55--> 00:22:58

industry. We are African sharp.

00:22:59--> 00:23:21

And whoever wants to secure their place, gentlemen, there is an opportunity right in front of you. That we will announce insha Allah to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah says cervical, often a female on the proportion hasten grace, to your sustaining mercy and tiredness almost all of a sudden.

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Because we're kind of all in Allahu Allah, who is not gonna be

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salty while he was helping with a scene that alone was totally avoidable Hamlet it will happen to him as all these holidays we're looking at belonging. I mean, what is it and

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him why

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he didn't occur in a family it was really all of a sudden what we're seeing earlier this year leadership goal TV, whatever there

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once over data that will be what

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00:24:07--> 00:24:15

the meaning of Campbelltown what are people to learn and once shame on one after watching the ball, let me let

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me have a

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look at it now. That was about what I was looking at now.

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Yeah, we got a log in the log. I believe what you're saying are these four but we haven't had

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them anyone done any young people knowledgeable to let go left for the last day of football or shoot while they are enlisted. Although we are not