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The segment discusses the physical appearance of the palace and the importance of finding the right key to open a door. The dressing of men and women is described, including the use of "has" and "has a" to describe different aspects of gender, and the importance of investing in property and building a home. The "has" and "has a" concept is used to describe the physical appearance of people who have sex, and the "has" and "has a" concept is used to describe the physical appearance of the people who have sex. The speaker emphasizes the success of their company and their ability to deliver on promises, while also acknowledging the challenges of working in difficult environments and the need for continuous improvement.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam

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ala rasulillah Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy

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we begin

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In the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Most Merciful the Restore of mercy,

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praising him, sending Peace and blessings and salutations upon

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our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and upon his family and his companions.

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So I would like to start by welcoming you all to another Friday night reflections. The second time we have been in this beautiful new location. In this method, we hold this class every other week, there are there abouts Actually, we hold it every second and every fourth Friday.

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And so usually we you know, hold the week, miss a week.

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And so we missed last week, actually, last week, we have a class in mosquito summit, which is in towards the other end of Dubai, Dubai springs. And then we alternate it with this class, which we have here.

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And as you guys know, who attended last week, we have been talking about a series of topics on a single theme.

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And the theme that we've been talking about is the theme called the F

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And this theme called alpha Hill movement on

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this theme, is all about the believers, they are successful. And it's it's not it's not been a tough season, we haven't done a tap seal of sort of mean, but it's been if you like,

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perhaps we call them walk of hearts, you know, like just points, places we stop. And we think about some of the benefits of this source world.

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And we've spoken about so many topics. But I promise you, that when we came to the end of all of our topics, as we did last week, and there is one topic remaining, which we haven't spoken about, and levena very soon and for those of whom we have heard it,

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because there was a purpose behind us explaining all of these things in Surah tumino.

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Effectively, what these descriptions give us is that they give us a description of the people who will eventually inherit genda to ferret out

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the people who will eventually achieve that paradise, that all of us want to achieve their description, or at least a part of their description is present in solar Tomomi known, and then Allah azzawajal tells us by way of encouragement, and levena uri soon and for those,

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those who will inherit alpha, those those people who will be the people when all is said and done, when the RAM is killed in between gender and the Hellfire and alarm, bell turns to the people and he says all that a voice calls out and says hello, don't be pillar notes

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that you're going to be living in there forever and there is not going to be any depth. Holly Dena fear that they will be living in it forever. And since this is our most aim, this is our achievement that we want to get we want to achieve this paradise.

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This is what we are striving for.

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When he died, he carefully attend FSU, Montana of his own, in this led the people who are seeking and striving and trying to achieve something, let them try for this. This is something which is worth your effort.

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So it seemed to me that it's appropriate for us in this setting, just to describe a little bit and it only will be a little bit because we don't have enough time. But to describe a little bit about this paradise, that we are aiming for this paradise, which is the incentive that we are striving towards and aiming towards and hoping for and praying for and that we are doing all of these deeds in order to achieve what is it what's there. What is the the best of its blessings? What is because

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You know, especially coming from the background that I come from, you know, I came from a Christian background.

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And you know, if you ask a Christian what is in Paradise,

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they will just say,

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I don't know just paradise. And if you push them a lot, they might say prayer meetings and songs.

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You say to them, okay, but what is in Paradise, you're going to be in paradise for an eternity

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and eternity forever and ever and ever. Could Odin build a moat life without any death.

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So tell me something which is in this paradise that's gonna make me really want to go there. And they kind of look at you and say,

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it's just as it is.

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But that's not how Islam describes paradise to us. For us, Paradise is described with the most beautiful description and the most detailed description. And in some of this, I'm going to refer to

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even okay am Rahim Allah Allah, he has a beautiful poem, and it's really quite long in the description of the people of gender,

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and how they are and

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their places and how their description is and where they will live and what they will do.

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If this kind of detail that exists in Islam, that really doesn't exist anywhere else. If somebody asks you, okay, go on. You've told me if I accept Islam, I will be given gender. Okay, tell me what is gender? What should I? Why should I be so excited? sell it to me, sell me this image of gender sell me this picture of gender so that I really had this burning desire to want to go there. And you should have a burning desire to want to go there.

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And I know that might sound strange, and some of you might say, well, surely all of us do. But not everybody. Some people have a mistaken impression.

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They say, you know, the only thing that we want is just a lot of us

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and we don't really want Jenna we don't fear Johanna. No, this is not how the prophets and the pious people this is not how they used to be. They did not let us to be from those people who said we're not interested in Jenna we're not scared of Johanna we just want to do everything because we love Allah

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Of course you act because you love Allah but you still desire agenda and this is how the companions used to be this is how allies origin told us to be these mesh and mention of gender and it's paradise and its blessings and it's good it's all there to motivate you to want it

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How did the prophets used to be

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how did they used to be how does allies describe them? In terms of their you know how sort of a summary of how they used to be

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in a home can we own a few highlights?

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Were their own and our wardrobe and what

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works can within Ohashi in sort of fill me if I'm not mistaken allies origin describes them like this. They used to use it a lot. They used to rush one another chase one another race one another to get what?

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For these good deeds. And they used to call upon Allah rather than what I have. And this is the showerhead here. This is what I'm trying to inform you rather than what Ahava hoping for Jenna fearing Johanna hoping for what was with Allah being scared of what might happen to them if they disobey Allah. This is the situation of the woman. The woman is not the one who says

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that doesn't concern me. I'll go wherever Allah puts me

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that's not the situation that's not all him. And this is something that you know sapan alive Feel many times we are missing as Muslims in this day and age. We're missing our local him we missing this desire for something better. You know, if you ask someone about gender, they say yeah, I want gender. You know, I just hope Allah will put me there among the last of the people.

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You know, I wish to be the last man to enter gender. The last man who enters gender ignore him or him along to Allah in his body. He mentioned he will be given 10 times the earth but whatever is in it.

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it's enough to make me I don't need anything else. This is not the situation of the believer. The situation of the believer is that you want the best of the best. Why?

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Because Who are you? Or Whom are you asking it from?

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You are not asking it from someone who has a limit to what they can give you. You're not asking somebody who is limited, who only has, you know, like when you ask your mom and dad and you know, you see a mom just come. I says, give me give me 100 denims. Please, I'll never asked you again. Just 100 theorems. And I won't ask you ever again. 101 law? Give it to me.

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That's because you're asking somebody who has a limit to what they can give you. their generosity has a limit. their wealth has a limit. How about Allah subhana wa Tada. There is no limit to his generosity. There is no limit to His mercy, there is no limit to his the things that he has this dominion, his molk there is no limit to this. There is it's not like Allah subhanaw taala runs out of things to give you never. So don't ask Allah as though he does.

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ask Allah knowing that he can give you and give everybody else and it would not take away from his dominion, except like the bird that puts its beak into the sea. Does the sea decrease when the bird puts and speak into the sea? No, the sea doesn't decrease anything. the dominion of Allah doesn't decrease when he gives you and you and you and you and you

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so a part of this description agenda that we're gonna talk about his or all him, I want you to want the best of the best.

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And what is the best of the best, the best of the best as well for those who

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it is in the center of Paradise and the highest place of Paradise and the rivers of Paradise come out from it. We're coming to those in a minute. We're getting there a little bit by a little bit.

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But before all of that, just to have that desire. You know when you hear this Heidi's of 70,000 people who will enter Paradise, how

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without a seven one either no hisab no either no accounts no punishment from the first time with the first group of people who enter Paradise after the prophets enter Paradise after the messengers lyocell event is paradise. The first of our Alma Abubakar of your loved one in this paradise and Amara, those who came after them. The first group, the the people who don't go they don't have a diversion. They go straight, you know, they don't they don't go left and they don't go right they just go straight down the road straight to gender. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned 70,000 of them. How do you feel when you hear that number? 70,000.

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You know, just you probably get 1000 people just in this message of enjoyment

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70,000 in the history of Islam,

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do you feel like you could be one of them.

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And that is the attitude that we want you to have. And then don't worry, because there is another Hadees which each with each of the 70,000 there are 70,000 more, and there is another Heidi, on top of that which each with each of them there is 70,000 more. But

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even if you didn't know about that second hand,

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you should want to be from them. You shouldn't want to be and say well, you know if I'm the last person that enters paradise, or Allah, give me paradise, you know, anything, I'll take what I can get. Because this shows a lack of knowing a lot you don't know who you're asking.

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You know, you're not asking somebody who has a limit to what he can give you. So don't stop. Don't stop, ask to be from the 70,000 asked to be from the people of Gen metal for those who are asked to be from the people who enter Paradise in the first group asked to be from the people who have no punishment as well. Don't be frightened to ask because you are asking the one who asking him isn't a valid, it's not just an EVA, it is one of the most, if not the most beloved form of Eva that you can do. To beg Allah you ask Allah you lower yourself, you humble yourself before Allah, knowing that Allah Subhana Allah can give you

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and that's just an introduction to why you should be so interested about this topic of describing paradise. And again, you know, we're just gonna pick up parts of it.

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But I don't want to start with paradise.

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I want to start

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by just talking about this dunya

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because you're also panela we are living here in the Emirates and you know, in Dubai, especially. People have a very nice life. Right. You know, generally I'm not saying everybody you know, it's a very, very mixed bag, but in general

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Compare the standard of living here in Dubai

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to the rest of the world and you'd be hard pressed to find very many places that have a higher standard of living than here generally across the board. It has a high standard of living people generally get a reasonable amount of money they spend it they enjoy themselves

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and sometimes what you need to do is you need to shatter the picture you need to break the image away for people that people have and I just want to read you just for a second what even okay Rahim Allah Allah said about this dunya to buy included in any everything in the world included. I want you to to to read you what happened. Okay, and then I'm just going to pick up a couple of pieces. If not, Clayton said sesion el de COVID sua. Hey, Bill, Imani.

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Lacking Gen tool malwa. Visual cavani. He said this is a prison

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that the person of he man, yo D. He feels like he's trapped in it.

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But what about the person of COVID? What about the person who doesn't believe in Allah subhanaw taala. genital.

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It's their final paradise. This is the best it's going to get. You know, they move over here. They want the luxury they want to live in nice houses. Because this is the best that they are going to get. They're not going to get anything better than this. This is gender total makeover for these people.

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But for the believer CGN on yo yo Lee go ahead and email.

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The person of faith, he feels like he is squeezed here. He doesn't ever feel happy here. He doesn't ever feel like this is good enough for him.

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Because he knows that what is coming. If he has this is the karma and he sticks to Islam and he does what he is commanded, then what is coming is going to be so so so much better than the best that you can imagine here. And I want to give you an example in the hotties robot I'm wiser, probably a lot more uncommon

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with regard to The Taking of the soul of the believer. So I'm going to go through it quickly because we don't have time the believers soul comes out like a drop of water from the edge of a water skin and the angels shrouded in mystery and take it to Jenna and you know then it's sent back to the earth and it answers you know, you answer the questions you pass the test. The grave is opened as far as the eye can see the smell of gender the clothing of gender comes and what does that person say in that state? He says Rob be a chemist.

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or allow Hurry up and make the Day of Judgment come this isn't this is just not good enough. clothing from Jenna smell of gentle grave as wide as the I can see all these pleasures and all of this name.

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But I'll be out he missed all my load Quickly, quickly, quickly, bring this to judgment I am not this is not good enough for me this is just because why he knows he knows that what is coming is going to be better than that.

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Just reflect upon what a lie surgeon said about those people when not many people our last practice described them law hope when I lay him What are

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they are not going to have any hope, any fear of what is coming. They're not scared about what is coming.

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And not sad about what past they fulfilled their purpose in life. And so the day of judgment comes in the Day of Judgment is 50,000 years in length. And in that 50,000 years, how quick does it pass? It passes like the time between what between before and after?

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Between vote and awesome, God, the time so quickly.

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In this space, and all the time everything is getting better and better and better and better.

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Sure, there are some scary moments. There is that time when a large surgeon will cover his believing slave in private. And there is nobody there except between you and Allah.

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And Allah subhanaw taala will say didn't you do this sin?

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Didn't you do this sin? Didn't you do the sin? And the person will say Yes, my lord, I did it. I did it. All of them. I did it and he will confess to each individual sin and then allies will say

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or the person will say What will he say he will say hello.

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I've had it, I'm gone. You know I've been destroyed. Look at all of these sins that I've done. And then a last pint of water either

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will say to him

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that I'm going to forgive you for them today.

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I'm going to forgive you those sins today. Because like I conceal them for you in the dunya I will conceal them for you here and I have forgiven you for them today.

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So you even when it looks like it's a scary moment, the next high is even higher than the previous high, how high you'll take your book in your right hand and run out to the people seeing how omokoroa Okita via common read it read everything I've done, read my book, common read everything I've done.

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Neither one and two anymore.

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I knew I understood that I was going to meet my account one day Allah was going to take me to account.

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And this call has had a lot of different opinions about the book and about the bad deeds, perhaps they will be erased completely because some of them said that when the good deed raises the body or raises it I mean completely from your book of deeds. And some said that it remains in the book but that it is replaced or that it is supplemented with a good deed. And there's a lot of a lot of different opinions on this topic. But the point is that there is nothing in unquote good. There's nothing left but good. And you're running around telling people how omokoroa Okita via common read my book common read my book, because of what you prepared for it in this life. And you know that we

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can summarize gender in this way. If you want to summarize gender, you can summarize gender like this, you can say that this life

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action without reward.

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It's action is unknown.

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You know, without reward, without without the pleasure without everything, it's not everything that you do that you get a huge reward for in this dunya.

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And as for gender, gender is reward with no action. So it's the reverse of this world. And you know, just one more thing, you know, even though I would love to read you this whole poem, but it's just so long, it takes an hour and a half to read in full. But it's so beautiful. One thing that it no kalium says about the people of this dunya there are some people of this dunya he says how Amina led the Holy

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Spirit in St. Lucia.

00:22:33--> 00:22:40

And this is a beautiful line, he says that they ran away from the slavery that they were created for.

00:22:41--> 00:22:47

And what did they do, they exchanged it for what? slavery to the neffs and slavery to the shape time.

00:22:49--> 00:22:55

And that's the reality, you have to decide what you're working for what you're aiming for. If it's gender that you're aiming for.

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Then you have to submit to the slavery that you were created for.

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You are created to be a servant of Allah. You are created to worship Allah to be from a bag of rock man, the servants the slaves of our man, you will create it for a certain kind of slavery.

00:23:19--> 00:23:31

And everybody lives in dystonia. in slavery, everyone, as a human said, Everyone lives in this dunya in slavery, either you are a slave to Allah, or you're a slave to your neffs, or you're a slave to the shaper.

00:23:33--> 00:24:17

And so to get this gender, also, we have to also understand that we have to, we have to fight against the shavon. And we have to fight against our neffs we have to fight against our neffs. Because our neffs is like I described it before, you know like a car without when the wheels are not balanced. So it keeps going this way. Every time you make it goes straight it it goes off in the other direction, every time you keep it on the straight road, it turns off, you have to forcefully keep it on the straight road. It's like a broken, you know, car with a broken wheel all the time it's turning left. Every time it's turning left, you're trying to keep it straight and it's turning

00:24:17--> 00:24:59

left. You have to fight against that to be from one of these people. And like I said, I just wanted to start by talking about the dounia because I want you to be in the right frame of mind. I want you to see this dunya as it deserves to be seen. It's called the dunya for a reason. Why is it called the dunya because it's the lowest you know, it's the lowest and it's the insignificant and it's the name of it is that name that is insignificant. adonia You know something? Danny, it's just low and just you know it's not it doesn't have any worth except as a place of good deeds for you to strive towards this.

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

For you to strive towards gender.

00:25:03--> 00:25:09

And I wanted to begin describing gender by just describing a generic concept,

00:25:10--> 00:25:12

a generic concept

00:25:14--> 00:25:16

which Ally's lhl told us about.

00:25:17--> 00:25:27

In the Quran, in the legend of Robin Allah, so Robin Allah so Mr. Hamilton is Allah acre to Allah. Taha, for what?

00:25:28--> 00:25:31

Whatever she will be agenda to let you continue to argue

00:25:32--> 00:25:36

a lot. So it just tells us about those people who stand firm upon Islam.

00:25:37--> 00:26:16

They've been steadfast upon Islam. They say, Our Lord is Allah, and then they remain steadfast, the angels descend, and the scholars mentioned the descending of the angels in three, and sometimes four places, from those they mentioned, at the time of death, when the people are raised up from the graves, and when the believers enter agenda, these are from the times that the angels come and they say, and don't worry about what's coming. What I said, Oh, don't be scared about what past what has or don't be sad about what's past, whatever she will be legitimately let he continue to argue and take glad tidings of a paradise that you have been promised.

00:26:18--> 00:26:23

And then they say what they say we were your allies, not only are

00:26:25--> 00:26:31

we we're your allies, in this life and in the UK, and what about the archaea?

00:26:32--> 00:26:36

While I configure what you will have in it,

00:26:37--> 00:26:38


00:26:40--> 00:26:41

what method

00:26:43--> 00:26:47

you will have in it, whatever your soul craves for.

00:26:49--> 00:26:59

So the first thing we see about gender and the description of gender, that whatever your soul craves for, you will have it in general. And you know, sometimes people come and they say,

00:27:00--> 00:27:12

you know, but what about this agenda? What about this ally didn't tell us about this ally didn't tell us about this. The women, our sisters in establishing a law didn't tell us about our situation sometimes.

00:27:13--> 00:27:32

Don't worry, you are going to get the best of the best because a Larissa which I said you will have what your soul desires. So many times in this dunya you refrain from desire, you keep back from desire, you're always told, you know, to keep away from your desires, you're

00:27:33--> 00:27:39

always keeping away keeping away in general, your desires are all waiting for you.

00:27:40--> 00:27:42

And whatever you have been promised.

00:27:44--> 00:28:02

New Zealand means a foreign right as an accommodation as a gift as something which is prepared from Obi Allah for the Most Merciful r Rahim, the Bestower or the most forgiving and the Restore of mercy.

00:28:04--> 00:28:07

So Allah subhanaw taala has prepared it.

00:28:08--> 00:28:11

As one of the scholars they said knows what and this is what you prepare for your guests.

00:28:13--> 00:28:26

You know, this is what you prepare for your, for your guests. When you have a guest that is coming and you prepare the best, you know, the best layout, everything is ready, the food is ready, the place is ready, the place to stay is ready.

00:28:27--> 00:28:31

This is what a large soldier has prepared for his believing servants.

00:28:32--> 00:28:56

And this leads us to another point, a point of al Qaeda. The paradise and Hellfire have already been created. They've already been prepared. They're already there ready and waiting for the believers to enter into paradise and for the disbelievers to enter into the Hellfire so they've already been created. And when they were created.

00:28:58--> 00:29:00

Allah subhanho wa Taala said to gibreel

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to go and look at what Allah Subhana what Allah had created this paradise that Ally's logen had created and he went

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and when he saw it, and he saw how amazing this is, this is Marla Iraq's What are also known semi I know I have seen it, no ear has ever heard it. And it's never occurred when

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it's never occurred to the heart or to the mind of anybody. Nobody's they've ever even thought of what could be agenda.

00:29:32--> 00:29:33

And jabril goes and sees gender.

00:29:34--> 00:29:51

And he comes back and he says that he believes that every one because of how amazing it is everyone will enter it. But then he is told to go again and when he goes again he sees that a lie. So a gel has surrounded it with what with hardships,

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

with difficulties with problems with hard work to learn.

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point that you will say is that I fear that perhaps nobody will enter, perhaps none of you, or none of them will enter into this paradise because of all of the hardships that it contains.

00:30:13--> 00:30:27

So we understand that it's something that's being created by Allah azza wa jal, and is waiting there for the believers at this moment in time it has been created, it is waiting there for the believers.

00:30:31--> 00:30:38

And then we come to describe some of the features of paradise. So the first thing is, how do you get into paradise,

00:30:39--> 00:30:43

you get into paradise through one of eight gates.

00:30:46--> 00:31:00

Each gate is associated with a major action from the huge actions in the major issues, the major sort of good deeds of Islam,

00:31:01--> 00:31:17

we know that there are certain gates, as even opium said, we know that the highest of them is the gate of jihad, we know that there is the gate of sown the gate of fasting, we know that there are these gates of gender, we know that there are eight of them.

00:31:19--> 00:31:59

And we know that the gap between each gate, or sorry, the gap between the posts, if you like, post is the right word. But the edges of each gate, the gap between the edges of each gate is 40 years, meaning it would take you 40 years to walk from one end of it to the other end of the gate, just the gate to the door would take you 40 years, to walk from one end of it to the other side of it. And there will come a time on the Day of Judgment. When the crowds are throwing at the door, they are pushing at the door. And there's no space for the people to get through

00:32:01--> 00:32:16

eight doors with 40 years in between. I mean, you can't you can't calculate that in miles. But just to give you a universe to give you a concept How long? How far could you walk in 40 years

00:32:17--> 00:32:37

as a human, which it's it's an incomprehensible distance. And yet on the Day of Judgment, crowds wishing, because of the number of people trying to get into these gates, these eight gates of paradise. And then when you enter into these gates of Paradise, so how is the earth How is the How is the land?

00:32:39--> 00:32:44

First of all the earth is white. But it's not just plain white.

00:32:45--> 00:32:50

It's a beautiful white, bear in mind that the light is not coming from the sun.

00:32:52--> 00:33:02

lie around here, chances are, they're not going to see any sun. There's no sun, where is the light coming from in the first place. The light is coming from the throne of Rama.

00:33:04--> 00:33:07

The light is coming from the throne of Allah.

00:33:08--> 00:33:24

And it's lighting up a paradise that the first thing you notice when you go in that it's neither hot nor cold. No Shep's knows him hurry rise, not like it's not cold. It's not hot, there's no kind of like hot and cold. It's a perfect temperature.

00:33:25--> 00:33:37

And the earth is white. But it's not just white, because we don't surprise ourselves just with this White Earth. It's decorated with that for Han and misc. And,

00:33:39--> 00:33:39


00:33:40--> 00:33:42

it's decorated with saffron.

00:33:43--> 00:33:57

And with misc, you imagine walking down a path, where the gap in between the stones of the path that the pebbles are all all of the path is made out of beautiful jewels, out of pearls.

00:33:58--> 00:34:05

And out of beautiful jewels, the path is all made out of these pearls and jewels. And the gap where you would put cement

00:34:06--> 00:34:09

is made out of saffron and mosque.

00:34:10--> 00:34:28

The smell is the smell of mosque. And the site is the site of, of saffron. But you know what's really even more amazing about this is that the saffron is not the saffron of this dunya and the mosque is not the mosque of this dunya and the pills are not the pills of this dunya

00:34:30--> 00:34:39

because, like if no Ibis, or the woman said there is nothing in gender in of that which is in this world except for names.

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

The only thing that exists in gender that is the same as this world or the names. So this is saffron like you've never seen before mela I know right. You've never seen it before your eyes have never laid. You could never imagine even if you imagined the most beautiful saffron you can imagine. It will not be

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

Anything as beautiful as the saffron engender, and the clothes will not be like the pills of this dunya

00:35:08--> 00:35:17

resemblance only a name that gives you a feeling of remembrance, but they are far, far, far better than anything you can imagine.

00:35:19--> 00:35:21

And then you walk for a while

00:35:22--> 00:35:33

and when you're walking for a while, you find you know where you're going, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that you will know your place in general like you know your house in this dunya

00:35:34--> 00:35:56

the same like you know, your house is too near the same you know, how where you live, and you know where your house is, you will know where your your places in general. So what are we expecting? four bedroom apartment, three bedroom apartment? Villa with a few guidance. Allah, a palace, whose bricks are made from gold and silver.

00:35:58--> 00:36:01

A palace. And when I say a palace?

00:36:03--> 00:36:04


00:36:06--> 00:36:18

We are told that the the the the least of the the dominion of one of the people agenda is 2000 years,

00:36:19--> 00:36:25

ie 2000 years to get from one side of your property to the other side of your property.

00:36:26--> 00:36:31

The palace is made of gold and silver bricks.

00:36:33--> 00:36:36

What is waiting for you in the palace. Tonight inside.

00:36:38--> 00:36:42

From the things that ally xojo told us by the way, besides this palace, there is a tent.

00:36:43--> 00:36:58

But this tent, it is made out of the the shell like the shell of a pearl you know when you get a pearl in a shell and you crack the shell open. And you have like the shell. This is how the tent is described.

00:37:00--> 00:37:02

And it's described as being 60 miles long.

00:37:03--> 00:37:09

This tent that is huge, this huge, huge, huge tent.

00:37:10--> 00:37:16

And what is in this palace and in this tent. And this brings us to the beginning of the poem of Immanuel Kagan.

00:37:18--> 00:37:23

And, you know, he says I'm of course, of course will quote the I art as well. When a lion

00:37:24--> 00:37:35

tells us about what he has prepared for us in this in this villa in this huge Palace in this tent. And Allah Subhana Allah tells us about the whole the whole aim.

00:37:37--> 00:37:38

And you know,

00:37:39--> 00:37:42

how do you even begin to describe the whole body?

00:37:44--> 00:38:09

First of all, Allah azza wa jal created them with his own hand. Allah subhanho wa Taala created them directly. Now Allah creates directly many things. And Allah subhanaw taala creates things indirectly. Indirectly meaning for example, like us now we are you know, we are children were born to a mother and father that still allows creation but a lot creates us indirectly.

00:38:10--> 00:38:26

But Allah azza wa jal has created these home directly to the you know them, like they say the best specification the best possible if you know, you can't imagine, but just to give you an idea of the

00:38:28--> 00:38:29

first of all, this word whole

00:38:32--> 00:38:44

alien, by the way means you don't hold it It means like a maiden, or a fair, beautiful woman and Elaine. Elaine is the plural of a word which means wide.

00:38:46--> 00:38:59

They have they have wide eyes and one of the things I mean, just to give you a summary of just how the holidays are that if one of them were to look over onto this world, the entire world would be filled with light.

00:39:01--> 00:39:10

And her Hema, her headscarf you know that the veil that she wears over her head is better than the dunya and everything that is in it.

00:39:11--> 00:39:13

And not just one by way.

00:39:14--> 00:39:16

Anyone is not enough, not just one.

00:39:17--> 00:39:22

The least of the people of gender will be married to two of the total.

00:39:23--> 00:39:25

But you know, we're not interested in the least.

00:39:27--> 00:39:30

The least doesn't interest us. We want the most

00:39:31--> 00:39:34

72 of the herd laid over 70 of the poorly

00:39:36--> 00:39:41

prepared for who for the believers for the people who kept themselves.

00:39:42--> 00:39:59

Like we talked about those people who were levena only Fuji him have his own those people who kept themselves just in this dunya they didn't go out looking they didn't go out seeking they didn't go out committing haram and Allah so a gel prepared for them. The whole

00:40:02--> 00:40:04

All these beautiful

00:40:05--> 00:40:08

wide eyed verges

00:40:09--> 00:40:20

and a lot of xojo mentioned in chat now that we have created them a direct creation of a magnificent creation was added when

00:40:23--> 00:40:44

the US Army, we have made them into virgins, not just into virgins By the way, but allies or jealous you mentioned lemmya Thomas hoonah. In tsongkhapa, omada john, no man, no Jean has ever touched them has ever had any intimacy with them, they have been created each one of them for their husbands specifically.

00:40:46--> 00:41:12

And allies origin mentioned them hold on Marcus, all right, they don't lift their eyes up to any other man, they were made only for this one particular man who is going to be from the people of gender, you know, this one individual custom tailored for this person, they do not lift their eyes up to look at anyone else, they have no desire for anyone other than that one man,

00:41:13--> 00:41:18

that they were created by a large gel, for that matter.

00:41:19--> 00:41:33

And when the person goes to them in the tent, in this tent, the tent is full, huge, then no other one will see the other, any non No, you don't have this problem of them running into each other, you know, one of them will not see the other one.

00:41:35--> 00:41:39

Because of the vastness of the dominion of this person from the people object.

00:41:40--> 00:41:54

And not only that, but he will also be married to his wife, if he has one from the wife, or if he has more than one from the wife of this, or the wives of this dunya that he was married to.

00:41:55--> 00:42:26

And let's not forget the ladies as well, because we shouldn't you know, sometimes we talk about the role and you talk about the fact that they you know, they have this, this amazing skin that you can see it's like translucent, you can see almost see through it, you know and you can you can imagine how that is because you can see kind of, you can't imagine how it is but you can you can understand what is meant because you see someone who's very, very fair, if you see a you know, sort of a girl who's very, very fair and you can almost see the veins and you know, combing through the skin.

00:42:28--> 00:42:33

This you know woman we talk about the whole and then you know sometimes this is to start feeling well

00:42:36--> 00:43:04

what about us? And we keep saying don't ever think evil of Allah, don't ever think that Allah will give you less than you desire? You know, this dunya is a journey of competition. And Hakuna Matata, you always you know, competing with each other. And you know, there's competition for love, there's competition for you know, among co wives, there's competition, there's a feeling of kind of, you know, this is just you know, this is not

00:43:06--> 00:43:12

kind of sort of people competing against each other and wanting to better one another. That's the meaning of

00:43:13--> 00:43:16

you know, you're trying competing against each other who can be better.

00:43:17--> 00:43:36

That doesn't exist in general. When is that occur? We've taken away from what was in their hearts from this reward from their kurobe we've taken the hill we've taken that this jealousy and this hatred and this all of this horrible feeling. We've just taken it out of their hearts.

00:43:37--> 00:44:20

So the gender allies so a gel has made for the Muslim woman is the best that could ever be made. It's not like the whole makeup you know like it would be great if it wasn't for the whole It's not like that a lot so a gel has made it absolutely perfect for everyone. And yes allies our agenda is toward the men about the whole Why? Because men are men and you know men have a temptation sometimes to have a wandering eye and have a look at what is across the road and you know maybe have a look at what is on the internet and have a look at this and have a look at that. So Allah azza wa jal wants to give you something that you can strive for that is better than that. That is more motivating need

00:44:20--> 00:44:27

Why do you want to see it and why I'm going to cover my gaze because I've got some ladies waiting for me in in gender

00:44:28--> 00:44:40

to ally so Witcher knows the situation of the mind and knows what they need and knows that this motivation is needed. But the woman she should not be. She should not feel that she's being shortchanged because allies are genuine male.

00:44:41--> 00:44:59

Well, I have no more aboukir Hidalgo does not oppress anybody. So this is just to describe you know what is waiting in this palace but at the same time, you know, we need some features on the land. One of the features of jedna that is amazing is what Eliza just is tragedy mentality.

00:45:00--> 00:45:29

And that the rivers will flow underneath them alive. So he doesn't say rivers will flow beside them, but the rivers will flow underneath them. So you're imagining like it's as though you're walking over these rivers. And we don't know how this is, we don't know exactly how this happens. And this is something that allies our generals best, but the rivers run underneath and we should talk about the rivers there are four rivers we are told about.

00:45:30--> 00:45:35

The first is a river of lemon of milk.

00:45:36--> 00:45:39

But this milk, it has a unique quality

00:45:40--> 00:45:41

lammeter by

00:45:43--> 00:45:54

its taste doesn't change. You know, it doesn't go sour, it doesn't go, you know, give you a horrible taste at the end. It's the most pure, satisfying milk that you can imagine.

00:45:56--> 00:46:13

And then there is a river of water. And this river of water is pure, and and sweet and tasty for the one who drinks it like the most. You can't, because it's not the water of this dunya You can't imagine how it is. And then there is a river of the purest honey.

00:46:15--> 00:46:17

And then there is a river of karma.

00:46:18--> 00:46:28

A river of alcohol, of wine. But this wine doesn't make you get drunk. It doesn't give you a hangover doesn't make you do embarrassing things.

00:46:29--> 00:46:32

It doesn't make you feel ill The next morning, it doesn't make you feel sick.

00:46:34--> 00:46:44

Because why you gave up? Look at how it works. You gave up wine in this dunya you didn't drink wine in Estonia so that you could drink it in.

00:46:46--> 00:47:04

You didn't you know you didn't go out and do those major haraam actions that people do so that you can enjoy yourself and have fun in general. You know, it's all about waiting. It's all about sabar, it's all about demand. It's all about realizing what's there waiting for you.

00:47:07--> 00:47:40

And as we said, the weather is neither hot nor cold Leia Rafi Hashem says, well, as I'm Harry Roy is not going to be there's no sun gonna be beating down on you. And there is no, there is no cold, you're never going to feel cold. And then of course, we should talk about the food, the food of the people of paradise. There are many many kinds of food of the people of Paradise that is mentioned from the food of the people of Paradise mentioned that the trees and the fruits of the trees The first thing you should know about the trees is that their trunks are made of gold.

00:47:41--> 00:47:43

The tree trunk is made of gold.

00:47:45--> 00:47:49

And the other thing is you don't have to reach to get the fruit.

00:47:51--> 00:47:55

You don't have to ever reach out your hand to get the fruit the fruit comes to you.

00:47:57--> 00:48:26

You don't have to stoop down or to reach up. You just put out your hand and the fruit comes to your hand from the tree. And the thing about the fruit is this. You imagine living for eternity you're gonna get bored of bananas every day. Okay? So Allah azza wa jal tells us about the fruit of the people agenda. That is fruit that appears to be like the fruit. It has a resemblance like the fruit that they have had in the dunya or like the fruit that they know.

00:48:29--> 00:48:31

But every time they taste it,

00:48:32--> 00:48:40

it's something different. Every time they taste this fruit, it's something completely different and they say this is what we were given before.

00:48:41--> 00:48:55

They see how the lady Rosa Kononenko, this is what we were being given before this is the fruit we were given before. What will be here mata shabbiha It looks similar, but it tastes something completely, completely different.

00:48:57--> 00:49:00

Analyze origin talks about the the meat

00:49:01--> 00:49:14

and the meat will come from these birds from the birds of paradise. And this beautiful meat that will come and all of this you know whatever you can imagine and then you come to who is going to serve you the meat and who is going to serve you the drinks. So you know you

00:49:15--> 00:49:25

while you're relaxing there, you want someone to serve you the drinks, someone to come and you know you have a constant personal Butler who is just serving you drinks all day.

00:49:26--> 00:49:27

These are the real man.

00:49:28--> 00:49:59

Real Man mohalla when this young boys useful boys who are only created from the people of Paradise they are not like you know some people get the you know some people get to work. They're not from this dunya they were created from the people of paradise. And they these young boys these youthful boys will go around serving you drink, glasses of wine, glasses of you know this these beautiful these beautiful rivers and this food this birds

00:50:00--> 00:50:04

From the birds of gender, they're not from the birds of this dunya from the birds of gender.

00:50:05--> 00:50:12

And this fruit that keeps changing and tastes, even though it resembles what you were given before.

00:50:13--> 00:50:27

And you imagine living in that kind of life you imagine having whatever you can, you can imagine but then you know when you're picturing yourself living there you might picture yourself as you you might picture yourself as as you how you are now which are not going to be like you are now.

00:50:28--> 00:50:52

The first thing is the age of the people of gender. The age of the people of gender is a middle age like like 3333 years old. You know, it's an age of, you know, you're in the prime of your youth. You're not a young you know, you're like you're not a young boy or girl you know you're in the in the peak of you're in the peak of your strength in the peak of your youth.

00:50:54--> 00:50:57

And as for your appearance, we will return in terms of height,

00:50:58--> 00:50:59

to the height of

00:51:02--> 00:51:03

our a setup

00:51:04--> 00:51:11

of 60 cubits they call it something like that. And the width is narrated in, I think Muslim,

00:51:12--> 00:51:34

as being seven. And in any case, you can imagine that a person is going to be you're going to be different. And in terms of the beauty the beauty will be the raceless ally So Jen has retained in the most beautiful or has crea sort of changed you to the most beautiful image we are going to get fat people and thin people and you know sort of like different sort of

00:51:35--> 00:51:43

body shapes, sizes, but that everyone will be created in the best or read fashion in the best possible image.

00:51:45--> 00:52:02

They will be more Kahala lining they will have Cohan this dog sort of submitted the code on their, on their eyes. And their you know they will have this is beautiful hairs described as jagged,

00:52:03--> 00:52:17

sharp, you know, this hair that is kind of this sort of straight and you know, sort of beautiful hair. And that they will not have they will not be any beards. You can grow your beard in dystonia, but your beard is not coming with you in the

00:52:18--> 00:52:22

eye, they will be they will not have not have a beard.

00:52:24--> 00:52:36

And you imagine that as beautiful the ladies imagine that as beautiful as the whole are, none of them will compare to the wife or to one of the believing women of paradise.

00:52:38--> 00:52:43

Upon a lie, you have this, you have this complete change is complete different life.

00:52:47--> 00:52:54

And the things that you see in it, and the you know, the things that you experience in terms of as we've said, all of these different,

00:52:57--> 00:52:58

these different things.

00:53:00--> 00:53:07

But you know, when we're talking about all of these different things, in general, we've already talked about a few I mean, I can, like I said, the poem that we have given

00:53:08--> 00:53:15

it takes an hour and a half to read it in the description of the people of paradise. It's huge, and there's so much to say.

00:53:16--> 00:53:20

But while you're enjoying this, and I just want you to sort of imagine you know, you're

00:53:21--> 00:54:03

You can't imagine because whatever you imagine it's going to be better than you imagined but you're relaxing in Paradise, and you're being served all of this beautiful food, you know every now and again, you go off to see one of the rain come back you get more food, you know you're you have this huge dominion. You know you have all of these people around you, you know you're able to see and to enter and to meet the people who you love the people who have you know, you have been desperate to meet in your you know, in this world that you weren't able to meet those people like our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the companions about your love and the believers together.

00:54:04--> 00:54:08

But then you imagine in all of this, in all of this time,

00:54:09--> 00:54:13

Allah azzawajal calls out to the people of paradise.

00:54:15--> 00:54:16

And he asks them

00:54:19--> 00:54:20

Is there anything else that you want?

00:54:22--> 00:54:30

Can I get you anything? You know, is there do you want for anything? Is there anything you're missing? in paradise when you're doing all these things, you're enjoying yourself?

00:54:32--> 00:54:43

And they say that, you know, well, you brighten our faces. You saved us from the hellfire. And all of the things that they've given there's nothing more that they could want

00:54:45--> 00:54:59

and then a lie so which gives them the greatest net amount from the neon magenta. Allah subhanho wa Taala uncovers the veil that is between him and between his creation and they look at the face

00:55:00--> 00:55:01

Have the goats.

00:55:02--> 00:55:07

And when they look at the face of Allah, they forget everything that is in general.

00:55:09--> 00:55:31

Everything that is in gender they come, it's just gone, it pales in comparison. I mean, to give you the example of gender, I mean, we said gender is 100 levels, the distance between each level of Paradise or the gap, the difference in in the pleasures is like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

00:55:33--> 00:55:46

And then you imagine that you're at the top, you're, you know, you're at the highest level, and you're enjoying all of this pleasure and this bounty and this wonderful, these wonderful things. And then you look at Allah Subhana.

00:55:48--> 00:56:11

Allah subhanaw taala uncovers the veil that is between him and between these believing servants and they look at the face of a lie soldier, mucho yoma. Even now there are a lot behind us. And then they forget everything from the pleasures of gender, it just pales in comparison to looking at allies origin.

00:56:12--> 00:56:16

How often will the believers be able to look at a lifestyle agenda agenda.

00:56:17--> 00:56:19

As for those

00:56:20--> 00:56:28

well as for most of the people agenda, that we know that they will see our lives though agenda. Tomorrow, on the day of tomorrow,

00:56:29--> 00:56:31

they will see Allah subhana wa Tada.

00:56:33--> 00:56:36

And as for the people of El Faro,

00:56:37--> 00:57:09

and I've done some research on this, and the Heidi has a weakness in it. There is no eggs. There's no authentic Heidi that specifically says this, but it's been mentioned by many of the scholars, and many of them have in their books that are pleading their books as a description of gender. It has it has some weight to it, even if it doesn't have an authentic Hadees. But you feel there is weight because of the sheer number of the scholars who mentioned this, that the people have genital dos will see Allah azza wa jal twice every single day.

00:57:11--> 00:57:38

That is what you get for being at the highest level of paradise. And just describe for those for a second, you know, just to give us an I we don't have time goals. But just to describe genital for those just for a second gender to third dose is the middle part of gender and the highest part of gender, and the reverse of jetnet come from it. It's the source of the rivers that flow down to the lower the lower parts of gender.

00:57:40--> 00:57:53

And so the rivers they read, they flow down from the dose, but I don't think the most amazing thing about those is the rivers going down, but it's what's above. Because the roof of ultra dose is the arch of

00:57:54--> 00:58:30

the roof of El Faro dose is the arch of Allah subhanaw taala Can you imagine that you can't you I mean you can't you keep saying but you can't imagine looking up to see the Ottawa soldier and then seeing a law again and again and again and again. And you know, you get back into gender and all of the beauty and all of the pleasures and all of the you know, infinitely different things that happen because gender is not boring. It's not the same thing. Every time things change. Everything is changing all the time. What we're talking here motor shabbiha they given things that are similar but they're not the same.

00:58:31--> 00:58:47

And then you imagine that you see Allah subhana wa tada and everything just disappears from your mind. Because there is nothing that can ever compare to looking at the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala the greatest pleasure from all of the pleasures of gender.

00:58:48--> 00:59:33

And you know, that is why, perhaps one of the greatest punishments that is given to the disbelievers Yokoyama in our rugby hemiola, even the match of that on that day, there will be a barrier between them and between a lot, they will not be able to look at our law in the way that the believer will be able to look at alive, take that pleasure and that and that's that sort of unimaginable experience, they will not be able to do it. Instead, they will be macro voices, they will be concealed, what is between them and what is between allies origin, I had so many other points to mention about gender and about the description of gender, and the levels of gender, and the

00:59:34--> 00:59:35

you know, the the

00:59:37--> 00:59:38

the different things with regard to gender.

00:59:40--> 00:59:43

But there's one particular part that I wanted to conclude with.

00:59:46--> 00:59:59

And this is another part of what even opium said, with regard to the keys that open the door to gender. Because you know, it's wonderful for us just to listen and you know, I encourage you to read more on the topic because it's just such a huge topic, but

01:00:01--> 01:00:14

If we you know we talk about gender we talk about the description of gender and how wonderful it is how amazing it is, but at the end of the day, what matters right now is how we get the key to open the door.

01:00:16--> 01:00:18

And even Okay, him or him Oh, hold on to Adam.

01:00:19--> 01:00:24

He mentions this in a really beautiful way. That really might you will.

01:00:26--> 01:00:35

It explains it, I think in an absolutely beautiful way. He says how that affects the laser beam on Kenny in the miftah in honor.

01:00:37--> 01:00:44

Mr. hooby Shahada tell you what to add to the kashia ha that would Eamon Eisner

01:00:46--> 01:00:48

Islami Well Mr. Hoban

01:00:49--> 01:00:50

law to the

01:00:51--> 01:00:56

method ohada Miss alpha can be mean Halle ish gallon diesel.

01:00:58--> 01:01:00

Even Okay, and he says,

01:01:01--> 01:01:21

you know, we're talking about these doors talking about these doors of gender, these huge gates of gender. And he says, You should know that you can't open the door. lace, everyone can it's not possible for you to open the door, except with a key and the key has teeth. You know, that you when you have a major a big old fashioned key, and the key has, the key has teeth.

01:01:23--> 01:01:24

He says

01:01:25--> 01:02:11

that the key is Shahada to class. What to hate. This statement, La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah This is the key that gets you in. Nobody gets in without that nobody gets in without tawheed the only people from the people of gender other people have to hate the people who worship the Lord alone and didn't make any partner with him. As for those people who made a partner with him in de la Hillel feel like happy, Allah doesn't forgive that you make a partner with him. This statement of his loss, this statement of La ilaha illAllah, the action of worshiping Allah alone that when you make to AI you make to our to Allah alone, and when you pray, you pray to Allah alone,

01:02:11--> 01:02:21

or when you fast you fast for Allah alone. And when you fear you fear Allah alone, and when you love you love Allah alone. And you imagine that this is the key that opens the door.

01:02:23--> 01:02:28

But the key doesn't open the door unless the key has the teeth on it.

01:02:29--> 01:02:39

And the teeth, they are the actions that represent the shadow, those famous symbols of Islam.

01:02:41--> 01:02:54

And even though he says, Don't forget this example, because it removes so much confusion in the minds of the people for the person who has knowledge of it. And it does.

01:02:55--> 01:02:59

Because a lot of people say well, surely if I have La ilaha illAllah, I've got the key.

01:03:00--> 01:03:08

But you don't have the key doesn't open the door unless it has teeth. And the teeth of the key is acting upon that Shahada

01:03:09--> 01:03:53

acting upon the shadow of Islam, the prayer verza going out and calling the people to Allah azzawajal. This is the shape that gives the key of shape to be able to open the door, you don't enter Jannah directly because of your deeds, ie a one to one exchange. Look, I brought some good deeds. I'm here to exchange them for gentlemen, because your good deeds are not enough. It's like coupons. You know, you come with these coupons and someone says to you, you don't have enough coupons. I'm sorry, you can't get in. You don't have enough good deeds to enter gender. None of us do. Because if you take the best of us and the best of their good deeds, and you compare it to the

01:03:53--> 01:04:00

blessings of Allah, you just you know that one of the blessings of Allah outweighs all of those good deeds that you did.

01:04:02--> 01:04:05

But those good deeds, they form the teeth of the key.

01:04:06--> 01:04:27

They form the reason for the mercy of Allah, Allah azza wa jal, he gives you His mercy, because of the fact that you have done these good deeds and you've strived for a lie, you get the mercy of Allah, which basically says, even though you failed the exam, because you tried hard, I'm gonna let you

01:04:29--> 01:04:39

even though you failed and trust me, every one of us is guaranteed to fail. In terms of the direct one to one comparison, you cannot do enough to get gender.

01:04:41--> 01:04:59

But what you can do, and the only thing you can do is to strive hard enough for Allah subhanaw taala to shower you with His mercy according to those good deeds that you have done, so those good deeds are the records that are set up for entering paradise.

01:05:00--> 01:05:40

But it's not a direct cause. It's not like it's direct, it's indirect. You do them, by them. Allah subhanaw taala rewards you and has mercy on you and overlooks your shortcomings and enters you into and enters you into paradise because of that. And if you imagine this key with the teeth, the basic shape of the key is with La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But the key has teeth. And if you have a key without teeth, you're not opening the door. And the teeth that form the part of the key. That is the actions in the UAE, the open and the famous actions, the famous

01:05:41--> 01:06:16

sort of symbols of Islam, the greatest of which is the prayer. And if you think about it, we have already gotten evidence that the prayer is the greatest one of them because of why swear to the moon, it begins with a flat Hello moon, Allah Dino fee sadati mhashu, those people who are observant, and they have that crucial a prayer, but not just that it finishes when Latina whom Allah subhana wa t him you have his own those people who they got their press

01:06:17--> 01:06:56

upon alive, you have the beginning and the end of this success. And this entering into gender, the beginning of it is the prayer and the end of it is the prayer. And like I said, I have, you know, I could go on for a long time, but I'm looking at the clock and thinking we've already gone on for a long time. And this is just you know, something to interest, something to make you go home and, and, you know, Friday night reflections, we don't give you know, hours and hours and hours and hours and books and things like that. But it's there to inspire you to make you think wow, no, I want to learn more. Because I haven't even scratched the surface yet. I've just given you some of the main points.

01:06:56--> 01:07:13

But there are lots and lots and lots. No Go out there and look, learn read about general read about the Hellfire, read about the actions that take you there. And then do the actions that take you there, go out there and make a commitment that if that's where I want to build my home,

01:07:14--> 01:07:28

then I better start investing in it. And you don't always talk about this. And it's this mark you know, we always talk about notes people are always talking about this Mark was talking about investing, invest in this invest in this buyer property here and invest in this.

01:07:29--> 01:07:31

Invest in a property in general.

01:07:33--> 01:07:40

Your time together, put your effort together and invest yourself in that. Because this is

01:07:41--> 01:07:51

this is the this is the best kind of sale that you can make. Like Eliza gel tells the believers to be by your equal lead Eva.

01:07:53--> 01:08:12

T glad tidings because of this deal you made you just made a deal. You sold yourself for Jenna, what an excellent deal that is. You sold yourself to Allah subhanaw taala in submission you gave up yourself, you gave up your wealth, you gave up your effort, your life, your time, everything for allies. So again,

01:08:14--> 01:08:15

for the sake of gender,

01:08:16--> 01:08:59

for establishing a common lady by AutoPay take like tidings for this sale that you made because you made an excellent excellent business investment if you sold yourself for this gender. So invest in it. Think about all the ways you can build a house in gender, whoever builds for our lives orogen msgid, Allah builds employment for him a house in general, not one whole must have even a part of a message, even a brick of arrested. You will talk about seeing these words this have had a line of hamdulillah Allah Allah hi Lalanne, you planting for yourself a tree in gender. And all you can develop your own property, your own future, in general, and think how long you're going to be there.

01:08:59--> 01:09:04

You know, if someone says, you know, I'm planning to be here for the next 20 years, I should buy a property.

01:09:05--> 01:09:35

I'm planning to be in genda forever. So I think I should really consider what kind of a property I'm going to have there. Where is it going to be because I want to in the top place, I don't want to in the middle, I don't want it in the bottom, I want to end up the best real estate, the best land, the best position, and the best possible property and the most beautiful trees and the most beautiful land. And it's all based on the deeds that you do. It's all based on these things that you do. So this is the end of our topic on

01:09:36--> 01:10:00

on unsorted, let me know, it's the end of our topic in Sharla. And be the light Allah will go back to the usual format of a one off lecture. So the week after next what we will do is we'll kind of just do a one off, just sort of a topic on one topic and then we'll conclude we don't normally do a series but we just happen to do one on this topic. I think it's a nice topic to finish on. It's a nice thing to do.

01:10:00--> 01:10:38

debaters for. And always, always, always remember that you can only get it by making dua to Allah because at the end of the day all of us are falling Well, well short, all of us, you know, we talk about getting the highest place in genda but to be honest, we're not doing enough to get the lowest place. So, the only thing that we have to raise this up to that level is to make to our to Allah azza wa jal to ask Allah subhanaw taala by his perfect names and attributes to make us from the people agenda to for those who Allah to ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us from the 70,000 enter Paradise without his oven without other to ask a loss of final data to forgive us our sins to save

01:10:38--> 01:10:54

us from the Hellfire to ask Allah azza wa jal to raises Yokoyama with the prophets and the martyrs and the righteous and what an excellent group of companions they are satanic a lot more behind the shadow Allah either hide and I Stubblefield oka why to go in a