The Muslim Family #29 – The Rights of Children After Birth

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What are kulu filco Ronnie magia II

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to carry Moosa Lu wa colocar La La, la de la Lu, while Mustafa al de

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leeuw and handling lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah he was truly Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We begin as always with the praise of Allah azza wa jal, we ask Allah azza wa jal to exalt the mention of grant peace to our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to his family and his companions. inshallah, to Allah we're continuing on with the rights of the children. And in this episode, inshallah to Allah, we're going to look at the parents obligations when the child is born. In the previous episode, we've spoken about some of the obligations of the parents prior to the

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birth of the child and inshallah to Allah. Now we move on to the obligations of the parents at the time that the child is born. And the very first one that we're going to talk about is choosing a normal and good name for that child.

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My Muslim narrates in his Sahil from the Hadeeth of urban aroma. radi Allahu and Homer, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a Hubbert, a smart equal in Allah, Abdullah, he wanted to Rama. Indeed, the most beloved of the names that you choose for your children to Allah is Abdullah and Abdul Rahman. And this is the most authentic hadith on the topic of naming the child. And this hadith of Abdullah Omar to the most beloved of all of the names to Allah, Abdullah and Abdul Rahman. That's interesting why you find that among the scholars of that of Hadith, generally speaking, that the overwhelming majority that you see among the scholars of Hadith, you

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see that they have the cornea, the name, Abu abdillah, or Abu Abdur Rahman. The they have named their child either Abdullah or Abdul Rahman. Because these are the two names that are the most beloved names to Allah azza wa jal, but it's not obligatory that you should name your child Abdullah or Abdul Rahman. And there's no doubt that any of the names that have Odia to Allah azza wa jal, they're praiseworthy.

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Even though there isn't an authentic hadith in this regard, there is a hadith which is wish to hear, it's famous, but it's not authentic. In fact, some of the scholars they said about it now ocilla, who doesn't even have an origin that they said that is very famous people say, or they mentioned a hadith and they say that the most beloved Names of Allah are the names that contain or Buddha or hand the names that contain ABD or the names that contain Hamed like Hamad, or Hamad, or Mahmoud, and so on. But this is not an authentic hadith. In fact, it doesn't have any origin as a Hadith of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But as a general principle, there's no doubt

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that the names that contain are bodia, to Allah azza wa jal, these are these are beautiful names. But the two that are specifically mentioned in the Hadith are Abdullah, and Abdul Rahman, the servant of Allah, the servant of the Most Merciful.

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Now, it's very important when a parent does choose a name that contains a Buddha, like ABS is very, very important that the parent is careful to make sure that that name is a name of a LaserJet. So we do see that because sometimes people look for rare and unusual names, that sometimes what people might do is they might choose a name that either people famously say it's a name of Allah, but it's not doesn't really have a strong proof, or a name that people it might be a rare name, but they they want to choose that name, and they put up in front of it, and it might not be a name of a lot. So just to give you a simple example, or Rashid, there is not really a strong evidence to say that our

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Rashid is one of the names of Allah azza wa jal, in fact that Heidi mentions it in JAMA Timothy is a Heidi that is weak. It's not an authentic hadith, the first part is authentic, but the part that mentions of Rashid as a name of Allah is not authentic. So it's not befitting to name your child Abdul Rashid. Because of the the fact that that might contain attributing or bodia servitude and worship to other that are lost since that name isn't it's difficult to prove, or it's not from the names that there's a clear proof that is from the names of allies, which so it's better to avoid those kind of things. And no doubt to avoid all of the names that contain or bodhichitta other than

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Allah, you know, in a clear sense, this is even more severe.

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So, from this are even the names that come

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to things like hulan, Mohammed will on Mohammed andolan Ali, and things like that, which people named which which is close to that meaning, like the servant of Mohammed or the servant of Allah. Because even though this word hula is not the same as the word ad, but somehow like it gives that impression of servitude to other than a lysogenic servitude to the Prophet Mohammed psychcentral servitude to it or so on so forth. So we see names like this, and of course the Arabs in the time of Jay Lee, they used to name with or bodia to other than a lie like Abu Shem said, Abdullah Rosa, and I'm gonna let these two named the the servant of Alireza, the servant of lat, Abdulmutallab and so

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on. But on the topic of Abdulmutallab, there's an interesting point that we can bring, and that is that there is no harm in mentioning or keeping in your lineage and name which is harm, in a factual sense, like mentioning in your lineage, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and I've done muttalib I am the grandson of Abu Talib. And Abdulmutallab is a haram name. It's not allowed to have contains or bodhichitta other than Allah azza wa jal, it contains attributing servitude and worship to other than Allah, but the Prophet size and here is mentioning factually from his lineage, so we don't we don't wipe out the lineage by taking away the names of our forefathers that were

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Haram. Rather, we keep the names in the lineage that belonged to our forefathers, we keep those from a factual point of view as preserving the lineage, not to say that those names are necessarily permissible or not. But as for our names, or the names of those who are alive, the prophet sites and we change the names that were forbidden and he would even change the names that are disliked. He will even change the names that are disliked the winner come to a discussion on that inshallah to Allah in a moment. Our next Hadith is a Heidi that is narrated from in sunon, Abby dealt from the hadith of Abwehr been able to show me Ravi Allahu anhu, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam he said, to send Mobius married ambia What a horrible Ismay Illa Allah Abdullah he will Abdul Rahman What are stuck with her Heidi Thorne were hammam walk back through her one one more.

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This had if some of the scholars they said that it is hasn't reached the level of being hasn't of being a fair Hadith. When you add to it, the Heidi that has a weakness in the chamber when you add to it a supporting narration that it comes to the level of being hasn't an ally soldier knows best. And it is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Give your children the names of the NBA. Give your children the names of the NBA we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he named one of his children, Ibrahim, but are the Allahu anhu Allah, of course, all of the male children of the prophets why Selim passed away when they were just infants, but he had named one of

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his children, Ibrahim. So there is an authentic Sunnah for naming your children with the names of the Prophets. Now, here's an interesting question, what about the names of the angels. And this call is different about that, but that I believe the stronger opinion is that you shouldn't name your children with the names of the angels like gibreel or Mikael or so on and so on. Because this was not known from the Sahaba of the aligner. And if there was good in it, the Sahaba would have raised each one another to have, you know, taken that good and to have implemented that good. So we don't see this a harbor of the Leviathan taking the name gibreel or Mikael. So we believe that it's the

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correct opinion, that the parent they should have named their child with the name of the angels.

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As for the names of the Prophets, and this is authentic, that you should name your children with the names of the Prophets. And the most beloved of the names to Allah Abdullah and Abdul Rahman.

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And the most truthful of them are Hadith. And Hannah. So again, this is mentioned in this hadith and we said that some of the scholars they said the Hadith is fair. And it is that the most truthful of names are Hadith. And

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how does Why is it the most truthful have never had it is the one who soars a seed. He said, The one who earns it said, It's used, the word health is used for what a person earns. So the what a person brings or what a person earns, but in its origins, the one who soars a seed. And in reality, everyone on this earth is like that you plant seeds, and you reap the fruits of what you sow, for good or for evil. So everyone can be authentically called hard if I mean like every person in the world is a hybrid everyone is you know, putting things planting seeds and reaping the fruits from that either good or bad, either good actions and good deeds are either that and as for a man that it

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comes from him, which is a person's concern at what person is preoccupied with and in reality

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Every one is preoccupied. Everyone is preoccupied, either with the matters of the dunya, or preoccupied with the matters of the archaea. And as for the most hated, or the most, Akbar, who had the most, the most horrible of them, being harp, and more than the Prophet sighs I'm used to change the names that contained bitterness, and contained negative like someone who is called ugly, for example, or someone who has called harp and harp is related to war. And it's said that because of what war contains from, you know, killing and slaughter, and transgression, of volume and so on, in many cases, and more raw because it contains bitterness, and any of the names the prophets I some

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saw that were ugly, or that contained negative meanings towards the person that was given them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would change those names Salatu Allahu wa sallahu Ali, and an example we can give of how the prophets Isom changed the traditions of the Arabs and JD and this episode we're going to talk about in the Akita inshallah, how the prophets I some, he brought to us in his Sunnah a change from the ways of Jay Z, from the ways of the pre Islamic times, is, and one of the examples of this is how the Prophet sighs named Allison and her saying, Ravi, Allahu, and Homer, because the tradition of the Arabs was to name the children with bitter and scary the boys

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with bitter scary, and you know, terrifying names so that when their enemies would hear them in battle, the enemy, even the name of the person would scare the enemy, you know, the to find out that this commander, or this general is coming, and he has a terrifying name, that you know, his name is the slaughter, or something like that, it would it would terrify the enemies, and this was the tradition of the Arabs to name their children with scary names, and names that were quite bitter and harsh and severe. And the Prophet sighs I've changed this. And he named his grandchildren Allison and her saint both come from and has a beauty from Beauty and goodness. So it's a it's a change. And

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in Islam, we don't have that tradition of naming the boys with, you know, terrifying, scary names. Rather, we choose the best of names for all of our children, the boys and the girls. And there's nothing wrong with and, in fact, from the Sunnah of the Prophet sighs to choose a beautiful name for your sons, not just for your daughters, like the profitsystem chose the name Allah has an Anima Hussein, as we're changing the names then it's narrated by Al Bukhari in an edit and edit will move right outside of his site from the great Imam sorry, even and we'll see you and

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Elan Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam afrikan his father came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he and the prophets I seldom said to him miss MK, what's your name? Allah has. He said my name is hasn't and hasn't it means should means severity and harshness. He said my name is harshness. The Prophet sighs I'm said to him. Carla anta said, he said to him, rather Your name is Sal, you should be called said you shouldn't be called hasn't. Hasn't is severity and harshness, and toughness and roughness. But the father of ignorance will say, Yep. He said, Carla over your smen cemani. He, he, he said, I'm not going to change a name that my father gave to me is my father gave

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me this name. I don't want to change this name. And so he didn't change it. As the profitsystem recommended to him. He didn't change the name. The great Eman his son was a great Imam said and we will say you are humble love to Allah from the image of the tablet in the great imams of the tablet. And he said called Harlem normal setup for Mazda. Let's see who's on that. We'll see now that he said that this harshness and severity remains in our family until this date. Somehow, that that is the Father's name. And he didn't he didn't choose to change the name like the profits I'm set to send, which is ease and softness and just being easygoing and gentle. He didn't change it and saw

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that attribute. That characteristic remained within even within the family, that the family who had that name that they had that name hasn't. It remained that harshness and severity and that roughness and toughness remained within. And it's true that a person has a share a portion of their name, a person has a portion of their name, and a name affects a person. So a child should choose for our children, the best of names and the most beloved of names to Allah as the origin. And the matter is one where there is flexibility in terms of the namesake even though the most beloved of names are Abdullah.

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I've got a man, there's nothing wrong with somebody choosing a different name. And from the best of the names, or the names of the Sahaba, or viola, who and, and a lot of people ask about for girls, what what names then because here we have Abdullah Abdullah man, of course we could take that. And we could use the word amor for a girl instead of abs. But generally speaking, do we have any specific

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evidence for the names of the girls or for what is the best of the names of the girls just to look at simply look at them, the mothers of the believers, love Your love and look at the daughters of the Prophet, love the love. And when was sort of last Friday you send them and look at the names of the female companions. And these are there are beautiful, beautiful names, and look at the meaning also to make sure that you are happy with the meaning. And one of the things I believe is very sad in this day and age is that the prevalence of these naming websites where they give you false meanings of the name. For example, they mentioned a name and they mentioned all kinds of words, it

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means hope and love and happiness and joy. And when you go back to the Arabic dictionary, none of those meanings are found within that name. And these websites are just set up to get traffic. So people go on them, and it says the meanings of the names and they go and look at their names. So all my name means this, and none of it is authentic. So it's very important that you check the real meaning of the word. And also, you know, there are some some negative things people do with names. Sometimes people choose random words from

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or they choose names that don't make sense. Or they choose names that, you know maybe are culturally common. But when you go back to the meaning of that name in Arabic language, it doesn't have a nice, it doesn't have a nice meaning. And sometimes people give their children the names of the disbelievers. And they choose names that are names from the names of the fart from the names that the disbelievers choose. And all of this is not it's not that's not what you want to give your child to start in life. The prophets I said, he said, woman to shed the heavier coalmine for women who, whoever resembles the people is one of them. So we don't want to start our children off with this

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kind of with this kind of culture, this kind of habit, let's start our children off with the best start in life and from the best start in life that you can give to your child is to choose a name that is beloved to Allah subhanaw taala and a name that gives them a Muslim identity that makes them and I know people want sometimes want their children to blend in in the non Muslim societies. But that's not what Islam encourages us to do. Islam encourages us to be distinct, to have a Muslim identity. So give your children a beautiful Muslim name

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has a beautiful meaning. And be careful about the meaning check the meaning. Check it reliably. And even from that is that you could ask a friend of yours if you don't speak the Arabic language, you could ask a friend to look up the meaning who speaks Arabic to look up the meaning in the Arabic dictionary is not to go to one of these naming websites that just mentions meanings for names that are not accurate, but there are some accurate resources where you can go and you can look up the real meaning of the name, inshallah to Allah from the reliable sources. And that's important because at the end of the day, it's it's a once in a lifetime choice you're going to make for your child. So

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it's really important that you think about a good name for your children, whether they are boys or whether they're girls, we come on to our next obligation of the parent on one of the next rights of the child is the right of the aka the obligation of the parent to give their child and Akita. So we're going to hear this from the Hadith of the Prophet sighs and to explain exactly what this involves. So we're gonna start with a hadith is narrated by Timothy in a merger from the hadith of our mother I shall have your llama and her and notice all lice Allah love it will send them a Mr often annual hula and he shall turn McAfee attend. What are the geriatric atisha our mother I shot

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all the alarm on her she narrates from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he commanded for a boy to Sha and the SHA is a general word for the

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the sheep and that which is similar like the goats, and it can be a sheep, and it can be a goat, and it can be male or female, because in some of the, in some of the other it is mentioned the Quran and, and in earth, it doesn't matter whether they are male or female.

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So they could be sheep or they could be goats. But you do have to bear in mind the that they can't have any defects. They can't have any illnesses or defects. And they have to be at the minimum age for a sacrifice to be valid. So for a sheep, this would be six months and for a goat this would be a year of age. It said a year of age were both but it should be it should be of the age which is acceptable in the terms of the Islamic sacrifice. So they are shorthand for the boy

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One shot for the girl one shot for the girl. And as for the description shatta and McAfee attack, they should be two sheep that are McAfee attend, then this means that they should be motor party but they should be near to one another similar to one another. So, what does it mean to be similar, it said similar in age, it said similar in the way that they look or have a similar type or two of them that are similar to each other. And this is from among the better things that have been said or among the stronger things that have been said regarding McAfee attend that they should be multiplied by 10 fists in your sorta they should be similar to one another in age and and quite similar to one

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another in the sense that you didn't pick you know, one sheep and one goat and it should be like, similar to each other in the way that they look similar to each other in the age. If that is easy for a person otherwise, if they sacrifice two sheep, then this is inshallah sufficient for them. And as for the girl, it is only one it's only one sheep. And it is permissible for someone else to do that on behalf of the parent, because the prophets I said, as we are going to hear in subsequent Hadith, he performed Africa for Al Hassan and Al Hersey. And samanid me I'm Bobby rhodiola, and he narrated the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Marika hola me Africa, that Riku

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and Modena were immune to annual other highly visible hottie

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in Sahil Buhari, that some vitamin mineral Bobby, are we alive and he said that with the birth of a boy comes in Africa, and here we've heard in the hidey hole Asia, that it's for a boy or a girl.

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So you should spill blood and you should spill blood I you should sacrifice an animal to Allah azza wa jal on behalf of that child, and you should remove the harm from him. And we're going to talk about removing the harm what that means removing the dirt or the filth or the harm. And we talked about that when it comes to shaving the head and so on. And this is a hadith in Sahih al Bukhari, which further explains, and we also have a hadith and this hadith is in in German activity and swinnen Avenue merger,

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from the Hadees of similar been drummed up, that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said kulula mean more tahanan be applicata truth about who and Whoa, yo, Mr. Beer while you're hella karatsu Who were you saying that? He said every child what he it says boy, here it says the male child, I can this applies Charlotte to the male and the female child is first part that every child is held in pledge for their Africa

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or by their Akiko. So it's a matter of importance. The example given is the example of the run. When you leave something in it as a pledge for something, for example, you leave something as a security or sometimes you call it a mortgage or a pledge. So it's a matter of importance. And the profit sighs I'm explained to you that the sacrifice should be carried out on the seventh day, and the head should be shaved and the name should be given. So the first thing we want to ask ourselves the question here is what does it mean? The seventh day? What is it? What does the seventh day mean? So the scholars differ over what this means. But

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a no op Rahim Allah to Allah He mentioned that it includes the date in which or the day in which the child is born, and the scholars have a lot of difference about it. Whether is it before there's a word after there's a while And what if the child is born at the night, but we're just going to make it simple for the purpose of this. And we're going to take the example that was given by chef and what they mean. He said, so if the child is born on the Saturday said, Rahim, Allah to add if the child is born on the Saturday, then the acute care should be done on the Friday and it is the seventh day including the day that the child is born, and he shall life it is done before that. Or

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if it is done after that, then it is valid. However, the sooner is for it to be done on the seventh day and it's not right for a person to be easy about like easy going to say oh I'll do on the eighth day I'll do on the 10th day I'll do it on the third day, let a person try to do it on the seventh day. And if they can't do on the seventh day, then there is integration from our mother our issue of your love, which indicates that if it can't be done on the seventh day, she said firstly out of battery I shop for in lahmacun. Firstly, if there were a shooting, she said if it can't be done on the seventh day, let it be done on the 14th day and if it can't be done on the 14th day then let it

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be done on the 21st day. However there is no harm if a person as in the it is accepted from a person if they do it before after. But Allah no we Rahim Allah to Allah and others they

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I mentioned that if it is before, they mentioned the consensus of this, that if it is before the child is born, it's not accepted. It's not an accurate, it's just Shatila. It's just a sacrifice, it's just meet nothing more than that, if it's done before the child is born. However, we should try to follow the sun net Nice try to go for the seventh day. Otherwise, we just makes easy try to aim for the seventh day. But if a person can't and then better, they go for the 14th. And if they can't, then the 21st. And if they can't do that, then whatever day is easy for them after the child is born, and it will be acceptable insha Allah, Who to Allah, and we hear some other etiquettes in this

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Hadith, like the shaving of the head, and we're going to come to that in sha Allah, and the giving of the name, there's no harm in the parent deciding the name before that, or discussing the name before the child is born. But it's nice if you officially make the name on that seventh day. And that's the time that it becomes official. And before that, if you can, you can keep it like that we are you know, we're thinking about naming the child. Well, we've we've, we've kind of settled on naming the child, but let it be official on the day of the ACA on the seventh day, as it from the sooner I can if a person needs a child before that there is no harm in that child to either as long

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as the name is a name, which is permissible in Islam. And our next question with relation to the Akiva is, what do we do with the meat. So here the scholars differed with regard to the applica meat, and some of them they held the opinion that it is the same as the odd here, that it's the same as the sacrifice that is made on the in the days of Hajj, the sacrifice that is made on the day of aid aid or alpha and they said that this is the same, it's like that the same rulings apply. And other said there is no specific mention of what you should do with the archaea commit. So, the matter is easy for you and do what is easy for you if you wish to do the same like the other here in

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hajj and you wish to give a third to the poor and you wish to keep a third for yourself and you wish to give a third to your friends and your neighbors that are around you. There is no harm in that and if you wish to do something different with that, there is also no harm in inshallah because the the intended the intention behind the article is to spill the blood as a quarterback as a means of getting near to Allah Subhana Allah and it's not necessarily the distribution of the meat, but if the person gives some inside the card and that is even better shout out to Allah and there is no harm whether they give it cooked or they give it raw there is no harm in that but they should look

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at what is more beneficial for people and what is more inshallah easy for people. So, a person looks at what is going to benefit people more and what is easy for them. And there is no specific ruling that it should be given as meat or it should be given cooked or it should be given with something or without something. There is no specific ruling on this issue a lot and a person should do whatever is easy for them. Analyze which one was best.

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I believe in Breda. And this Hadeeth is in swinnen Abbe de ODE he said Carla Sameer to Abby

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pourrais Dora the Allahu anhu yaku

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qunar fija helia either will either the Medina hulan verba her Shelton wa sallahu be Demi ha Fela major Allahu bil Islam coonan espero schatten when razza who were Nell tahu, bizarre, bizarre fallen.

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I believe in Breda. he narrates from his father bowrider, Robbie Allahu, and said that we used to in the time of J hadiah. If one of us had a child, we would sacrifice an animal and we would pull the blood of that animal over the child's head.

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And when Allah azzawajal brought us the religion of Islam, we used to sacrifice the animal and we would shave the child's head, and we would put saffron, or young saffron as as like a perfume hit over the head of the child. And I brought this Heidi here and Heidi, this, as we said in sort of a widowed as evidence that this is something that was done in the time of Jay Lee. But the profits hasn't kept the ruling of the applica but changed the way that it was done. So in the time of Jay Hillier, they would sacrifice the animal, and then they would pour blood upon the head of the child. And this is something which is dirty, the blood that comes from the animal that is sacrificed the

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blood with them and must water, the blood that comes out from the animal that needs to be drained from the animal. It's not supposed to be used for something and it's the blood that we're not allowed to eat and we're not allowed to use it. It's taken from the animal and it's spilled from the animal. So to pull that over the head of the child, that's what they used to do in the time of God.

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But the article was kept

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And that's why I have no clear more humble love to Allah. He said, When Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam caught up and it hasn't well Hussein, with Allah who was horrible who which I'd heard without even emilija hadiah he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam performed the upkeep of Al Hassan Hussein and his companions did the same. So it's not right that certain people said that this is purely a jar highly custom and it shouldn't be. It shouldn't be done, or it shouldn't be.

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That it shouldn't be carried out in Islam. It's the son that in Islam, but in a different way to the way that was done in JD, he said will appeal to sunetra Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam what color Allahu la Mota it is now to nj good are we here? Are we Abu hurayrah and in Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam even Okay, and he mentioned this in his amazing book on the children, the rulings of the newborn child to effort and motivation dude, and even playing he said that Africa is a pseudonym from the Messenger of Allah. So a lot more it was eliminated the Prophet sighs and had authentically said that the child is held in pledge by his Africa. And it is an authentic, it's a

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good chain. It's narrated by Abu hurayrah from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So what does it mean that the child is held in pledge? What does that actually mean? So there are different statements from the scholars about what this means some of the scholars they said it means that he would if the child dies, as a child, he will not intercede for his parents unless they did his appeal, and it will not hurt the child, but the parent will, the parents will not receive the intercession of the child. If the parent did not do the article, if the parent was negligent, the parent could not afford the article, something like that, and inshallah to Allah, we we don't, we

00:31:48--> 00:32:19

hope that the parent will not be held to account for this. And the RPF is suing them or academics not from the YG, but is from the highly recommended sooner and not from the obligations. However, the parent would be one of the opinions of the scholars about held in pledges that the parent will not get the intercession of the child. It's also said that the article will be a reason to protect the child from the shape on the child will not be as well protected from the shaytaan if the article is not done.

00:32:20--> 00:32:59

And this is an evidence and evidence that we can also further put forward for the the concept that the parents actions, and the parents what they do when the child is born and before the child is born, can have consequences for the child. We explain the difference between this and the issue of well as it was Iran, was it at UCLA, that nobody will bear the burden of another person, we said that the child will not bear the sin. But that doesn't mean the child will not have consequences of what the parents do. So the parents are negligent regarding the Arqiva, there could be an effect upon the child, but the child will not carry a sin from it. But there can be an effect upon the

00:32:59--> 00:33:38

child. And likewise, we mentioned the etiquettes of intimacy, that parents don't follow that there can be also an effect upon the child, the child will not be blamed for that or held to account for that or punished for that. But ultimately, that doesn't mean that they won't have certain tests and consequences in their life, because of what the parents decide to do. And that shows us how important it is that we take our responsibility as parents. And remember, we're not calling him Rahim, Allah to Allah. He mentioned three. Among the benefits of the Akiva he mentioned three things. He said that it is a video. And it's a like what happened with a smile, and the Brahim that

00:33:38--> 00:34:28

Allah azza wa jal accepted, in place of the sacrifice of, of a smiler Ibrahim was commanded to do alima salatu salam, that in place of that, in place of that the sacrifice was done. So it became a it became a video, it became an expiation or an alternative. And likewise, what the prophets are mentioned regarding being held in pledge and likewise from the benefits that have not been mentioned is that it is equal to ban it is an act of nearness to Allah, as soon as the child is born. Look at what excellent start that child receives, to have such a thing done, that as soon as they are born in the seventh day they are born. So it is a means of nearness to Allah azza wa jal, as soon as the

00:34:28--> 00:34:41

child is born, and that sets the child sets out what the parent wants from the child in terms of religion and nearness to Allah. And it also, you know, sort of from the point of the child, it gives them the best possible start.

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

As for the shaving of the head, and that's the next point that we're going to come to. We have a hadith and I live in every polypro the logline who I know who call a colossal lie sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it hasn't bisha we'll call it Yeah, Fatima, Loki

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

All right, so what are some Ducky bees in a T shirt he he filled ba

00:35:10--> 00:35:41

aliannah Vitaly, but all the alarm rang he narrated the Messenger of Allah I seldom performed Africa for a lesson with a sheep. We said that the sooner established that it's too cheap for the boy. And he said, Oh fathima shave his head and give the weight of his hair in silver as a sadhaka. This is one of the etickets this Heidi vizhinjam tirmidhi. And it's one of the etiquettes to give the weight of the hair that when you shave the boy's head to give the weight in to give the weight in silver.

00:35:42--> 00:35:51

and ignore him or him love to Allah He said about the benefit of shaving the newborns hair. He said shaving his head removes the harm from him,

00:35:52--> 00:36:24

removes the weak hair so that the stronger and firmer hair replaces it. And it is beneficial for the head. It comforts newborn, it opens the pores on the head. It strengthens his eyesight, his smell and his sense of smell and his hearing. So there are many benefits that have not creamer him aloud to Allah He mentioned regarding the shaping of the head. But now the question comes do we shave the head of a female child and the scholars have felt they differed with regard to this the Maliki and the chef area? They said that the good there is no difference in this between the girl and the boy.

00:36:26--> 00:36:55

And as for the Hannah Bella, they said no, it should not be shaved because the shaving of the head always mentioned the hole I mentioned the male child and as for the female child, there isn't a specific mention for that. Rather what's mentioned for the female child is the sacrifice of one of one sheep. So the Hannah Billy they held this opinion, and Eliza gel knows best. That's something which the scholars differ in. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best.

00:36:56--> 00:37:43

Another, another etiquette and another obligation that parents have to carry out for their children in the early days when the child is born is a lucky tan. And that is circumcision. And for this we have a hadith from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it's the hadith of Abbe hora or Viola and that he said, sort of Lahore and he will send them a filter or two humps or he said Hanson milfit. Alfie tan and then he mentioned the hiraeth. He said there are five things from the fitrah. And among them he mentioned circumcision. And that was the first one that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam mentioned. And this is something which is strongly emphasized with real in relation

00:37:43--> 00:37:49

to the boy and it's closer to being from the YG but analyzer generals best with in relation to the boy

00:37:50--> 00:38:30

as for the girl, then it is a sooner it is a Sunday and there is a Heidi from the hydrosol our mother eyeshadow Viola on her in Sahih Muslim that indicates that this is a sooner for the girl as it as it is for the boy but for the boy it is it's closer to being from the YG. But I shall have your love and Hashem aerated, the prophets lie. Some said either jealous, I've been assured Abby had ottobre or mess, selfie tan, Wolfie Turner pocket, whichever hosel if a man comes to a woman, and it comes between her four limbs, and the two circumcised parts touch each other, that also becomes obligatory. So here the two circumcised part indicates that both the male and the female would be

00:38:30--> 00:39:10

circumcised. However it is as soon as it relates to the girls. And it is closer to being from among the YG, but are among the extremely important, extremely important matters for the boy. So obviously, for the girl in this age, we are we have to deal with the issue of what people call FGM that the mutilation of girls in through circumcision. And this is something that has no place in Islam and Islam never call to this, the prophets I said, La da da, da, da da da, there should be no harm caused to anybody. And he prohibited all kinds of oppression. Salatu was salam, O Allah and all kinds of harm sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this is this what people call FGM. This has nothing to

00:39:10--> 00:39:47

do with the religion of Islam. But some parents might have the effect of that in the sense that they might be in a situation where if they were to carry out the Sunnah, in terms of the circumcision of the female child, they could be breaking the law, or they could have their child taken away from them in some countries, because many countries don't distinguish between FGM and between the circumcision of the girl which is prescribed and allowed in Islam. They don't distinguish between the two, because they aren't able to tell the difference because of their ignorance. They don't know that there is a difference between these two things. So no parents would take that risk. If it is

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

something which is illegal or something which is going to get could get their children taken away from them. No parent should take that risk. It is assumed at the end of the day, so there is no harm in leaving it for the girl. If that is not allowed or if there is a

00:40:00--> 00:40:27

danger to the parent or danger to the child in that there is no harm in leaving it for the girl, but it's from the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam if the person is able to do it and Eliza Jill knows best so that's all we have time for in this episode analyzer generals best wa Salatu was salam, and Unbeknown Mohammed to Allah and he was happy anyway, as salaam alaikum if you're enjoying these videos, and you'd like to keep up to date with all of the courses we're going to be running, make sure you head over to a m au add home.com