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Jumu’ah Khutbah – 05.02.21

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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why not?

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tr Medina

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Mayor de la who

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wanna use you believe Salah ha de la

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la la

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la sharika wash

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Mohammed den Abdullah he was solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala Lee you also be was a limited Sleeman kathira Yo, yo holla Deena Manu Taku la Hakata kotti wala Mouton. Illa unto Muslim moon. Yeah, a yohanna su

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bloody holla kakuni nuptse wahida wahala Carmen has jaha where the semi new Houma region

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know back home

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accidental Buddha, Buddha Mohammed

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We begin with praise of Allah.

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We praise Him, we seek His open we ask his forgiveness.

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Allah guides there is none.

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And whoever Allah decides there is nothing that can guide him.

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And I bear witness that there is no god deserving of worship except Allah, Allah with no partner. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the slave of Allah and His messenger.

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May Allah exalt is mentioned and granting peace and upon family and his companions and follow them until the last day. Or you who believe have Taqwa of Allah as he deserves for you to have Taqwa of Him and do not die except as Muslims or mankind. have Taqwa of your law to create a Jew from us.

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And from them both many men and women and have Taqwa of Allah the one whose name you ask by and fear Allah with regard to

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all you who believe have Taqwa of Allah and speak a word that is true, he will correct your deeds and forgive your sins. And whoever obeys align His Messenger has indeed achieved a great success, to continue the best speeches, the Book of Allah and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the worst of things in this religion are the invented practices, and all newly invented practices and innovation and all innovation is misguidance and all misguidance is in the fire.

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My brothers in Islam,

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Allah azza wa jal told us instead.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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too many to come.

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The virtue of the masjid and the blessing, the masjid

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said fee boo tin

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you said the hula hoop fee has been hoodoo we will

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reject him teach Allah Allah.

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Allah to eater is your call funa Yeoman Tata Kala boo, boo boo.

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Leah jizya, whom Allah who

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will la who Yasukuni Yeshua

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Allah subhanaw taala. To know

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the example of belief and the light of a law that is in the heart of the

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from knowledge and righteous actions. Allah Subhana Allah mentioned

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Where will you find this believer whose heart is full of light, you will find him feeble you will in adding Allah who and total fat you will find him he

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has commanded to be built.

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A house that Allah has commanded to be

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includes the building of the masjid and includes raping the

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earth by worshipping Allah and performing the Salah. By

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and by remembering Allah.

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So the message becomes raised up like that, it is raised

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and it is raised up by the worship that is performed in the masjid.

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Allah gave permission and Allah commanded his massages to be built. The Prophet sallallahu

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commanded for the massages to be built in a duel in the

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areas of the

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one to

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one superheroes

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that they should be purified and kept clean.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the actions that are to be done.

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You said Behold, I will see you

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The people they say test

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a lot

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in the morning, and in the evening in the afternoon.

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They do this in the

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Daily Press from Belgium until Aisha and the people are in the masjid remembering Allah azza wa jal Who are these people who are in the masjid at fudger? Who are these people who are in the masjid at Asia? They are regional. Allah azza wa jal said these are men, rigid, they are real men. Love to hear him teach Java to

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their business doesn't get in the way of the message they're buying and

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to get in the way of the message.

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It doesn't get in the way of their remembrance of Allah and performing the

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Why are they

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not thinking about buying and selling, not worried about

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because they are scared

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of the day in which the hearts and the faces will be turned.

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What is the reward for those people? Allah azza wa jal in order to know he said, Li Xia.

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Allah is gonna give these people the reward of the best of what they did Y or Z.

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And Allah is gonna give them even more than what they did on top of that.

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Because Allah gives, without any accounts,

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Allah Subhana Allah gives without any accounts,

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and the Prophet sallallahu as

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he said in an authentic hadith, Besh, Cheryl, Cheryl Masha in lol messaggi

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Tammy Oh, Mel, Kiana. He said,

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and I want to highlight for the

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middle of the day, the people who walked in the darkness or the people who come on

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and those are the two Salah that

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they find very hard to come.

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The Buddha doesn't come for a shot.

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The Sahaba if they miss the person that they used to see,

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they used to say he is

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if he did

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nowadays we see

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where are the

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Where are the people who want

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more time? Younger? They want the reward of

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complete lights on the Day of Resurrection.

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This question

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your allies so agenda commanded us to build a lot of commanders to keep it clean and Allah commanded us to purify it

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is not allowed for us to do in here except for the remembrance of Allah and the prayer. One is connected to

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He told us

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that if you see a person doing business in domestic

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say to that person now Oh, by how long the teacher may give you more profits in your business. We are loving your business news. And if you see someone who is

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looking for a lost item, and they go in around the message from one person say have you seen this Have you seen this then?

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these massages

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they were built for what they were built for. They were built for remembering Allah and the Sunnah and the reading of the Quran and the vicar and so on.

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last panel Jaya

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told us

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about the situation of the people who look after the

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and the people who come to bring in domestic regular alarm.

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What are

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what are

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what are the upshot is alarm that I saw, you can endure

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the only people who took

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care of MSG and they build it, and the people who come in and they agree in it, and they remember how long

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those are the people who

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believe in Allah.

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And they believe in the last day and they perform the prayer. And they give this a calf and they don't see anyone except Allah. It is those people who will be from those who are valued. A lot of promise and

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a promise from

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those other people who are guiding

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those other people for

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the people who build domestic who look after domestic,

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domestic who come to pray in the masjid, they perform this alive, they require an MST they remember a lot of MST but

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those are the people who are going to be from those who are guided. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in MSI GW,

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Allah and Luke remember

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the mystery is the house of Allah.

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And Allah will definitely honor the person

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who comes to visit Allah.

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Allah will definitely honor the person. It is the right of all of the promise of Allah, that Allah will honor the person who visits Allah.

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This is the house of Allah. This is where you come to speak with Allah in your prayers. This is where you come to ask alive.

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This is where you come to come near to Allah by reciting.

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And when you come to visit Allah in this house, a loss of animal data will definitely honor you and look up to you and take care of you.

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Whether Greece or

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whoever is fragile in the agenda, she will be in the care of a law in the province of Allah Allah promised to take care of him until the evening comes.

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Allah promised to take care of him until the evening comes and from the seven who will be shaded in the shade of a law of the day when there is no shade except is

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in the hobby itself.

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A man whose heart is attached to them.

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Do you know what it means for your heart to be attached to the rescue?

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For you, if you miss the message, you feel sad. You have to be in MSG if

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it hurts you in your heart because your heart is attached to the rest of your person that you can't be away from domestic. If you miss even one Sora you feel really really bad. You want to come to the rescue. You have to be in the restroom.

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When you are away from domestic you feel like something is missing in your heart.

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Like these days, people's hearts are attached to so many things. people's hearts are attached to

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their gains.

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people's hearts are attached to their families people's hearts attach to their hobbies. If they visit, it hurts if they are away from the house.

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This is how you should be with MST when you are away from MST for even a salon or even a day it should feel really painful in your heart.

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Because your heart should be attached to them

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when he said

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wa Salatu was Salam. Alma Ruthie Raj Mehta Lila al amin Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa salam also be edge marine.

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We begin with the praise of Allah. We ask Allah to exalt dimension and grant peace to our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to his family and his companions.

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Were talking about the importance and the blessing of the masjid and the importance of looking after the masjid and taking care of it. And I want to share with you a hadith about the people who don't come to the masjid every day, and the people they don't come for a shot. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadees of Abby hora and the Heidi is narrated in sahale Buhari and similar to it is narrated in Muslim

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, When levy Neff, CBI de la casa hammam to an Molavi how far been your top up from Robbie Sala Tifa you then aloha from morava julienne fire ominous. Suma ohada Erie jolyn harika la him boo to home well leadin fcba de la jolla la Maha to come and now who yeji to Arkansas amin and our Miramar attain has entertainer shahidullah raesha.

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He said by the one whose hand my soul is in, I had certainly intended

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to command for firewood to be gathered

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and then command for the Salah to be given and the other than to be given for the Salah. Then to command a man to lead the people in prayer. Then to go to some men who stayed at home and burn their houses down upon them. Nabeel Rama, the prophet of mercy. And he wanted to go to the people's houses and burn the house to the ground.

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He said I would go and take the firewood and put it under their house and burn the house to the ground. And in some of the narrations, he said lol and Nisa or sybian if it wasn't for the women and the children, I would have burned their house to the ground. Who are they?

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Well, he said by the one whose hand my soul is in.

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If one of you knew that you would even find a bowl of meat or the meat that is between two ribs you would have come from Asia.

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If you even thought you were going to get a piece of meat you would have come from Asia.

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Look at how the Prophet seisen spoke about the people that don't come to the masjid.

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I wanted to burn their houses to the ground. Because if one of them was told that there is even a piece of meat or even two ribs Wallah, he would have come to the masjid.

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He doesn't come for the Salah. But if you tell him there is food, he will come to the masjid. If he finds a bone he will come to the masjid. If he finds a piece of meat between two ribs he will come for a shot.

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Look at the sad state of the people. The sad state is that in Joomla msgid is full five times a day the message is open

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five times a day.

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The messenger is available for you to come and pray

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and no doubt inshallah there are some people live very far away. There are some people who there are one or two prayers they can't make it for some circumstances. But it's not really imaginable that the only prayer you can come here for is Juma.

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I don't believe that to be true. maybe one or two people who live very far away. But generally speaking, if you can't make

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a sir you can make Margaret if you can't make mother

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You can make a shirt. Nobody has anything to do with Virgil. Generally speaking,

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all you have to ask yourself about your heart being attached to the message. And you have to appreciate the blessing of the masjid.

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And now when you learn how the masjid has been renovated, there is a new carpet. There are new the, you know, the The machine has been tidy and cleaned, the heating is on. It's a comfortable place for you to come. The only thing that is required from you is to put one foot in front of the other to come to the masjid. The prayer times are available for you. Generally the prayer in the masjid is fixed for the whole week. We don't change the time of the prayer until June one

00:25:49--> 00:25:57

after three o'clock, Margaret, just after the other. Right now it's just before five o'clock.

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at seven

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fudger at 630 bore and jumar one o'clock. Make more of an effort to come regularly and you will see the blessing of the masjid in your life and you will see the Baraka in your business, in your work in your family. In all of the things you will see the blessings of Allah azza wa jal when you make your heart attached to the masjid and you are one of those people who in the morning and the evening, you are remembering Allah azza wa jal in the masjid. So masala was Sal de Moura outcome Allah, Allah Mohammed, Abdullah Kamara am Allah can be delicato bukem for color code and Karima in Allah How am Allah ekata who you saw Luna Allen Eddie? Yeah you Hello Tina. Sol Lu la usmt Motors

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Lima Allahumma salli ala Mohammed in wireless Ali Mohammed Kamal so Lita Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim inika hamidou Majeed wobec Allah Muhammad Anwar Allah, Allah Mohammed camera Baraka, Ira Ibrahima, either the Ebola Hema in NACA hamidou magit. While bene Tina dunya hacer una Warfield. irati Hasina joaquina either but not a llama Tina for Santa taqwa was a key her anti Roman Zika until Wali you have a molar

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allama Nana Dean and a lady who is mature emelina was Liliana dounia Anna latifi Hannah oshana was Liliana Eurotunnel at Les Hama Arjuna. Magellan Hayato ci the tendon f equally higher, while mo Tara Hatton dynamin collishaw Pura, bureaucratic ar hamara Haman almanzora Juana mustafina equally McCann allama colome na Sierra Morena, Wilmore AG, Don Wada, Hera, pura hermetica, or hamara Haman, Eva de la ilaha maravilla de la San Juan de Cordoba Wen Hua and in fact Sasha you will moon kariobangi era do Camilla Allah come to the Cologne that Kuru La Jolla skookum wash guru who Alinea me he will Allah He has it come? What are the cruel La Jolla kebab? Wa La Jolla animal moto snarling, Aki

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