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AI: Summary © The D show discusses the current president's history of Muslims and their influence on the political climate. They also talk about the use of Sharia in the Georgia election and the negative reactions of presidential candidates. The speakers stress the importance of practicing the commandments and following the Bible in shaping the culture of the United States. They also discuss the importance of sharia and women's rights in shaping the culture of the United States, and the need for justice and equality for all individuals. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a tour of a church.
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Peace be with you. Welcome to the D show. If you haven't subscribed, subscribe right now we got a lot to talk about

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Donald Trump problem in his country, it's called Muslims. We know our current president is one, right? No, he's not even an American. We need this, man. But anyway, we have training camps rolling, would they want to kill us? That's my question. When can we get rid of we're gonna be looking at a lot of different things. And also Ben Carson. So do you believe that Islam is consistent with the constitution? No, I don't I do not. I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation, I absolutely would not agree with terms of the tenets of Islam. Are you familiar with the familiar the corpus juris, from the authoritative group of the people who make the rules that goes

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back to the 10th century? And the Christian Sharia? What does that have you heard that term? Well, we're gonna be discussing it here on today's show, and a lot more very exciting show a lot of beneficial information. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.

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Back here on the D show, he's been with us. So I'm like, Oh, well, I think is allowed him to live. But we got a lot to talk about. Let's take it to this clip with Donald Trump problem in this country. It's called Muslims. We know our current president is one, right? No, he's not even an American. We need this, man. But anyway, we have training camps rolling, where they want to kill us. That's my question. When can we get rid of we're gonna be looking at a lot of different things. And what do we have to say training camps and getting rid of Muslims, like they were talking to one time getting rid of the Jews, and they were talking about getting rid of the Japanese are talking about

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getting rid of the African Americans, even the Catholics, now the Muslims? Well, so that means this is a presidential campaign here. That's what it means. Number one, number two, when you look at the statistics 2014 FBI report from the year 2001 to 2005 94% of the acts of terrorism done in this country, they were done by non Muslims, only 6% by Muslims. So yes, if they are any training camps, that means we have to first get rid of the training camps, by the non Muslims. Actually, we should get rid of all the training camps. If Muslims are doing something wrong, we condemn it. But the bottom line is this is fear mongering, and there is no such training camps in the USA by Muslims.

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Now there is I want to take it to this clip with former Homeland Security. Darrell Johnson, I'm a racist, I certainly am the rising threat of right wing extremism. So the combined total of far right extremists active here in America is in the hundreds of 1000s. Now compare that to ISIS supporters. You know, we have probably just a few 1000 of those. What's the answer? Well, the answer is we are desperately in need of more resources here in America to combat this problem. I can personally say that we have hundreds of analysts in the US government looking at Al Qaeda and ISIS and their affiliates. But we have mere dozens of analysts looking at non Islamic extremists here in America.

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So you hear what he's saying he's confirming with this is the former director of the Homeland Security saying what you just said that you actually the the non Muslims these far right extremists are the greater threat threat right now. And actually people are seeing a statistic you have a better chance of getting hit by your furniture than some kind of Muslim extremists. Yeah, exactly. So Muslims are here they are peaceful people, if just a fraction of them are doing some heinous act, we condemn it. And likewise, we should condemn anyone, whether it be a Jew, Christian, Hindu, who may be a threat to the USA. So this is just fear mongering, there is no such thing as Muslim

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training camps. Even if Muslims are doing something, they are just a fraction of it. And the majority of them are non Muslims, as we have seen in that clip. Now, people get real solid and sad when you when you when you hear a lot of this hateful rhetoric, but what we've done show on this showing, and really bringing to light many of the which people don't know about the Robert Robert De Gertz, you know, the recently not too long ago, the Georgia courthouse that was attacked, and these aren't Muslims, but you don't hear about many of these extreme these examples of non Muslims who are out there creating havoc and doing terroristic acts. But it's sad anytime, you know, a Muslim you

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know, some some person who is mentally deranged, does something Islam gets brought into it. Likewise, when you look at Europe, according to the Euro poll of 2014, there have been two there have been 152 acts of terrorism in Europe and only

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2% only two of them they were done by Muslims. So the majority they are done by non Muslims, and Muslims overall they are peaceful people, even if they do something, we condemn it. But the bottom line is Muslims are just doing a fraction of what the non Muslims are doing.

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You know, that's one beautiful thing about Islam, the way that was practiced by Jesus, Moses, Abraham, in a submission to the will of God, it really helps us to come together as humanity not to be now on opposite sides fighting each other, but to work together to make the world a better place. So we don't want to show disparage on anybody. But we're going to bring up I mentioned Christian Sharia. Because you have, for instance, we're going to go to a clip right now with another presidential candidate, Ben Carson, if they're not willing to reject, you know, Sharia,

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and all the portions of it, that are talked about in the Quran, if they're not willing to reject that, the portions of it that tell you how you treat women, the portions of it that indicate that

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the calf here, who are the people who are not believers, are subject to different rules, that they can be dominated, I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation, I absolutely would not agree with that. And you see, again, this fearmongering when you see him talking negatively about Islam and Muslims, for the average person who hears this, again, they get a negative perception. They're not watching the deen show to get the facts. So what would you say? He made many false allegations against Islam and Muslims? Well, first and foremost, he said that a Muslim cannot be a precedent. This is my reply to Ben Carson. Muslim can be a precedent, just like

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people of any faith can be precedent, because Muslims are supposed to respect the law of the land, number one. Number two, not only a Muslim should be a precedent, Muslim, Muslim can be a better precedent, because not only he has the US law that he could extract things from, he has the guidance from the Quran, and from the example of Muhammad peace be upon him. So he has that wonderful guidance he could extract and he could bring that when he's when he's a president. Then he made allegations about the Muslim women about the Sharia law. Well, when we take one by one, it's important for us how we could dismantle these things. Let's go we're going to dismantle the ceiling,

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we got to go to break Don't lose your place. We're going to be talking about the Christian Sharia and this whole fallacy and all the misinformation that him and the like other individuals like minded, hopefully, we can clear up you know, their minds of all this junk and get them also on the right path towards peace. Here on the show we right back, don't go anywhere. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the deen show, so before I cut out, I talked about heading towards peace. Creating this fear is not helping the situation to bring us towards peace. You're just basically spreading lies. It's bigoted

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misinformation. So before we went to break, go ahead and pick up where you left off. So Ben Carson, one of the statements that he made is that a Muslim should not stand up for president or Ben Carson is not going to support a Muslim president. Well, if we have the same litmus test for any presidential candidates, we will see that all of them, they come with some kind of a belief system. And that belief system is not always 100% compatible with the US Constitution. And we could give some examples, by the way, I mean, Ben Carson himself, he's a Seventh Day Adventist, he's a Bible believer. And when we look at the Old Testament and New Testament commandments, some of them they go

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against the US Constitution. Should we mention some of those? Why don't we mention it? Let's educate in a nice peaceful way. By the way, we don't we're not here to bash on somebody's fate. But we just want to show the hypocrisy of Ben Carson. If he's going to pick on the Muslims, we have to make sure we're not picking on the Christians or the Jewish people. But we are saying that if you're comparing Koran let's also look into the Bible, the Old and the New Testament, and see similar similar laws are also there in the Old Testament. So if we look at just for because again, Sheree has been painted like the Boogey Man is coming to get you but Sharia is simply an Arabic word sister language

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to that language. Jesus spoke Aramaic, which just means the law so it would be equivalent to the 10 commandments, that would be Moses brought Sharia, Jesus adhere to Sharia, is that correct? Exactly. So not just the 10 commandments of the Old Testament, in the Old Testament, there are no less than 613 commandments. The and this is the Sharia law given to Prophet Moses. So for example, it says in the book of Exodus, chapter 20, verse number three, the

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10 commandments are there. The rest of the Sharia law of the Jewish Sharia law. It deals with how the state punishes the people. It deals with the economic system political system. So really quickly, one of the aspects of the Jewish in the Christian Sharia law in the Old Testament is that if you don't respect your parents, if you curse your parents, it says in the book of Leviticus, chapter number 20, verse number nine, that you should be killed.

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That is the Jewish Sharia law. It says in there again, for for adultery, you should be killed. It should kill the fortune tellers, you should kill the apostle in the Bible. Now this is clear. This is not the Quran we are speaking by the way, we are speaking about the Old Testament, right we are speaking about the Old Testament it speaks about in the book of Leviticus chapter 20.

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cursing of parents is a capital punishment.

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Adultery is a capital punishment. fortune telling is a capital punishment. Homosexuality is a capital punishment, Bible. apostasy is a capital punishment, honor killings, and honor killing, yes, honor killing, according to the book of Deuteronomy, if the daughter of a priest if she dishonored and commit fornication, she should be burn to death Bible says that the Bible is the Christian Sharia. This is the Christian Sheree, again, not trying to disrespect or hurt us our intention here. Again, this is this is in direct

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response to I say, anyone who is of the Islamic faith

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who is willing to disregard

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the tenants that are proclaimed through the religion and through, you know, the authorities of the religion, if they're willing to reject that, and instead, accept the American way and accept our constitution as supreme over the Quran over sherea overhead over all of that,

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I have no problem with some of these

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allegations that these people out there are making against Islam and Muslims. We just want to show the hypocrisy of Ben Carson. By the way, we are not here to bash on the Bible. We respect the Bible. We just want to show so when we say the Christian Sharia, the viewers may be thinking you are holding the Torah and you're saying Christian Sharia? What's the deal? Right? Yeah, where's the deal? It's very important that according to Jesus, peace be upon him in the New Testament. Matthew, chapter five, verse number 17, Jesus Christ, he mentioned that I came not to abolish the law, the law or the prophets, I came to fulfill anyone who takes away even a small portion of the law, they

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would be the least in the kingdom of heaven. Now fulfill this can this again synonyms to that is to obey, to carry out this is what it means so

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to implement Yes, number two, Jesus Christ peace be upon him. He said in Matthew chapter 23, verse number one in to that listen to the Pharisees and the people of the law, whatever they say to you from here, obeyed, be carefully obeying it, to Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. He's saying, to respect it, and to implement the laws of the Old Testament. You can see this constantly happening where he was approached by someone who said, Look, good Master, what good thing can I do to have eternal life and the Gospel of Matthew, He said, Why you call me good? Not only does this show that he wasn't God, that He was a mighty messenger of God, what Muslims believe no Muslim, a Muslim

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unless we believe in love Jesus as a mighty messenger, just like Abraham, Moses, and all the other messages that God sent. And he said, Why are you calling me good? There's no good but the Creator. And if one wants to enter into paradise, it goes with what you're saying, keep the commandments, don't break them. keep the commandments. Is that right? Matthew, which is the first Gospel chapter 19, verse number 16 1718, a person came to Jesus peace be upon him and asked him this question. How can I gain eternal life? All good Master, right? He said, Good Master, how should I gain eternal life? Jesus Christ, first and foremost, he corrected the person and he said, Why do you call me

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good? There is no one good except God. So he's distancing himself for God in saying that only God is good is not.

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Secondly, he said, if you want to enter eternal life means paradise. obey the commandments. These are the commandments, Jesus Christ directing to the people that they should obey. They should practice it, they should follow the commandments of the Old Testament. So if a Christian says Now, if and again more going towards our brother in humanity, Ben Carson, who should be just and fair and equal to all people have been seems like here

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He's He's, he's really expounding and bringing out some of this hate rhetoric that you see a lot of these islamophobes you know, cutting and pasting and basically bringing out the same rhetoric that they are. So this would be Ben Carson's Christian idea that he should come out and actually reject. Yes, he should denounce. Yeah, you know, just like Ben Carson is saying, I say, anyone who is of the Islamic faith,

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who is willing to disregard

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the tenants that are proclaimed through the religion, if they're willing to reject that. The Quran is incompatible with the Constitution, I would challenge Ben Carson to bring any book from any religion that is 100% compatible with the US Constitution, since he is a Christian, or at least he is a Bible believer, as you mentioned, Bible ghost against the precepts of the US Constitution. If the US Constitution allows homosexuality, even though we disagree with that, but we respect whatever the judges has mentioned, the Bible is against it. So Ben Carson should be rejecting his own Bible, then Ben Carson should be rejecting against apostasy, which is against which the Constitution is

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against apostasy, or killing of the past, as the Bible says, In the book of Leviticus, chapter 20. You should kill the apostates and also in the book of Deuteronomy. It's clear then the Christian Ben Carson's Christian Sharia, that anyone who changes his religion kill him,

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religion or show them anyone who Bible says the Bible right there, you could check this out, they should go go look at the verse before and after it because many people they'll quote the Quran out of context. Look at the Quran also. Like you should look at the Bible to before and after, but it's clear they're cutting of the hands is there in the Bible stoning to death is there in the Bible?

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You know, if a person commits adultery, killing that person is there in the Bible, so anything Ben Carson is accusing the Quran about? It is there in the Bible, by the way, but it's very, very important. Even though the Bible speaks in First Samuel chapter 15, verse number three, very important that even in a war, go and kill women and children and infants and destroy the whole country. haoran is against it. Even though the Christian Sharia or the Jewish Sharia says that the Quran is very clear, that even in a just war, you're supposed to be careful in saving any person. Chapter five, verse number three of the Quran says, and I'm paraphrasing, that staking in one

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innocent life is like taking the life of all of humanity. Saving one life is like saving the life of all humanity. And that is the Muslim Sharia law, respecting the life and the dignity of all the humans. And again, Jesus upheld the Christian the Sharia the law, the commandments, you mentioned chopping up the hands. It's no joke. I mean, there is also it's for real, like the the woman who goes to help her husband, who's actually been attacked by a burglar robber, and she accidentally hits his private Park. The Bible says the Christian Sharia says cut off his hand as her hand Iran. Yeah. And actually he was trying to help her. Yes. So some of the viewers may be thinking, you know,

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you're quoting the Old Testament, but then you're saying the Christian Sharia was the deal. It's important that all the commandments of the Old Testament are were upheld by Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. He approved them. He told people to listen to those and he told people to practice them. We got to go on break, but someone will say that love Jesus, no, no, he said that the one who is without sin cast the first, we're going to get into that and some more of women's rights, according to the Christian Sharia. You ready when we come back? Very exciting show here on the deen show. Don't go anywhere. With right back, please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook

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and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the D show. And again. I know it's case sensitive for a lot of people. But it goes back to the litmus test that Ben Carson, our brother in humanity, who we invite to come on the show and we can discuss these things. We can have a roundtable discussion, but he attacks Islam, Judeo Christian philosophy, do they line up together? I don't believe that they do. You know, when I look at Islamic nations, what I see are people who don't give women equal rights. In some places women aren't even allowed to drive attacks Muslims that's not fair. It's not right. And there's might be some trepidation and many of our brothers out there the Christians who, who we want the best for

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everybody. Islam says love all mankind. But we're bringing these things up.

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to point out the hypocrisy because someone like him who's throwing stones out of a glass house, you can't expect now, you attack. You know, the Quran, you attack, which we've done many shows to explain the context of these things. And you see, Islam continues to be the fastest growing way of life in the world, by women, who actually if Islam oppressed them, why would they be coming more and more to Islam, there's no sword being held to them. But now, if you look, because Islam gives them all these rights, it gives them that people in this country didn't have at one point. So let's talk about the Christian Ben Carson's Christian Sharia and women's rights that are really, you know,

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clear about, you know, what they're able to do, what they're not. Can you expound on this? Sure, sure. Before that, let's quickly touch upon where we left off. You mentioned that in the Bible, there is something that says that those who without sin cast the first Oh yeah, that's where we left off. Yeah, because someone will use that to say like, about apostasy or adultery, that it is not implemented because Jesus didn't implement it because he led everyone because of this verse. So that words occurs in the Gospel of john chapter number eight, and from verse one two onwards, very important, according to the RSP, ni v and other modern translations, that verses are those verses

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about the adulterous God and Jesus Christ saying, without sin cast the first stone, it is not there in the oldest of the Bible documents is a fabrication. It's a fabrication. Somebody has added that in the most ancient manuscripts like colas, why not because? Codex vaticanus other such codesys? It's not there at all Bible scholars confirm this Bible scholars, actually, there's a footnote in this Bible that says the oldest manuscripts of the Bible doesn't have that. So Jesus never said it. Jesus never said that's clear. And so I mean, obviously, if Jesus said, Honor your father, your mother and the one who doesn't, he said, this Jesus saying, according to the Bible, the Christian to

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kill him. That's what Jesus is saying, right? But now, let alone all these other things that we have mentioned apostasy. Now we're coming on women's rights. Can we go and get into this? Sure. So it's very important when we speak about the women's rights in the New Testament, First Corinthians chapter 14, verse number 23, and onwards.

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Paul is saying that women, they should be very silent when they go to the church, they cannot speak. if they have any question, they should come home and as their husbands where is the right for them? Number two, according to the according to the Christian Sharia, they should cover the women should be covering their hair. If they don't, they should be shaving the hair because it will be dishonor for them. If they don't cover so they have to shave. That's this is actually

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the job they were wearing. And at one point, women were competing actually, if you look back in, in American history, the people who were actually covering the help they were the upper on shallot, the one the woman who wore more and were more modest. Yes, kind of flip. Now. What? Yeah, so when it comes to the status of women in Islam, it's very important that Islam uplifted the status of women, before Islam came to Arabia, even baby girls, they were buried alive. They did not have the rights. Women were discarded. Islam uplifted the women equal to men in the eyes of God. Koran, Chapter 33, verse number 35, alludes to that. Islam says, when it speaks about mothers, paradise lies under the

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feet of your mothers, obeying them, respecting them honoring them. Yeah, book pen Ben Carson. He from his interviews, he tries to make Islam look like it oppresses women, the portions of it that tell you how you treat women? Well, I think he's watching the cultural some practices of the culture. But here is the gold standard. By the way, this is our gold standard, along with the example of Muhammad peace be upon him in wish Muhammad peace be upon him Prophet, he said, the best amongst you is the one who is the best towards their wives. In Luke 1618, it says, the woman whose divorce divorce, let's say a woman, you know, she's been divorced. She can't remarry. She cannot,

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you know, where's the justice? She made the mistake for her. She's committed adultery, according to the Ben Carson's Christian Sharia. Yes. So there's no justice, right? Even if you look in the Old Testament, if a guy if a person rapes a girl, he has to give him a certain amount of money, and he has to marry her. So where he is, you know, the various, the justice for the * victim, by the way, it's actually a punishment for her and it's a reward for him. So this is the Christian Sharia and this is the Jewish Sharia. So we are not trying to, you know, bash the Bible we are not we obviously we respect the Bible. We have to but what we are saying is if Ben Carson is against the

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Koran and there is no such thing in the Quran, there speaks against

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women, minorities are injustice, we are showing that it's not here. But those things that he has against Islam in the Koran, almost all of them they are present in his book, and by his belief, so if he wants Muslims to discard the Sharia or the Koran,

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we want him to discard the Bible, using the same logic of his By the way, if this is going to be his last litmus test for the Muslims, let's put him to the litmus test. And by his own logic, and by his own litmus test, if he doesn't want a Muslim to be a precedent, because he believes in the Koran, Ben Carson should be, you know, withdrawing his bit from being a presidential candidate, because he believes and oppose the Bible to be as the Word of God. Now, can we say because when you look at obviously anything that has been prescribed by the Creator, in the Quran, I mean, you look at it in context, you'll see it's perfect legislation, and it just makes sense. You look at it, there's

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nothing that's in that is any act of injustice towards humanity towards an individual, but you have things we would say in the Bible that people can't wrap their minds around because the Bible has been changed has been tampered with. You have a verse in Jeremiah, that talks about the lying hands of described so you have things in justices in there killing innocent children, women, which obviously in the in, in the law of God, the Sharia, this is unacceptable. Or, you know, defaming disgracing all the prophets calling Noah a drunkard, David, a adulterer and all of the other heinous things that are attributed were in Islam, the prophets are held to the highest level of of

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impeccable character. So when you do and we encourage people we've done shows on this before look at these sensitive these topics that they bring up and look at them in Islamic context. Apply you'll see the beauty of Islam Yes, when it when when it comes to justice, as you have mentioned, right, it says in the Quran, chapter four verse number 135, that stand so God is saying to the people, to the Muslim stand up for justice, even if it is if it goes against you, your parents, your relatives, either rich or poor, and it continues. So justice is very important. Quran speaks against racism, when it says in chapter number 49, verse number 13, that all mankind we have created you from male

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and female and distributed into nations and tribes, different colors and shapes and forms, you get to know each other. Muhammad peace be upon him coming from the Sharia perspective, he said that a white robe is no superior to a non Arab and vice versa. white person is no superior to a black person and vice versa. All of your children of Adam and Adam was made from dust. And last but not the least.

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It says, according to the Jewish Chronicle, by the way, how the Sharia law saved Judaism from becoming extinct. So you could go and read this according to the Jewish Chronicle, may 24 2012. So we could give example after example of the beauty of the Sharia law, first and foremost, it speaks and connects the person to one God, then it provides justice, equality and peace for humanity coming from the Koran, and the wonderful noble example of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Before we go, we have we're actually going over the time, it seems like a lot of these people who used to wear I always make this example where are these white, outdated capes, you know, the KKK? Now that same

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hate rhetoric is here today. And they keep bringing up the Penal Code of Islam, the Penal Code of Islam, instead of focusing on all of the beautiful things of family, of freedom of religion, of so many wonderful things, but they keep bringing up the Penal Code of Islam, that just like bringing up the electric chair, the hanging and focusing that as that representing American values, what do you say about this? So it's very important that Unfortunately, because of the islamophobes in the media and people like Ben Carson, when they look at the Sharia law, the first thing comes to their mind is the punishment penal system. But Islam is much more than that only like less than 15 passages from

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the Quran speaks about the punishment system, and punishment system is there in any society, by the way. So it is not just to speak about the Quran, or the Sharia law and picking only on the punishment system. We have to look at the whole beauty of the Sharia law, there speaks about the honor of the parents, justice to the minorities, not oppressing the women, giving them the rights, the services, the equality, all the things it provides. eradicating poverty, yes, eradicating poverty, the rights of the poor, yet in just like in the same way, if someone comes from a different country and ask you and me about the US Constitution, if we only say to that person that the US

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Constitution kills people by

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electric chair lethal injection or hanging? Do you think we'll be doing justice to the US Constitution or if you only speak on that aspect only, we will be not. So in the same ways, just like the US Constitution provides us services, it has the benefits, it has social security and taking care of the elderly and on and on. Only minute part of the US Constitution deals with the with the punishment system. In the same way, majority 99% of the Sharia law, deals with the guidance, the beauty, the respect. 1% deals with the punishment system, to deter the criminals, and to bring justice and peace to the society. We have. We're out of time. Thank you very much for being

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with us to cover this very important topic, peace be with you. So I'll make when it comes down to liberty. And thank you for tuning in, we covered a lot of ground again, clearing up the fallacy that Islam is some kind of threat, Muslims are some sort of threat. You heard the director of the former director of Homeland Security, you see the statistics, who is the real threat. And you see that Muslims have contributed greatly to society. Remember, a Muslim is simply one who is adhering to what God Almighty wants us to do. And that's to live in peace with our neighbor, to live in peace with society. And also, again, as I mentioned before, our intention is not to hurt our brothers in

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humanity from any other religions. But to point out the hypocrisy when people tried to bring up Islam, the Quran, Muslims and Sharia, and to highlight some of the small things of the penal code, which we've done many shows explaining many of these misconceptions. But people like to end up spewing a lot of hate rhetoric, and creating confusion in the hearts and minds of people. So we wanted to point out these things, just to go ahead and set the record straight. And remember, Islam is the only non Christian faith which makes it an article of faith to believe and love Jesus, they don't highlight this, you don't hear this, that you cannot be a Muslim, unless you love and revered

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Jesus is one of the mightiest messengers that God Almighty ever sent. You get excommunicated. You get out of Islam if you don't believe this. And in his Blessed Mother, which there's a whole chapter named after her Maryam Mary in the Quran. So you see that there are so many wonderful things that are mentioned in Islam, about Jesus, about our brothers in humanity, how we need to work together to make the world a better place to establish peace and justice for all. So I hope that you got to benefit call us there was a lot of ground covered. If you have any questions, some objections, call us. Let's start a healthy dialogue. We invite Ben Carson, Donald Trump to come on the show. And we

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can talk about these things sit with the Muslims, you have people who are anti Islam, they sat with Muslims had a total change of heart. Because when you dehumanize someone, and now you don't see them as your brother's in humanity as we do, now, you can go ahead and advocate for all sorts of evil against these people. But when you sit and you come and you learn the truth from the Muslim what Islam is all about, you get a totally different perspective. So we encourage you to watch the deen show, subscribe if you haven't and call us one 806 six to Islam. I hope this got to. This was of a benefit to you. We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you.

Ben Carson’s Christian “Sharia” on Homosexuality, Adultery, Women’s rights and Apostasy.

Note: Our Intentions are not to disparage on any of our Christian brothers in humanity. We have been very saddened to hear many of the hurtful and bigoted statements made by Presidential candidate Ben Carson recently about Islam and Muslims. It’s deeply disheartening to see people in his commanding position spreading hate and confusion while deliberating creating fear in the hearts of people. So we had some sincere and honest questions for our brother BenCarson

Ben Carson recently criticized and attacked Islam, Muslims,Quran and “Sharia”. Remember that Sharia is simply an Arabic word (BTW: a sister language to Aramaic the language Jesus spoke) which simples mean’s God’s Law. For example the Ten Commandments that Moses was given would be considered “Sharia”(The Law)

Dear Ben Carson, will your faith and commitment to the Christian “Sharia”(Law) allow you to denounce and reject what is mentioned in the Bible? Since you believe the Bible is 100% word of God Old and NT, and it goes against what you call “the America way.”

So is BenCarson willing to reject and denounce all of these clear text from his Bible, and to reject the Christian Sharia (Laws,commands in the Bible) as being Supreme as he asking Muslims to do regarding the Quran.

Look beyond the hype and the false stereotypes and lies you’ve been told about Islam. Judge for yourself tune into TheDeenShow to really learn the truth about Islam and Muslims. Purpose of life ever Wonder?

Islam means submission to the Creator alone. Islam is the belief that there is only One God, whose proper name is Allah, which means the God.

Islam is the same message given to all the prophets, from Adam, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, and finally to the Prophet Muhammad, the last messenger (peace and blessings be upon them). They all brought the same message: worship only God, and stop worshipping human beings and their ideas.

Allah is the name of God in Arabic, Arab Christians use the word Allah.

Become a Muslim(Any Peaceful person who submits to the Creator alone) Now

If you believe there is only One God who should be worshipped, and no one/nothing else has that right but Him, and you believe Muhammad, peace be upon him, was a messenger who brought the same message as all the prophets before him, then you are basically a Muslim.

Look into Islam it is Truly a way of life sent by the Creator as a Mercy for all of mankind. Start today by earnestly asking your Maker to guide your heart to the truth.

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