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Michael Jordan for instance. Right? And then you guys kind of went back and forth. He was he was what was he the he was the owner of the team that you played for? How did that work out with? With you and Mike? Yeah, at that time, I was with golden state and I wanted to get traded. And he traded me to Charlotte, Mike traded for me. And he was the owner at the time. And, you know, Mike is a competitive guy. He's somebody we all look up to. And we're both guys but competitive guys. And he challenged me one day in practice because the team wasn't playing well. And

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he decided to get in the mix, get into practice and try to stir some things up to try to get us going into work to where me and him had words going back and forth, but it was it was good for us and it was good for the team around because we needed that at the time.