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You're back. And you're watching the mailbag. Dean show I'm used to Festus, we've been talking about some of the harsh questions that come to Islam, and the misunderstanding that goes with it. Before we wrap up today's program, I want to come back to the subject about the treatment of women again and repeat this. It's not about equality, it's about equity. When they talk about why is a woman have to cover herself up, why does she have to do that? And I asked a woman who seemed to be very upset about the way women are dressed in Islam. I asked her well, why do you wear clothes at all? And she said, I beg your pardon? I said, Well, is it your logic that's telling you that these women

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are dressed strong? She said, Yes, it is. My logic tells me, I said, well, then according to logic, you shouldn't wear any clothes at all. Because logically, you were born with no clothes. So why did you put any on at all she got upset, she said, modesty, I said, glass, these ladies, they'll tell you it's the same thing. The difference is, instead of letting a human being define what modesty is, they're accepting it from their Lord, because this is the dress of all of the women of the time of the Prophet sound back. This is the way Mary dress the mother of Jesus peace be upon him. This is the way that the women of Moses time is dressed. And these women are doing what they're covering

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themselves up just like nuns cover themselves up, and is does it show these unbelieving women. And it's also to protect them, and protect their beauty from people who don't need to look at them. Their beauty is for husbands, their beauty is for their family. And they're protecting themselves according to God's rule, and not worrying about human logic. That's an important point. Another thing people talk about is, why is it the women don't have the same things as men do Islam because they're not the same, whether the same, it's it is the same. I'll give you an example of the pillars of Islam, which we spoke about in another program. first pillar is that you have to say the Shahada

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and the public declaration, I believe there's only one God and worthy of worship. And Mohammed says, messenger.

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Man, he says the same thing as a woman, no difference. The second one is the salaah. To establish our worship, the man prays five times a day, the woman prays five times a day, but a woman does not pray every day out of the month, during her monthly cycle. During her period, she does not pray, and she doesn't need to make up those days. So it's different because women are different from men. Now, let's go to the next one. The next one is the xikar, the purification of the wealth, a man has to pay two and a half percent on his holdings, a woman has to pay two and a half percent on earnings. Why? Because it's the same thing. Both of them are talking about wealth, and there's no difference

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between a man and a woman when it comes to this

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is not

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men or income in what she holds in for a year, then it's the same as a man's income, what he holds for a year. So there's no difference. So they paid the same. But now let's go to the next one. Let's talk about what about Ramadan, the month of Ramadan, there's fasting, fasting every single day through the whole month. But not for the women for the man but not the one who because again, during her monthly cycle, she doesn't fast those days. She makes them up at another time during the year when it's going to be convenient for her to do so. Then finally is the heart The heart is the same for the men and the women. Except what except the dress the man wears to tells the woman can wear

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the clothes that she likes to wear because a woman walking around with 2000 That's ridiculous. Plus, she doesn't have to go and do the hijab she doesn't have a Muslim or a protecting men to go along with her. So this you can now see, Islam is treating them different because a man is different from a woman. But never is it taking advantage of the woman or taking advantage of the man, because it's a law who's come up to this. And it is a law Who has created us men and woman and he is the one who's laid this out for us. Does it make sense? I know you got a lot to say but if you want to write to me, write to me at usif at 99 Islam, and we'll help you to find more of those answers. That's

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usif at 99 islam.com and always tune in right here to the deen show. Until next time, we'll say Salaam Peace be upon you