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we praise Allah subhanaw taala and send peace and blessings upon His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family and his companions

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as the brother to give me a couple of extra minutes in Sharla, I thought while we're all waiting here in sha Allah hota Allah

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seeing is so this is a very light discussion in Sharla and hopefully something not too heavy for you, having just eaten and inshallah before that salata tarawih

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they asked me to talk the brothers

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*a hula, they asked me to talk about my journey with the Quran as a sort of a little filler for the time, inshallah, to Allah. And I thought, really, I can't really talk about my journey with the Quran without talking about my journey to Islam in the first place. And a lot of brothers asked me sort of, you know, I tend to get this question more than anything, when I'm sort of walking out of the masjid. How did you become a Muslim. And some of you may know that I became Muslim when I was 14 years old. So I don't have too much time to tell the story. And so I normally tell it over a longer period of time, but I thought it's upon Allah, we sat here in sha Allah, and, you know, we're

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waiting for the Salah. So in the meantime, be the light of article with Allah, we beneficial just to talk a little bit about how I came to Islam, my sort of experience with the Quran, and some sort of practical tips, or some sort of advice for whatever advice that I can give you regarding the Quran, and regarding memorizing it and learning it, and so on and so forth.

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Let's start at the beginning. I accepted Islam when I was 14 years old. And we have to start this story, even though it's very strictly The story is about the Quran, but I'll find a way to fit it in.

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The story has to start before that time when I was about 12, or 13 years old. And I was going through a pretty difficult time in my life, I was pretty rebellious, I'd had a very bad relationship with my parents, I was the type of person who just wanted to rebel against everything and anything. So I wanted to rebel against authority, I wanted to rebel in the classroom, I was constantly getting in trouble. In and out of school, I was a very sort of academic student in the sense that I achieved a great deal in terms of my grades, and so on and so forth. But I always managed to accompany that with getting myself in a lot of trouble.

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And I used to do so more or less out of a feeling a desire to rebel.

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And if you want to put it another way, let's put it away have a desire, not to submit to anything, not to accept anything just to rebel against everybody. So you know, like, for example, I would take up smoking, for example, for the sake simply of annoying my parents, not because I actually wanted to, or not because I liked it, but because I wanted to see the reaction from my parents. This was the kind of sort of time before I became Muslim and the kind of sort of mentality that I was having. I had a very bad group of friends. And now as we speak, those friends are some of them are in prison. Some of them are in very, very bad situations.

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And, you know, I don't think they were bad people as such, but we got into sort of mischeif sort of minor cry, nothing serious, mostly, you know, sort of throwing stones at windows and setting things on fire and that sort of thing. And this was the kind of situation that we were in. And it was a situation where I honestly felt and now you know we reflect upon the idea when Allah subhanaw taala says woman out of victory for in Allahu marysia 10 banca The one who turns away from my remembrance, he's going to have a very restricted a very constricted, a very, very difficult and hard and sort of pressured life. And no matter what riches and what welfare loss panatela gives an individual. This

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is a principle that is absolutely unswerving. You turn away from the remembrance of Allah and you are somehow going to have a heart

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imprinted life in this dunya. And in the life of the bottles, and in the era. So I sort of felt this, I felt that as a group of friends, we were constantly betraying each other, we were constantly sort of running away and leaving one person to take the blame, we would get into fights with each other, we would sort of leave each other on the side of the road, we would sort of do anything that we could sort of betray, and sort of be evil towards each other. There was a lot of backbiting there was a lot of sort of trying to create trouble between people. and in this situation, I was a person, I think the other factor which played a major factor in in my sort of coming to the Quran, and

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I guess, was probably the fact that I like to read. And my parents tell me that from a very young age, I was not a person who was particularly keen on the TV, I would much rather be read a story to or a poem or a nursery rhyme or something like that, then I would to watch the TV. So I was particularly, you know, keen on reading. And even from that age, I remember probably from the age of 11, or 12, I would read obsessively, I would like go in my room and I would go, I'd gone through my dad's bookcase completely from beginning to end, by the time I was probably 13.

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And in there, there were books on philosophy. I remember reading Sophie's World and sort of an introductory book to philosophy when I was very, very young, that sort of deals with a little bit of religion, what religion, our purpose in life and sort of things like that, from the point of the philosophers at least, I remember reading books in which religion played a major part. And I was never, as far as I can remember, averse to the concept of God, I was never sort of, I never went through a stage where I didn't believe that God exists, existed, I just didn't know who God was. I knew he believed very firmly. And I remember being in sort of 11, or 12. And when I wanted something

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really strongly, I remember I would pray and I would say, Oh, God, please come in, I really, really want this particular thing. Of course, it was all worldly things. Like, you know, I wanted a new something or other or I wanted some money, or I wanted something or other. But I remember distinctly events when I was sort of in your seven year eight, sort of, you know, younger than when I became Muslim. And in these sort of this sort of age, I remember distinctly praying, even though I didn't know who I was praying to, and I didn't know what I was doing. But I was very firm on the concept of God. And because I like to rebel. I also like to rebel against my parents and everyone else's

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concept of religion, as well. So I was very much sort of skeptical. I was very, very skeptical of other people's beliefs, I sort of had that kind of almost a sort of a pride that, you know, I knew better and, and all these people didn't know what they were talking about. And so I sort of it gave me a sort of a, if you like, an impetus, or something to motivate me to actually start to read. And I remember being distinctly unhappy with Protestant Christianity, mostly because it doesn't make any sense. And I still believe that today, and I still say that to all the Christians I meet that Protestant Christianity makes absolutely no sense at all.

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And especially the Trinity makes no sense. And so upon Allah, this is why I Lost Planet Allah when Allah subhanaw taala talks about in the Quran, people who have eyes, they don't see with an ears they don't hear with, and hearts that they don't think with Subhanallah it doesn't make any rational sense to anybody.

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And it didn't make any sense to me. And because I was in that sort of mode of rebellion, I was more than happy to sort of reject it and ignore it and turn away from it.

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Briefly, I looked at Catholicism, more or less, because I saw the Catholics were sort of practicing a bit more, you know, least they go to church on a Sunday. I mean, my parents probably really only went to church, when there was a wedding or a funeral. Possibly my grandmother would have taken me to church a couple of times when I was younger, Sunday school a couple of times, but nothing really serious. Church was something much like all the Christians are essentially morality in the sense that they all believe that, you know, your Eman will save you. And, you know, you're in your heart and there's no action. You don't have to act, just you know, keep it in your heart, believe in Jesus

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and you'll be saved and doesn't matter what else you do. So in that kind of mentality, there's really point in coming to church, right? Because you wouldn't go to church to learn something when you don't have to go. And there's no difference in paradise if you go to church or you don't go to church. So I didn't bother like most children wouldn't endorse today. I looked into Catholicism because I basically thought that because lots of elitism, the Catholics seem to practice a bit more. They seem to be a bit sort of more energetic. They kind of said you have to go to church once a week. I thought, all right, I can you know, I have to go somewhere. I have to do something. But I

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Catholicism to make even less sense than Protestant Christianity. Catholicism is even more ridiculous in terms of the saint worship, in terms of, you know, our Father, forgive me I have sinned, when the father probably has far more sins than you will ever have in your entire life.

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And, you know, I just saw parallel, like, I couldn't, I couldn't bring myself to submit it to somebody like that, I couldn't bring myself to, you know, to, to go into a booth and to say to somebody, you're a human being, forgive me. And I didn't don't think I had a particular thing that I had to ask God, I just, it felt all wrong. And I mean, I would say, Now, this is sort of the fitrah, the natural inclination of mankind to worship god alone, and maybe a bit of my rebellious sort of nature as well. So I gave that up pretty quickly. And then I thought, for a while I looked at sort of the Eastern religions, which are very mystic, you know, but again, I didn't really find very much

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substance, I looked into Buddhism for a while. And I don't really find very much and I don't don't think I was reading these that I'm gonna write, I'm gonna read this so that I want to convert to another religion, I was just sort of searching for a purpose in life for a reason why these things were happening to me why I was so badly depressed, why I was so you know, not happy, why things were bad with the parents, why me? And so, you know, I looked into a few different answers, I looked into Buddhism, and I found that really, it doesn't really contain anything, you know, sort of meditate, believe in God don't believe in God, you know, hedge your bets, a 5050. That kind of stuff, it

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didn't really work for me. And also, the idea of recon, reincarnation was even more ridiculous than the idea than the ideas in in Christianity and Protestantism and Catholic Catholicism. So I sort of thought the idea of recurrent reincarnation, you know, that I would come back as a little stone if I was bad, or, you know, even worse, that, you know, you're reincarnated as a rat, or something like that. This was something very, very, very, you know, incomprehensible. And it didn't make sense. Because quite clearly, the dogs and the cats and the rats and so on, and so forth. We're not human beings with intellect, who sort of, you know, were once human beings and, and it was just, it didn't

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make any sense to me. And it didn't really even try to make sense. Likewise, I read about Eastern religion, I read some of philosophy, I read some of the sort of answers as to why we're here.

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You know, down the hall down to the thing of God is abandoned does and, you know, that's why or there's a, you know, and specifically in Catholicism, I got this whole idea of this war that is going on this war that's going on between God and the devil, and we just don't know who's gonna win. And I thought, this is ridiculous is complete. This is crazy. So Pamela, the all powerful Almighty God doesn't know whether he can be this pathetic devil who he created. And so Cipolla, you find these people almost have two gods, a God of God and a God of evil. And so there's a war going on, and everything that bad is that happens happens from the devil. And of course, we came across the

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same issue, the issue that only Islam answers. So if the devil is the cause of evil, then how is it that God allows evil to happen? And all of these things going through my mind, and I sort of just rejected them all. And I came to sort of the conclusion that they were all wrong. And I would just sort of continue with what I had. And, you know, I sort of left it at that, things got a bit better, I moved to high school. I don't know whether you guys have this in Birmingham, but in Newcastle, we have three schools primary, middle and high. So from your eight to nine, you move school. So I moved school. And in this school, I found some better friends, I sort of started to be a bit better. And I

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sort of abandoned my philosophical reading to a certain extent.

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And what happened was, I started to go to army lessons.

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Part of the national curriculum. We had a new Buddhist sort of female teacher. She might have been called Mrs. White. And she was not very friendly towards Islam. She used to love to tell the students to put up their hand. How many of you pray five times a day? Because you're asking a bunch of 13 year olds? Okay, now hamdullah, maybe and our kids, our 13 year olds, hopefully say, yeah, we pray five times a day. But you know, you're asking a bunch of 13 year olds in a city that doesn't have a massive Muslim population doesn't have any Muslim schools. Most of them did not sort of have any concept of hijab. There was probably one girl in the school that wore hijab, maybe two. It was

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not sort of a, you know, it was it was a very, very distant from Islam. So most people would say, No, she would say your parents, how often does your dad pray?

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He prays once a day, he prays Juma. He prays on a Friday, and she would say yes, see, this is Islam.

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Wonderful in theory, but Muslims don't practice it. And I just remember thinking, Well, that doesn't really sort of count because we can't really judge Islam by what the Muslims do, but we need to judge Islam by what

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Islam is. So I remember sort of being taught the basics of Islam. And she would say, right, comparative religion sort of God in the three major Semitic religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. What is the concept of God and I remember her, I think the fact that she didn't believe in any of them helped, because she didn't come and sort of push Christianity down our throat. She came from the principle that Christianity didn't make any sense. And that helped a lot. So she came and said, the Trinity three is one, one is three, this doesn't make any sense. Judaism, you know, you've got one rule for you one rule for you. And then another rule for you. You know, like the rule for

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the rabbis and the rule for you, and then the rabbi's just read, legislate. And she went through all of that. And then she went, and the Muslims believe in one God and one God alone. And we know what Muslims are like, and sort of continued on with things like that. But the thing that struck me was that the concept of God and Islam was something that I could accept, and something that I could submit to completely.

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I felt one God, all powerful.

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wills, everything to happen, knows everything. Yeah, that makes perfect sense to me, I can completely accept that. And I suppose this is the beginning of the sort of alarm bells that started to sort of ring in my head or the sort of like, feeling of something Hold on a minute. So then she went to sort of punishment. And she went through Islam, she went through the five pillars, she went through the prayer, and I thought, Okay, here we have some people who have to pray, to attain salvation, they have to pray, they have to go to the mosque, and they have to pray. Brilliant, makes perfect sense. I don't know how I'm going to pray five times a day doesn't very, very difficult five

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times seem an awful long time to pray to me. But that makes sense. praying all the time, constantly in touch with God constantly, sort of building a relationship with God, talking to God, you know, sort of praying supplicating perfect sense.

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So sort of registered with me, the car thought wonderful, much better than tax taxes, absolutely horrible and oppressive. Everyone hates to pay tax, nobody hates to pay seca, everyone loves to pay because the car is so easy to pay, you don't even notice it go out of your account. I mean, you supply you keep something for a year, then obviously, you didn't have a great deal of need for it. And then you know, you pay two and a half percent, which is nothing anyway. And so panela that you look at if the world sort of 20 or 30 richest people paid for the car, it would effectively erase world poverty completely. And so Paula, you see the the sort of western style of dealing with

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charity, which is that we give charity with one hand, and we take it with the other, we give it with one hand, but it's in the form of Riba that you have to sort of pay back and the country will be forever enslaved to the banks, and, you know, financial institutions like the World Bank, and the IMF and all the rest. And then you have the Muslim system, cerca de Sevilla, Bismillah, take it, eat with it, feed your family, those in need. And it made perfect sense to me, went through the Hajj, have no problem with that. It's not like you're going to worship an idol, you're going to worship God makes perfect sense. And basically, she was very factual about what Islam was while having

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little digs at the Muslims all the way through. But that's sort of factual explanation of Islam began to make me sort of think.

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And actually, it got to the point where I started to recognize that whenever she talked about Islam, something changed in here, and I want to go and look at it. So I went home and I straight on the internet. And of course, you get so much rubbish on the internet when you start looking for things about Islam on the internet. But that's what happened. And a lot of what I found was true, and some of it was false. And some of it was good, and some of it was bad. And you can imagine the kind of groups like the media and the Shia and all the rest to sort of have websites when you type in Islam and hit enter. But it started to make me think and here's where we come to the actual thing that

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I've been asked to talk about the Quran. It started to make me think particularly about the Quran. And I don't remember actually reading the Quran before I became Muslim. I don't think I did, I might be wrong, because I can't remember very well, I was very young, but I don't think I read the Quran when I was

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before I became Muslim, but I heard about the Quran. And the first thing I heard about the Quran is this is a book that has only one version Arabic thought, makes perfect sense. God's gonna send a book, what is that book going to be like?

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Let's just take for a second that the Muslims are telling the truth. This book is the book of Allah speech revealed by God. So let's have a look. What is this book gonna be like? First of all, it's going to be a pretty amazing book. It's going to be divine. So it's not going to be your average kind of book.

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It's going to contain everything that everyone would need, past, present and future. Not that it was all right sort of in the 15th

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century Oh, there it was all right in whenever wherever, you know, likewise, like you have with Christianity, which sort of worked for a while and then failed miserably when science proved it completely wrong. And you know all of the stuff that went on with that and the concepts and it became irrelevant to the people, and sort of I looked at, and I thought, if this book is from God, it's not going to be irrelevant. It's going to be absolutely relevant. Because one of the things of is that God is all powerful, omnipotent, that God is able to do anything. And so his book is going to be absolutely relevant to my life today. It's not going to be a collection of stories. Jesus went

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down to the river, I saw some, and he put something in the river, and then he came back the end.

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And that was supposed to take from that what the reason was to go down to the river every day or that we're supposed to put things in the river or don't go to the river or if you go to the river makes us what it makes absolutely no sense at all. It's just stories. But the Quran was something different halaal haoran do this, don't do this. If you do this, this will happen. If you don't do this, this will happen. Very clear. The next thing is the sort of infallibility of the Quran the fact that the Quran has no mistakes in it. Very simple. One of the Muslims pointed out the very first or second iron source of Bukhara that he Kalki tabula rasa Buffy, I thought who starts a book

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with this book has nothing wrong with it. This book is absolutely perfect. except God, because either that person is going to look very, very stupid. When people see that the book is full of mistakes, or start criticizing the language and start saying, Well, it wasn't great. But if it is from really from God, and it says at the beginning, this is a book that has no doubt in it that is absolutely perfect in every sense, then surely, you know, this books been around a long time, somebody would have critiqued this book. So that's where I started going right now let me have a look at the people who critique this book, the people who actually criticize the Quran. So I started

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decide what's wrong with the Koran, question mark, and I found some Christian missionary websites. And I sort of found that all of their sort of what we call chahat, all of their doubts and misguidance and stuff that they've pushed to the people. And I read it, and I read it openly and read went through it, and I would never advise anybody to do that. But that was me with before I knew any better. I went through it. And Subhanallah I went through it. And you know, some things I made a note of I thought, okay, it's pretty serious. Quran has error in here, and here and here. Let's see what the Muslims have to say. And when I looked at what the Muslims had to say, I found

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that the Muslims when it came to the Koran had a clear, plain and simple answer for everything that those people said. And that answer, more importantly, was verifiable.

00:22:52--> 00:23:09

They could say, That's not a grammatical mistake, because of this poetry, and this poetry and this poetry and this poetry. Hear it in daylight, you can have a look at it was all written before the Koran, it all uses the same grammatical syntax. Therefore, this argument is baseless.

00:23:10--> 00:23:47

For brilliant, in fact, then I sort of looked at the guy who's criticizing This is not an Arab, with no knowledge of Arabic, and he's criticizing the language of the Quran. Whereas the scholars of the Quran of the of the Arabic language, didn't find any criticism in it. Neither did the enemies of the Prophet Mohammed Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And then, you know, I sort of looked into the prophet SAW Selim and again, I looked into some of the things that were said about him. And again, I found that everything that was said, had a clear answer for it. And the answer was unashamed. It was not nobody sort of concealed the answer. Nobody sort of said, Oh, you know, like, you can't you know, in

00:23:47--> 00:23:57

Christianity, if you ever know anything about Christianity, you are. Your only hope of surviving Christianity is to be as ignorant as possible. Knowledge is a punishment.

00:23:58--> 00:24:11

Because the more knowledge you have, and I say this to any Christian, I challenge any Christian on this, any Christian pastor, any Vicar, any priest, Subhana, Allah Christianity, you can only get through it with ignorance.

00:24:13--> 00:24:28

That's why they call a balloon, because you can't get through Christianity without ignorance. The pastor will say to you, the vicar will say to you, civica, you know, so I see and hear that you say this about the Prophet, Lord, and you say this about the Prophet Ibrahim and you say this about Sunday, man.

00:24:29--> 00:24:50

You shouldn't ask these questions. Okay. It's better just to have faith. Okay, just have him on, you know, same thing. Again, this error jar that comes through with them. Just have the faith. Don't worry about anything else. Say look at Trinity doesn't make any sense. Three doesn't equal one. One doesn't equal three. Is it the sun? Is it the father, if it's the son, how come he died?

00:24:51--> 00:24:59

It's better you don't ask these questions. Just have faith. believe in Jesus, he'll guide you. So I like right I've spent sort of 413

00:25:00--> 00:25:37

Yours believing in Jesus and I'm still not getting this Trinity anymore you know so parallel It is based upon absolute ignorance and and listen to the stories and listen to the story of use of sts listen to the stories of, of Joshua Evans and the lakes, they'll tell you the same thing and they knew more about Christianity than I did. They were they were themselves were active in in calling people to Christianity and practicing Christianity same thing they go to the pastor they go to the priests etc don't ask questions stop asking things this is you're gonna ruin your faith. And in Christianity there's a principle that if you ask a question about the religion, it decreases your

00:25:37--> 00:26:17

demand. It takes away from your demand and I find in the Quran Baccarat visit and he say Oh Allah increase me in knowledge, oh my lord, increasing your knowledge. Anything you ask the Muslims, they would give you such a clear answer to and anything you asked the Christians that sort of thing. So you say Subhan Allah, you accused the Prophet Mohammed Salah x y Zed, but you believe that Ibrahim and Luton Suleiman and whatever all did the same? So does that not make him a prophet in your eyes? Since you claim the same things that you accuse him of you accuse all of the prophets of except with the exception of a Saudi sortsa and Subhanallah? You know, they will say yes, but uh, you know, he

00:26:17--> 00:26:53

and essentially what it comes down to it comes down to the fact that he was an Arab. He wasn't from the place that was that they expected him to be from, and they had no other evidence other than this. And I started to think and just sort of in my mind, I had Well, to be honest, if you look at sort of all of the prophets, they were all sent from that sort of region broadly. All the ones we know about, were sent from that sort of region, perhaps the exception of a couple, but certainly the vast majority were sent from that sort of Middle Eastern Region. So why wouldn't Allah subhanaw taala send another prophet from that region? Likewise, what did that profit bring, you know, such as

00:26:53--> 00:26:57

nothing for himself, didn't seek any worldly gain.

00:26:58--> 00:27:33

That leaves you with only one thing if he didn't seek worldly gain. That means either he was suffering from insanity, or it is telling the truth. And everything about his life says that he was absolutely sane. And he knew absolutely what he was doing. In fact, the Christians will tell you that he was absolutely sane. And he knew what he was doing. And he was very devious, and so on and so forth. That's what they'll say about him. So you see if he you see sane, and he's telling the truth, and he doesn't take any advantage for himself nothing at all. This he already had more than four wives, since upon Allah, but who are they? The most beautiful, most so women of the of the

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time, or that was of benefit to Islam, his marriage is one of a benefit to spreading the message of Islam to more people. So Paul is absolutely crystal clear. They had no answer. When they criticize the Quran, they had no answer. So in the end, I made the decision to accept Islam. And I sort of came and I read on the internet, and they told me you have to have two witnesses, which of course, you don't can imagine someone on a mountain, you know, some online, he decides to accept Islam. And he's kind of in trouble, isn't he? Because he doesn't have any witnesses and he sort of dying on a mountainside and he's like, accept Islam, Allah, Allah, Allah, please, Allah sends an angel or

00:28:11--> 00:28:25

someone to bear witness but support Allah, they told us, you have to have two witnesses, otherwise you can't enter into Islam. So I went into my parents room. And I said, Mom and Dad, I've got something to read to you. And I read the Shahada in Arabic, and they said, What's that, and I said, just something in Arabic, I've learned. And then I left.

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And after a while, I told my parents Alhamdulillah, they were very, very understanding. They were very supportive. They sort of wanted to know why I think my mom would get it for quite some time when she'd seen sort of six weeks of me sort of mixing with the Muslims and getting to know Islam. And that sort of led to what it led to.

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And I sort of went through having to cut short, but I went through a period of my life of not really practicing Islam very much,

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between about 14 sort of 18 mostly because I couldn't really find anyone to teach me and this is a huge problem we have and I absolutely criticize the Muslims for this is that we are very good at getting people to become Muslim. And we are appallingly bad at actually helping them when they become Muslim. So what happens is like take a shot, I want to take a shot. I want to take a shot off you go you won't take Shahada right, that's fine. Okay, my Salama, see you later. And then don't talk to him. Don't find out anything about him. never see him again. Next thing you know, he's gone off. And so Paula, this is a real problem and something we're working actively but in the light

00:29:31--> 00:29:34

Allah to address with some other organizations Alhamdulillah

00:29:36--> 00:29:44

about this time I heard about the Islamic University of Medina and I made the decision to go there I applied, had a huge problem.

00:29:46--> 00:29:56

Found rejection everywhere I went but Alhamdulillah in the end, I persevered and before the light about a quarter Allah Almighty, I was accepted into the university.

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

A couple of minutes to talk a little bit about me

00:30:00--> 00:30:25

My advice that's sort of my journey with the Quran but sort of my advice as to how you go to approach the Quran and I did hotpot on this and if I'm not mistaken, it might be on YouTube with a with a bit more detail on this particular topic, but this is something I think is extremely important. Ramadan is the month of the Quran and it's a month where we should be focusing particularly upon the Quran.

00:30:27--> 00:31:05

I think that we need to focus on a number of things. The first thing I think it's vitally important that we focus on is that we focus on understanding the Quran and acting upon the Quran. Because voila, he you can read and read and read and Masha later thermographer on 10 times in Ramadan, 30 times in Ramadan, so, unsurpassed Allah, you know, it just goes over the head. So what we need people to do is to understand the Quran. Now some brothers came to me last time I said this and they said, asking Mohammed who disagree with what you said, you know, you're making it difficult for the people because you're making them read understand the Quran. And you know, we should just be getting

00:31:05--> 00:31:42

people to read the Koran. And I still say yeah, I want give some time. I'm not saying never ever read the Koran without reading the tipsy. Give some time of your Ramadan to read the tipsy in a language that you understand. And don't think that our brothers from the Arabs are exempt from this. They are not exempt from it. Read the tipsy read Tafseer Sadie, read something simple, you know very, very simple to see the Saudis wonderful. And you have less of the IP the problems that you have with difficile jello lane. So stick to Tafseer Sadie, very, very simple, just so that you make sure you really did understand the ayah as it was revealed, and not that you sort of misunderstood

00:31:42--> 00:32:22

and we heard in the talk earlier, some of the wisdom of lmm, Sadie brought him along to Adam, and those who were able to do a bit more you haven't been configured and so on and so forth. And, and you know, really try to understand the why do you want to understand it, so that you can act upon it. So you can implement it? What did the opinions of the Messenger of Allah Sai Selim, say, we did not use to go beyond 10 ayat, until we memorize them, and we acted upon them, we understood them, we did not used to memorize more than 10 hours, until we had understood them and acted upon what they contained, to things understand and act upon it. Next thing in my last sort of two minutes in

00:32:22--> 00:33:01

Sharla, and very, very, very seriously and very importantly, when it comes to the court and spend some time to correct your citation, and that applies to everybody Imam down to, you know, the new Muslim, everybody, because everybody can improve. And everybody needs to improve and Subhanallah we send our children to to heal, and we're not content until our children pronounce the letters properly, and we ourselves the content not to pronounce the letters properly. So it's very important that we sort of focus on really working with the Quran. And in Medina, this is something you know, I had a wonderful Egyptian teacher shifts Allah,

00:33:02--> 00:33:37

you know, halfway the whole lot. And he's upon law, you know, pushed again and again, you know, don't sit with the teacher don't ever sit with the teacher who just says to Mashallah, that's fine. You know, if I sit with the teacher, now I want to teach you says to me, you made five mistakes in the school, it was terrible, correct this and this, and this, and this. This is what you want someone who's going to push you to do better. Someone who's going to say, that wasn't good enough. That wasn't good enough. That wasn't good enough. I remember reading, I think it was. He said to me, I remember sitting with one of the shift students, and he said to me, can you read a

00:33:38--> 00:33:39

call? I was aware of it.

00:33:40--> 00:33:56

So I said, Yeah, sure. He said, Actually, we won't have time. I said this half an hour between now and Margaret, what do you mean that we won't have time to read and Falak he said, we won't have time. I said, he said, just read kohala had 14 mistakes, he found, I didn't think there was 14 words

00:33:57--> 00:34:40

that I could have read wrong. 14 mistakes, he says not gonna read it again. Again, again, again, again, again, again. And so power law, they push you, you know, and suppiler like this, you improve and you develop, need people to push you and you yourself need to push yourself. And it's all about having and the last thing I'll mention because I'm all the time now, when it comes to the book of Allah, it's about having that respect. And that honor of the speech of Allah as origin. When you read it, it's not about finishing the Quran 30 times or 50 times or 10 times or three times. It's about finishing on with hoodoo, slowly and and calmly and carefully and understanding and reflecting

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

and even repeating an idea for a while until you see feel you really enters into your heart. This is the kind of thing that a person needs to do with the Quran. And this is the kind of thing be in the light either. This is going to cause a real benefit to you, especially in this month of Ramadan. So those people who are for example planning to finish the Quran in the last 10 days of Ramadan for

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

Example finish it in the last 10 days but just give yourself a little time to understand it a little bit to read the Tafseer a little bit to sort of reflect upon it to recite it a little slower than you were going to maybe you think well I can finish it just in 20 minutes. I tell you one thing I can't finish your juice in anything less than 15 minutes and I know one thing my friend my you know if I if I lead salata, tala, we everyone gets annoyed with me because the power law like I just can't do it quickly. It has to be long so guys like reflect upon the Quran, think about it, and you know, take your time inshallah I've gone over my time now so that's all we have time for beating

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later particles Allah Subhana

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sallallahu Marana Bina Muhammad