Tim Humble – Jinn and Black Magic – Part 6 – Jinn Possession

Tim Humble
AI: Summary © The concept of "agi possession" is discussed, with evidence supporting the physical presence of Allah as a reflection of actions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of personal cleanliness and possession in addressing "harms and retaliatory behavior", and provides examples of signs of possession that can lead to retaliation and attacks. Medical professionals' roles in helping individuals with extreme emotions and behavior are also emphasized, along with the potential danger of "monster" and the prevalence of epilepsy and other symptoms associated with epilepsy.
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Now we come to talk about gin possession. And gin possession is different from magic. We're not talking about magic yet magic is coming Dory. Magic isn't shall on its way.

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Going to talk about

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in a teaching sense nine any other things, we're going to talk about gin possession.

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And this

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I guess the easiest way to explain this to you is we're talking about a voluntary act by one of the gin. We're not talking about the gin being commissioned by somebody to attack someone, we're not talking about the gin being forced to attack somebody, we are talking about a genie voluntarily of his or her own accord, attacking a person.

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And the difference is that in magic, it is not of their own accord in the sense that it's not something that is that they are doing of their own,

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of a decision they have made for themselves. It's something that the magician has commissioned them to do, or has forced them to do or has,

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or they've been compelled by, in one way or another. Or they have agreed to do what the magician said, we're talking about the jinn doing it absolutely of their own, free will and volition, their decision that they make, that I'm going to possess this person.

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And there are many, many proofs of this. And again, one of the most common things that I hear, and I keep meaning to write an article on this is people who say, there's no evidence that the jinn possess people.

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And that all of this is mental illness, and so on and so forth. So Tim, no problem.

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There's no Do you believe in the gym?

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They say yes, we believe in the gym. Because you know, the gender mentioned in the Quran. Yes. And you believe that the general type of creation? Yes. And you believe that the general intelligent Yes, and you believe that the jinn

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have had interaction with human beings and this interaction has led them both to transgression and tyranny? Yes. Why don't you believe the jinn possess people?

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The answer will come back and there is no other answer. The only answer will come back is that my mind cannot comprehend it.

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There's no is no chance of any other answer. Either. They'll say I don't believe in the jinn at all in which case, they have left Islam if they have been proven to them that they understand the general mentioned in the Quran. And they are their doubts are clear on that issue. And they continue to say there are no such thing as the jinn and they don't they're disbelieved in the crowd. But there are many people who say we believe in the gym, but we don't believe the gym possess people. And we say what is your evidence, just say the only thing they have after everything is, it doesn't make sense to me. And that's not an evidence in Islam. Rather, if we look at some of the evidence,

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Allah subhanaw taala says, Those who devour Riba will not stand on the Day of Resurrection, except like the standing of a person who is touched by the shape and possessed by the shape on leading him to insanity. And the word mess here is the word used for jinn possession.

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They are possessed by the shape on leading them into insanity. The prophets lie Selim said the shape on flows through the son of Adam as his blood flows.

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And in a number of a Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam removed the jinn from the bodies of people. And he would come to a person and strike him on his chest or on his back and say, leave or enemy of Allah and I am the messenger of Allah. And what was the striking if the jinn doesn't possess a person who has strike someone on his chest and say, leave or enemy of a lion? I am the messenger of Allah doesn't make any sense. And again, he they will come to each evidence and explain it away and say, No, no, this was just, you know, like, addressing the person's mental state, or that this idea means that they touch them, but they don't possess them, or that the blood

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floors doesn't mean literally and they'll keep going and going and going, but the reality is, there's no reason to reject it. When you see it, and you witness it day in day out, and the Quran tells you about it and the Sunnah tells you about it, there is no reason to reject it except for a person seeing it doesn't go with my mind. There are so many things. How does Allah subhanaw taala rising above the throne? Go with your mind? How does Allah subhanaw taala coming on the Day of Judgment with the angels and ranks, go with your mind that you don't, you can't comprehend these things. These things you believe in what you are told, as it comes in the Quran without changing the

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meaning or interpreting it or twisting it denying it, you take it as it comes. And there are many things about this universe that we don't understand. But as for the gym possessing people this is something that is testified by the Quran, by the Sunnah and by consensus of the Muslims IE until probably modern psychiatry

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Freud or whoever it was, there was no Muslim scholar who rejected this, except for the extreme philosophers and the martyrs zeal and some other extreme groups. There were no mainstream Muslim scholars who rejected it. Along comes Freud with all of his shape planning theories, and all of his evil and all of his filth and his, you know, his Moncada and his Fantasia, and the evil that he said, and suddenly nobody believes in gene possession anymore. We say this is not an evidence in the profits license and michael moore will never come together upon misguidance. Furthermore, it's not just the Quran, and the Sunnah and the consensus of the Muslims, but the eyes and the ears and the

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senses you see it every single day, in a way that can't be explained by mental illness. And we'll talk about this probably a little bit more tomorrow.

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When might a person be vulnerable to gin possession?

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A person perhaps might be at their most vulnerable to gene possession at times when they forget Allah.

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And there are a number of evidences for this.

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The first is the statement of our last panel to Allah. When may Jarosz and Victoria Rodman, Nokia Bula, who shaytaan and for who Allahu Karim, whoever turns away and lives without the remembrance of Allah, we assigned for them a shaytaan that will accompany them.

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So this tells us what that when you're far away from the remembrance of Allah, you are vulnerable to being afflicted by the shape one.

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There is another perhaps even clearer evidence. And that is the statement of Allah subhanaw taala in a Latina taco either Messer homepod, a four minute shape on to that total for either home of zero. Those people who are obedient to Allah, when they are afflicted by something from the shape on a touch or a whisper. They remember Allah and then they can see clearly. So the remembrance of Allah pushes away the shape on and not remembering our law draws the shape on near to you.

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And this is true of any time when you forget a law, but from experience, extreme emotion is a key here. Where and then this tends to be times when you completely forget a law. When you completely forget allies when you undergo when you have experienced extreme emotions. I'm not talking about you get angry battle, you get so angry that you lose your mind you no longer know what it is that you're saying. This is a time when you have completely forgotten Allah. And it's a time when you are vulnerable to being attacked from the shape on and indeed the Prophet sighs lm warned against this kind of anger in the famous Hadees letters do not become angry.

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Especially when a person even when a person experiences extreme joy, extreme sadness, to the point where they no longer can control their cell themselves and their bodies and what they're seeing and what they're thinking that this is a time when a person is particularly vulnerable. We also have an evidence from the sun, that a person is vulnerable in places that are particularly unclean or isolated.

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The evidence for this from the Sunnah is if we look at all of the data,

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that we say, when we enter the bathroom, when we say upon beginning intimate relations between husband and wife, when visiting a new place, all of these two are that we say this idea that we say all of them relate to keeping the shaytaan away from us. And so, by understanding we can reverse that and say these are the two hours that have been revealed, because of a particular vulnerability that you have to the shaytaan at that time. So one of them is to do our entering the bathroom. And the bathroom is a place where which is particularly unclean, generally in comparison to the rest of the house. And indeed, the prophets I seldom would say alarm in me at all also becoming a hobo

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theeword Habash and in one explanation of a hobo seawell Kaaba is the male and the female Jin or Allah I seek refuge from you with the male and female or from the male and female Jin. The second is, as I said, the two are for intimate relations allama Jun Nibbana Shea Pinewood en niboshi Atlanta models Atlanta or LA keep the shape on away from us and keep the shaytaan away from the children that you give us. Again, this indicates to us this is a time when in terms of personal cleanliness, you are less clean than other times in terms of your remembrance of Allah you are further away from the remembrance of Allah than other times. And therefore the shape iron has a

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degree of influence or a degree of

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A potential degree of influence over you and you have to add that pushes the shaytaan away from you at this time. When you go to a new place, you say I also became a multi light, Martini shadowy mahalik, I seek refuge with the perfect words of Allah from the evil that he has created, and no evil will touch you in that place. So you're in somewhere that's particularly isolated and deserted, or you end up in a new place, you drive into a new city, you climb out of your car, you see these words, nothing will affect you. All of these give us an indication

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that the jinn are that a person is vulnerable in places that are isolated and places that are unclean. Add to this the statement of the Prophet sighs lm that the shaytaan that the sorry that the lone wolf, or that the wolf only eats from the lone sheep.

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This also gives you an indication that the shaytaan a person is vulnerable to the shape on in cases where they are isolated. The wolf

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only eats from the lone sheep of a size I'm speaking about the shape on

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that the shape on afflicts the person who is alone in a way that he doesn't afflict the person who is with somebody.

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And there's no doubt if we add to this, the fact that magicians are known for going out to isolated places to seek help from the jinn. And there's no doubt that this further emphasizes the concept that we have

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reasons why possession occurs. Now I'm talking why would the jinn possess somebody without being commanded or contracted to do so by a magician?

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I have written down three, and there are lots but I've written down three of the most common

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The first is in order to further the aims of the shaytaan.

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So for example, a person already has magic done to them.

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At this point, we've seen many cases where there are jinn that will join in and possess the person on top of the jinn that was sent by the magician. And they are simply there to help support and further the aims of the shaper.

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So gin possession that is there to further the aims of the shaitaan.

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Secondly, if a person has harmed the jinn or their family, and again, we see this many, many times, not so much in these days, but you did see it a lot when people would spend more time in the areas that are known to be inhabited by the jinn. And they would go out into the countryside into the desert for long periods of time. And often they would live there and sometimes they would do things that were an Islamic that would lead them to harming the jinn, for example, they might go to the toilet and relieve themselves and not have the proper Islamic etiquette. And so they may, you know, end up sort of afflicting the jinn with something and the jinn would return back in anger. Or

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likewise, they may harm some of their children are harmed some of them by pouring boiling oil on them pouring boiling water on them, you know, if you're out, you know, people used to do this when they wasn't a good drainage system is people would pour things out, you know, go out in the garden and pour boiling oil, you know, out in the garden or boil, pour boiling water out of the window and things like this. People have been possessed by these things if they've afflicted the jinn. And I think there's an overwhelming body of evidence that the jinn can be harmed by some of the things that harm human beings, like boiling liquids and like other things. And again, how this happens,

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Allah Subhana, Allah knows best. And this can lead to a retaliation and attack in retaliation, and this can often be a Muslim jinn that does it. In the other words, that it doesn't have to be a non Muslim. If you're talking about furthering the aims of the shapen, you're expecting this to be a non Muslim gender is furthering the aims of the Shakedown, you're not expecting a gene whose name is Abdullah, who is a Muslim to be furthering the aims of the shape. And I'm not saying it never happens, but you wouldn't expect it. However, with harming the jinn or their family, you would sometimes expect that it may be a Muslim jinn, and likewise with when it comes to the issue of love,

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and this applies to both genders, that the jinn who attach themselves to others there is no sort of guarantee that they would be from the non Muslims, they may just as well be from the Muslims, who have you know, turned away from the path of Allah who've gone far away who are not practicing the Islam properly, and who are afflicted in this regard.

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We now come on to the topic of Common Signs of jinn possession.

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There are many, many signs of jinn possession.

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And the most important thing to emphasize to you in this regard is that they are shared with many other illnesses and problems. And so there is no guarantee that

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Every one who displays these symptoms is possessed by a gene. I'll give you a simple example that everyone can understand. You come to the doctor, your local GP, you say to him that I have a headache, you might need glasses, you might not have slept the night before you might have a brain tumor could be anything, from the most insignificant thing to the most severe thing. And he will diagnose you according to other symptoms that you have asked you about other things and come to a conclusion about what is actually wrong. Likewise, it would be a huge mistake for somebody to take these signs of gym possession, and to guarantee that everyone who displays them,

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everyone who displays them has a positive problem with the gym.

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From the Common Signs of possession are sudden rapid changes in personality, personality disorders, and split personality,

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certain rapid changes in personality, personality disorders, and split personality. And at this point, we get into the long discussion about schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. And of course, the answer is to be in the middle. We do not say that every case of schizophrenia, or every personality disorder is gin possession without fail, you can guarantee if somebody has a personality disorder, they've got gin possession.

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And my answer to this is that the Quran affirms insanity as something coming from other than the jinn.

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Many times the Quran talks about insanity in a completely different context to the jinn. So this affirms that there are medical disorders that affect a person's mental state. However, it would also be a huge mistake, to discount the role of the jinn in medical psychiatric disorders. Many people have psychiatric problems, many of them are afflicted by the jinn. And many of them Subhanallah we have recited upon, or have been involved in the treatment or supporting people who are treating them. And they have got better in a way that could not be conceived by modern medicine. I either psychiatry says to them, there is no cure for what you have. I can only suppress the symptoms, and

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you treat them with the Koran for a week and they're cured and they no longer need the medication. This is something that Subhana Allah is well known. So we say that it's a mistake to say that every single psychiatric disorder is jinn possession. Because this denies something the Quran affirms, called Quran talks about insanity talks about losing the mind, and it doesn't talk about it uniquely or solely in the context of the jinn. Likewise, it would be a huge mistake to discount the role of the jinn. And we would say, I never personally had any problem working with a psychiatrist, particularly Muslim psychiatrists, I never had any problem was working with him at all. And there

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were some of them who came to Hajj with us last year. And we got a very, very well and we had a very productive discussion. And we came to the conclusion that even though we disagreed in, in some some areas, we came to the general conclusion that there is no doubt that there is the gym play a role in a person's mental state, or can do so. And there's no harm in treating them both ways. There's no harm in you going to a psychiatrist and I think it would be a huge mistake to say to people don't go and see your GP, don't go to a psychiatrist don't get help, don't take medication. This is really stupid advice doesn't make any sense. And it doesn't go in line with the principles of Islam of

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going and seeking a cure. But it would be a huge and even greater mistake for you to discount the role of the Quran. In your treatment for mental disorders in anything from depression, insanity, bipolar, schizophrenia, any of the the various types of mental disorders, it would be a huge mistake to discount on and to discount the role of the jinn in these disorders.

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Likewise, what we say to the people is that the psychiatrist looks at the issue from a completely different angle, they look at the symptoms, and they treat the symptoms, whereas the rocky looks at the underlying cause that's underneath. I don't deny that schizophrenia is caused by whatever it is that the psychiatrists have come to the conclusion it's caused by. But my statement is that in many cases, underneath all of that there is a genie that is causing those chemical changes in the brain that is causing that lack of connection that is causing those problems and those imbalances that cause that person to slip to to shore those symptoms. So the psychiatrist is treating the symptoms,

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and the Rocky is treating the cause and there's no harm in that whatsoever. There are some

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cases where there are some disagreements, especially when a person is given very heavy medication and they're not able to perform their Salah or to do any of their a bad art. And that would be where there might be some disagreement. And we might say, No, you should reduce their medication and we should rely more upon the Quran. But this has to be done in conjunction with a medical professional not working against them. And I personally don't think any medical professional should have a problem with hierarchy. Nor should every route any rocky have a problem with a medical professional, especially those who are Muslim, and those who believe in the unseen and affirm the possession from

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the jinn. There's no harm in them inshallah. And in fact, you meet honest people who say to you, I can almost I mean, a good psychiatrist is almost as good at around as a rocky at detailing which person has a genuine medical illness and which person has gym possession. If they're really good at their job, they'll be able to tell just as good as Araki and say, you know what it is, you're right, there are symptoms here that aren't, that aren't in the textbook that don't follow the norms. And you're actually right, they are underpinned by a gene problem. And there are cases that we can treat, and they get better with no return of symptoms, and there are cases that we can't. And so you

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know, I don't think this should be a major problem.

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Also, from the symptoms are a change in facial structure or voice, and you really have to see this to appreciate it, when a person's entire face, an entire voice completely twists and changes. In fact, you may hear a woman talking in the voice of a man, man talking the voice of a woman, or voice of a child, a complete twist of the face, so that you no longer can see the person in in the way that they normally are, it looks like a totally different person.

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Sudden displays of extreme emotion. Again, when I say that the face again, please understand this very well, that a person may be having a stroke, you know, you mustn't take this idea that, that everybody who has a twitch in the face, you know, everyone whose face changes or their facial structure changes, they have a gene problem, they may be having a stroke, they may have a gene problem, take into account the circumstances, the combination of symptoms, the reaction to the Quran. And of course, if somebody is having a stroke, you're going to call 999. And after you've called 999, you're going to recite Quran on them, whether it's for the gene or whether it's not for

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the jinn. Because this is the best thing that you can do for them after you've done the medical things that paramedics told you to do. And they said, okay, just wait with them, while you're waiting with them read Quran over them, it's not going to do them any harm, inshallah. And it may well be that they recover completely without any need for hospital treatment. Because the Quran is a treatment for everything. Sudden displays of extreme emotion, often inappropriate times, like laughing when everyone is crying, crying when everyone is laughing, again, could be purely medical, a purely, you know, somebody's suffering from some medical, some psychiatric problems, they go for

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counseling, and the problem is gone in a couple of weeks, you know, or in a couple of months, counseling, the person gets a good, good, some good advice. And they work on controlling their emotions, they have no problem. But you have some people who for years and years, they suffer from extreme emotional outbursts without being able to control it. And again, you know, I'm not saying that things like Tourette's and things like that are purely gender related. But it wouldn't surprise me if some of them were or if a percentage of the cases were

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an aversion or a reaction to the Quran or to the event. And this is where we get into a bit more specific now. And aversion or a reaction to the Koran or to the other, such that they don't have any other stimuli they react to. But when you read the Quran to them, they react, or you when you read the car to them, they react to you read the event to them, they react, certain inexplicable illnesses.

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And when I'm talking about inexplicably illnesses I'm talking about the doctors are confused, they're perplexed, they have no understanding of what's going on. And you see some poor people. And I think this is really sad that you see them going from hospital department to hospital department, one to the next to the next. And they're not finding anything. And I've seen people honestly diagnosed with tumors The next day, they don't have a tumor, diagnosed with cancer. The next day, they don't have cancer, actually, you don't have cancer, you have a hormonal imbalance. They go to see the expert, the expert says no, you don't have a hormonal imbalance, actually, you have a

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psychiatric disorder, then they go to see the psychiatry say no, you don't have a psychiatric disorder, actually, you have and they're passed from person to person, just come to the conclusion the doctor doesn't have a clue what's wrong with them. And many of these people they can be cured with.

00:24:45 --> 00:24:57

Again, I'm not saying to them not to go to the doctor, keep going to the doctor keep going through your process, but why wouldn't you treat yourself with the Quran in addition to what your medical professionals are prescribing you to do

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complaints of crawling

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You know, like feeling like ants crawling up and down the body, heat in the body, something in the throat or in the stomach a sudden change in abilities such as being able to speak another language without any experience compression in the chest. Very common with gym possession. Also common with a heart attack. But very common with gym possession is feeling compression in the chest and it is different to a heart attack. If you when you get used to it, you can tell the feeling is different.

00:25:27 --> 00:25:50

But again, you know, person, again, it doesn't hurt to combine epilepsy or fits and fainting. Again, generally, epilepsy fits and fainting. Some things have a clear medical cause, you know, you see like sort of flashing strobe lighting, and it causes a problem. And that's really easy and simple to understand.

00:25:51 --> 00:26:10

But you have some people who seem to have completely random epileptic fits for no reason, and they can't, you know, they can't limit it to a particular stimuli or a stimulus that is causing the problem. They don't have an answer for it. And many of these people if you reread upon them, you'll find that they react to the recitation of the

00:26:12 --> 00:26:14

severe and repeating nightmares.

00:26:16 --> 00:26:35

Now, not all nightmares, I mean, you get severe and repeating nightmares through you know, watching too many horror films or something, you know, you get severe repeating nightmares from lots of things. But severe and repeating nightmares, in addition to other symptoms can be significant. sleep problems, like sleep paralysis, feel like something's holding you down.

00:26:36 --> 00:26:38

Like sleepwalking.

00:26:39 --> 00:26:53

hallucinations. A lot of people with rokeya problems have hallucinations. And I've experienced the Djinn hallucination. It's not very nice. I woke up in India, with a rather large needle driven through my forearm.

00:26:54 --> 00:26:54


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any it was under the skin. And I woke up, I switch my phone up, I off, I sat up, it was quite clearly in my arm. And I began to pull it out of my arm. And as I was pulling it out of my arm was about as thick as a barrel pen. And I was pulling out of my arm, the blood was appearing on the wall of the hotel, bound looking at my arm and there's no blood. I'm looking at the hotel wall, and there's blood on the wall.

00:27:20 --> 00:27:21

And I'm thinking that's weird.

00:27:24 --> 00:27:58

And then I look and I said, I don't remember I said I was a bit ly misshapen, or whatever I said, and I, you know, shook my head and it's gone. No wound, no pain. And it was very painful pulling out there was no room No pain, no blood on the wall, nothing. So hallucinations, definitely. Particularly people see clouds, see figures, things like that. Liking to be in places associated with the gym, like liking to be in places of filth, liking to be in places of isolation, extreme increased physical strength.

00:27:59 --> 00:28:23

So I'll give you an example. We had a rather interesting case in Sunderland. I didn't deal with this one personally. But it was very interesting. And this was that we had a case of some police being called to a house and running away. And that's not normal, generally, to the police a call to a house and run down the street bus, they saw something that literally terrified them.

00:28:25 --> 00:28:54

And they called one of the brothers who was previously a paranormal investigator. And there's basically this old lady and she has literally flipped a big wooden bed completely upside down. She's flipped all of her furniture completely upside down the big sofa that to maintain to carry, she's just flipped it upside down. And she sat there as you know, sort of on her own, surrounded by this entire mess in the house. And I believe they actually saw her flipping the furniture over.

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That is an example of extreme increased physical strength that you wouldn't expect to see from somebody of that regard

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or you know of that nature.

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Now, I want to in the last five minutes, to cover a couple of important principles, and particularly, I want to cover a discussion on interaction with religion, because this is a huge confusion many, many people have

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and that is that there are examples of interaction between the jinn and between human beings, whether the human beings believe them to be from the good jinn, or whether human beings believe them to be shavon or to be evil.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions when Cana reageerde Amina insia ruhuna very jolly minasian fussa duhem Raka

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there were a group of men

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sought help from a group of the jinn. So they increased them in transgression and in weakness, and they increase the gin in transgression and they increase the men increased themselves in transgression

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or the jinn increased the men in transgression. All of these are statements of the scholars of Tafseer.

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Furthermore, we have the ayah in social and an, in which our last panelist Allah says on the day when we will gather them all together, and we will say all company of gene you have misled many of mankind.

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and their allies from among mankind will say, Our Lord, some of us benefited from others. And we have reached our term that you appointed for us, and Allah will say the fire is your abode.

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This is a huge warning to those people who seek interaction with the gym. Now interaction with the gym is of many different types. The worst example is the example we're going to talk about at four o'clock in Sharla, which is the example of magic.

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On the other side, there are examples of people seeking interaction with Muslim jinn, people seeking interaction with jinn for the sake of entertainment, like the Ouija board, and things like that. All of them end in the same way. First of all, you have no way of telling whether that gene is Muslim or not. Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, you have levena Amman or injure confessio can be Nether in fetta yen. Or you who believe if an if a disobedient person comes to you with news, make sure of it.

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Be certain of it.

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And if you this is the case of a disobedient person, then what about the case of a surgeon you can't see whether they're disobedient or not. They're telling you I'm a Muslim. And everyone knows, you know, I mean, I usually get this from the brothers,

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particularly the brothers coming from Southeast Asia of Pakistan, Bangladesh, everyone seems to have an uncle that has control of the good gin, or I know this guy in the village and he controls the gin.

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This person, even if they are sincere, they are literally standing on the edge of the Hellfire because they don't know whether the jinn they are dealing with a Muslim or not. And they are general that seeking help and interaction with the jinn is going to destroy you. Even with whether they are good or bad jinn, you don't know you may increase them in transgression further ado whom Raka you may increase them in transgression, you may make that Muslim gene into a shape Han who misguides the people away from the path of Allah further adieu, hombre haka, they may increase you in tyranny and oppression of people. And so you get into your head that now I have power and I have control and you

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start to exercise it and you become a magician. You don't know where the limits lie. Allah subhanaw taala commands us to avoid all kinds of interaction with the jinn.

The Ustadh talks about the dark realities of magic and how to ward off such curses!.

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