Tim Humble – The Muslim Family #30 – The Obligation of Nurturing Your Children

Tim Humble
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of protecting family and bringing up the minds of children to grow and learn. They emphasize the importance of nurturing children in preparing them for prayer and being patient while performing actions. The responsibility of parents is to give children the best start in life, rather than the parent's struggle with false ideologies. The importance of parents' actions is emphasized, and parents are encouraged to empower children to grow up in a state conducive to the end of the world.
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to carry Moosa Lu wa colocar La La, la de la Lu. Well, Mustafa al de

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leeuw Alhamdulillah he lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam Omar Abdullah he was holy Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi h mine Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh As always, we begin with the praise of Allah azza wa jal when we ask Allah azza wa jal to exalt the mention of grand peace to our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family and his companions. We're continuing to talk about our children, and to talk about the rights that our children have and the obligations that exist for parents towards their children. And we've come to a topic, which is probably the biggest topic that we're going to discuss as it relates to the rights of the children

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and the obligations that are obligations for the parents that they have to do. And this is the topic of a total BIA, and tarbiyah. So because this is such a big topic, and it's going to take a number of episodes in sha Allah, Allah, we are going to start by looking at what the word tarbiyah actually means. So the word topia in its origin, it comes from the meaning of a NEMA. And as the ADA NEMA was that that something increases and that it is given increase, and that it develops.

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And allies which I mentioned this linguistic meaning in the Quran in surah al Hajj in ayah, number five for either and zelner, la helma tezzeret walabot. What am that admin coulees Oh, Jim page. So what we want to focus on here is that a loss of penalty added to the word robot here, from which the word tarbiyah is linked to and comes from here, it means for it to increase and develop and soar.

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As for tarbiyah, in the technical sense of the word, then Tobia in the technical sense of the word is to nurture a Muslim, and to prepare them in a complete way, ie to get them ready for their future life in a complete way, in every aspect, comprising matters of the dunia and the Euro, in the light of Islam, that's a very comprehensive definition of a tarbiyah. And it's a good definition of a telopea. That it is to nurture a Muslim and to prepare them for what is to come in a with a cleaner, comprehensive way from all of the different aspects for both their worldly life and the life of the Hereafter, but in the light of Islam. So when we talk about tarbiyah in the worldly life tarbiyah in

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Islam encompasses matters of the worldly life, however, always in the light of ending the teachings of Islam, because ultimately, Islam governs how we behave in our worldly life, just as it governs how we behave in our religious life. And it's not the case that Islam is limited to the matters of religion and worship only. Rather, Islam governs our a Baghdad and our marmelade. it governs our acts of worship, and the way that we deal with people, and the way that we interact with people. And therapy also has to cover all of those things. And here, that's why we say that therapy is more than just education. Education is entirely in teaching the children. But here tarbiyah is more than that.

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It is nurturing them and preparing them for all of the aspects of their life, whether they're the aspects of worship, or that, or the aspects of them where I'm at in their dealings with people in the dunya. But in the light of the teachings of the religion of Islam, so it is obviously a huge, huge topic, because it covers, nurturing, educating, teaching and bringing up children in a very, very comprehensive way. And from the things that it's worth mentioning here is that from the names of Allah azza wa jal is a rub. Remember Saturday, he mentioned that our Rob who will Morag be, he is the one who nurtures? He is the nurturer, one of the meanings of the name of Rob and allies, Rob

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Bula. I mean, one of the names or one of the meanings of the name of Rob is almora be the nurturer. The one who nurtured all of his servants bit tend to be at war or sniff in neon with by controlling their affairs and being in command of them. And through all of the blessings

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That last panel to Allah gave them and he released this in the Tafseer of salty fatty al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen we praise Allah as origin, we praise Allah subhanaw taala for his names, his attributes and his actions, and among those actions, the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has given us and the decree that Allah subhanaw taala has chosen for us. But all of this relates to the nurturing, that Allah subhanaw taala nurtures His servants. And he goes on to say he said what a hustling harder and more specific than that

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is that Allah azza wa jal nurtures his chosen people, be a seller who could obey Him what are him? Well, lucky him by correcting their hearts, and by correcting their souls and their manners.

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And this, he said what he had that he said For this reason, the Do I have the prophets?

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Allah hemos Salatu was salam, the two out of the prophets, they frequently mentioned this name or Rob, Rob banner, all of the doors that start in the corner and Rob Burnett For this reason, because Allah azza wa jal nurtured and he nurtured his, his prophet sallahu wa Salatu was Salam and his messengers by correcting their hearts and their souls and their manners, and likewise the righteous servants from the slaves of Allah subhanaw taala, that allies will bless them with a portion of that a part of that even though the complete blessing of that was for the prophets in the messengers Allahu wa Salatu was Salam. But for me, in terms of the righteous and the Muslims, that are Lost

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Planet, Allah corrected them to, you know, to an extent they have a portion of that, that Allah corrected their hearts, their souls and their manners. And that is why the prophets used to call upon Allah azza wa jal, Rob Benner, our Lord, because they were asking the unknown meal to Lou and I mean, who actor B et al hasa. Because they were asking Allah for special nurturing. That's what they were asking Allah for something special, a special kind of nurturing, allow nurtured all of his sleeps, allies auto nurture all of his lips, but the ones that are love truly blessed are the ones that are nurtured upon a man and no doubt the prophets and the messengers, they have the biggest

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portion of that. And that is why early mama Sadie Rahim Allah Allah He said, That's why they used to call upon Allah or our banner. So if tarbiyah is from the actions of Allah subhanaw taala, towards his servants, and Allah subhanaw taala loves for us to do our best with our tarbiyah towards those that we are responsible for, that we try our best to nurture, to educate, to raise our children in the best possible way. And this is a right that our children have over us to the to the extent that we have the ability to do that to the best of our ability, and it's an obligation upon the parents according to their ability.

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A lot is so again, emphasize this responsibility in soil to to hareem in Aisle number six, yeah, you have levena M and qu and forsaken l equal nowra. Walk or do hi nurse well hey Jo la hermana, eager to Lila when she died, lie or Sona la Hama, MRR home way of Ayun ma marone.

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Or you who believe, save yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is men and stones. Over this fire, there are angels who are strong and severe, they do not disobey a lot and what they have been commanded. And they do what they have been commanded to do.

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A lie so which has commanded us to save ourselves cool and full circle. What I Lee Come on our families. And this is a fundamental principle this idea actually is in itself is a fundamental principle in the obligation that we have in nurturing and educating our families. And there are many ways that a person protects their family. And first of all, they protect themselves, but many of them if not the majority of them could be classified under the topic of a tarbiyah nurturing, educating and preparing them for the things that they're going to need. And here preparing them for the things and giving them the tools that they're going to need to be able to to gain that

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protection from Allah subhanaw taala from the fire with the permission of Allah azza wa jal so that emphasizes the obligation of tarbiat from the view of the parents towards the children, that the parents have to nurture the children in a way that will be a protection for them from the fire with by the permission of Allah azza wa jal and from this is the statement of Allah azza wa jal what more

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Kirby's celerity wasabi Riley, the statement of a lot, so gel, command your family to perform the prayer and to be regular and firm Upon doing so, to be patient and consistent in doing so. So Allah subhanaw taala commanded the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what more a letter besides that, tell your family to pray, wasabi early and be regular and patient in performing that prayer. So here we have another Ayah which indicates towards the obligation of a person, nurturing their children here, the most important nurturing of your children you're ever going to do is nurturing them to worship Allah azza wa jal alone and to leave all those things that are worshipped besides Allah

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subhanho wa Taala what more Allah can be solid, command your family to perform the prayer. This is another evidence for the obligation of tarbiyah the obligation of nurturing them preparing them and educating them because if you are to command them to pray that necessitates that you have taught them how to pray or you have facilitated them to be to learn how to pray and to perform the prayer in the way that allies origin legislated for them to do so then you command them to perform the prayer was started and you yourself you remain consistent and patient Upon doing so. And allies are said in sort of Nisa, you'll see como la Viola did a lot of xojo mentioned this

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in the beginning of this is in relation to the inheritance of Eliza just said you'll see Camilla Viola do complete decade mythical have their own say into the end of the idea that the male child has twice that of the female child. So why did we bring this ayah when Allah azza wa jal mentioned in the context of inheritance, because ultimately the word you will see qumola it means a Haider la as a God, or I'm allowed to, as I mentioned in his tafsir, it means that Allah has taken a covenant with you in relation to your children. And yes, that is in the context of inheritance. But it's also in the wider context, that Allah Subhana Allah has taken a covenant has taken a promise from you an

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agreement from you as it relates to your children. So you have that right. Or you have that they have that right over you and you have those obligations towards them. And it's an art It's a promise and a covenant that you have been that has been put upon you and imposed upon you by Allah subhanaw taala you see como la Violette, Allah azza wa jal has taken a covenant from you with regard to your children in regard to filling their rights of which tarbiyah and nurturing them and educating them and preparing them for their acts of worship and for their dealings in the worldly life. This is no doubt from the greatest of this covenant from the greatest of this act of this covenant and this

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agreement that is between you and Allah, as it relates to your children

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and ebihara are the Allahu and narrated and he used to say that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mermin, molding your life to Alan fitrah there is no child except that child is born in a natural state upon the fitrah and the fitrah the natural state natural state to inclination to worship Allah azza wa jal along that point they don't know about the Quran. They don't know about the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but they are in a state which is conducive. It's natural for them to go into Islam and to worshiping Allah azza wa jal for aboa. Who you have we then he Oh, you're not Ceylon II Oh, you Maggi Sani. But it is their parents

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that turned them into a Jew or a Christian or a major. It's not the child who is born and says, I want to be a Christian, or it's not the child who is born with a Christian cross in their hands. Rather, it's the parents who do that to the child is born naturally, and given the right upbringing and the right tarbiyah and this is why we brought this Heidi here, given the right tarbiyah there is no reason why with the permission of Allah and His tofield that child should not grow up to be a practicing Muslim. Because a child naturally is inclined towards that. They're inclined towards it. They're, they have an inclination away from away from making a partner with a lot they're not

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they're disinclined towards making a partner with Allah azzawajal it's not it's not natural, but it's the parents and their tarbiyah that turns that child into a Jew or a Christian or an agent, and the Prophet sighs me give an example come out to in touch with the Hema to behemoth and gemvara held to a Sufi ham in Jeddah. Like the animal from among the cattle that gives birth

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to its offspring and it is completely healthy and completely wholesome and pure. Do you see that its ear has been slit minja and this is there something that the the Arabs in the time of j Leah from the evil beliefs that they had and the evil laws that they had and making hard on and making Hallo what allies or gentlemen her arm and so on that they used to slip the ears of the cattle and this was from the effects that the shaitaan whispered to them and that she applied encourage them to do. But the point is that this belief of theirs when the camel they would deduce the disfigure the cattle. The cattle were disfigured like that. Was that cattle born disfigured? Was it then that came

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and they disfigured that cat that that animal in reality was they who came and disfigured the animal, the animal was born without any of this disfigurement. And without any of these false beliefs that they had. The animal was born pure animal was born healthy, but it's they who corrupted and that is the example the prophet SAW some gave of the parent and the title of the parent. And this hadith is one of the most powerful a hadith as it relates to the topic of tarbiyah. Because if you look at the the the context of the Hollies is that that child is ready for tarbiyah that child is ready to be brought up as a Muslim and they have every characteristic from their fitrah from

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their natural inclination, which is there that has been given to them by Allah azza wa jal, they are ready for the tarbiyah of their parents to bring them into Islam. And if you give them the right to to be at, they will embrace Islam, by the permission of allies or jellen, and allies tofield, they will embrace Islam, it's natural for them. However, it is the parent in the first instance. And we're not going to see the child Kong go astray after that. examples from the prophets and the messengers Allahu wa salatu wa sallam, the son of Nora, la Salaam, and so on, we're not going to see a child cannot go straight after that. But we're going to see that in the first instance, when that

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child is born, that child is not born, a Christian child is not born a Jew, that child is not born in another religion, that child is born with every everything is conducive for them to become a Muslim. What is needed is the total BIA of the parents, the parents to nurture them upon that path. And what happens after that is in the hands of allies origin, and that's why Abu hurayrah he said in this hadith from Mayor kulu, Abu hurayrah, Abu hurayrah, he said in this Hadith, he said what Cora in schichten, he said, recite if you wish and it's from the statement of Abu hurayrah that he said he's bringing you an ayah to show to you this ayah is linked to the Heidi's or that this is the

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Hadith is an explanation of this IO that is if further emphasizes what is mentioned in the Hadith and this is from the statement of ebihara that he said what role in Shinto recite if you wish fit Allah tala he let he felt or nurse earlier learned. Let's have a deal and you have an idea, the fitrah of Allah that Allah azza wa jal created, that people upon there is no replacement for the creation of Allah. Allah azza wa jal created people created our children ready to accept this Tobia. And really, it's our responsibility as parents, it's our obligation as parents, it's their right upon us that we give them that start. And as we said, The Arqiva The end result what will happen in

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the end, no one knows that except Allah subhanaw taala. What may Allah motel Willa who Illallah no one knows how things will end except the last parameter. But he knows that except Allah, but that child is born in a situation and a state that is conducive to the total peace of Islam. If you give them that total PA, you have the best opportunity with the permission of Allah for that child to grow up as a righteous Muslim. And if that child is given that false Tobia to build upon other religions and other beliefs and false ideologies, when they are so young, look at the danger for that child, that child turns into a Jew or a Christian or imagine and we said, I couldn't know more,

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I've been turned over. I thought, Rasulullah Allah will never punish people until he sends them a message, everyone will have a chance, everyone will have an opportunity. While I have the more aboukir ahead, and your Lord will not oppress anyone, everyone will have an opportunity. But look at the start, the parent has the ability to give the child start they're born ready for this tarbiyah and the parent giving them that TBI gives them the best start in life, rather than the parent who brings their child up as a Jew or a Christian or any other religion Other than that, and then the child has to find their own way and has to struggle with that false tarbiyah that the parent has

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given them which goes against their natural inclinations. And it goes against the way that Allah subhanaw taala has created them. And as we said, This doesn't mean that every child that has

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That total via will necessarily will necessarily end among the people of gender. Nor does it mean that if the child doesn't have that total view in the beginning that they're condemned to the fire and from the evidences for this is the statement of allies origin your original hate Yemeni may get what you heard you make it I mean I hate that ally xojo brings the dead out the living out from the dead and the dead out from the living. Some of the scholars they mentioned the Tafseer of this, that Allah azza wa jal brings out the living from the dead that Allah azza wa jal brings out the Muslim from the non Muslim parents. And the example they gave is the example of a Colima ignore Abby, Jen,

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what are the Allahu I, that echo the mother son of Abu jihad, he was from the, from the noble Sahaba of them the noble companions of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and look at how ally soldier brought out a crema. The one who was alive from the May it was Abu Jen, who there is no good in him, and nothing good in him at all. And Eliza gel spoke about the evil that he did, and the evil of him and allies, which I said can Dalai Lama enter here an SVM B now C. Now c 18. Care the bet in cartuja. That if he doesn't stop preventing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam or threatening the Prophet size and regarding his prayer in the carrabba, we're going to seize him by

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his for luck, a forelock which is all that he is. He is lying and sinful. Any person who has that forelock is lying and sinful. Look at that description of Abu Jen and then look what came from Abu jihad. Nkrumah Ravi Allahu Allahu Allah. The same on the other example, where you hold your meter, min and height that allows you to brings out the dead from the living. Look at the example of the son of a salamander, the son of nor I know Halle Sam, who was from the most beloved of the prophets and the messengers to Eliza gel from Allah, as women are also the five most important and the five most dedicated among the messengers. Alia Salatu was Salam. And yet his son did not accept Islam and

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was not a Muslim, and his son disobeyed him and as is well known from the IRS, which, which speak about this. So ultimately, we were not we want people to understand that we're not condemning someone and saying that if your parent didn't give you that total beer, from the first day that you were born, you're condemned to the fire. Or nor are we saying that if the parent gives them the total beer that they guaranteed gender, but there's no doubt that the best thing you can do for your child as a Muslim, is to take that natural inclination to worship Allah and to nurture it, and to develop it and to ask Allah and make to it to Allah, as we've said, For Allah subhanaw taala tend to

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give you the tofield for that to have a lasting example. So I'm going to conclude this episode here in sha Allah Allah, because what we have coming in the next episode is we want to give some examples of the tarbiyah that the pious predecessors and the prophets, the messengers and the righteous people, Allium Salatu, salam, they that they give to their children and we want to talk about some examples of that that are mentioned in the Quran insha Allah and that's also a big topic. So we're going to we're going to dedicate an episode at least one episode inshallah to Allah to that, and that's going to come up next we'll we'll finish our episode there and a lot so generals best wa

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Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa, Salaam Alaikum. If you're enjoying these videos, and you'd like to keep up to date with all of the courses we're going to be running, make sure you head over to a m au add home.com

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