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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you. We have an exciting show like we always do here on the deen show with a brother who went from being a Pentecostal Christian to the Zulu Nation. What's the Zulu Nation? We're gonna find out about that. He went to Medina to study and he came back right after 911 and we're gonna get his thoughts on that and we're gonna get his thoughts on why he accepted Islam. We're gonna ask him some tough questions here on the deen show with our brother Wesley. LeBron historie. Here on the D show. be here with us don't go nowhere. To hear this incredible story. We'll be right back. This is the theme.

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here on the deen show. We're back with Wesley lebrun salaam aleikum? Wa Alaykum wa salam, peace be with you and peace be with you. How are you? I'm Lila everything's got to operate in mercy. All praise is due to Allah subhanaw taala. So, you found the time to be with us here on the deen show. You have an incredible story. You accepted the way of life of all the messages of God that complete submission to the will of the one creator who created you me this whole universe and everything in it. But before that you weren't a Zulu Nation Pentecostal part of Christianity. You know, hang in with the homeboys. And you even went to Medina for a little bit to study. And now you're here on the

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deen show. Where do we start? We can start uh, before Islam briefly talked to her No, before Islam, I was raised Pentecostal in a Pentecostal family, very religious family, raised by my grandmother, because my father was an immigrant to this country.

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In my teens, I started to pull away from religion.

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I started to think about Jesus Christ and Him being a man and walking on the earth, and I had a problem with worshipping Him. So I started worshiping God. And then of course, being in middle school or high school, got involved with friends and partying and then started selling drugs and being out in the street, and hanging out. So religion just completely left my mind altogether. Until my mother, she used to raise foster children. And there's one kid that came up in our home named Edgar, his mother had died of AIDS. His father was in jail for most of his life. He was 17 years old, he introduced me to the Zulu Nation in New York. He said, Look, there's this organization, Zulu

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Nation, I would like to take you up there so that you can go ahead and get to see what it's about an African member who was big in hip hop, he was the leader, he was the one that used to give the meetings. So we decided to go up with him to New York. And when we went up to New York, we sat down, we was listening to the meetings, a lot of the meetings basically dealt with government conspiracies, and things of this nature. They had principles, but they were a gang in reality. Part of that was that a gentleman named Aziz, a Muslim brother, who was also Puerto Rican, like myself, and Edgar, he came and he said, Can I talk to you brothers after giving a short speech to all of the

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members of the Zulu Nation? And we said, Sure, Edgar, know him from years back when he was with the organization, or the gang. And he said, Look, I would like to talk to you about Allah. He said, Would you mind taking me home? Totally fine. Let's go, I'll take you home. So he lived in the Bronx. So we went to his house here by yourself for some coffee, some tea. And he began to talk to us about Allah, the One God, he began to tell us that a lot didn't have a father, a lot, didn't have a son, that a lot didn't have any family members that he was the Creator of the heavens and earth and all that existed. And I said, Man, I said, in my teens, this is what I believed in. I can pray to Jesus

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because I had a problem praying to a man. And when I looked at the scriptures, it just didn't all fall into line for me. So I said, Do you have some more information about this? So he gave me a book, tell he'd babalao Phillips, what does this mean? Oh, he basically means the oneness of God. I know what it means this for our audience. So he basically means the oneness of God, praying and worshiping the One God the one true creator, the one who created the heavens and the earth, the one who is free from Association. No one has no equals no partners, as he says in the Quran, as a community shake who Sameera Busey, there is nothing like an answer. So I took this book on so he'd

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Meet Edgar and another friend of mine, and we would sit down, and we'd have lessons and reading this book. And we started to delve more into it. And at the same time, we started to read it up on the Nation of Islam, and then we started to read up on the five percenters. Then we started to read a book called from niggas to Gods. So we started to read all of them. I mean, that's the actual book, a book. This is not this is a book called that name. This is a book actually from Lagos, the gods that a particular type of five percenters used to study so our religion is based on this book. What are the stages

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Following studies, this particular five percenters, they follow this book that the name you just wanted, they follow the book. Now, I'm not sure I didn't really get too much into the depth of it, we had picked it up. And we started to read all these books because we wanted to compare. When we started to compare, I said, before I can accept anything, I have to give Christianity a chance. This is the face that my family came from, this is what I was raised in, I was raised Pentecostal. So I have to give it a chance. So I read the Bible from cover to cover. Upon reading the Bible from cover to cover, I had my highlighter in my hand, and I would highlight all the verses that I found to be

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problematic for me. And then I would go to the church. And I would basically ask the pastor, the church, what about this verse? What about that verse? What about this verse? And all of the answers, they will never satisfactory? So you sincerely you went up to the higher ups the priests or whoever, the higher clergy in the church, and you were like, talk to me, it's not making sense and you're asking them and have wanting the sincere answers and they couldn't give me as a rescue for your for your soul, my soul, my soul to find rest, and out as my grandma's as well, because she was very religious about asthma, who was over some of the questions you would ask, basically, the monumental

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questions was, you say, Jesus is God, there was verses in the Bible where he says, Oh, goodness, he says, Why call me good once? I only want goodness, that one in heaven? I said, he always referred back to God, he's always referring back to God, he prayed, he went into the garden. He bowed in prostrated his face into the ground, and he prayed to God he did, didn't he? He did. That's in a I believe that's in Matthew 2639, that he fell on his face, and he prayed to God unto the one God, yeah. And then also, the biggest one for me was when I was sat down in the church, and the pastor said,

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the Jesus is the one and only true God. So after that, I post my second ask you a question. I said, Jesus is only one true God. I said, but when he was supposedly on the cross, he said, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? I said, so you have the God who Jesus was crying to. And then you have your god that you're saying is Jesus, so which one who should I pray to? He looked at me confused. And he said, Son, you just have to believe. I said, That's not a good answer for me. I said, a God has given us a mind to tell me that I just have to believe and there is no proof. There's no evidence. Jesus is calling upon God. You're telling me to call upon Jesus, I find the

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more comfortable to call upon the God that Jesus called upon make sense. It makes total sense. So upon seeing those things, and going to the church and asking those questions, and continuing to read this book on trailhead, we came to the final conclusion that yes, we wanted to become Muslims. So we went back to New York to another meaningful Zulu Nation. And then we met with the brother Aziz and told him Look, we're interested in accepting Islam. And at that point, he actually showed us a movie called the message about the Prophet Muhammad May peace and blessings of Allah be upon them. We watched the movie and it put more certainty in our heart. And then we became Muslims. We took

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Shahada that night, what do you have to do to become Muslim? To become Muslim, we had to take the testimony of faith basically say a shadow La Ilaha, Illa shadow No, Mohammed Rasulullah, which basically means be a witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah. And then Mohammed is the final messenger and prophet sent by Allah, I found this statement so profound, because if you connected back to Jesus's time, Moses, his time, Abraham's time is the same statement saying there is no God, but the one true God, nothing worthy of worship, except the one true God and Arabic, we just say a lot, Aramaic Jesus, it Aloha. And Jesus was the Messenger of God at that time, Moses at

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his time, Mohammed, now at this time, yep, that's the statement, right. That's the statement, one universal message that he carried. And that's the message that we found to be universal within the Bible itself. And that's what gave us the conviction to become Muslim. So what goes on from there? From there after that, you know, we still was dipping and dabbling in this because we were new Muslims. So we didn't really know much, unfortunately. So we still partied, we still drunk, unfortunately. And Aziz, the brother, he came to us and had to talk one day he said, Listen, you can't have your cake and eat it too. You can't have your cake and eat it too. How you want to accept

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the truth, but you're going to do opposite of the truth. It doesn't work. Exactly. He said, You can't come to the Zulu Nation meetings no more, you can continue to go ahead and party drink and have fun and worship a lot at the same time. But what's this? You mentioned? You accepted Islam but Zulu Nation? How does this fit in? Well, the Zulu Nation what happened was humble Allah, all praises to Allah, we didn't get to stay long with that gang, because it was a short period. But when when we accepted, we didn't know if we wanted to leave us though, because they talked about a lot of government conspiracies and draw interest. But and then when, as he said, Listen, you know, you can

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have both either gonna be religious, or you're going to deal with this junk over here, because at the end of the day, it was the gang and the underlining principles. were no good. So we said to ourselves, okay, we're gonna choose the laws of panatela. We're gonna choose to be religious, and he told us don't come back to New York anymore. He said, find a mosque in your area, because we're from New Jersey originally. He said, find a mosque in your area. When you go there, call me. Let me know what they're teaching. And then I'll tell you if what they're teaching is correct. And then stay there at that place. Don't come up here. No more and change.

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So we did that. We went to Paterson, New Jersey, we found the mask. We stood out in the parking lot. And we were kind of nervous at first was like, Man, this is something new. We left we didn't go in. We came back a second time we said okay, let's go in. So we went in the mosque it was actually a Palestinian Masjid. We walked in everybody speaking Arabic no English. Everybody's talking words this salaam aleikum a Peace be upon you deserve Hello, hide, may Allah reward you all these words and we're sitting there, you know,

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astonished because we didn't know what these words meant. We're gonna we're gonna get into some of the definition of these words common use words that you've heard and we got so much more to talk about here in the Dean's show with our brother, your brother. I'll do Soumya here in the dish. We'll be right back. Everybody in deep down. They believe that there is a God Yeah. And as much as they deny.

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If God exists, and he does, if God says prophets, and he does if God reveals books, and he does, should he not tell me how to live my life? Doesn't that make sense?

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They feel more secure and safe now inside the religion of Islam than they ever felt out in the streets.

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The best way to bring true profound happiness, true profound peace. True profound tranquility is by following the guidance that God has given.

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See for yourself, what Islam has to say. Because it really is the path to happiness and truth and life. Back here on the deen show with Abu Samia. Formerly Wes Wesley LeBron. Yes, correct. What like Wesley Snipes, like Wesley Snipes, like LeBron James. Yeah. So why did you change your name? Well, when we first accepted Islam, you know, it was a big thing. I walked into met Muslims, and everybody has these different names. And we started to find out what they mean. So a good friend of mine who accepted Islam with me, Tony, he said, we started looking at the attributes of Allah. So one of the attributes was abdominal suck, which meant the provider of this the servant of the provider, meaning

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Allah. So he said, You have kids, you're always providing for your kids. You're always taking care of people. You're always helping people up. Why don't you take this on as an attribute for yourself? And that way is a constant reminder for you of what you should be doing. So I said, Wow, that's great. I said, Yeah, definitely. So I took on the name of Donald Duck at that point. And then they call me Abu sumaiya, which basically means the father of sumiya. So my youngest daughter, her name is sumaiya your daughter's Samia, Samia, so our viewers who are not Muslim, they can better understand the exact so there's meaning behind these names. Definitely. Yes, definitely. Okay, so

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tell us now continue on. Let's just go back real quick. The Zulu Nation but so they had some somebody took some of the teachings of Islam, but technically, do they have anything to do? Are they What do they have? This is not a sect. I mean, this is a sect of Islam. What are they know what what was African man bada. He came into Islam, but he thought Islam was nationalism. But when he found out that it wasn't nationalism, when he when he made his own form of concoction, I don't even know what you want to call it. Because when he used to go to the meetings, basically, he would allow different people from different faiths to stand up and pray. And after those, all those prayers went

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on, and then he would get to the meeting at hand would be to talk about the government conspiracies. And he was a big follower of Dr. York, which I'm not sure if you're familiar with Dr. York. Dr. York was basically someone who started as out of LA, that's how he started in New York. And they started out as Muslims, and then they changed to be Jews. And then they changed to be Cowboys, I think it was and then now then they changed to be Egyptians and he actually built like pyramids and I think it's Alabama. I think it is somewhere out there. It's down south and he had his own teachings. He said that he was a prophet. He said he was the MADI. Basically, he was saying that he was the one

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who you had to follow basically. So this is basically like Zulu Nation nation and all these other people who are trying to be under the umbrella of Islam. They have nothing This has nothing to do they have nothing to do with Islam. Nothing to do. Islam is Islam. Islam is Islam. Okay. So continue on with your story. You know, you go from Pentecostal Christian, not making sense to worship a man you want to worship the one who created Jesus do what Jesus prayed to. So when you get hooked up with the Zulu Nation, you you end up they end up sending you to a mosque in your area, New York, what happens from there? So basically, from day one into the mosque, you know, like I said, they

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walked in and these people using all these different terms in Arabic, the Imam, the leader of the masjid, he was talking in Arabic, because all of his constituents would be basically Arabs. So I said, Man, I made a mistake. I said, I came into this faith. I said, I don't speak Arabic. I don't understand what they're like. I'm Puerto Rican. I don't want to be. Exactly, exactly. And it just so happened that when we came out of the mosque that they walked into the hallway, we seen two guys in the hallway. They had hoods sweat hoods on, they looked like they were from the hood. So I said hold on a sec. Let me go talk to him. You know, it looks like I could go ahead and get along with these

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guys. These are they come from where I come from.

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So when I went up to them, they were actually from Guatemala, two brothers from Guatemala who accepted Islam maybe a few years before we did. So they told us look, there's an American mosque, about a mile from here. You may be feel more comfortable if you go there. So I said, Okay, he gave us the address, and we decided to go there. But before we went there, we actually took some time, because like I said, we were still involved in the street. And it was this was a little much for me was walking this step was a little much. So one day, we picked up a friend from the projects. And I see two men walking African American men and they had throbs on was the Arab culture where the white

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long garment that looks like a dress. So I looked at him, I said, Yo, I said, Who was this? So my friend who accepted Islam, he told me, he said, those are Muslims. I said, I know accepted the wrong faith. Now, I can't walk around here wearing dresses, they crazy. What's wrong with them? Yeah, I said, Oh, man, this is crazy. So we decided to look, let's go to the American mosque, and Patterson the other one to see what she was going on. Low and behold, when I walk in the same manner, I saw the projects with the soap and the white dress on, he was the Imam there. And it just so happened that we sat down and we began to talk to him. And that became a long, beautiful friendship that I

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had with that particular man. So one day, it just so happened, I was at home, drinking, smoking with friends. And we sent out on my porch. We sent out on my porch, I'm looking into the sky, I'm looking at the moon, I'm looking at the stars, it's about three o'clock in the morning. And the story of Abraham, I had read it in the Quran just recently about him, talking to his people talking about the sun must be my Lord, look at our strong reason. When the night covered the day, he said must, that can't be my law, because very early this week, so I start contemplating on this story. And I said, if I don't change, the law is going to destroy me. At that moment, I told my friends get up, get out

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of my house. They said, What are you talking about? You drink you get high? Now you don't know how to I said, No, this is the first time in my life, that I know exactly what I'm doing. I said get up and leave. At that point, I knew that I had to cut off all of my friends. This was in the middle of the party. Now this was in the middle of a gathering. Yeah. And I said, you got to go with a Muslim. They weren't Muslims. Okay, I was hanging around with a bunch of non Muslims. And I said, you gotta go. But they weren't good influence before, you know, they were there supporting the drink and smoking and calling me to him. Yeah, calling me to it. And that's why I said, I have to cut them

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off. And you really want to become a better human being. And I wanted to be a better person. I wanted to be a better man, I want to be a better father, I wanted to be a better worshipper to my Creator. So I knew that I had to get away from them. So I cut them off, I left them alone, and I got my second home became domestic, I would go to work, come out of work, and go to the mosque. And I will stay in the mosque, learning, praying, sitting around the brothers so that I can go ahead and begin to develop better character and just began this became a life. Tell us now, you took a major step, a major leap forward. But why why not just stay where you're at hanging out? It's fun, people,

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you know, drinking with the boys chasing the ladies, you know, going to the parties to the nightclubs. Now you have all a bunch of do's and don'ts. Yeah, you got to get up at a certain time and pray when it's difficult to get up. You can't you're not supposed to be cursing, lying deceiving. You know, over here, it's it's pretty. It's a pretty easy lifestyle. This, it takes a lot of effort. You know what I mean? It's a struggle. Why didn't you just stay with the easy way? Why did you choose this hard way? What an easy way? It seems easy, but it's actually miserable. You live in this life? That seems to be something that seems to be all about fun and partying. But the

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reality is, is that there's no fun is after it's all over you woke up, you had a hangover. You may have got a woman pregnant like I did two times end up having two kids. Now you got child support, you know, it has consequences with it. And then when I began to live the life of faith, it began to become sweet, sweet, sweet. life began to taste so sweet. Faith began to taste sweet. I began to feel like a person all over again. I began to feel free. When I worshipped God, I was able to worship him with peace in my heart. I was able to walk around and show my family my family when they saw the change in me. It was incredible. At first they didn't want know nothing about me. You Muslim

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Get out of here you worshipping the devil. And then when they seen that I stopped drinking that I stopped smoking that I changed my life. I stopped womanizing

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and then they came to me and said, Hold on. I sit down with the same guy. She's not the same guy. We've been trying to get him to stop the whole time. It didn't work. Nothing worked. Nothing worked. But Islam worked. Islam worked. Why? sama sama father, one time he was at a hot dog truck and the man was praying. And when the man finished praying of he said to me, Father, I'm sorry, I'm Muslim of arsenal. My son is Muslim on this day. And he said, Well, you're from Puerto Rico. He said he sounds Muslim. So what do you think about Islam? He said, I can sleep at night now. Your father, could you cause so much havoc? Yes, your father couldn't and mother couldn't sleep. But now you

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accepted Islam, the worship of the 100

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tour, and now your character got better your life got better and now your parents can finally get some rest. family can finally get some rest and they were at peace when they worried now also because you know all the false hype that's out there that now you're going to, you know go and hurt innocent people terrorize people. What about that what was amazing was that when the hype kicked in, I was actually in Medina studying. So you actually went down to the Islamic University of Medina, this is how motivated you are you went went to the University of the prestigious university to learn the religion, what happened, I went to the procedures University of Medina to learn the religion.

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And I always say that my dad, Allah did not send me there to learn. He didn't send me this record, become a scholar, he sent me there to change my life. When I went there, I saw what worship was all about, it became clear to me that God is to be surrounded, that our life is to be surrounded around God and not God around our lives. So I was there for about six months, 911 happened. And my family was here in the States. So I felt that I had to come back because me and my wife were the only Muslims in our family. And I felt that she needed the support being a new Muslim, that I needed to give her and we need to support each other in this particular time. And at the same time, I needed

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to be here to also talk to my family and prove to my family that Listen, this is not what Islam or Muslims is all about. We're gonna take a break, we got a few more questions to ask before we come to a close here on the D show, you don't want to go nowhere with this exciting story right back.

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And if we're gonna worship something, I figured I might as well worship the Creator, instead of any of the creations.

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Now in upon investigating the religions, I remember finding out the meaning of what Islam is what a Muslim is. Those who surrender their self to God is a Muslim. Those who submit to God, God's will that Islam was pure, it was just, you just pray to god you create.

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On the outside, everything looks good. You see the $100,000 car you see a lot of diamonds, you see a lot of females and they think that this is you know, this is a life this is this is my, you know, paradise right here.

00:22:06--> 00:22:18

It's not anyone's job to go into someone's heart and change their heart. Your job is to tell people what the truth is. The reality of it is while we're sitting here, while I'm sitting here constantly paying for the disease to kill was free.

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I'm not afraid.

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not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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Back here on a D show with our brother and your brother,

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Abu Samia, talk to us now, a few more minutes left on ask you some tough questions. For the people now that are watching the not yet Muslims, because everyone has the potential to submit to only God, the one God, the God that now you were searching for you didn't want to worship a man you didn't want to worship Jesus. But by the way, are you like antichrist now? No, I'm not. Basically, I'm for Christ. If we don't believe in Christ, we don't believe that's what our Prophet told us. So we love Christ. It's like we love Mohammed. We love Christ, more than more than Christianism. Well, that's a bold statement, how can you back that up? Of course, definitely, you know, part of Christ is in our

00:23:44--> 00:24:17

life as well. You know, many, many people think that we don't believe in Christ. That was the first thing my family thought. And then we start to show them the proof. There's a whole chapter about Mary, in the Quran, Chapter 19. It really speaks about Marriott, and about all the things that Mary went through. It speaks about Jesus, all the miracles that Jesus had all the miracles that Jesus did everything that Jesus taught. So we look at it, and they're more detailed than what was in the Bible. I was able to talk to my family about some of the miracles they never heard of these things. They were surprised. So So definitely, we show our love for Jesus to definitely show love. And

00:24:17--> 00:24:54

someone might say, Oh, he went radical on us. Now what would you have to say? No way. Basically, Islam is a religion of peace is a religion of mercy is a religion of submission. It's a religion, of being at peace with humanity. You want humanity to have that peace. Our religion doesn't teach us to kill people. Our religion doesn't teach us terrorize people. Rather our religion teaches us like the Prophet told us. If you're the best Muslim is the one who's good to his neighbor, that you should bring over some soup to your neighbor, you should get to meet your neighbor you should get to know who your neighbors are. Me and my neighbor. They tell me where their key is hidden for their home.

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

If I'm not home, they tell me you can come to my house. Check on my house for me. This is what neighbors are supposed to be

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This is what Islam is supposed to do, that you're supposed to be around in the society and the people are supposed to be feel peaceful and tranquil with you. So how'd you feel when 911 happened? When 911 happened, I was upset, naturally, because they blamed the Muslims. And of course, my family at first they were like, we're fighting the enemies. And I'm like, hold on. And the Muslims remind me the enemy now.

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Hold on. No. So it was it was baffling. You know, so we had to come and teach them. No, this is not what our Prophet told us. Our Prophet told us that the man who killed themselves killed himself in a suicide bombing, that he goes to hell. There is no permission. In times of war, we can kill innocent women and children, you can only fight the person who's fighting you, you can't build those homes. You can't tear the trees out of the front of the homes. You can't do none of these things. So if the person and the person you're fighting stops, then you're supposed to stop as well.

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To show their self restraint. This is what Islam teaches us. Amazing, amazing. Tell us now for the person who's still stuck where you were, and you know, they're not happy that void is there, that there's emptiness there and they're still partying hanging out at the nightclubs, you know, womanizing, and the woman getting sucked up also wanting the attention for the from the men and you know, becomes just a game, a never ending cycle. And what how would you advise them? My advice for them is basically take the chance, read about Islam, read about and read about Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam read the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon. Give yourself a shot. You deserve better. As a

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human being as a person. You deserve more in your life than partying, drinking, being with men v. women, women.

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Give yourself a shot. Pray to God, he's the one who created you. Your weren't living in this existence because of him. We breathe every day because of him. What you have is because of him, he is the one who provided for you. So you have to go out and seek after him. You have to find out who he is. Find out what he expects of you, and then fulfill that. Amazing tell us now we're almost done. We got one minute left. You also are continuing also your education. You are worth it. What's the new name of the university? I'm with Mischka University, which used to be the city Academy of America and basically, I found them in 2006 and continued studied, studying Islam. About I have

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about 10 courses left my BA in Islam. And I think that for those who are looking to learn more about Islam, I think this is a good source for you. You're also the president of the Latino Muslims of Chicago. Yes, the president of the Latino Muslims in Chicago, we have monthly classes that we have icci here in Chicago, the first Saturday of every month at one o'clock first Saturday of every month at one o'clock the lectures are all in Spanish because we want to reach out to the Latino community and be able to give back to them how can people get a hold of you if they wanted more information on on the Latino Muslims in Chicago or Islam in general Islam Latino Muslims Latino Muslim

00:27:57--> 00:28:27

[email protected] okay but they don't have to be Latino maybe they want to talk they can relate to you they you know been through you know, some of the things that you've been through and you know what it's late at night early in the morning they're like man I need to change my life. I can identify with this guy I need to talk with them so they can reach you there you can reach me there you can hit me up on Facebook I boo familia LeBron Facebook, and you can send me a friend offer I knew we could sit and talk if people invited you to come out to their town to their city also to do you know talk about you know, extended talk about your story, you'd be willing to come I'll

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All right, may Allah, the Creator of the heavens, and earth rewards you MSE for sharing your story with me bless Yaki, for the good work that you do. I mean, thank

00:28:38--> 00:29:17

you slender we got. And that was another exciting episode. I'm sorry, we had to come to an end. I know you'd want us to continue more. It was very exciting. And I hope that you got to benefit. And if you're tuning in for the first time, know that we're here every week, we're here, helping you develop a clear, lucid understanding about the way of life that was sent for all of mankind to live by. Peace acquired by submitting your will to the one who created you, that's Islam. That's the message that was sent through all time, really understand that we're not self sufficient, that there is a purpose in life, and we need to live our purpose, that that void that's inside all of us cannot

00:29:17--> 00:29:59

be filled with drinking and partying and just going out there and living according to your whims and desires that will never make you happy. But when you truly surrender yourself to the one who created you have a relationship with the one who created you his way, not your way. That's how you can truly be successful when you live your purpose according to God's will not your desires. And it starts with acts asking and when you ask you shall receive. So ask the creator to guide you and help facilitate away he'll facilitate away God willing, continue to tune in here to the de show. We're here to help you. You can call us at one 800 662 Islam to learn more

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I will see you next time peace be on TV.