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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of changing one's name, especially when it comes to Dow and other common names. They explain that changing one's name is not a permanent thing, but it can be a temporary break from one's life. The speaker also suggests that changing one's name is a positive step for those who want a practical break from their past.
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converts don't need to change their names.

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Unless unless their name has some sort of idolatry in it, or some sort of bad meaning,

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some sort of negative insulting meaning. And this is the practice of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because the companions were all Congress didn't change all their names, right? He only changed a few names, when those names kind of had

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meanings that either were insulting to Allah or insulting to themselves.

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And there's benefit to this when it comes to Dow. And there's an exception, I'll mention that in a second. But there's benefit to this. and Dow, for example, my name is Tom. And my father's name is Tom Wright. And

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if I had changed my name, at any one point, it probably would have been insulting to my father. And I probably would have created a barrier between me and him. And I probably would have

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kind of solidified the perception that Islam is something foreign, and something that's not compatible with other cultures, that it's just an Arab thing. Or it's just an Arab cultural thing. Right, which isn't true Islam as universal, it's meant for every culture, every language every time every place. And so how is it that we're only going to have Arabic names,

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doesn't really make sense. And it was interesting, because I actually ended up doing some research about my name, and you know, kind of checking it out, it's fine.

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So that's unless your name is, you know, some sort of IO or something like that, or any it does happen. I mean, there are like, for example, names of Greek goddesses and gods and things like that, that are fairly common names.

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But if that's not the situation, then the default situation

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is to leave your name. And you certainly don't have to change your name. Now, I've spoken to many individuals, that they feel that it's truly empowering to change their name. And some people, they need to turn the page in their lives. They, you know, this usually happens with people who have had a really, really hard past, got involved in things that they didn't want to get involved in, and they're really looking to make a clean break. For people like that changing your name can be a very empowering thing.

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And yeah, those people are encouraged to do so just like it's, it's fine to keep your name and it's fine to change it. You know, it's not

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it's not a real hard, strict thing either way. But that's what I would say that say that the default is to leave it. But if you feel that you really, really want a symbolic break from who you were and the life that you were living before and you're ready to turn over a completely new leaf, then, you know, maybe you can consider it and there's no there's nothing wrong with that.

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