Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Know Your Creator Part 2

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The speakers stress the importance of knowing one's Lord and praise his power when it comes to fulfilling their duty, being obedient, sincere, and the creator of their life. They also emphasize the need to praise his success when it comes to knowledge and success. The importance of praise and glorifying one's Lord is also emphasized, along with the need to ask for prayer and praise when it comes to one's needs. The speakers stress the importance of learning and surrounding oneself to achieve success.

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Know that we are living? Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back to our session, Islam quest, your brothers and sisters. We are in this episode dealing with a question which is very significant. Why? You should know you're logged. In we have mentioned that inshallah, In this episode we shall discuss the top 10 Reasons Why You Should Know your Lord. And we have already covered five reasons. In short, the first reason why you should know your Lord is that he is our Creator, he is our Lord. And that is the reason we should know our Lord. The second reason is that this is the command of our Creator, Allah subhanaw taala. To know him, and therefore, in order to

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fulfill our duty, to be obedient, to be sincere to Allah Almighty, we should know Allah subhanho wa Taala, our Creator, our Lord. The third reason why we should know our Lord is to find the right path is to find the correct path. fourth reason why we should know our life, our Lord is to, to have the real purpose of our life, the true purpose of life will be lost. If we do not know our Lord, we, as a creation are dependent on our Lord. And that is why this topic is being important for all of us to understand, to remember, to reflect and to implement in our lives. The next reason why we should know our Lord is because we need to worship Him. We have been created for this purpose, Allah

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Almighty says instead of ayat Surah, number 51 number 56. One mahalo telegin will insert Illa, Leah Boone, we have not created the jinn and the mankind, a las panatela he said I have not created the jinn and mankind except that they may worship me, they may serve me. So how can you worship your Lord if you don't know him? So in order to know him, in order to worship Him, you must know your Lord.

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You must know your Lord and will lie By Allah, you will find a different experience when you worship Allah after knowing him Well, after knowing his names and attributes, after knowing his characteristics, who Allah is your worshiping experience would be completely different. Because you know, you will realize you will experience in you will feel and absorb, that you will not worshipping to anybody, no, you are worshiping to the one and only who is all powerful, who is the creator, who is the Sustainer, who is the provider, who is the helper, who is the knower of everything, who is the listener of everything. Your experience will be different when you know him.

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And that is the real foods that you will achieve by worshipping Him. The next reason why you should know your Lord is that you need to love him. You can never love someone if you don't know him. Our love can never be deep. Our love cannot be strong. Our love cannot be sincere, unless and until we know a person. And in case of Allah Almighty, our love will be shallow, it will be superficial, it will be weak.

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And if we know him, then we will really and truly love Him because He is our Creator. Allah subhanho wa Taala so we need to know our Lord because we need to love him. The result? The consequence, the outcome of loving Allah is that Allah will love you, Allah.

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If Allah loves you,

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then Allah Subhana Allah will save you, a las panatela will save you. So we need to know our Lord, because we need to love him.

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Another reason why we need to know our Lord

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Because we need to be grateful to him. You see, Allah Almighty, He has given us everything. First of all, he has given us the life and he has given everything for us to live in this world to live better.

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Shouldn't we be grateful to him? And when would this realization of being grateful to Allah will come? Only when you know him well, there is a strong reason why we should know. Allah subhanho wa Taala is because we need to be grateful. We need to be thankful to Allah subhana wa tada for the fee was that he has done to us, every single moment of our life is under the favor of Allah subhanaw taala is under the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he has given

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the knowledge which is required, which is sufficient for us to know him in the groups.

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My dear brothers and sisters,

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it's a thought that every individual should bring into his mind.

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And take this further to the study of knowing your Lord, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Allah subhanaw taala he commands us to know him. He has commanded us to know Him so that it benefits us. It benefits us My dear brothers and sisters. If you don't know Allah, it would not. It would never make a las panatela inferior not altavilla never, never will the majesty of Allah will come down. But we are

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there to know him. so that we may be grateful to him for the favors that he has done on us.

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The eighth reason why we should know overlord is because we need to glorify Him, we need to praise him. And once again, once again, never ever think that if we praise Allah subhanaw taala if we glorify Allah subhanaw taala it would add

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a value in His Majesty. No, it would never, it would never have any impact. Whether we do it or not on the Creator, on the last panel, it would never be here. It would never have an impact, but it would impact us, we, the creation, when we glorify

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when we glorify Him, when we praise Him, it affects us, it affects the creation, we will get closer to Allah subhanaw taala

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in a lot deserves to be glorified. Allah deserves to be praised every single day. Make sure

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you praise Him, you glorify Him, and this act is applicable. When you know your Lord. When you know your Lord, you will glorify Him. When you know your Lord closely you will praise Him because then you will realize and understand the power

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of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The ninth reason why we should know our Lord is because we need to ask him what we need. When are we going to go? which door Are we going to knock? There is no door there is no power. There is no one who can grant our wishes, who can accept our prayers, except a lot of time. So if we want to ask what we need in our lives, we need to know our Lord, then your prayers will be meaningful. When your prayers will be strong and significant and powerful. When you know your Lord, for example, when you know that Allah subhanho wa Taala he is an mujeeb He is the one who responds, he is a semi, he is ultra lean, he is there when you know these names and attributes of

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Allah subhanaw taala when you know him closely, when you know that there is someone who is powerful one, when there is one who will help you in the times of ease and he will help you in the times of difficulties. You would surely go and beg him, you will you will surely go and ask him

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and this is only possible

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But when you know your Lord, and we know we know, it's a fact that we the creation, we need to ask to the creator for our needs for our wishes and our wishes endless. However, you can ask anything what you want to Allah subhanaw taala but the question is, the question is when you know when you know Allah Spano tala closely, do you know Allah subhanho wa Taala closely?

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If not, this is the time. This is the time my brothers and sisters that know your Lord, know him by his names and attributes. know him by reading the glorious Koran and you would Marvel you would confess you would acknowledge that He is Allah subhanho wa Taala. He is our law, he is our Creator, and the power, the expectation that you can set

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would be unimaginable. Because you are going to the biggest back the biggest bank with this new credit crunch, there is no insufficient funds, there is no lack of credit. Allah is the grantor Allah is the best store

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of blessings favors without a count your feeling and experience. Observation

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would be different when you know your Lord. And then you ask Allah for anything that you require, for anything that you wish to

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get from Alice penultimate for he is the one who is the grantor and the best store of everything that will require. The last reason why you should know your Lord is because we need to be saved.

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In order to rescue ourselves in order to save ourselves. In order to protect ourselves. You need to know your Lord. If you don't know your Lord, how can you be saved? If you don't know your Lord, how can you be rescued from the forced punishment of the hellfire. When you do your Lord, you can ask him and to Him alone for salvation. You can ask and pray and cry and V to Him alone and ask for salvation. And it is only he Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Our Lord

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who can rescue us from the campfire?

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Dear brothers and sisters, these are the top 10 reasons that we have shared with you

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to prove as a reason for you to reflect and respond and act. These are the top 10 Reasons Why You Should Know your Lord and by Allah. If you know your Lord, truly, it will lead you to love him sincerely, and your love for Allah, it will lead

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you to a situation wherein Allah subhanaw taala will love you. And if Allah loves you,

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he will be saved. Allah Subhana Allah, He will never put a person in the Hellfire, whom he loves, as said by our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, that Allah will never throw a person in the Hellfire, whom he loves. So take this task up, to know your Lord. Get closer to him,

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worship Him, love him,

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praise Him glorify Him and know more and more about him by studying his names and attributes and pondering over the creation.

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With this, I would like to end this episode with the command as a reminder for all of us to reflect mentioned in Surah Mohammed surah number 47 is number 19 in which a las panatela says fine among a no la ilaha illAllah. So no, it is he certainly and there is no one for the abortion except what I can do Donna Anil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen open your eyes to the world often day. Believe not the lies that they always

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Say, look for the truth and swallow your pride for things that you thought that didn't exist that you might find below that we are living.