Tim Humble – Jinn and Black Magic – Part 5 – Abilities of the Jinn

Tim Humble
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the abilities of the Jinn, including their fast moving speed, shape and form, and ability to destroy. They also mention the importance of the Jinn's methodology in affirms harm and confusing people. The speaker discusses the history of Islam, including misconceptions of the Hasith and the use of "hasith" in the title, as well as the historical significance of "hasith" in Islam.
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We now come to the some of the abilities that the jinn have, that perhaps would seem supernatural to us or would seem to be to us. Very, very strange. And again, I'm kind of in the middle, I'm kind of neutral as to whether all of the jinn have these abilities or whether these abilities remain with some of the jinn as opposed to others. And if anything, I lean to the latter opinion, that perhaps it doesn't, there doesn't seem to be an evidence that this is something that all of the jinn have the ability to do. But this is perhaps something that some of them have the ability to do. And some of them don't analyze the panel to Allah knows best. One is the ability to move extremely quickly

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from one place to another. And from this, we have the ayah in Sora to Nemo, in which the freed from the gin promises to bring the throne of the queen of Saba to Sulaiman before he stands up from his place. So the ability to move extremely quickly from one place to another, the ability to ascend very high up, and we mentioned the iron surgeon. And in this, I think it's worthwhile. Reading the Hadith in Bukhari, from the hadith of Abu hurayrah that the prophet SAW Selim said, When Allah decrees a matter in heaven, angels beat their wings in submission to what he says with a sound like a chain beating on a rock. Then when fear is banished from their hearts, they say what is your Lord

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said, they say the truth and here's the Most High, the most Great, so those who are trying to eavesdrop from the jinn hear it, and those who are trying to eavesdrop are standing one on top of the other.

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So he hears a word and passes it on to the one beneath him, who passes it on in turn until it reaches the lips of the sorcerer or the soothsayer, sometimes the flaming fire will hit him before he passes it on, and sometimes he will pass it on before he is hit, and he tells 100 lies along with it, then it is said that he not tell us on such and such a day that such and such a thing would happen. So the fortune teller is believed for the one word that was heard by the jinn from the heaven.

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So this explains to you how the fortune telling works.

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And from this is their ability to change, to change shape or to take certain forms. And we had the Hadith of the snake gin in Medina, and likewise the prophets lie Selim affirmed their ability to touch a person or to possess a person and it's a hail Heidi and Muslim, the prophet sighs lm said the shape on flows through the children of Adam in the way that the blood flows.

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Once we've talked a little bit about the jinn,

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we need to talk about what the jinn are not. So we need to explain and emphasize that the jinn are not the spirits of the dead.

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And, and this is a misconception that exists among many, many non Muslims, that the jinn are the spirits of the dead, they are the ghosts of you know, your your, your ancestors who have long passed away, also that the Djinn are not all powerful, and they are not to be feared. And in this regard, I say to you, if I told you,

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or if I mentioned to you and I say this to people a lot. If I told you that birds can fly.

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It wouldn't leave anyone to have any nightmares tonight.

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If I told you that fish can swim in the sea, it still wouldn't lead you to have any nightmares at night. But as soon as I mentioned that the jinn can fly, I can't sleep, I'm terrified.

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They are a creation from the creation of Allah. If the one who made the birds fly, wills he can make the Jin fly.

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If the one who made the fish swim in the sea wills he can make the jinn swim in the sea. This is from the matter of Allah subhanaw taala that he decrees and he decides for whoever he wills and it's not for us to

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become scared of the gym, or to become fearful of the gym. And indeed a law forbids you from this is one of the most important ideas when it comes to our belief in the gene and this ayah is in solid alley and Brian is number 175 so it's 31753 is Allium Ron and 175 is the iron in Nevada coma shaytaan we have with Alia ferrata hall for whom waha funi encounter meaning this is only the shape on who makes you scared of his allies. Don't be scared of them, but be scared of me if you are really believers. How sad is it that a people are actually scared

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of the Djinn the fear that is deserving to be for Allah subhanaw taala alone. And yet they're not scared of Allah with that fear.

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They're not frightened that Allah subhanaw taala could afflict them or that Allah subhanaw taala could misguide them or Allah subhanaw taala could take their life away, but they're frightened about the fact that the jinn could do so. And this is completely wrong. And this ayah establishes for us the methodology of the shaytaan in confusing people and in convincing people that they have the ability to harm you and the ability to touch you and the ability to afflict you. And the idea behind this is to make you fear.

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I Latina Carla who nurse in a nurse aka Gemma confect, show whom Rosada whom imagine will call who has spoon Allah, wa near Milwaukee, to Iraq before this ayah Allah subhanaw taala says, Those who all the people gathered, when the people gathered against them the companions, when all of that has had the Confederates gathered against them. The people said to them, the non Muslim said to them, that everyone is gathered against you. In other words, you're destroyed. Now the whole of Arabia has gathered against you, so you should fear them.

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And then Allah says it increased them in a man. And they said, sufficient for us is Allah and he is the best Disposer of affairs. So look at the reaction of the companions, the whole of the Arabian armies, one by one by one, they all came to attack Medina.

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And they only serve to increase the companions in faith. And for them to say sufficient for us is a lion is the best disposal of affairs. And then after another, Allah subhanaw taala says, This is only the shape on who makes you fear his allies, from the men and from the gym.

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Don't fear them, but fear me if you are really believers. So we need to direct our fear towards Allah and our concern towards a lion, not towards the gene, the gene or another creation from the creation of Allah, and it beliefs, and all of his army came against you to harm you with something they wouldn't be able to harm you unless Allah allowed them to harm you. And if they all of them came to help you or to protect you against something, they wouldn't be able to protect you against something that Allah had not will to protect you against. And in this, I emphasize everybody to link between the previous lesson and this one with the hadith of Ibn abis in the 40 Hadith already,

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ma'am, and no, Avi. And this hadith is absolutely one of the most fundamental Hadith in Islam.

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And it covers a huge amount of protection from the jinn. And it develops this knowledge that you shouldn't be fearing the jinn. And that is the hadith of apne Ibis for the La Jolla for the year. Well, I'm in need of a mocha kalimat or young man, I'm going to teach you some words. So it's the Hadith that begins or young man, I'm going to teach you some words. And then the prophets I seldom mentioned a number of things. And even a bass was about somewhere between eight and 10 years old when this hadith was said to him, he was a very, very young boy. Look at what the prophet SAW Selim instilled in his children,

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in the young people around him, if for the left hypothec if you got the rights of Allah, and you got the limits set up by Allah and you stick to the obedience of Allah, Allah will protect you.

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For the letter G to to jack, if you got the rights of Allah, and you stick to the limits of Allah, you will find a lot to be in front of you guiding you to the straight path.

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Either Sir ltfs alila. If you ask anybody ask Allah, what either sir enter fester in Villa. And if you seek help from anybody seek help from Allah. And then came the point that we mentioned that know that if all of the people gathered against you to harm you with something they would not be able to harm or to benefit you with something that would not be able to benefit you with something that Allah had not written for you. And if it all came together to harm you, they would not be able to harm you with something except that Allah had written it against you dispense have been lifted and the scores have dropped. And in another wording to Allah Allahu Allah hi Erica should come to know a

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lot of times of ease, and Allah will know you at times of difficulty.

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If you want a lot to be there for you when things are difficult, make sure that you worship are low and things that easy. Otherwise everybody worships are low and things are difficult. When things are difficult, everybody turns to Allah and starts praying and starts reading the Quran. But the key to it is or the secret to it is to be worshiping Allah when things are easy. And Allah subhanaw taala will be there for you when things are difficult.

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Another misconception that we want to remove regarding the jinn is that the jinn are not fallen angels, the jinn are not fallen angels and again, this misconception exists among some Muslims, but primarily among non Muslims, that the jinn are fallen angels or that a police was a fallen angel. And the confusion among the Muslims tends to be from the statement of Allah for sagia do Illa a police they all prostrated except for a police. And what we say about this is this is a simple feature of Arabic. First of all, Allah subhanaw taala says, Can I mean Elgin, a police was from the jinn.

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And it believes in sort of out of Allah narrates it relates from a belief that he said collect and even now You created me from fire and the jinn are those who are created from fire. So we have two clear proofs in the Quran that a blease was a jinn. But why does Allah say all of the angels prostrated except a police. This is a feature of normal feature of the Arabic language, in which we say things like all of the students left except the teacher, all of the players left except the fans. This is normal, a normal use of the Arabic language. However, when people lost the Arabic language and became far away from it, and it became colocalized. And they lost the classical Arabic,

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they became confused. And even many people who speak Arabic became confused by this. And they said that no, it seems that at least is an angel. Whereas there's no evidence for this. If you look at the poetry of the Arabs, if you look at the Koran if you look at the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim the evidence of pure Arabic language, it's extremely common to make an exception from something that is not part of the group that you are making the exception from. So you say for example, all of the students left except the teacher even though the teacher is not a student. And you see all of the players left except the funds. This is normal Arabic In classical Arabic. And so there's no evidence

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that a blease was from this study. This was an angel rather there are two evidences in the Quran. One is the statement of Allah can Amina Jin in sort of calf he was a jinn from the jinn. And the other is the statement of the police collect and even now You created me from fire, and it's well known that the angels were created from light and the jinn were created from fire.

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