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The speaker discusses the importance of theals in their belief and their connection to the Almighty. They emphasize that individuals are only considered a good Muslim when they reach out to others and do not become hardy or evil. The speaker also mentions that individuals are a good believer and a good Muslim when they reach out to others and do not become hardy or evil.

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By following a person like me, it's more the message that has value than the person because this message is a divine message. It comes from the Almighty. And for us, it comes from the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Whatever I've stood for over the last 20 years, the last two decades that I have been working in this beautiful field of propagating goodness and peace

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is drawn from divine revelation, had I not been quoting the verses of the Quran, and the statements of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And had I not been promoting that which was divinely revealed, I don't think my message would have held any value. So when I saw the people, I said, the Almighty is to be glorified. glorification belongs to the Almighty. As for us as human beings, this is only a sign that they are connected to the Almighty. Yes, indeed, I was overwhelmed. I was touched very deeply, because it's a sign of a movement and a believer that when you have a guest, you honor the guest. So a person who does not believe in the Almighty will not honor the guest. So

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when I was given this honor, it only reassured me that these people are believers, they have in them kindness, and this is what belief should bring you. When you are a good Muslim, for example, it should show in your character and your conduct, you become a soft person, you become a person who reaches out to others, you don't become hard such that you begin to hate and disassociate and begin to create problems and trouble. That is not a sign of a good believer and a good Muslim. A good Muslim is he or she who reaches out the more they become closer to the Almighty, the more they understand that Almighty has made other creatures. I must respect them also because he was the giver

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of life.