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alone. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Welcome to the final episode of the power of thicker. throughout this series of episodes, we've been looking at the virtues of the courage, the importance of the courage, how we do the some of the principles of Vicar, Vicar in the Salah. In the prayer Vicar when reading the Koran, Vicar in all the different times during the day when a person is a different situations that people are afflicted with Vicar in the morning in the evening, Vicar at times of difficulty they occur when you sleep when you wake up, Vicar throughout the day, and in every circumstance in every situation that a Muslim finds themselves in.

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We've talked about the theory of Vicar. And we've also talked about the practical aspects of this. And we're going to conclude those practical aspects today in this episode in sha Allah subhanho wa Taala by looking at the way that we keep ourselves away from the Shaitaan

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there's no doubt the shaytaan has a huge effect upon the person, even if that effect is only that he calls them away from the path of Allah. Because we know that the shaitaan will say when everything is finished in Nola.

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Well, why to come for love to come indeed, a lot promised you the truth. And I promised you and I, I broke my promise. When I can only really come in so tight. I didn't have any authority over you, except in Landau to come first digit to me, except that I called you. And you answered me. I called you and you answer me. So the shaytaan has a big effect upon us. The shaytaan is, you know, a problem that we have to be very cautious of in our lives. And of course, so many people complain of problems, whether those problems be issues or of themselves in terms of wastewater, or more serious problems in terms of trouble from the gin and from the shale teen, or more even more serious

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problems like the issue of magic and black magic and its effect upon people. And people fear the issue of the evil eye, they fear the evil eye for their children, they want to seek protection. And often people choose many haram ways of protecting themselves. So they protect themselves with amulets, which are Haram, with terror with that are Haram. They protect themselves with many, many false methods. And they learn all of these sorts of false statements that people make when they say things like, or if you if you make so many times if you say Subhan, Allah 7000 times in a day or something. And all of these are numbers that have just plucked out of thin air. And they're not

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authentic numbers that are from the Sunnah. And we said, you have to be very careful in your Vicar that you stick to the authentic numbers that are mentioned in the center.

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So now we're going to look at some of the things the sun that gives us to protect ourselves from the Shaitaan. And some of these are our regular Africa. So the most important thing we're going to look at in the beginning is to protect ourselves from the shaytaan, from Sahara, from Blackmagic, from the Djinn, from every aspect of the shaytaan. And all of the actions of the shaytaan. By what, by sticking to our car that we have learned in the previous episodes. So the car of the morning in the evening, the car, within the prayer, Vf car when you enter into the house, saying Bismillah because when you say Bismillah when you enter into the house, and you say Bismillah, then the shaitaan is

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forbidden from living in your house. When you leave the house, you say Bismillah and you mentioned the vicar and the two after leaving the house. Likewise, when you eat, you say Bismillah you eat with your right hand you encourage your children to say Bismillah and tea with their right hand. Because when you eat with your right hand you say Bismillah the shaitaan is forbidden from eating with you. You recite the vicar of Allah in your house the Quran, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that a means to protect your house from the shaytan is to recite Surah Baqarah in the house over the not to let three days go by so over a period of three days, you recite sort of

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the bucket and if you can recite it every day, that's amazing. If you recite it in little bits so that you cover it within three days, that's fantastic. But the shaitaan does not enter a house in which sorts of Baccarat is recited over that period of time. So this is also from the things that we do likewise

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The two hours of entering the bathroom. The cards that we mentioned when we leave the bathroom. Likewise the card that we mentioned in a case of intimate relations between husband and wife, these are all our two eyes and as cards that are absolutely vital for us, because they protect us from the Shaitaan. And many if not all of these two I specifically mentioned the shaitaan in them. For example, when you enter the bathroom, and you say Allah, how many are also becoming a hobo you will have if you are saying Allah, I seek refuge with you from the male and female shaytaan and this is because the bathroom is a place where they reside. So if you want to be protected from the shape on

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the first thing is that you are keeping to your daily Vicar religiously and strictly the vicar of the morning in the evening whoever recites them will be protected until the end of the day, whoever recites it in the evening will be protected until the morning and then you have some very specific ad copy. One of the specific ad cards that you have is the statement that we make the vicar that we make are always will be Kenny Murti Lucha,

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teaming Chateau de mahalo.

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I seek refuge with the perfect words of Allah from the evil which he has created. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Who ever sets foot in a place and he says these words he says, I will be kitimat in late Mati maturity, Maha lock, he will not be harmed by anything until he moves on from his place. So when you go to an unfamiliar place, you're in an unfamiliar house, you're in a, you know, your car breaks down on a dark road at night, whatever it may be, you know, you stop off at a service station, you you, you know, you go to an unfamiliar place, you're out in a park, out in the desert out in the countryside, wherever you may be, you say these words and it protects you from the

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shaytaan. And from the plots of the shaytaan.

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A similar to a slightly longer one has been narrated regarding seeking refuge from the deception and the plots of the time. And this is the vicar that we see at all. There'll be Kenny Merton, a Martin that Elijah we Zohan about what a fragile mean Sheree mahalo kuwabara our Dara woman Sheree my nz domina sama you woman shall remain out which will be her woman shall remain Vera fill out the woman shall remain, which will mean her woman shall refit any lady when a woman shall recall literate in in Torah will be higher in Yama. And this is a very comprehensive to her. I seek refuge with ALLAH is perfect words, which no righteous or unrighteous person can transgress there is no shaytaan that

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can go against the words of Allah azza wa jal from all of the evil that he has created, made and originated. I seek refuge from the evil that descends down from the sky, and from the evil that rises up to it. And I seek refuge from the evil that is spread on the earth, and the evil that comes up from it. And I seek refuge from the evil of the tribulations of the night and the day, and the evil of the one who visits at night, except for the one who brings good or Merciful One. And this is from the comprehensive two eyes that we can see. To keep us away from the effect of the shaytaan.

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I wanted to finish our sort of practical session. Before we talk about sort of to summarize what we've learned. We wanted to finish the practical session by looking at what we say for our children.

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There is a duet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say for Al Hassan Al Hussein, and he used to say this to protect them from the evil of lie from the evil of the evil eye from this horrible situation where somebody can be afflicted by the jealousy and the evil eye of somebody else. So he used to say for a boy or a joker, be Kenny Mattila he term Murti mean cliche when Cooley shaytani Wareham matin woman Cooley Eileen Lam

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used to say, or a Luca de Kelly Mati la hit.

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Mati Minh Cooley, shaytani Wareham Mateen amin Cooley, I named them

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in this douar What it means is, I seek refuge for you, on behalf of you with the perfect words of Allah from every shaytaan and every beast. And every envious I am just a small point to note practically about that is that the very first word are either Can we change this word depending on who we're talking to. So for a boy we say, or a joker, for a girl, we say we're a zookeeper. For two children, we say we're a zoo Kuma. And for three or more we say or evil come. So there are slightly different ways of doing that. And again, on the website that we mentioned to us.com all of the ways are mentioned. And that's more of a grammatical point in terms of the Arabic language, but this is a

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new added slightly changes depending on who you say it for. So again, you don't need to

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To tie things around your children's Next, you don't need to tie things around your children's legs or anything like that. You don't need any tie weave, you don't need any sort of any sort of haram or any sort of asking others for help. All you need are these simple to us the simple atka and inshallah to Allah you will find yourselves to be protected from the shape on and from the plots of the shape. And there are really many, many, many adkar. But really so important those daily altcar are there, and that the prayer is there five times a day, and the solitude photo, the photo prayer in the Jamaat, in the congregation is there, because whoever prays for during the congregation, he

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will be in the protection of Allah until the night comes. And again and again and again. And you recycle and you recycle and for yourself you recycle and for your family, you recite ayatul kursi you recite the last three songs of the Quran and you, you blow into your palms, and wipe them over yourselves when you sleep. And all of the other things after the prayer, you're very strict in the morning after fetcher, in the in the evening is after us or after Margaret, strict on those adkar you're strict on following that methodology in sha Allah to Allah you will be protected from the Shaitaan. And from all of the ills of the shaper. And there are many other things in In short,

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Allahu taala. As we said, we recommend to the brothers and the sisters, the book fortress of the Muslim, that small book that everyone carries with them, get yourselves a copy, get a copy for your families. And likewise, the website, do ours.com d u s.com. Because this website contains a comprehensive list of two ads for many, many books. They're all checked for authenticity, and reliability. And you can read them there along with transliteration and translation as well. So that brings us towards the end of this series, the power of this, really, we've probably only scratched the surface of the topic of liquor. There are so many things that I wanted to say to you that we

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didn't have time for. And so many topics that we wanted to talk about, which we didn't have time for. But Alhamdulillah what we did manage to do is to talk about the importance of liquor, some of the virtues of Vicar to get people motivated and to get people ready and wanting to remember Allah to make us from those people who are evacuating Allah casiotone was accurate. Those people who mentioned Allah remember Allah much both male and female. We've talked about specific kinds of Vicar about some rules regarding Vicar about the fact that you need to be between fear and hope. You need to have the love of Allah azza wa jal, you need to lower yourself before a Lost Planet Allah, we've

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talked about specific adkar the more general ones that are good for everything like sapan, Allah Alhamdulillah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and Allahu Akbar. And of course, we've also talked about the most specific ones. And it's just an introduction to the topic. But I do hope and I do pray and I do ask a Lost Planet Allah, that this series has been of benefit to all of the viewers and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to teachers what benefits us and to benefit us with what he teaches us and to make what he teaches us approve for us, not against us and to give us the ability to act upon what we know. And then I'd like to finish by thanking all of you for watching this series. And we hope

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that our last parents Allah will give us the ability to record future series for the benefit of the brothers and the sisters and we ask Allah to Allah for his tofield for the success that comes from him and from him alone. And I conclude by simply saying that I leave you in the care of Allah and ask Allah Subhana Allah to make you and me from those who met remember Allah much. And I finally completed by saying Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa

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