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What are kulu filco Ronnie magia E

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to carry Moosa Lu wa colocar La La, la de la Lu, while Mustafa al de

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leeuw and hungry Alhamdulillah europian alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah he was solely Nabina Muhammad rather early he or so happy to join assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. In this episode in sha Allah, Allah, we want to look at how to teach our children, Islam. Or perhaps we could more accurately say how to manage the teaching of your children Islam, because, in reality, it might not be the case that the parent is able to teach their child directly, depending on how much knowledge the parent has, what stage the child is at how far the child is going to go in their learning, and so on. However, it is still the parents responsibility to ensure that the child gets

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that education is still the child's right to receive that education. So it's not enough for the parent to simply drop the child at the gates of the masjid or the madrasa and say that these people are going to take that responsibility from me. And that's why in this episode, inshallah, it's not my intention to go through every last aspect of teaching your children Islam, but more to give you an overview of some important concepts and principles that will help you as a parent to, if you like, supervise, arrange, organize and participate in your children's Islamic education.

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And we're going to try to do this based upon the texts from the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam and from the earth are the reports that are narrated and brought to us from the righteous predecessors, those people who excelled in knowledge from the different generation. So, let us try to to kind of start by looking at the virtue and the value of knowledge and why it's important as a parent that you should give your child Islamic education the highest priority. Allah subhanaw taala told us in Salta, mogera de la in Isaiah number 11 yeah you have Latina M and o either p della toughest several filmer jealousy for several you have Salah who look

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what either peed on shows all phone shows all yellow Faerie level lovina M and min con Valentina auto learning madora jet, while love will be mad time mad when a hobby

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or you believe if it is said to you make space in the gatherings then make space and Allah azza wa jal will open things up for you alone will make ease for you. And if it's said to you stand up, then stand up. And allies will raise those people who believe from among you, and those who have been given knowledge daraga at many levels,

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and Allah is all aware of what you do. So Allah azza wa jal here and the part of the ayah we wanted your family level levena M and minquan Valentina or telerik metrojet, Allah will raise up those who believe among you, ally, so gel will raise up those who believe among you, and those who have been given knowledge, many levels. So ally xojo promised a riff, he promised to raise up the status of the people who have been given knowledge and that's something that should motivate us to gain knowledge for ourselves and our children. And we should remind everyone what we had said in a previous episode about the parent being an example for the child which I nearly looked up Hina

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makers examples for the people of taqwa the parent has to be an example for the child. But there should be something to motivate us, that if we want our, the status of our children, to be raised up, in the sight of Allah azza wa jal for Lost Planet, Allah to raise them up levels in this world and in the Hereafter, then the way and the means to achieve that is through LA. And there is a principle, this principle to the best of my knowledge, it is a principle that is widely agreed upon among the scholars of Islam. And that is whenever Elohim is mentioned in the Sharia, without any restrictions, then there in the knowledge that is mentioned is alerion machinery, the knowledge of

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the Shetty and the knowledge of Islam. And it's not the knowledge of medicine. It's not the knowledge of science. It's not the knowledge of mathematics. It's not the knowledge

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The age of English or indeed of any other language, rather, it is the knowledge of Islam and its sciences that raises a people up digest many levels in the sight of a Lost Planet Allah. And he has a very interesting point, which is that it's very rare that people are sincere towards other people sincerely want good except for those who Allah has had mercy upon. But one example where you consistently see even among people who might not be adhering to the religion in the way that they should be, we still see that generally the parent is one example where they truly want good for the children. Your parents, generally speaking, really genuinely want their children to succeed. And

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this ayah tells us that the means to success is a lie man, and it is a man. It is faith that is comprised of beliefs and statements and actions. And it is a more it is knowledge.

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Allah azza wa jal told us in Surah Al Fatah de la will Melaka will help while attagirl bellcore animal corbelli in Yoko La La koa he'll walk or Rob is it an EMA? So Exalted is Allah and medic and Huck and do not seek or messenger to hasten the Quran before it is revealed to you. We know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to worry in the beginning about keeping the Quran and about whether he would be how to convey the Quran and Allah azza wa jal took that responsibility away from him. But allies which will commanded him to say what caught her up, he said, and he Edna Rob b z, Dini, Elma My Lord, increase me in knowledge. If our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told to

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say that and that was considered to be something fundamental to him that he needed to make to artists ally increase my knowledge, that indeed this is something that all of us should be doing, should be encouraging our children to do and we should be making to our for our children. Rob busy to whom Elma or ally, increase them in knowledge, give them more knowledge, and increase us in knowledge, rugby Sydney, in my Lord, increase me in knowledge

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and from the ahaadeeth that is from the most comprehensive and the most excellent of the Hadeeth among the most excellent of the Hadeeth regarding the virtue of knowledge and why we should be giving attention to our children's Islamic education is what is narrated from case by case here that he said Kadima Raja lon middle Medina, Allah Abbey, Dr. De rhodiola and Wahhabi damask.

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A man came from Medina to the noble companion Abu Dhabi while he was in Damascus, came all the way from Medina to Damascus for Kyla ma academica Yeah.

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I will double down Buddha he said to him, what made you come here my brother

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for color howdy son, Bella Vani Anika to had this or am Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, I've come because of a hadith. And it's reached me that you are the one who is narrating this Heidi from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's a harvest spread out all over the Islamic world at that time. And saw the people who heard of this from the tablet in and the young Sahaba and so on, they will travel they would with great hardship, particularly from the tabbing and those after them traveling from place to place to hear somebody who has this hadith from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu it was said so Abu Delta he said to him call Mr. g telecharger. He said did you not

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come for something you need it? You know Yeah, you came for the Hadith but you you know you had maybe some trade in dimension. You had something you needed. And you came to ask me on the side. Carla said no. Carla, Mr. cardinality. Jara. He said Haven't you come here for business? patola said no.

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I'll tell you lfu tala behavioral Heidi. He said the only thing that brought you here is to ask about this one Heidi You came all the way from Medina to Damascus to ask me about one hotties

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color for in the cemetery Torah Sol Allah Rasulullah sallallahu it he was sending me a call. He said then I have heard the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam see men Salah chapati on telly.

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Here in silico law will be party a con in agenda. Weather sets out on a path in which he seeks knowledge. A lot takes him on a path to gender. In some of the different durations, it's mentioned set head Allah who will be heat party Akane lagenda, Allah makes his path to gender easy. We're in El mela, aka the total agony had to her ribbon the Taliban and the angels, they lower their wings out of pleasure for the student of knowledge. When the angels they lower their wings, they lower their wings out of pleasure for what the student of knowledge is doing. So Pamela, Can you think of any Hadeeth in which the prophet SAW Selim said you it will be easy for you to go to Jen, it will be

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easy for you to go to gender. Generally gender is not associated with ease. Allah in a sale at a la jolla the thing that Allah is selling to you is expensive. I don't necessarily like the gender, the thing that I like selling to you is gender. So panela gender is not easy, gender is expensive. Gender is worth something. And yet in this Hadith, the prophet sighs lm told us that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will make it easy for this person to go to Jen and Allah will take him on a path to gender, and that the angels lower their wings out of contentment, how content they are to see people seeking knowledge, we do not want your child to be someone that the angels lower their wings for him

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or for her. We do not want your child to be someone who it's easy for them to go to gender, would that not be closer to benefiting you as a parent even either through the fact that you were the one to set them out on this path. And you would have the reward because whoever guides a person towards good gets the reward of what that person gets without their reward being decreased in anything. So you as a parent would get the reward of that.

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And if you fell short as a parent, the hope that perhaps Allah subhanaw taala from his grace and His mercy might make what you had given to that child and help that child a cause for you to enter Paradise along with them. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continued in this Hadith, we're in Lima laya Stubblefield Whoo hoo. Men fish, semi wati women fill out the hightail eternal filled map,

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that the scholar and there are generations that mentioned the title but in most of the narrations, they mentioned scholar that the scholar

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everything in the heavens and the earth, asks forgiveness for them, even the fish in the water. Even the fish in the water, the fish in the water, ask Allah to forgive the scholar. Everything in the heavens and the earth is making dua for Allah to forgive the scholar. And in some of the races we said it mentioned the student of knowledge he when we say perhaps the scholar has the the have alpha that the big portion of this. Perhaps a portion of it comes to the student of knowledge and allies or Gilmore's best, waffled Lula idemia Island iobit can afford the little comedy LSR our cube and the virtue of the scholar over the worshiper is like the virtue of the moon over all of the other

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heavenly bodies of all of the other things that are in the sky. So panela all of the other things that how the moon stands out, on the night when it's full, you can barely see the stars, the small stars, the moon stands out, that is the virtue of the scholar over all of the other worshipers. And notice here the Prophet system is not differentiating between the scholar and the semi practicing, you know, like 5050 Juma Ramadan Muslim, the prophet sighs lm is distinguishing between the scholar and the Arabic, the one who is worshiping Allah in the day and then night. He fasts in the day and he prays in the night.

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He suddenly filet we assume of in the hall, he fasts in the day and he prays in the night, and the scholar is so much better than him. So hon Allah over the habit to the worshiper who is dedicated to the worship of Allah so how is the virtue of the scholar or that the one who is not really practicing Islam or not really committed towards the religion of Islam and not really doing what they should be doing? If the virtue of the scholar over the worship or who is dedicated to the worship of Allah, it's like the virtue of this of the moon over everything else that is in the in the heavens, in the literal Dharma are walled off at will MBA in MBA.

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Lem you were ready to dinner on while I did a hammer in number one Russell,

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the scholars, they are the inheritors of the prophets. There's no prophet coming after the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we know he said at Salaam he will come down as an A as a sign, not as a prophet but as a sign from Allah azza wa jal of the coming of the hour. There is no prophet coming after the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Who is it? That took the job of the prophets and the role of the prophets and inherited that from them to earn up the sky scholars, they are the ones who inherited the prophets, we do not want your son or your daughter to be someone who inherits the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the prophets generally AlLahi wa

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salatu wa sallam.

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The prophets didn't leave any dinar, or any data behind. What they left behind was nothing but knowledge. From an aha to be here. Aha, that'd be how Vin Warfield. So whoever takes this knowledge from them has taken a huge portion, a big portion. You talk about inheritance and money. You say, Well, how much did you get? Did you get a big portion or a small portion? If you took knowledge from the prophets, it was Salatu was set up from our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you took the biggest portion of good, and the biggest portion of of excellence and of the most wonderful thing that you could have took you took if you took knowledge from the Prophet sallahu wa Salatu was

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SAP. You look at the virtue, look at the virtue and that's why there's an aeration from ebihara what are the Allahu andere he once went into the marketplace one day and he saw the businessmen of the traders and they were trying to trade and trying to, you know, each one is trying to to make his money for the date. And then he mentioned earlier that the inheritance of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was being shared out in the masjid. And of course, the traders they thought that, you know, maybe the bowl of the prophets, I said that maybe his cutlery, maybe some of his clothing was being distributed in the masjid. So they ran to the masjid thinking that if I can get a portion

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of this, when they went into MST, they just saw somebody reading the Quran and somebody studying the rules of Islam and the laws of Islam. They just saw people studying knowledge, they came back and they said, sorta Abu hurayrah, Abu hurayrah, we, we didn't see in the rest of the inheritance being divided.

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He said, What did you see? And they took them as awesome people studying the Quran. And some people were, you know, learning knowledge and some people were, you know, they were revising and what have you ever heard, I said, this was the inheritance of the Prophet sallallahu. It was said, that's what the prophets I'm left behind. And if only you would rush to that the way you would rush to your business and your wealth and your money,

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and your opportunities for trade and increase. So panela person would take or have, they would take

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a huge portion. A huge reward from this is not what we would love to have for our children bearing in mind what I said that the person who guides a person, and the person who sets a person out on that path is like the one who did it, and gets the reward of the one who did it. So you as a parent, imagine you have

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three children, or two children, four children, imagine that every one of them you set them out on that path. Imagine the reward that you get as a parent, for setting your children out upon that path. We have to understand that seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim and so it's an obligation upon our children. And therefore as parents who are responsible for our children, it is an obligation upon us and a right they have over us that we give them that obligatory knowledge. And that's why there is a hadith from NSP Malik, from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he said pala will vary a lot when adequately Muslim daddy is narrated by momager others and this Heidi

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is a hadith which the scholars differed over its authenticity and its weakness. There are many among the scholars who said this hadith is authentic.

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And they said the reason it's authentic is because it came from so many different chains have different durations that they reach the level of it being fair, authentic.

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Others among them they said this hadith is not authentic. However, those who said the Hadith is not authentic like the greatest Eman

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is harp even Rockaway. He said Rahim Allah Allah Allah Allah Musa, he said his head is not authentic. He said except, he said except that the meaning of it it is authentic.

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So even those scholars who didn't accept the authenticity of this Hadith, they agreed unanimously that the meaning of it is authentic, and many among them said the Hadith is authentic as well. Pilobolus, aim 30 apart when Allah Aquila Muslim seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every single Muslim, every single Muslim, every one of our children, it is obligatory upon them. And it's obligatory upon you to seek knowledge.

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However, this leads us to a question or a problem. And that is that how can it be that that seeking knowledge is an obligation? How do we understand that in the right way, because Wouldn't that indicate that if our, our children are not all collaborating, they're not all students of knowledge, then we are sinful as parents, does not indicate that if we are not students of knowledge, we are sinful, does that not indicate if our children are not studying Islam actively, and memorizing the Quran and the Hadith, and studying from the scholars that our we as parents have failed in our duty to our children. In reality, here, we have to distinguish between two types of knowledge of Islam.

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And this is the first thing that I would like to share with you as it relates to the important and fundamental principles that you have to take as a parent and your child's Islamic education. And that is that there are two types of Islamic knowledge. There is a type of Islamic knowledge that is followed during it is an obligation upon every one, every Muslim, every one of us who's watching this video. It doesn't matter how old you are, it doesn't matter whether we're talking about you know, the parent or child, all of you, it is funneled upon you to get this knowledge. Now, with regard to the children, we say, well, the father happens at puberty, right that the Father becomes,

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they become sinful, but we establish a principle already, that the child has to be given what they need to fulfill their obligations before the time for those obligations come, like the fact that we command our children to pray from seven years old, and we discipline them, if they don't pray, at 10 years old, even though the prayer doesn't become sinful, leaving the prayer until they reach puberty. So likewise, here, it is foul drying upon every single Muslim, male, female, whatever age they might be, it is fun to arraign upon them, to seek knowledge, however, what is the knowledge that is found to it? And what is the knowledge that is false? Do Keifa

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the knowledge that is a collective obligation? And what does it even mean for this knowledge to be a collective obligation? What does the word collective obligation actually mean? The word collective obligation, what it means is that it is an obligation for some, for enough people to do this job for the need to be fulfilled. And if there aren't enough people to do this job, and the need is not being fulfilled, then everybody is sinful, everyone is sinful. But if there are enough people doing the job, and the need is fulfilled, then they their their work and their efforts, suffice the rest of the people, it's not an obligation upon the rest of the people.

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So we said that knowledge of Islam and Islamic knowledge can be divided into these two categories, a category that is foreign to AI, and a category that is foreign to give it a category that is an individual obligation, meaning that you have to give this to every single one of your children. And of course, in a way that is age appropriate, and so on, according to their age and ability. Every one of your children, it is a right that they have over you. And you as a parent will be asked that every one of your children got this knowledge that is followed to eight, just like you'll be asked whether you had that knowledge. Every one of you, the husband, the wife, every one of you will be

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asked about that knowledge that is followed to it. That is a individual obligation. As for the knowledge, which is fun to cafe and collective obligation, then this one is a bit more nuanced. So not everyone will be able to do this. And that's why it's fun to get fired because a light switch in his wisdom has made it such that because not everybody will be able to do that aspect, that second aspect. But that second aspect, it might be the situation and indeed, it could easily be argued that in our time and our situation. It is the case that actually

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We don't have enough scholars, we don't have enough students of knowledge. We don't have enough people calling to allies. So again, according to the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and what the companions were upon and those who follow them in good, we don't have enough people doing that. And if it's the case that you feel watching this video, that we don't have enough people doing that, then it becomes an obligation upon all of us to contribute towards that effort to contribute, whether it be one of our children or more of our children, that we see that there is a need, just like the wife of Milan, she saw there was a need and she said in

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Nina that tulika Murphy Bocconi Mahabharata and Fatah, pelmeni, I have sworn to you, or Allah, that what is in my womb, I will give that child in service to you, Pamela, she saw there was a need, and she fulfilled that need. If you believe that there are not enough people calling to Allah, and you believe that more people are needed, then you have to step up and take that responsibility as well. So it may be that a father k fire becomes father to it, how can it be that a collective obligation becomes an individual obligation, if there is no one else who is standing up for it, no one else was doing it. And no one else that can can take that collective obligation except a particular person,

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then it becomes obligatory upon them as an individual obligation as well. So let's go back to the knowledge that is part of double aim, because this one is more important to begin with. And then we can inshallah cover the knowledge which is farrotto key fire, which is voluntary, or which is a collective obligation. In other words, at least a minimum number of people have to do it to fulfill the need and get the job done. And if the job is not being done, and not being done in in a way that is good enough and satisfactory enough, then all of us are sinful, and all of us are to blame.

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So let's talk about the knowledge that is followed to an individual obligation, perhaps, and under scholars differ over their a bar on the way they explain this type of knowledge. But we'll learn from the best of the explanations that I have seen in this is to explain this knowledge in the context of the hadith of gibreel. Because the hadith of gibreel, which is the Hadees that Abdullayev and Omar brought the alarm and human narrative from his father Omar, even though kopparberg the alarm and which covers the five pillars of Islam, and it covers the six pillars of a man. So it covers the five pillars of Islam, that is to testify, there is no god worthy of worship except a lie

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that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, to perform the prayer, to give this a car to fast in the month of Ramadan, and to make Hajj for those who are able to do so. And then you have the six pillars of a man, that you believe in Allah and His angels, his messengers, his scripture, you believe in the last day and you believe in the Divine Decree, the good of it, and the bad of it. And the Hadeeth in which the prophets I'm told us about Esad, he told us what it means to perfect your worship and to reach the highest level of worship, that you worship alive so you can see him and even though you can't see him, you know that he sees you

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in this Hadith, at the end of the very, very end of the Hadith, in the Hadith in Sahih, Muslim, the prophets Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to American hip hop, about he asked him, did you know who that person was?

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And Omar He replied, Allahu Allahu Allah, he said, a lion is messenger nor best ally. So a gel knows best and ally. So a gel gave revelation to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them about it. So our line is messenger and or best. Then he said, fair enough, would you bleed? italicum you are limo. Come, Dina, come. He said, This was gibreel. And he came to you to teach you your religion. Look at the way the prophets Isaac described these fundamental points as Dean will come your religion, this is your religion. This is Islam in a nutshell. And therefore, I think that generally speaking for us to say that the hadith of gibreel maybe not exclusively, but as a base represents

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the knowledge which is followed to our eye in upon every Muslim that is, inshallah, and that is a strong and a good explanation of what is obligatory upon every Muslim. And we can add to it something additional, because we have to add one additional piece of information to the Hadeeth of jeopardy. And many of the scores as we said that they had different ebara different explanations of the knowledge that is obligatory upon every Muslim how

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However, generally speaking, if you look at the knowledge they put forward, if you look at the suggestions and the examples, almost all of them fall within the hadith of gibreel.

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However, there's one more thing we need to add. And that is the knowledge, which relates to your current circumstances and which you need in your current circumstances. And that is because knowledge must always precede action. And emammal Heidi Graham allowed to add in his or her he took a chapter, that knowledge precedes statement and action. And in it, he gave the evidence of the era in which allies which I said phylum anahola, either lower Stubblefield Litem big, nor that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah and then seek forgiveness for your sins. So knowledge proceeded, the ecfr. It proceeded, seeking forgiveness, the prophets, it was commanded first to have

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the knowledge and then to seek the forgiveness.

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So if we understand that there are, all of us have different situations in our life, for example, one of us is about to get married, before they get married, they need the knowledge of the rights of the husband, the rights of the wife, and so on. One of us is about to have a child before that child is born, we need to know the rights of the child and the responsibilities and obligations of the parent, and so on. So if we were to say, analyze which one was best is just my sort of way of simplifying it. And my kind of way of summarizing what I read from the people of knowledge on this topic is that if we were to say that the knowledge that is fall drain upon every Muslim is that

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which is contained in the hadith of gibreel, in addition to in addition to what is specific to each person's circumstances, then I think that this is a good way of explaining it. So what is found within the hadith of gibreel

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is akto heat, that is, the worship of Allah azza wa jal alone, which is summarized for us by the Shahada attain shadow and La ilaha illallah wa shadow under Mohammed or sola, to know what it means to understand its conditions and its rules, to understand how to implement it in their lives, to know how to pray, to know how to give them a car, again, according to the person's circumstances, so it's not necessary for them to know all of the Maasai loves the car, the individual issues in the car, but they should know what is the basic obligation of the car, the basic things that sockeyes drew upon in a general sense, and then what is specific to their circumstances, how to fast and then

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how to perform the Hajj, at least before they go to the Hajj and Umrah they know that there is a Hajj that is obligatory upon them, and they know a little bit about it. And then before they go, they get more of the details in that. And then as it relates to a man that they know, Allah, and they know the angels, they know the messengers and the Scripture. They know the last day the belief in the last day and the belief in the Divine Decree the good of it. And the bad again, when we talk about what is obligatory upon every Muslim in a general sense, we're not saying necessarily the individual Messiah in it, like for example, someone says, okay, is it obligatory in a matter of, to

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nor the morality of elkader, to know the different stages of clutter, we might say that, that the individual issues there, like the stages of clutter, and how each one builds upon the other, that might not be fun to it, that might not be from the things that are obligatory, but to genuinely understand the culture of Eliza gel and to understand that means that we have to work hard and put our trust in our in our law and that we need him that is from the obligations upon every Muslim. So I think if you were to say that the knowledge contained within the hadith of gibreel, in addition to what is specific to a person's circumstances, that is, before they get married, they learn the

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rulings of marriage before they you know, for example, go to Morocco, they learn how to perform Amara, before they start trading in business, they learn what is halal and haram as it relates to their circumstances, then I think this is what is obligatory upon every single Muslim. So that's what allies which I made easy for me to mention in this episode, there will be a second part in sha Allah coming up in the next episode, where we're going to go on to talk a little bit more about this and to talk about the knowledge which is farther dukey fire which is a collective obligation,

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which we have to be careful that enough people are doing it to get the job done. And inshallah we're going to talk more about principles and things that are essential as it relates to your children's education, and alike. So generals best wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmeri salaam alaikum. If you're enjoying these videos, and you'd like to keep up to date with all of the courses we're going to be running, make sure you head over to a

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