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That is the greeting of peace and we wish that upon you. Thank you very much for tuning into the deen show. Today's topic. You've heard it. I'm sure you've heard this word. If you are a fan of Islam, and you've heard the word Sharia, you might have saw some big signs out there. Sharia and you're like, what the heck is this is the Boogey Man coming to get me or what? Today we're going to be talking about Sharia. What does it mean? What is this definition? How does it apply and go with Islam? And how can it affect you? And we're going to be learning all this today here on the deen show. Be right back. This is the theme.

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back here with Mr. Mustafa Zaid, who is the author of the lies about Muhammad. People shouldn't be lies child has to lie, isn't it? Yes. It's not good to lie. And you wrote a book called The lies about Muhammad peace be upon the last final message sent to mankind. And inshallah, at the end of the show, you can tell people how they can go ahead and, you know, check you up and go and check out this book, which I really recommend for the people. But today we're talking about Sharia, yes. What is your real Sharia simply in Arabic means law. And it's not the man made law. It's the law of Allah subhanaw taala. And here is the significance of that. The significance of the law, philosophy, data

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is Allah subhanaw taala who does not need our charity or praying or obedience for that matter, designed for us the law and the manner of life by which we live the most joyful, satisfying, fulfilling life on our way to the utmost prize that is, that's the best deal paradise paradise, the best deal that anyone can get inshallah. Now some people, you know, again, just another misconception, they say gender, all these Muslims are focusing on is a 72 virgins and all they want is pleasure. And, you know, they looking for this party and paradise, they gotta throw a bomb on themselves. What do you got to say about this? Well, a bomb on yourself is totally against Islamic

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law, suicide bombing is totally forbidden Islamic law, no matter what the justification is. The number one most punished. crime in Islamic law is indiscriminate killing of innocent people, there's been forbidden, there's no more punished crime in Islam than indiscriminate killing of innocent people. Yet, when you think about it, and it's true that there's going to be 72 virgins and all these in Paradise, the definition of Paradise that every pleasure that you can possibly imagine, or not imagined is available of it is sex, sex is not a bad thing, a bad thing when it's not done with the wife on Earth. But in Paradise, everything is available for the wishing any pleasure that you

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can imagine, is available for the wishing, including sex. What's wrong with that? What's wrong with that? I mean, people who are nice people are lying, stealing their their their power hungry so they can enjoy the pleasures of this life, isn't it? Yes, you know, and then when you obey God, and you never show harm or hurt to anyone, and God want to give you his reward according to his ultimate generosity. It's everything for the wishing anything, anything that you heard or not heard, but we want to do it the wholesome way. Yes, now, isn't it that we as Muslims, those who have submitted to God isn't the one number one thing on our mind when we get to paradise to have the pleasure of our

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Lord and to see our Lord, beyond all the actually the two biggest pleasures of a believer of God. And when we say believers about as Muslims we also talking about the believers of Jesus peace be upon him, the believers of Moses, peace be upon him. These are all Muslims and followers of the prophets of Islam. The two top pleasures of Paradise the number one is that you're going to be able to see the face of your career or philosophy panatela that no one was able to see before even the prophets of God and you're going to hear the horror and recited with his voice. Amazing. The second thing is that on top of that, with all the pleasures that you can have in Paradise, that Allah

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subhanaw taala SEO question, Are you satisfied? And you're going to say, how could I How could I not be satisfied with all the lessons from the last panel data? But Allah subhanaw taala answer Well, now let me give you more satisfaction.

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I will bestow my own satisfaction upon you forever, I'll never be mad or angry at you. And that is the second best pleasure and paradise. So we should strive for paradise this life is short. And that's what we want. And that's what you mentioned. And we're talking about Sharia. Now continue on, because is the boogeyman coming to get you because they'll hold up the science people get frightened and say, oh, Sharia law comes now you're going to be subjugated, all your rights going to be taken away? What is Sharia coming into question, look at any law, even man made laws, they're going to be a law that rewards good doors, and a law that has a penal code code that when you murder someone,

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you're going to be executed in any law, there's two ends of the spectrum, even manmade laws, Sharia the law in Islam has a totally different purpose. Nothing would explain Sharia and Islam more than or better than the first 157 and sort of out of, Well, hello llama, you bet. We will have a wild one who is wrong, whatever analytic anomaly, wherever that is good for you short term long term, whether you're aware of it or not good for you good for your society, that God knows it's ultimately Good for you. That is what is hell, and that is what allowed for you. And whatever that is harmful, hurtful for you, whether you're aware of it or not, for your society or community, short term or

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long term, because Allah subhanaw taala, God knows that is bad for you. It is forbidden.

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And through that you're liberated. And the true wisdom of Allah, the creator of heavens and earth that tells you that this is good or bad, this is ultimately good. And ultimate that you follow that you had that one thing that everyone seeks, in the morning from the President of the United States, to the poorest man, what is the right thing to do? Sharia tells you and make it easy for you and guarantees your God given rights every single day and every single moment of your life. So can we compare just just to make some kind of analogy, let's say you have a pot, a pan, a big basket, and you have all these different herbs and spices and everything. Some are good for you. Some are bad,

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but now you have an instructional blueprint from the Creator, you're saying use this one is good for you. This one, leave it alone. Absolutely. This is the same thing in life. So God has determined what's good for us, the creator, not you or me or any human being, but the Creator is telling us this is good. This is bad for our own benefit. Absolutely. And I give a simple analogy. If I tell you how to have Warren Buffett, the genius investor to advise me financially are the best doctor in the world to advise me about my health or the best lawyer in the world to judge to advise me about my law affairs. I would be the happiest man on life. Imagine if Allah subhanaw taala creator of

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heavens and earth giving you the ultimate advice and for no reward to Allah Subhana Allah He does not want anything from you. That's amazing. That is that is showing up let's take a break we'll be right back with more here on the show. I solo on iOS otherwise solo he

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would go to my room lock the door prostrate and cry. Thank God you know me better than myself. So me the right way and I will not look I will leave everything behind.

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A lot of that creator and the great everything is intelligent.

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Mohamed is

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back here on the deen show with Mr. Mr. fuzz aid. To bring it home more we want to give some more examples. But tell me now because many people they know who Jesus is peace be upon. And this is a fact we love Jesus. No Muslim is a Muslim unless he believes in Jesus. Moses also he was one of the messengers of God and taught Islam submission to the One God alone without any partners, that Sharia exists. did Moses bring Sharia 10 commandments? Was that Sharia? Absolutely. People are like, wow, are you kidding me? Explain no prophet of God that came and give a message that that message did not have do and don't Sharia. That's God's law. That's God's law. Yeah. And the purpose of sending a

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prophet after messenger after prophet is that as humanity evolved, the message needed to be enhanced when a need to basis for humanity's needs, till Allah subhanaw taala sent his last prophet with the most comprehensive law, that is Sharia law. And that's the ultimate wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala to help us and benefit us many things that some people in the media show about Islamic law or Sharia law, like you know, they say stoning or this this, that you will discover that these were basic fundamentals of the laws of Moses, but Torah, and at the time of Jesus peace be upon him and people talking as if this is invented by Islam, and they don't even know how it's applicable in Islam, or

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what are the conditions for and this total ignorance out there that Muslims share their belief in not explaining to other people, but law is the line has been there. The message of God is one all these are prophets of Islam. Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet of Islam. This is amazing because I think some people get a little bit frustrated.

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angry because, you know, we love Jesus peace be upon him. But he's not God, nor did he ever claim to be God nor Son of God or any of these things. He's a mighty messenger of God. Yes. And we got the evidence to prove it. And some people might get a little upset because they have this attachment to these Jesus. But we're not trying to offend nobody. We're just trying to relay the truth. And let's dialogue. Let's talk about it. So didn't Jesus what we allegedly have attributed him, he said, I have not come. But to fulfill the law. I didn't come to break one of the least of the commandment, the least of the Sharia, I came, I was sent to bring back veloce sheep to the house of Israel. The

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message of Jesus peace be upon him was to bring people back to the 10 commandments, after the modifications and the division that some people did sherea sherea Yes. 10 commandments are 10 items, 10, paragraphs, articles of law. That's what it is. I think we need to just, you know, explain what we're doing here. And we're devoted to helping people understand because they hear these Arabic words, and they get a little bit bent out of shape, because they never heard the word. But when you define you say 10 commandments, Jesus implementing Sharia, you'd like to start to, you know, calm down a little bit because you want one of the things and actually we need to clarify that for our

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viewers at some points toning up the bachelors of Islam or haters of Islam would bring stoning and say that's barbaric. This This doesn't that, go to Leviticus 2010, and the Old Testament, stoning, go to the enemy. 2222 stoning. The famous story in the Bible of john about whoever was without the sin should cast the first stone. What is casting stones is stoning.

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Islam did not invent that. And actually, when you see the mandates and the conditions that Islam applies for that crime, it's impossible to prosecutor convince one, you know, convict anyone. According to stoning. The first 1000 years of Islam, there were only three cases of stoning. And they were adamant confessions, they were not even caught. And scholars tried every way possible to make these people leave their convictions and escape the punishment. But they were adamant confessions, I made a sin, I want to be punished, according to the law of God. In 1000 years and millennia, no one was caught with the law of stoning in Sharia law that people you know, are being

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scared about examples, give us some more examples. So this can really hit home. Because when you implement what God wants you to do not man or a monkey or anything and create both the Creator, if we come to a firm conviction that the creator revealed this, it's from him, it's an instruction from him, Shouldn't he be the one who knows best? He's the most why. So give us some more, some more practical examples of Sharia, and how beneficial it is, if implemented. Well, I go back to the main point, you have Allah subhanaw, taala, clear of heavens and earth, advising you that is giving you the ultimate wisdom, without you being technologically savvy or advanced or have the best advisors

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of the world. Example 1997, the American secretary of health was so happy and proud that America was the first country western country, civilized developed country that bans feeding dead animal parts to life animals, why? They discovered that that's what causes mad cow disease, and all kinds of myriad of animal problems that can be transferred to humans. And I left from homicide Salem is correct had said, quote unquote, do not feed that animal parts to life animals 1400 years ago, to bid wins, we did not know how to read or write. But when you obey the Sharia law, you will give the ultimate benefit that billions of dollars and 1400 years of advanced research and technology would

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give you 1400 years ago in a desert with no schools and libraries.

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Muslims are banned, men are forbidden to wear gold. Women are allowed to wear gold. We don't know why a lot of people said because of vanity. But well, my wife is standing next to me wearing all that gold. That's vanity too. I own that she owns that. Yeah. You're a scientist not Muslim, I want to add, discover that. When you put gold to your skin gold has this feature that has active particles that actually go through the puzzles of the skin and get into your bloodstream. Gold as a toxin in your bloodstream is very harmful. It puts all your hormonal balance out of whack, and it's very harmful for men. And some people would say, well, women have skin too What's wrong, women has

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the what Allah subhanaw taala afforded him that they have the monthly course that discharges all these toxins of the body Han Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah gives you that 1400 years ago, you will be you get the wisdom that we just got two years ago,

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and so on and so forth. One of the most endorsed and asked to do prayer of the day is the first prayer first prayers like usually five, six o'clock in the morning, and a lot of people say why would I wake up and this tremendous reward for it? Scientists will tell you that if you wake up at five o'clock in the morning, you're 65% less subject to having strokes why you sleep for straight eight hours.

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Your blood would go, the viscosity would actually go much higher because the heart is, you know, you're asleep, so it's not pumping that much blood. And then, you know, clots and you know, strokes are more, you know, possible to happen, then when you actually are walking or running or do things like that, when you break your sleep and wake up to prefetch, you just bring your blood levels to the normal thing. So you pray and he will pray or be able to sleep again for a couple more hours, you are 65% less likely to have a stroke or a clot than any other human being. What drug in the world can do that. You will be Allah subhanaw taala, you get the benefit of fasting, it actually

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triggers the longevity gene in your body. But there's a new

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product that's called recipro troll. I think it's advertised all over the internet, that actually a 90 years old man would look like 60 years of age. The second thing that does that that activates that longevity gene is fasting, continued periods of hunger mandate, it's not for the benefit of Allah subhanaw taala. It's for our own benefit. This is sherea sherea. This is the law that God Almighty out of His love, he loves us. He loves us more than his mother's your father's. So he wants what's best for us. But can our perception sometimes of what we think might be good for us actually be bad for us and what we think what is bad for us maybe is good for us. It's right there in the

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end, you might think that something is good for you, but it's actually bad for you. And vice versa. What is the ultimate good What is the ultimate bet? It's in Sharia law. And I want to just bring emphasis to our viewers of the beautiful hadith of promises Salat and Al Bukhari he was standing with his companions and there was a woman standing there hugging her baby with love and care, you know, breastfeeding the baby, and promises and looked at him and said, you know, what? Do you think that such a woman would throw her baby that maybe that she loves so much? and fire is that of course not a prophet of Allah. He said Allah subhanaw taala your Creator is more merciful unkind to you,

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that that woman to her own child. That's amazing. That's amazing. That's amazing. And we're getting to learn more about the most misunderstood way of life in the world today, Islam yet is the fastest growing way of life in the world, the same way of life that was lived by Jesus. Did Jesus live this life of Jesus, a Muslim, a mighty prophet of Islam, not just a Muslim? And when someone says Hold on You Jesus was a Muslim? Prove it. How was he a Muslim? practice Islam came to bring about the 10 commandments. What is the first commandment? God is one God is One is what makes you a Muslim? That's it and obeying the messengers. Absolutely. If you live during the time of Jesus, would you

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have to worship him or obey His obey him and he would be my Prophet, and I would be a follower of him, and saying that I just want to add the only non Christian faith that believes in Jesus peace be upon him, his immaculate birth, and the virginity and the greatness of Virgin Mary is this lamp, the only Holy Scripture ever that has an entire chapter named after Virgin Mary is this lamp. And yet some people come to you and said, You know what? He's a Muslim. He's anti christian automatically. Where do you get that from? Only? God knows. So we're not antichrist? Absolutely not. Because Christ was the Messiah. This would have means Christ Messiah and this is the title given a G and we believe

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he was the Messiah. Absolutely. This is amazing. Amazing. People are learning so much here on the deen show. I hope you're benefiting I surely AM. We'll see you in a few right back.

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And if we're gonna worship something, I figured I might as well worship the creator instead of any of the creations.

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Now it upon investigating the villages I remember finding out the meaning of what Islam is a Muslim is those who surrender their self to God is a Muslim. Those who cement that submit to God, God's will that Islam was pure. It was just you just pray to god you create.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am

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not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the deen show, and we're talking about

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the creator's law. Sharia and you gave some wonderful examples. And some things that I am just fascinated I'm sure the viewers are the gold analogy, the prayer, the fasting, and when you do it, and sometimes you don't know the wisdom behind it, but now someone for the first time is seeing and hearing the wisdom.

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You're just even more just impacted in your faith even rises because we don't just do blind faith. Our faith is based on knowledge. Yes, proofs and evidences. Give us some more of these wonderful actually one of the clearest examples is that throughout history, if you look at Islamic law and have any knowledge about it, as bigger the damage can be, the punishment is and the warning and the prevention against is in Islamic law.

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People are baffled about and at the end of chapter two sort of Bukhara that hell no subhanaw taala puts such a severe punishment and warning to people who deal with usury, which is forbidden the Bible to eating entrust dealing with interests which people take for granted nowadays, that then will be horrible mineral law as if you are waging a war against the muscle penalty for not just disobeying God or angering God, you waging a war against them. And people said, you know, this is a part of business or economy why the punishment is so severe comes 2008. This pencil for close to $6 trillion, to try to bring the world economy to normal, and recorded 10 million jobs are lost in

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America alone, the country of Iceland went bankrupt. And the country of Greece went bankrupt if it wasn't for international aid, people put ATM cards in the machine and did not get cashed out and the devastation of businesses and lives and marriages and so on and so forth. I want you to tell them what happened. They will tell you excessive leverage. What is excessive leverage excessive river, that God had warned about 40 years of interest? Yes, God warned us about it. Absolutely. Even in the Bible as if you original why it's a war against God because the damage can be as severe as imagine how much effort you need to do to create $10 trillion worth of economic activity, gone in a second

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families destroyed homeless business destroys countries destroyed content. We are praying, praying now that with all the efforts that maybe in two, three years, we get back close to the normal of 2007. After that does sm 2008 I just like to make a simple analogy tell me is this on the money Tony knuckles, who used to be the biggest loan shark for instance, he got sophisticated, put a suit and tie on. And now he became a banker. Because now you go and you borrow 100? And you got to give 100 times more back, you know, 10,000 or 1000. This is corruption, isn't it? How does Islam? How does it work in Islam? Totally forbidden. If you look at the roots of slavery in the world, aside from Islam

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before Islam, its Riba. People borrow money with interest, time passes, it's compounded, and what happens? people you don't have the money, I'll take your child, you become my slave, I'll take your wife and so on so forth. Einstein was asked one day, what Einstein Einstein, what is the most powerful idea or thing in the universe? What was his answer? The one who discovered the relativity theory and the atomic bomb, said compound interest. Wow, think about it. It's true. This is amazing. Amazing, amazing. So now God is saying one thing, and we want to do another thing. But isn't it now bad for it seems like it's bad for business now for you know, the few elite that are making the

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money off these things. Sharia is coming God's law and making a level playing field for all people. Entrepreneurship, risk taking, you know, hard work is what creates value money is not does not have intrinsic value, it does not create value, you have to couple that with your hard work and risk taking and produce economic activity where people will benefit around you, with the jobs that you create, and the materials that you bought, not just you deposit money in the bank, etc. Because you're rich, you make more money, and more people will get poor and work harder, just to be at the same level. So Islam gives now like the alternative, you don't do it this way, where the rich keep

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getting richer and you keep suppressing the poor. It gives an even playing field you said for everybody and in a nice way, not in a communist way would like richness and being rich is bad, to the contrary, promises and said he a Muslim that is strong financially, physically, socially, is a better Muslim and more liked by God than a weak Muslim, but be rich in a fair way. That's the that's the point. That's Islamic law be rich in a fair way, the rich in a fair way. And does it show through history when the Muslim when those who submitted to all the laws of the Creator, they submitted their will to God's Will they implemented the beautiful injunctions that God told him to

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implement? Didn't this eradicate injustice, poverty, all these evil vices? Listen to this miraculous example. The highest living standard and recorded in human history was the living standard of the time of Khalifa Omar Abdulaziz is the grandson of Morocco top and people consider him the fifth goddess Khalifa. I'll tell you the level of freshness that they became at Muslim treasure was flown with money they went around and said if you have this will pay for you regardless where you do the money or how did you borrow money, people will come forward. If you want to get married will pay for all your marriage expenses. People not come forward they have the money this Islam. Yes, yes. Anyone

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who want money for any purpose.

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People did not come forward, they had so much money, they had to buy seeds and throw it in the desert. So the living souls of bears would benefit from it, rather than keep it as money. There were literally no people in jail. Find me one country today like at the time of disease review crippled or handicapped by any chance that the government would assign a fully paid salaried employee from sunrise to sunset to take care of all your needs. And you don't have to pay a penny happened and this is not happening today. How much time that he you know accomplish that two years of applying Islam correctly? Real quick real quick we only have two more minutes we're out of time tell us now

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because the argument and we just want to be fair, someone says well how come all the muscles are backwards nowadays? What are you talking about? And the Muslims are the most corrupt is this and that what are you gonna say? asked me if Islam is applied correctly or not? Don't ask me if Muslims are ruled correctly or not. You got that's the trick. You got good and bad, ugly all over the place. Yes. So this is an ugly example of when you don't implement Islam. The example you gave this is a historical fact when Islam was implemented by the verbatim Word of God, the Quran and the Sunnah the way the last the fundamental part Mohammed, it was the highest living standard that humanity ever

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seen. Okay, this is not some perfect Ethopia we just conjured up in our head already how to document you can check this up. Absolutely. Oh this is amazing. Thank you The lies about Mohammed peace This is childish people are you know they can't beat the truth through through correct dialogue and debate so they got ally so you have written a book to counter all the lies about the last in front of Mr. Muhammad peace be upon we're gonna we're gonna give you five of them. Where can they get this book? amazon.com and Barnes and noble.com. And there's a website for the book itself. In sha Allah lies about Mohammed calm, the lies about Mohammed, calm. Thank you. We look forward to having you

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again. Best of luck, Joe, may Allah reward you in abundance? Thank you very much. Hello. Yeah. Amazing, amazing when you come with a sincere heart open mind, and you come to the Muslims to learn about Islam. What do you learn, you learn the truth. You don't want to go to, to, to, to Hitler to learn about Christianity? Do you know you don't want to go to a to a garbage man to learn how to do heart surgery? No, you want to go to the people who know about Islam, you come to the scholars, the people who really can teach you the correct way. And you're coming here to the deen show where we get those people to teach you and you can get enlightened, and maybe even accept the most

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misunderstood way of life in the world today, Islam, which is practiced by more over than one point more than 1.5 billion people all across across the globe. And you got to learn about Sharia, which is simply and most of the time, it was the 10 commandments. Jesus called people to Sharia, all the messengers of God, they either brought it taught it, implemented it, and the last and final messenger, Muhammad peace be upon him, who was a brother to Jesus to Moses, who called people to nothing new. He wasn't the founder of Islam. But he taught the same thing that Jesus taught to establish a direct dial up connection with the One God the Creator, and to worship Him alone and not

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his creation, and then do the good things that God told you to do. And stay away from all the harm all the things that can affect you in a negative way. And this is Islam we'll see you next time until then peace be unto you can see what everyone's talking about. You find one contradiction it can be from God.

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But the rational idea the rational explanation is you do your best to give up worshiping God is why I will never give up spreading this hope that you take the necessary steps you don't know if you're gonna live till tomorrow.

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So you got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now.

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If you say that you do not believe in Jesus you have stepped outside of Islam you can be a Muslim as a tenant our faith

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eats comb eats lay everybody sleep even

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arrived awry and ask a lot of thinking may own law you see, oh law you know, all the sins I do. A turn to you to forgive my sins a man.

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