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The deen show is used as a place to learn about life and the proper name for Jesus, and its use in the Bible is discussed. The confusion surrounding Jeunah's concept of "AP" in Arabic is also discussed, and the importance of educating people on the secret of Jesus is emphasized. The title of the show is discussed, and the use of "has" in the Bible is emphasized. The importance of the Bible's teachings and its use in the spiritual world is also emphasized.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum greetings of peace, Peace be to you. Thank you for tuning into the deen show. Now very excited here that you've come to us. You've come to learn, and you've gotten away from everything else from the hustle and bustle of life. You decided to really take the matter seriously purpose of life. Why are you here? Where you going? When you die? You came from somewhere. Where are you going? When you leave this world? It's a very important issue. But now you've heard some names you want to call upon the one who created you Who gave you life will give you death. The one god Some people say that look, yawei is God that's the proper name for the

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Creator. Some people go ahead and and make this mighty messenger who's beloved to our hearts, Jesus peace be upon him. No Muslim, is a Muslim unless he believes in Jesus. Some people call goddess Jesus, or give Jesus to equal status to God. And then some people over 1.5 billion, call God by the name of Allah, which means the only one worthy of worship. So how does all this fit in place? yawei Jesus, a law this is what we're gonna be talking about. On this week's show. Don't go nowhere. We'll be right back. This is the theme.

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This is the

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this is the

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I'm here with the president of the Islamic research Education Foundation president in Ron, how are you? humble, I'm fine. Please be with you. Please be with you two, very important topic that we're here to cover. You have your own private section at the deen show.com handle a lot of praise that are created that the deen show is glued, is viewed all over the globe on many satellite channels. But for those that don't get to watch it on the TV, you can watch it at the deen show calm and you have your own section there, people can click on your section and watch the other programs that we've done. Today, we're gonna be talking about God's proper name. Some people say, Jehovah the word

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Jehovah or yawei. Some people, they make Jesus into God, we love Jesus. But we know that he never claimed to be God. So they give him the rights of God. And then we have a law. So to clear up the confusion, where do we start? Yeah, in other words, it's like, yeah, hey, Jesus Christ and Allah are the same.

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So the answer would be, No, they are not the same. Yes, but one thing is very clear. The God who created the Muslims, it is the same God who created the Jews and the Christians, as you will also agree that God who created the queue is the same God who created the entire universe, a Christian to agrees that the God who created a Christian is the same God who created the entire universe. And we Muslims to have no objection to believe that the God who created the Muslims, it is the same God who created the entire universe. But what a Muslim is very strong in his belief is about belief in Allah subhanaw taala.

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The word Allah, many people think, is a word that was coined by Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Islam, this is Miss information. This is wrong knowledge. Because you see, the prophet, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. He claimed his messenger hood his prophethood when he was 40 years old. He was 14 years old when he said that Archangel Gabriel came to me with a revelation from Allah subhanaw taala. But his father's name was Abdullah. This would mean that the word Allah was commonly if you read

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the Encyclopedia Britannica, it says that Allah was the standard name of God in Arabic for the Arab since a long time.

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And of course, according to one of the great historians, Mr. Marshall, in one of his books, he says that there were certain Christian groups who went to Makkah, before the birth of Prophet mamas or slum, they went to Makkah to circumambulate the Kaaba calling it by

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Allah, meaning the house of Allah, meaning for the Coptic Christians and Jews, for those Christians and Jews who are born Jews and Christians in the Arab land, speaking Arabic as the mother tongue, these Christians and Jews refer to the Almighty God as Allah, very conveniently.

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But now when you see ya have a Jesus Christ from a deed these terms come, who is your way? If you read the Holy Scripture of the Jews, that is the Torah dependent yoke, independent yoke, one very commonly repeated name,

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which they refer to the God is yahi, which occurs more than 6700 times 6000 times 6700 times where's this use? It's used in the Old Testament Old Testament. Yeah. And you How do you say it? They call it why had w hatch, which is why

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I would definitely like to throw some light on how did why has who become yahi. So they say that in the book of Exodus, you will find in chapter number 30, was number three, it was number 14, Chapter 22, verse number three to 14, you will find that Moses May peace be upon him.

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When he asked the Almighty God, who are you? What's your name, and the reply came to him,

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I am that I am.

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I am that I am, say to the people of Israel, that I am sent me. So who is this I am. So the Hebrew, close to eight, they say, is the root hat, white hat. Hi. It's from this root Hi, that white hats who came and the common Jew, a

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modern Jew, or any Jew of the time, would not like anyone to take the name of the God because they say it is too sacred. It is ineffable. It should not be wised, it's very sacred. It's a great sin to take his name outside. So they don't want to take his name outside. In the Bible when it appeared for more than 6700 times. In the Old Testament. What they did is they substituted that world with a Greek word Adonai. Adonai is a Greek word which translated into English it means my Lord, but still what is Yaqui What is your way? So they say Yama is I am what I am. So if you say I am, that I am is your way, then it is not a noun, it is a causative verb. It's not a noun, we're talking of a noun, I

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Am that I Am,

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is not a noun, it is a causative verb, hi, x y heads high, high is the root to yahi. And high means to be

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one, but who originates the beam?

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I am, that I am hi is very close to the Arabic cognate and attribute of Allah in Surah Baqarah surah number two, number 255 which we refer as ayatul kursi, which is Allahu La ilaha illa Allah.

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Allah is report Allahu La Ilaha Allah, besides Him, there is no other God, who will hide you'll hide you, he is high, high means the ever living ever living the one who is forever The ever living is high from that. So if hi Yah, these are the attributes of the Almighty God Allah subhanaw taala. So that can be an attribute of god yes, it can be an attribute of God, but who is this why hence why and how did why hw hedge with the refer as tetra gram nation? How did it become Jehovah? So, we come to know that a person is color by the name gesenius in the ninth century Christian era, he added what else to these consonants? Why has Why are consonants he added what else to these consonants

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from taking out the wilds of the word Adonai A d o n an AI, if you check Adonai a, a are the three worlds in that world. So he took out these three worlds A o and a and put it between y heads wh between y and heads? He put the A of Adonai that begins with a a it begins Yeah. Then do that oh he put out between H and W it became your hoh and the last of a deny. After a comes I in a deny that he took and put after w it became Yahuwah that is how you came into existence. And when you check the common term in Hebrew use for the God is ello him. l

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is a happy word. In Syriac. It is Allah

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In what in Syriac language, it is Allah, Al h very close to Allah of Arabic, if you check the Hebrew language the short is l y m. So they say ello him for respect, it is a plural of respect, but the same Elohim we do not believe that follow him is Allah, because if you read the Bible, the word follow him has been used for the dead spirits. It has been used to refer to celestial objects with six wings, it has been used to refer to the demons. It's so confusing. You cannot get to the base. What exactly yeah. Or is there's so much to add on this. You got so many more questions, we're gonna take a break and we'll be right back with more with the president of the IR EF here on the deen

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show. We'll be right back with as close to death, this Oh God, don't let me die.

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But he's got something better than this world? What's God going to get out of punishing you anyway.

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You have to connect to this understanding that the Quran is from God that Muhammad is His Messenger. And the answers to the problems in our life are there.

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And if we're gonna worship something, I figured I might as well worship the Creator, instead of any of the creations.

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Back here on the D show, and Yahoo, a Jesus a law is it's all the same. And we're clearing this up, you're explaining it. So simple, but it just it got a little confusing to the average person never heard this is like, Whoa, my head's a little spinning man. You know,

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a law is the only God to be worshipped. Simple, done. But now. That's amazing. We have the verbatim God's Word of God, it clears up all the confusion, all the chaos is out there. Because here you don't have the original books and you're relying on translations. And you come up with you mentioned some guy's name, he changed at this point, change it when you don't change. And if it's from God, you can't change it once it changes not from God. So let's continue on clearing up the confusion and make it simple. Absolutely. So that's what that's what I'm saying that if you want to worship the God, you should at least know some thing very clear about God and not confusing. And if you do a

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little bit of more study into Judaism, and how the Torah was compiled, how was it brought back because the Torah given to musala salam was destroyed in the first attack on the Temple of Solomon, much before that, it was destroyed, but it got totally destroyed in the first attack by Nebuchadnezzar when he attacked him 586 bc he destroyed the entire Torah. So what is there in the Torah today has been compiled on a theory known as documentation hypothesis documentation hypothesis and this is known in short form as de Hetchy, it has got four main sources to get the the subject compiled into this book, none of them is the source of Jehovah or the yehovah list and if the other

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source is a locust. Now, when you check what a Jehovah's defines Yaqui, as you will be surprised, that define young a, as a god walking in the garden of Eden as a God, who is designing clothes for Adam and Eve. As a God, who is visiting the people and speaking to them face to face. This is Jehovah Witnesses, not the Jehovah Witnesses. That Jehovah's source, the Jehovah's source of the Jews, yeah, who brought this world violation of the todo se which is as I said in the documentation hypothesis, there are four main sources. Okay, two of them are Jehovah's, and the Locust. So the Jehovah's concept is, He is a God in form working in the ad in searching, where are you, Adam? This

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is in Genesis. Now, this isn't the book of Genesis, but what I'm trying to actually give you is that trying to picture eyes, the God as a person, like a human work in some way, talking to the people, this is wrong. Islam and aloha just have a different picture altogether, meaning the two main groups, who were the main sources for the documentation hypothesis to compile the Torah, they have difference of opinion about the One God the Almighty God, Allah subhanaw taala.

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But you see, as I said,

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this Yama concept became so unpopular, and was so confusing that they said it's too sacred. Let's not take the name. Let's call him Adonai. Oh, now we got another thing and I'm glad you said confusing because I thought I'm losing it and I'm how many people it is confused. Yeah, absolutely. It's so confusing that nobody can solve this mystery. Yeah, it's mysterious. What did you go on from here? You said they Why don't I know what says that's a Greek term, which has been substituted wherever the word Yahweh came. And if you check today, this word Adonai has been used to replace yawei because it

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is a very sacred name. And Adonai is a Greek term meaning My Lord, as we say rugby allies Robert, the cherisher the Lord, rugby My Lord, it's an attribute so in the King James Version, what's his What's his Adonai his arrow nine now i don't i know instead of your way you will find it Adonai Adonai Adonai. If you read the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number six was number four, Moses May peace be upon him He says, Sharma is an ELO Adonai eloheinu at night he heard here Israel, your Lord the God is only one God. See now this word young a this term young way, according to the lowest and the youngest, when he is figurative, it becomes a contradiction to the concept of God mentioned in

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the Old Testament. If you read the book of Exodus, step number 20, verse number three, four and five, and book of Deuteronomy chapter number five, verse number seven, eight and nine, verbatim, same, the same word, but what they are the same. What does it say the God is saying, You shall not make unto yourself, you shall not worship any other God besides me, You shall not make unto yourself any graven image of anything in the heavens above, or anything on the earth beneath or anything in the waters beneath the earth, you shall not bow down yourself unto them, nor serve them for your Lord, the God am a jealous God. If you observe this teaching, then if you say that Yahweh spoke face

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to face Yami he was the person who walked in the Adan it doesn't fit that. It's against the very tenet of your teaching contradiction here. It's contagious file name. And then they are Yeah, they're showing goddess. Absolutely. So it's a contradiction. So it's very confusing to understand the concept of God or Yahweh in the Old Testament of the Bible, or as understood by the Jews, they can't explain a fixed definition for it. Now coming to Jesus Christ and peace be upon him. Just one quick note. So yawei It started with the Y h, wh. formation, okay, that's in the Hebrew. Yeah, it's in the Hebrew. So now it got all the way to the English we yawei it became Adonai in Greek, okay.

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All right. So, we clear that up now, Jesus, Jesus Christ with peace be upon him. We all know, no Muslim is a Muslim, unless he believes in Jesus Christ will peace be upon him. He has been highly revered in the Glorious Qur'an, the Muslims we believe because of the Quran. We Muslims have been made to believe that Muslims of the time of Prophet mamas Islam, till the last Muslim on the face of the earth has been made to believe that Jesus is an article of faith in Islam. We do not differentiate between any messengers of God. Allah said that the Muslims the moment the true believers are those who do not differentiate between the messengers of God, we highly love, respect

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and revere Jesus Christ. So we're not the Christ. No Muslim is a Muslim is antichrist. All right, that's clear. Now No, no Muslim is a Muslim, he does not believe love and respect Jesus Christ, may peace be upon him. No Muslim is a Muslim. If he does not believe that Jesus Christ was a mighty messenger of the Almighty God, we Muslims, we believe that he was a mighty messenger of God, who healed those who were born blind at lepers, we believe he gave life to the dead, but all this he did, but alas, permission. So being Muslims believe in Him, the question is, is Jesus Christ Allah? I'm asking, did Jesus say I am Allah, you read any Bible of the world? There is not a single

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unequivocal statement, I reiterate, there is not a single direct speech, direct statement of Jesus Christ may peace be upon him, very ever said, I am God are very sad worship Me, the for running Christian evangelist, they give an example. They say, you see the president of America, he does not need to tell everybody, every time that I am the president of America, they forget to realize that the president of America to become the president is dependent upon the democracy.

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So the people already they have chosen him the president, so they know he is the president of America. But the God is not chosen by the people. He is the God by himself. So the God needs to educate the people to show them that I am your God who created you. So it's an illogical example. It's an illogical parable to give. It's an illogical analogy. So Jesus Christ never said that I am the God or worship me. So to say he is one of the Trinity. Surprisingly, the word Trinity does not occur in the Bible for one single time. It's not there. No, the word Trinity doesn't come there. So they say, Where is the word towhees in the hora.

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Well, that topic can come again. But the word Trinity doesn't come in the Bible. The closest words to tell Trinity in the Bible was in King James version of the 1600 11 Christian era. In the first episode of john check number five, verse number seven, eight and nine with said, and in the kingdom of heaven bear three names, the Father, the Son, and the Holy

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goes, and these three are one. This was the closest words, you read the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, that words has been thrown into the footnote, as a manipulation, corruption concoction, and something added by the men into the world. Of course, this was no more the this was the Christian scholars said 52, eminent scholars backed by 32 denominations, the three without saying this verse is a corruption in the Bible. So the closest was to Trinity, even that is out of the Bible. And we're not doing this out of hate. We're doing this out of the love, we want to educate. And we want the best for all of mankind. But you know what, we got to get to the bottom of this.

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That's why we're digging and we are unfolding the truth. Amazing, amazing facts, not fiction here. In addition, we'll be right back for more.

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Outside, everything looks good. You see the $100,000 car, you see a lot of diamonds, you see a lot of females, and they think that this is you know, this is a life. This is this is like no paradise right here or

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anyone's job to go into someone's heart and change their heart. Your job is to tell people what the truth is. The reality of it is while we're sitting here, while I'm sitting here, constantly paying for the disease to kill was free.

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I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the D show, we're trying to get out of the chaos and confusion into the light into the straight path, the path that leads to paradise. We want to know what to call God, the creative audit exists. Do we just call him God? No. Well, let's go back to before you went to break, you were wrapping up this point about the Trinity. Yeah. So as I said, Trinity is out of the Bible. Now the conclusions was is out of the Bible. And one statement, see, time does not permit me to give I would have given references from the Bible in line to prove that Jesus is not the God but one reference in the words of Jesus is enough to disprove that He is the God. Jesus says in gospel of john chapter

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number five, verse number 30, I can have my own self do nothing. As I hear I judge this statement I can have my own self do nothing is enough to prove that he is not the God because God does everything by himself, give give some references now just give a few that also will support him not being God that people will check out going cool. So gospel of john tip number five verse number 30 and 31 gospel of john, tip number five verse number 37. gospel of john john number 10, verse number 29, gospel of john Tip Number 14, verse number 28, gospel of john john number 17, verse number three and four, verse from Matthew chapter 20, verse number, 17, and 18. All these places Jesus is denying

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himself to be the Almighty God, coming to the concept of God, Allah, Allah is from the root Arabic word Allah. And Allah means the God. Allah is a name that Allah preferred to use more often than other names. If you read the Glorious Quran, Allah says in Surah Taha surah number 20 at number eight, there is no god except him except Allah. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names, meaning only one name is not there for the gods there are many beautiful names. Then Allah says in Surah, Bani Israel ceramah 17, Atma and 10 call it la aventura man a Mata to follow hula small loose now call upon him as Allah or call upon him the most gracious arrived man, to Him belong the Most Beautiful

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Names. What do you mean by the most beautiful names? Most Beautiful Names means the names in their meaning and definition should be unique, not defeating anyone else, not giving a mental picture to you? That is Most Beautiful Names. And Allah says in Surah Surah. Number seven is number 180. Do not try to distort the name of Almighty God Allah subhanaw taala. The concept of understanding the names and attributes of the Almighty God in Islam is referred as tauheed which is derived from the root word bajada and are used in the Quran for Allah subhanaw taala. Allah His wife, allies, as referred to in the Glorious Qur'an insert a plus or minus 12 at number one that Allah says Allah, Allah say

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to them is a lot the only one. So when you see tauheed is basically categorized based on the teachings of Quran and the teachings authentic teachings of Marxism into three main categories to hit the rupo via the Buddha means to believe and to proclaim to the mankind that Almighty God Allah alone is the originator of the creation, and he alone cherishes and sustains them all as reported in the Quran in Surah Fatiha surah number one at number one, then Tony's Allah was the beautiful name

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attributes of Allah, they belong only to him, his names and attributes should not be given to his creation, neither shall the attributes and names of creation be given to Allah. Then Allah subhanaw taala is very clearly saying that if anyone wants to use his name to Kristen, yourself to name yourself, then prefix up or mammoth, up in Arabic means servant, for a male, it is up for a female it is Ahmed. Then the last category of tawheed is tauheed Alibaba, meaning all the methods that you use, according to the teachings of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to worship Almighty God Allah subhanaw taala should not be repeated to revere, respect or worship anyone except Allah subhanaw taala. The

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best definition of Almighty God in theology in the study about God universally can be given from the Quran in Surah Surah number 112 verse from number one to number four, which is the touchstone of theology where Allah says Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem collembola say to them, He is Allah, the only one Allahu Samad. He is absolute and eternal. He is independent. He does not depend upon anyone, but everyone besides Him, depend only upon him. Let me lead while I'm EULA. He has no parents, and it gives birth to no children while I'm here,

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and there is no one like unto him. This is the best for line definition of the Almighty God, any sample of God, whether it is Jesus yawei, any sample of God if they can fit this four line definition, we Muslims have no objection to take that as Allah subhanaw taala but one law by God, except Allah, nobody can pass that test. It's very simple. Very simple, very simple. Understand, if you have an open heart open mind, you want to know the truth. This makes sense. Yeah. And it's the best definition. It gives the royalty to the Almighty God. It gives the glory to the Almighty God in that definition. And we never bring down God to his creation making a walk on earth giving him a

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color given him. Now all these we don't make a lot of stitching clothes, still stitching clothes. Now God is God. The Creator is the creator of laws a lot and we are His creation. Yes. That's as simple as that Islam is saying only worship that one guy Yes. 100 plus two year old.

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Thank you very much for being Legos and a God Almighty, the creator

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salaam aleikum, Lakeland, Florida. And that's all the time that we have. And I'm going to agree with a lot of people out there that we shouldn't have to follow an organized religion organized by man or men, but we should follow the way of life that's been organized, ordained, sent down to Vani, from the divine from the Creator, from the one God, the Creator of all that is, is because he knows best. He knows best, but he's the most wisest, he's the most loving, he's the most merciful. And that's why he sent messengers to guide us in the way of life that he wants us to live is always been the same, same. Submit your entire self, not to yourself, not to Jesus, not to the sun, not to the moon,

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not to anything in creation, but to the Create tour the one God and do good, base your life on doing all the good things that he's told you to do. And at the end, what do you got? What do you got? Then? You got his pleasure and his paradise and then you avoid his Hellfire and as a hot place where we don't want to be. But it starts with you wanting it. It starts with you wanting it so wanted as for it, call upon that one God, call upon Him alone in Arabic, is Allah the most loving, the Most Merciful? And then only then will the guidance start to come and continue to come back here to the de show every week. You can also contact us here at one 800 662 Islam. Until next time, peace be

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with you.